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Would Nanobot ‘Satellite Rape’ as an Anti-Terrorist Measure Be Unconstitutional? . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 8 April 2019

    • Homeland Security Grant on “Countering Violent Extremism”

Dear Ones,


“These times are forecast to include cognitive dysfunction, and we can anticipate this may take various twists and turns, including …

  • quasi-Illegal or else ‘out there’, ‘cutting edge’ human social experiments,
  • and a panicky or anxious sense of urgency about the need for them, despite scant outcomes research,

“These types of human social experiments may be a symptom of the cognitive dissonance for those facing anxiety attacks while in leadership positions.” –from Link: “On the Advisability of Requiring Transgender Surgery for Felon Release,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 2 March 2018 … ..


On the astral plane, I have heard of a grant for mind control and emotional ‘takedown’ through sexual stimulation using human experimental subjects who have not volunteered for the project, and using forged patient consent forms.

Also, of a second grant for mind control using nano robotics or ‘nanobots’ from Indonesia for mental induction of a sexual nature, through what might be termed nano robotics (‘nanobots’) and  ‘satellite-rape’. The objective being euphemistically termed “Crowd Control.”

Clearly this is the stuff of science fiction pulp fiction; were it to be a U.S. government secret project, it would be psych evals all round! Not!


Hypothesizing, it seems likely to me that astral rumors about such grants might have to do with mass media hype regarding the danger of foreign nations using nano robotics for ‘satellite rape’ against United States citizens. It seem possible to me that the anxious mind of a government agent charged with prevention of terrorism might construe forced experiments on American citizens to be a necessary anti-terrorist measure.

On the other hand, we have to consider our human rights as American citizens. For instance, the Declaration of Independence sets forth our unalienable right to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” I further note that “…the Fifth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution declare that governments cannot deprive any person of “life, liberty, or property” without due process of law. Also, Article 3 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights reads, “Everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person”. –from LInk: “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” in Wikipedia …,_Liberty_and_the_pursuit_of_Happiness ..

It seems clear to me that manipulation of the minds and emotions of United States citizens through use of nanobots and ‘satellite rape’ could be seen as infringement of our ‘liberty’, to use one of the above terms.

In other words, if nanotech were to be used to control our emotions and thoughts, then how could we be termed ‘free’ or ‘at liberty’ to act, of our own free will, in pursuit of our own happiness?

How might we know what our own happiness might be, if we were to be compelled to sexual intercourse … perhaps with strangers in the street … or even to a previously unthinkable life of sex trafficking or sexual solicitation … simply because of a misperception, by someone in authority here in America, that an international terrorist threat might justify their agency’s abrogation of our civil liberties?

In the cold light of reason, such a manner of holding the anti-terrorist mandate might be construed as an act of terrorism against the American people. This, then would be a topic to be undertaken and devised at the highest level of our United States Department of Justice.

The notion that such an act might be condoned in light of nanobot and ‘satellite rape’ terrorist tactics by other governments would place such a polemic in the international court of appeal. Thus the issue would need to be placed in the docket of the International Court of Justice, the ‘World Court’, which settles legal disputes through the United Nations.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars


This background reading sparked my imagination …

Homeland Security Grant on “Countering Violent Extremism”

I noticed on Linked-In that my former next-door neighbor Gale Feldman is President at FMA Community Health Consulting (Formerly Feldman, Milliken & Associates). Sean Milliken, of the prior company name, was her husband at the time I knew her (up until 2009, when I moved to the San Fernando Valley).

Link: “Gale Feldman, M.P.H.,” at Linked In, ..

As I recall, Gale Feldman had a talent for grant writing? If memory serves; I am not completely certain about this. Her current work may have to do with this grant … possibly one that she wrote? … that was awarded by the Department of Homeland Security …

LInk: “Countering Violent Extremism Grant Applications (Awarded),” .. Homeboy Industries, Fr. Greg Boyle, and Gale Feldman are among those named in the grant …

While these tidbits are bound to be irrelevant to the above discussion, they did spark my imagination and provide a putative context in which to develop a better understanding of the astral stories that have been circulating through the noosphere in recent years.

See also: Link: “On the Advisability of Requiring Transgender Surgery for Felon Release,” by Alice B. Clagett, written on 2 March 2018 … ..


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Does Mass Media Violence Lead to Fewer Viewers? . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 31 January 2019; published on 6 April 2019


Dear Ones,

This is a video about . There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

This is a message for the producers of mass media … television, movies, and like that. The issue is violence portrayed in the media, and glamorization of crime. And I have this question to pose to you:

If your content induces your viewers to become criminals, and to be apprehended by the law, then have you not lost a viewer, from amongst your audience? Has your audience not shrunk? … After all, there is no movie-going, there is very little television watching, and there are no handhelds and smart phones … things of that nature … for people who are in prison.

In love, light and joy,
Alice B. Clagett
I Am of the Stars


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Mudra to Clear an Artificial EMF Field from the Heart Chakra . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 21 January 2018

    • Mudra to Clear an Artificial EMF Field from the Heart Chakra

Dear Ones,


Here is a mudra to clear the heart chakra of artificial electromagnetic field interference (EMF) caused by other people nearby using smartphones or possibly laptops, desktops, or cell phones … whether or not you’re affected by this depends on your light quotient, I feel.

