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Astrogeophysics Compendium: Electromagnetic Fields . Jumps in Electron Orbital States . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 12 February 2019

Dear Ones,

Here is a partial compendium of my work on jumps in electron orbital states, to do with expansion of Awareness of human, planetary, and Solar bodies, and of the Multiverse. The expansion of Awareness to do with the 2012 Shift is as wide as the Universe. The work below has mainly to do with the expansion of Awareness in the human energy