Some people are what the World Health Organization (see below) terms ‘EMF Hypersensitive’ … another, more positive name for this is ‘lightworkers’. These people are especially sensitive to emissions from electronics, and so they are more likely to make use of this mudra than other folks.

There’s a Summary after the video; text not in the video is in green font …



So this is to repair damage to the electromagnetic field of the heart chakra caused by other people nearby using smartphones or possibly laptops, desktops, or cell phones. The best thing to do, is to get away from the smartphone or handheld; but if you’re nearby, try to get as far away as possible.

And then you can use this mudra to help shield the heart energy, so that it can repair itself.

You see, the two hands are about 4 inches apart, palm down, at about the level of the heart chakra …

Mudra to Clear the Heart Chakra of an Artificial EMF Field 1a, by Alice B. Clagett, 21 January 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

… scanning slowly up and down the chest, like this, interfering with the artificial electromagnetic waves of the smartphone …

Mudra to Clear the Heart Chakra of an Artificial EMF Field 1, by Alice B. Clagett, 21 January 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

Mudra to Clear the Heart Chakra of an Artificial EMF Field 2, by Alice B. Clagett, 21 January 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

Mudra to Clear the Heart Chakra of an Artificial EMF Field 3, by Alice B. Clagett, 21 January 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

So then, as soon as possible, it’s good to get outside, and into the sunlight, if possible. And if not into the sunlight, at least into the fresh air. And then, the heart will heal itself. That’s it’s job; that’s the job of the body elementals of the heart.


Link: “Electromagnetic fields and public health: Backgrounder,” December 2005, by the World Health Organization, ..

As yet, I find it hard to reconcile the openness and positivity of the WHO article with the negative stance of the Wikipedia article on the same topic. I qualify the Wikipedia information as harshly hostile to this developing science, which as yet affects but a small percentage of the population.This makes me wonder if a legal stance, or possibly an economic stance, might be an underlying factor in the Wikipedia article? It’s a bit of a mystery …

Link: “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity,” in Wikipedia, ..

I’ve also read a National Cancer Institute paper on cell phones and cancer risk, which seems to indicate concern among the general population regarding a link between the two, as well as a number of large studies that indicate inconclusive causality, or else mild causality. Research is ongoing:

Link: “Cell Phones and Cancer Risk,” by the National Cancer Institute, ..


My own feeling, based on my clair abilities, is that artificial electromagnetic fields temporarily disarrange the human electromagnetic field. Long-term near exposure to artificial electromagnetic fields might shorten a person’s lifespan, but possibly not through cancer. It might, for instance, have to do with disarray to the heart and the blood circulation system. This might also affect cognition. This idea is partially supported by the following:

Link: “Can Cellphones Affect Your Heart Health? A Cardiologist Explains,” by Joel Kahn, MD, ..


I myself, had I the resources to do so, would do a retrospective analysis of lifetime deltas, for people using electronics, for instance, as opposed to those not using electronics (other variables being as well matched as possible).

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Dark Love Triangle … by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 20 November 2017, 27 December 2017, and 3 February 2018

    • The Question of Fidelity in Relationships
    • On Deducing Childhood Soul Wounding from Repetitive Acting Out
  • THE ASTRAL STORY, continued …
    • Digression on Sunlight
    • Karmic Overlays as Opposed to Dharma
  • THE ASTRAL STORY, continued …
    • On Looking at Wild Astral Stories with Compassionate Neutrality
    • The Energies of a Dark Love Triangle
  • THE ASTRAL STORY, continued …
    • Electronic Re-enactment of the Same Dark Love Triangle
    • Digression on the Bewitchment of Nature Spirits in Urban Areas
    • On Mass Media’s Negative Torque to News about Electronics and Psychic Abilities
  • THE ASTRAL STORY, continued …
    • How Malware and Malspeak Booby Traps Are Self-Fueling … and What to Do About It

Shadow on Rock 2, by Alice B. Clagett, 28 December 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

Shadow on Rock 2, by Alice B. Clagett, 28 December 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.


I have a story about karma and Soul lessons to tell you. This is from the astral plane, and as far as I know, it has no basis in truth. But it’s very informative, I feel. Very instructive about the Law of Karma, and the way that God works with Souls, to teach them Soul lessons. And it goes like this …

According to this astral story, there was a chaste couple … Couple A … who were happy with each other. As time went on, the man became attracted to a beautiful, younger woman who married to a handsome, younger man; these I call Couple B. At a time when the Couple B husband was off on a trip, his wife came to seduce the man in Couple A. He liked her, and he agreed.

Her intention in doing that, was that she wanted to have a child with her husband, but she didn’t have the money to take care of the child … to rear it. She was already pregnant … just barely so … and she thought that she could claim that the pregnancy was the result of having intercourse with the man in Couple A. And then she could get child support.

And in fact, that’s what happened. As she became more and more obviously pregnant, and because her  husband had been away at the time when the intercourse with the man in couple A took place, she felt she could prove that the father was the man in Couple A.

So she took the man in Couple A to Court. This man, according to the astral story, was a very chaste person; and as soon as he started having intercourse with the woman in Couple B, he stopped having intercourse with the woman that he was with … because he felt married to the Couple B woman, even though she was married to someone else.

Quite some while after that, Couple A broke up, maybe because they weren’t having sexual relations any more. During that time, the man in Couple A had been responsible for child support for the baby of the woman in Couple B.

As the astral story went, after the baby was born, the woman in Couple B contracted HIV, apparently through a third sexual relationship with a man, and then took the ex-Couple A man to Court with the claim that he had given the viral infection to her. According to the astral story, she won a settlement in that regard as well.

And so, the ex-Couple A man had to look for part-time jobs and so forth … ways to pay for the child support and the other Court settlement. He was unable to establish a steady relationship with the Couple B woman as well, since she was still married to her husband. However, it may be that the ex-Couple A man was unaware they were married.

The Question of Fidelity in Relationships

So here we have the question of fidelity in committed relationships … and what happens when we are lacking in fidelity … when we are infidelitous, or unfaithful, as they sometimes call it.

The astral story went on … Actually this is quite a wild astral story … Something happened with regard to the woman, with regard to her child, after some years. Maybe the woman fell into bad ways, or bad habits … maybe she became a drug user, something like that? And her child had a misadventure as well: She became the object of desire of an unrelated, older man, who apparently gave the young child HIV.

The mother found out about this, and settled out of Court with the perp for the sum of $5000. Astral stories are wildly incongruent with regard to money, I feel, and the likelihood is the sum is unreliable, even for a sum in an astral story.

Then the child’s daycare center found out she had HIV, and the child was taken from the mother, and awarded to someone else’s care.

At that same time, her husband disappeared … They were divorced, or she dispatched him, or something happened.

On Deducing Childhood Soul Wounding from Repetitive Acting Out

At this point I would like to insert what I feel might have been the original Soul wounding scenario, in this lifetime, for the mother. That’s because, as is often the case, at this point the astral story ‘resets’ itself, and the mother begins to act out essentially the same scenario … based on the Soul wounding in her youth … another time.

Repetitive acting out is a sign of an initial Soul wounding event. There will invariably be a ‘signal’ Soul wounding event in childhood, that sets the scene that will be re-enacted in adulthood. In the adult scene, for instance, a mother may play the part of her own mother, and make her child her proxy self. If the child is a girl, then the daughter’s Soul wounding … because of the mother’s acting out … will resemble the Soul wounding of the mother.

According to the Law of Karma, this is understandable, as both the mother and the daughter will have had similar Soul woundings that they brought into the current incarnation from prior incarnational experiences.

So now, what might we induce regarding the mother’s Childhood Soul wounding experiences?

With regard to the ex-Couple A, who were a little older than Couple B, perhaps they represented, to her Inner Child, her parents. Perhaps her husband represented a boyfriend she had in her early teens. Maybe she felt sexual rivalry toward her mom, or alpha-female competitiveness, or a desire for one-upmanship, and this caused her to seduce her father.

The mother became very jealous of the daughter, and an argument developed between them, regarding the daughter dressing more modestly … a standard kind of argument taking place between parents and children during the teenage years. In this case, the mother may have felt her husband was being attracted to his daughter because of her manner of dress, and this might have added a degree of vehemence to the conversation. The mother may have hoped that the more modest dress would prevent that kind of competitive feeling that she might have felt, as to whether to fight to keep her husband, or to stay with and take care of the child.

Let’s assume the daughter became pregnant by her father (who would equate to the older, Couple-A man), claimed her boyfriend (who would equate to the Couple-B  husband) was the father. Let’s say her mom was very upset; very depressed; feeling impotent to change the situation, and the parents agreed to place their pregnant daughter in the care of another family. She and her birth mother were never on good terms after that; the father was charged with her continued support, and separated from her presence.

There is a sub-astral story, to do with her having many lovers, and becoming easily enraged, drugging them, and cutting off their genitals. This is a pretty wild story, possibly to do with heavy drug use? That’s one way to explain it.

Were this to be true, then I would reason backwards, that she must have genitally mutilated her father in her youth. I wonder if this could possibly have represented fact, in some situation?

So, these are the hypotheses I would put forth, up to this point in the astral story, with regard to the early life of the wife in Couple B.

THE ASTRAL STORY, continued …

So then, to continue with the astral story: The Couple B husband disappeared … Just after the child of Couple B was removed from their care, they were divorced, or she dispatched him, or something happened.

And immediately, within about a week, according to the astral story, she had a new husband, from amongst her many admirers. So then the story went on … This is an incredible story! It went on that she wanted to have another child, right?

So she thought of the same ploy again.

Digression on Sunlight

Look at that Sun! Isn’t that interesting! Green light, healing light, like the light of Saint Germain … amazing light! …

Image: Green and Magenta Sunlight, by Alice B. Clagett, 20 November 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0

Image: Green and Magenta Sunlight, by Alice B. Clagett, 20 November 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0

Green is very rare for me to find. I see magenta quite a bit … that represents the 8th or Astral Chakra about 3 inches above the head.

Here in the photo, at the top left there is green energy, Heart Chakra energy. Then at the bottom right of the photo there is mainly violet light, representing the crown chakra, but also magenta energy, representing the Astral Chakra, and a little violet energy, representing the third-eye point.

Karmic Overlays as Opposed to Dharma

This is an example that’s constantly repeated in the astral stories: Of Soul wounding that happens in childhood or young adulthood, and then is unresolved. Somehow there are negative emotions or feelings about it, on into later life. And almost invariably, unless the human being is doing a daily spiritual practice, then what happens is a Karmic Overlay … karmic acting out, based on the original story.

Over and over again, there will be Karmic Overlays … so that the Soul wounding accretes, and becomes greater and greater. So in the instance of this astral story, there was an early setup of a Trio or Triad or Love Triangle: The mother and father, and the daughter. The mother and daughter in rivalry for one older man. Let’s say the daughter had a young boyfriend, and then she had her mother and father, and her mother was competing with her for her father’s attention.

And so, if that were the case … which I have no way of knowing … It’s just an astral story anyway … Then this other scenario, the more recent scenario, would have been kind of like that, because she had a husband who was her own age, and she had this other man in mind, who was a little older. And so the older man and woman would be a repeat of the early father-mother thing.

And so it would seem to her Inner Child that she would be successfully, or temporarily, gaining control of her mother substitute by seducing the father substitute. Especially if, in childhood, that resulted in offspring that she later gave up, then that would complete the scenario. Since in the earlier, childhood incident she may have gotten pregnant … maybe by the boyfriend or father , who knows? …. Maybe the mother thought it was the father.

So you see, there’s kind of an astral accretion, or an Acting Out Overlay.

So the next time, which I describe below, it happens again. She remarries, and she attempts to re-enact the father-mother-substitute play again. Maybe the man from Couple A had remarried; maybe he had another wife. And so, the woman from Couple B tries again. And it’s the same karmic story.

Until finally, theoretically, she wakes up, because of the pain involved in the enactment and re-enactment. She wakes up, and says: Ah hah! I’m going to change this. From now on, it’s going to be different.

So that’s Karma. Karma is a very hard school of learning. But if we have a daily spiritual practice, then there’s a very good chance that Dharma will kick in as well. Dharma is Right Action in the World. And it sidesteps Karma. So it’s a speeded-up way of acquiring Soul learning.

THE ASTRAL STORY, continued …

Anyway, the astral story went on, that she thought she would do the same thing all over again, with the ex-Couple A man. So she seduced him again, intending to claimed the same thing again.

In addition, according to the astral lore, she had a plan to seduce four or five other men, marrying each of them for a month … despite the fact she was married to this other, new husband. And from each she would gather a promise of money for her future child. In each case she would purport the child was theirs. Overlooking the child likely having a short lifetime, as it might contract the HIV virus either before or a little after birth. And also overlooking the strain that pregnancy would put on her, being HIV positive.

There are various sub-astral stories, too wild to be worth much description. Glossing quickly over, as these seem to me to be like very vivid nightmares … possibly to do with Ascension symptoms, which are often mistaken for drug misuse … rather than anything of factual significance:

  • Government grants obtained for astral rape as a means of crowd control … the modes for consecutive grants being mind control, ratcheting up to spy cameras in subjects’ bedrooms, and then to Malaysian or Indonesian nanotech.
  • Fake snuff videos, which couldn’t find a market
  • A list of single, wealthy woman, to be played by two men … one wooing, and producing a fake marriage certificate after the other murdered the patsy
  • Preparatory internet, phone, and personal computer hacking of the identity and assets of the patsies, so that they might be swooped up after the kills
  • And lastly, the above cockamamie scheme to sell shares in an unborn child

On Looking at Wild Astral Stories with Compassionate Neutrality

Now, in attempting to look at this question from the perspective of God … insofar as that could be possible for a human being to do … I have to say, I would feel that God is very ruthless in teaching us Soul lessons, isn’t He?

Because here this man from ex-Couple A … all he did was, he was unfaithful. And this vast group of unfortunate things happened to him, over and over again, in association with a woman who was also unfaithful, and faithless to him.

And yet, because he had this long, prior experience of being in a chaste relationship, he didn’t recognize what was going on. And so, over and over again, he fell for someone who was unfaithful, and untrustworthy, and like that.

So if this story were true, I would say: Oh gosh, I sure hope that person figures this out, and finds himself in a committed relationship once again. Because there is where all the true Soul stories take place, you know? There is the place to become the most noble that we can be, and to overcome, one after another, all the snags and tangles in our prior learning … the wrong learning that we may have had, in this or other incarnations. At least, that’s as I understand it, with regard to a committed relationship.

So I pray God be as charitable, as kind, and as sweet as can be, when people need Soul learning. But I see that God doesn’t work that way. And I need to maintain, I feel, a neutral mind about it. A compassionate, neutral mind.

God knows what God is doing, you know? And the best that I can do is align my will, and heart and mind with those of God. That way … No troubles, I guess. That way, all becomes clear.

The Energies of a Dark Love Triangle

There is some right complicated demon malware that I’ve run across in years past, and that I wasn’t able to peg to the right personalities back then, due to my own mental filters. I finally figured out that it pertains to this astral story I’ve been describing here.

Not only that, but I have something like a physical representation of the malware, in terms of email … an electronic, ‘half-way there’ representation of the astral malware. Which is pretty cool. It seems really clear to me, but it might be hard to explain … As well, this is just hypothetical, as understanding keeps evolving, as you may know.


So let’s say, there is the woman described above as the Couple B woman. Or maybe it’s another woman altogether. Anyway, the woman in question, in her teenage years, let’s say, got into an argument with her mother . She felt competitive towards her mother, felt that she was prettier, or for whatever reason, felt herself to be in competition with her mother. And fell into a one-upmanship gamesmanship mode with regard to her mother.

In order to prove her point that she was better than, or prettier than, her mother, she seduced her father. Let’s say that happened …  Or flirted with him. Or made it seem to her mother that she, the daughter, was having an affair with the father. Something like that.

By doing that, by creating in her husband that doubt about whether the husband loved her, she set up what you might call a triad love affair that had a torque to the Dark in it … what you might call a Dark Love Triangle.


So in that scenario, what might happen on the astral plane, in terms of incestuous sexual expression, might be that her father might daydream about having sex with the daughter, or he might be in the act of intercourse with her. And then, he might have told the daughter to pretend that she was the mother while the daydreaming or intercourse was taking place.

So then, when he daydreamed about or having intercourse with his daughter, he would call her by the name of her mother, say. Or, when he talked with the daughter on the astral plane, he might ask her to pretend that she was the mother.

So then it would seem to the mother that he was thinking of her and not of the daughter. And the mother would express her own longing for her husband, and her love of her husband; the bonding that she felt she had with him.

So the energy flow would be:

  • That the mother felt love for the father, during the act of astral or physical intercourse that was taking place with the daughter.
  • And the father felt that astral or physical sexual action was happening with his daughter at that time.
  • And the daughter sent astral or physical sexual energy towards the mother; in this, there would have been a sub-current of cruelty, trickery; a competitive edge. So there was a ‘false’ bond of sexual energy flowing from the daughter to the mother.

So it went around in a circle, like that. And the weak link, there, would be the pretending that was taking place …

  • where the daughter was pretending to be the mother, for the father’s sake,
  • and also pretending sexual attraction towards the mother, so as to ‘one-up’ her during the act of sex with the father: Ah hah! I have the man and you do not! Like that …

So that samskara would have been set up during the formative years of puberty, for the daughter.

What happens, when we have samskaras like that, is that we tend to act them out, over and over again, in an unconscious manner, in adulthood, in our other relationships that we form. So the first thing, the primary thing, in regard to the daughter in that story, has to do with …

  • female competition, and a feeling of being prettier than an older woman.


So now let’s say time went on, and the daughter herself was married and had a family. But she came across a couple that was older than her. And meeting the couple that was older than her, re-established, in her mind, the samskara that had taken place in her puberty.

In other words, there came up the unconscious, uncontrollable desire to act out that same scenario again. So then, the first step was that the younger woman seduced the older man in the other-couple relationship.  He was a chaste man, and had a crush on her, and hoped to marry her, and so he ceased to have sex with his former sexual partner.

So then an astral scenario was set up in which,  when the sex acts occurred between the younger woman and the older man , the woman that had been the older man’s significant other  felt love for him, and sexual desire for him, because that had been their mode at the time that they were together.

And so, when the older woman was asleep and the two other people had sex together, she would have unconsciously felt that urge towards her former significant other. Then the younger woman would have astrally taunted the older man’s ex during the act of sex, saying: Look who I’m having sex with! … with your person! … Something like that.

So then, hypothetically, at first the energy flow would go like this …

  • The older man would feel attraction toward the younger woman, with whom he was having sex at a time when the older woman was sleeping.
  • During the sex act, the younger woman would call out to the older woman, pretending she had the same name; or sle tauntingly, and this would summon the sleeping astral form of the older woman.
  • The visiting, sleeping, astral form of the older woman would be attracted to the older man, while the act of sex was happening.

So this was a reproduction of the adolescent circle energy, with the flawed, pretending link that was happening. And also, the misunderstanding of the older woman that the act that was taking place had to do with her, rather than with the younger woman who was the new partner.

Then later, it changed to a taunting of the older woman by the younger woman during the sex act. So there was a break in the circle: No more pretense. Instead, hostility.

THE ASTRAL STORY, continued …

The thing of it is, that samskaras have a tainted energy in them. They have this torqued, tangled, tainted energy of subconscious Soul wounding in them. And there’s always this flavor of Not Love in them. … Something other than love. Something is lacking; you know?

So that circle started to disintegrate, and the younger woman went back to her original, younger partner, leaving the older man on his own, to pursue other relationships.

So now, time went on … And I’m just addressing that one samskara, because everybody in a glommed, samskaric situation has their own samskaric issues, that somehow fit together like the keys in a puzzle. You know?

And so, when one person figures out what to do about it, they can escape from the glom. But there’s always going to be somebody else that can slip in, or some new links that form, so as to create that puzzle again, until everyone is cleared.

OK, so something happened. And everybody changed. And eventually an attempt was made to set up that circle, that glommed, Soul wounding circle, again. Couple B broke up; the younger man was divorced or disappeared, and so that created an opening. And so, the older man started to date the younger woman again.

As I overheard this story astrally, she attempted to woo the older woman, per the previous circle setup. And the suggestion was made that the older woman say:

You’re just as ugly as your mother!

What that did is, it cut into the original desire of the younger woman to be prettier than the mother, and to prove it through the sex act. And so, when the older woman said that, the whole energy of the triad collapsed.

Electronic Re-enactment of the Same Dark Love Triangle

This is another portion of this interesting astral saga: I have spoken before about the intriguing similarities of electronics and the astral plane, as if electronics existed partly into the astral plane, into the Veil of Illusion that separates the physical plane from the astral plane. And can carry certain characteristics of the astral malware and malspeak that was installed in the noosphere, here on Earth, by the demon realm.

I have also stated, as optimistically as possible, that it seems to me that the demons have left the Earth Plane, and that there are still circulating in our noosphere many of their malware and malspeak traps that were set up to turn the human psyche from the natural experience of joy and love and light, into the realms of the hellworlds … torture and fear and hatred and anger, and all that negative stuff.

Digression on the Bewitchment of Nature Spirits in Urban Areas 

So these booby traps are still circulating through our noosphere, and especially in the urban areas, where the nature spirits don’t have a chance to destroy them. And in fact, it could be that these malware and malspeak programs … these booby traps that are circulating round … have to do with the bewitchment of nature spirits, in the cities, by the demon realm. So that they’re torqued about, and changed and their original message of love and light and joy is altered so that it affects humankind in a poor way.

So one thing to do is to free the fairies. I’ve written about that in the past. Say …

You’re free!
You’re free to go where you will!
Do as you like!

Say that to all the nature spirits around your property. And allow them to have the chance to return to their purest state. And to have that good influence on humankind that they were intended to have.

On Mass Media’s Negative Torque to News about Electronics and Psychic Abilities

But to return to my original topic: We have these booby traps in the noosphere. And then we have the electronics that can be used for good or bad, can be used in many ways, and are being used by people who are lacking in understanding of Spirit … They’re being used for spy satellites, and for spy cameras, and for all kinds of bad things that are amply illustrated in the mass media today.

And in fact, even in regard to psychic abilities, only to the bad of them, the negative aspect of them, is illustrated over and over again, in the mass media … which apparently are unaware that psychic abilities for all humankind are a natural outcome of the Ascension process.

And that, I think, has to do with people forcing the issue of attaining psychic abilities through the use of recreational drugs such as hallucinogens … forcing the issue of psy for monetary gain, or for like that. If we allow the clair abilities to naturally unfold, it won’t be like that at all. It will be for the good.

But anyway, we have this passing phenomenon of mass media and psy scare … psy ops … black ops …  the army of the night … all kinds of things like this. Using psy for the military, or to kill people, or to scare people, and all kinds of things like that. [laughs]

THE ASTRAL STORY, continued …

To get back to this interesting story, this is what I heard on the astral plane about the newest development. There had been distancing between the older man and the older woman, and then after that, the energy of the Dark Love Triangle had collapsed. An email went from the one to the other, which then went unanswered. Then the older man asked the younger woman to send the older woman an email. So this story of emails indicates the energy flow of negative circle energy described above … the energy flow that used to happen back in the day, when the demons still ruled the cities of Earth, and like that.

So the older man induced the younger woman to send … in disguised form … as a gift … like a Trojan horse .. an garden gift with a solar cell in which had been placed a geolocator chip. And the intent of this, in this very imaginative astral story, was to use the geolocator to home in on a person using spy cameras and so forth. It must cost a fortune, if it’s true.

And so, the idea was that they would home in on that location, maybe with Google maps or something like that? [laughs] And then that homing in, with psy, would create the possibility of renewing the Soul wounding circle energy  that had priorly gone on.

So the similarities between the electronic and the astral are this:

  • That one would imagine the older woman sending the older man an email. That’s kind of like love.
  • And then, if the older man emailed the younger woman, and had her send this Trojan horse gift to the older woman,
    • then that would be similar to him sending love to the younger woman
    • and her reproducing the pretense that she loved the older woman; but actually the gift would be a taunting disguise of the attempt to prove that she was better than the older woman

So then, the older woman could, once again, break that link by throwing away the GPS, the geolocator. And so, in terms of Soul wounding, that’s moving through the astral plane, and into the electronic plane, in terms of symbolically representing the Dark Love Triangle. Were such an unlikely thing ever to occur …

How Malware and Malspeak Booby Traps Are Self-Fueling … and What to Do About It  xx

There’s always the possibility that people involved in a Dark Love Triangle could talk together and work it out. But the way it usually works these days is, people talk to their own spiritual counselors, and work it out that way … Because the original glom tends to perpetuate itself, with people who have experienced ‘in synch’ Soul wounding.

I hope that’s sufficiently clear. It’s really an interesting example of the extremes to which the demonic realm went, in torqueing together Soul injuries, on the astral plane. That kind of torquing creates its own engine, you know?

And it will be self-perpetuating, like a perpetual e-motion motion machine, going on over and over again, fueled by the sexual urge, and cut off from the energy of the heart chakra.

So there you have it. All we really have to do, is feel our hearts, you know? And go with the flow. I know you already know all about that. That’s all for today! It’s ever a New Day, isn’t it?

I wish you all the very best in the New Year. I hope the astral air is clear; all the air is clear. All the space clutter clears. And everything will be pristine, and bright, and joyful, in the New Year, for each of us.

Wave Goodbye, by Alice B. Clagett, 20 November 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0

Wave Goodbye, by Alice B. Clagett, 20 November 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Shadow on Rock 1, by Alice B. Clagett, 28 December 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0

Shadow on Rock 1, by Alice B. Clagett, 28 December 2018, CC BY-SA 4.0


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Hackster? … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 7 January 2018; later in the day, the information in green font was added. The text in blue font was added on 8 January 2018.

Dear Ones,

I’ve been getting some astral intel regarding hacking and tracking personal computers and vehicles that I thought I would share. I haven’t researched this to speak of, so I don’t have a clue whether it’s really true, or whether it just represents fears that people may have about technology?

Anyway, if this hasn’t been looked into, as to whether it is or is not true, then naturally, I feel it would be good to find out about it. I myself hope none of these rumors are true, as that would require lots of high tech problem solving to fix the ‘leaks’. Here goes:

There are rumors that computer chat programs and e-phone programs offer back doors for access to computers and handhelds, providing crooks with ways to hack private information and clone people’s computer desktops. It might possibly be good for chat programs such as Facebook Chat, Microsoft Messenger, and e-phone programs such as Skype and Google Voice

There’s a rumor that Frontpage and iTunes have hackable ‘back doors’ as well. Until this is disproven, it might be best to open these programs on your computer while offline.

There’s an astral rumor that hacksters have access to books listing the IP addresses … or other identifiers, is it? … of the major motel chains and also of libraries, and that these somehow allow them access to our personal computers if we go online in a motel room or a library. Whether this is true or not, I don’t know.

I’ve also heard rumors of computer repair people who advertise that they will remove spyware from your personal computer, but that who instead install their own spyware, and gain access to your computer’s … is it IP address? … and password. And who then are able to hack your computer and perpetrate credit card fraud or other identity theft crimes. Or who may sell this information to other criminals, who then perpetrate these crimes. I hope this isn’t true!

Also, I’ve heard astral rumors that standard telephone services can be hacked via their online interfaces. From these interfaces, so the astral rumors go, a hackster can turn on or turn off the emessage-taking for another person’s telephone, and pick up or delete their messages. Apparently, there may also be ways to make phone calls as if they were coming from another person’s phone, but I don’t know how this might be managed.

Further, there is apparently a back door to hardwired personal computers that is accessed via telephones installed on the same cable line, such as the newer phone-and-internet offerings tend to be. The hackster calls on your phone line, and … somehow or other … apparently patches into your computer. Whether you have to answer the ringing phone in order for the hack to occur, I don’t know. I do surmise that the computer must be turned on at the time.

The way around this is to ask for a phone and internet deal where the phone is wired on a separate line from the internet. This arrangement is also good for times of electrical brownout or blackout, as it may be possible to plug a non-electronic phone (which you would have on hand for emergencies) into your phone jack during the emergency, and use your phone line, even though your computer is down. In that way you could report the power outage to your utility company, and would be able to call 911 in case an emergency arises during the electric brownout or blackout. So having a phone line separate from your internet service makes sense for a variety of reasons.

As to email, I’ve read that if your email password is hacked, then email can be sent by a hackster from your online email interface, and intercepted and deleted as well.

Then as to tracking devices such as GPS, and the pros and cons of wireless as opposed to cable and satellite:

According to the astral rumors, it’s purportedly better to use cable rather than wireless connections for your laptop. Apparently, wireless connections can be snooped in upon by nearby people if they know about your IP address and computer password.

Rumor also has it that, through triangulation, computers with wireless enabled can be snooped upon through spy satellite programs. If this is found to be true, then it may be less true in rural areas than in cities. It may also be that a triangulated snoop connection in cities drops, then picks up again, as satellites crisscross overhead. So this manner of snooping … if true … may be only intermittently reliable.

Again on the astral plane, I’ve heard uneasy rumors that Bluetooth and Pandora, if enabled in the newer cars, might have backdoor programs installed that allow GPS tracking. I’ve seen GPS spy gizmos advertised online, that purportedly allow a person’s vehicle to be tracked; I don’t know how prevalent the use of these might be, or how intermittent such surveillance might.

There’s an astral hunch out there, to the effect that getting off asphalt roads, and onto dirt roads, or into wilderness areas, somehow disables GPS. Whether or not this is true, I have no idea.

I’ve heard an astral rumor that GPS can be installed in anything equipped with a solar cell … such as a lawn ornament.

A scarier rumor is that micro GPS chips can be placed in food, or body cavities on the sly, but that the power runs down on them in a few hours, and that internalized GPS and nano tech can be rendered nonfunctional by waving a magnet past them, just as larger electronic equipment can be rendered nonfunctional by being placed near a magnet.

Apparently, according to the astral rumors, the advantage of a powered GPS would be that the exact location of a person’s computer could be located, and homed in upon by a spy satellite, the theory being that would allow a secure hackster connection to a wireless enabled personal computer or handheld. If this is true, then it would be good to check up on the look of GPS tracking devices and check around the home and car for them, I’m supposing.

Of course, an obvious answer to the issue of spy surveillance is to go off-grid and live the simple life. Further, this kind of lifestyle is bound to cut down on the damage done our bodies by artificial electromagnetic fields, such as electric lines, electric appliances, and electronics.

It seems to me that the financial world is going to have to come to terms with the seeming fact that placing financial information online is untenable, as it puts this information up for grabs by hackers everywhere. Even if a person refuses online access to, say, their bank, their bank information is still available, online, to those who have hacked and stolen that person’s identity.

The numbers of hackers in the world today are legion; and to the worse, according to the astral rumors, they feel a righteous thrill about it. To judge by the astral airs, they feel it is just a game … that they’re …

  • ‘getting one over’ on their friends and neighbors,
  • ‘getting what’s theirs’,
  • getting a leg up,
  • playing the ‘one upmanship’ game,
  • helping their children get a college education,
  • ‘playing ball,’
  • engaging in yankee competition …

The justifications or rationalizations, the specious reasons for ripping off friends and family are legion.

  • But what of the fabric of our society? What will become of us?
  • What will become of our economy, our financial system, our way of life, if hackstering runs wildly through our communities?

Well, shall we not get to the bottom of these rumors about the unsafeness of life in the burb?

  • Are we safe, or are we not? If not, then what can be done about it?
  • Need we ramp up our computer savvy?
  • Ought we ditch our computers altogether, and, like the Roman emperor Gaius Aurelius Valerius Diocletianus, throw up our hands and say “Enough! I shall give up the power game, and retire to my country villa to grow cabbages! Let the rich and powerful come to me there, should they wish to consult me!” 

I wonder if anyone showed up, there in Gaius Aurelius’ country villa? Or whether, in peaceful solitude, he tended his vegetable garden, heard the early morning birdsong, gloried in sunlight and in the gentle touch of rain, and thanked the gods for a chance to live like an emperor of the naural world!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Black Tourmaline to Transform Negative Energies … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 28 June 2014 

Image: “Black Tourmaline,” by Alice B. Clagett, 26 December 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0 

Image: “Black Tourmaline,” by Alice B. Clagett, 26 December 2017, CC BY-SA 4.0 

Dear Ones,

I have been having trouble with electronics lately … computer and mouse acting erratically or not at all, phone battery giving out after about 10 minutes of use. A friend said it might be the current Mercury retrograde. My alternate theory is the grand Incoming Light we’ve been experiencing lately, which causes fluctuations in the bodily electromagnetic field as distortions in our body of light are transformed to pure light. Be the cause as it may …

Someone suggested black tourmaline as a way to transmute dense lower energies to higher energies. I got a black tourmaline stone, which I used to cleanse my heart energy this morning whenever the computer started to jam. To my great relief, it worked for me.

I have read that, after the stone absorbs negative energy, it can be cleared of this energy by immersion in crystal salt or in moonlight. To this I would add it can be exposed to the dawn or setting sun for an hour (but not, I have heard, to the stronger Sun energy of the rest of the day.) I have heard there are other ways to clear stones too …

I have ordered some black tourmaline by the pound from … …  today. Found a description, which I like very much:

Link: “Good Stone: Introduction to Meaning and Uses of Black Tourmaline,” by Susanna Galanis, 3 September 2013, ..

When I read the webpage, these interesting facts, among others, came to light:

  • Tourmaline is called the Electric Stone, because it carries a weak electric charge when heated or under pressure.
  • It looks to me like tourmaline is recommended to relieve the health effects of artificial electromagnetic fields.
  • As well, black tourmaline is recommended for mental and emotional stability.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Cities of Light and Crystal Gridwork … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 25 May 2014
Previously entitled: Alliances of Cities of Light

  • Temporary Alliance of Cities of Light
  • Crystal Grids to Clear Dense Energies from Earth
    • On Avoiding Battery Drain and Electronics Flutter
    • Solar Events, Batteries, and Electronics

Dear Ones,

I’m still in semi-retirement from blog work, but just thought I’d pop in with a quick word about what’s up in my neighborhood…

Temporary Alliance of Cities of Light

I’m trying a temporary alliance of cities of light to bolster the local energy grid as needed. Of course, all Souls must agree, and any may detach at any time. Just so much fun!

Crystal Grids to Clear Dense Energies from Earth

Check out this intriguing video I found out about from Bill Ballard, of Pearls2U, . I note that on my viewing it had been seen by 172,000 people, and looks like it may be sponsored by a spiritual TV network!

Video: Adam the Crystal Grid Maker: “8 year old kid builds crystal grids to clear negative energy and explains how it works,” by Kristopher Love, 23 May 2014, ..

On Avoiding Battery Drain and Electronics Flutter. This video also has a little in it about how crystal grids absorb battery energy and electronic energy, and how it’s therefore important to avoid to stay away from electronics while doing crystal grid work.

Solar Events, Batteries, and Electronics. Note that the light of our Sun has crystal qualities; thus when Solar Events occur on Earth, it’s best to stay away from batteries and electronics, to avoid battery drain and electronics flutter.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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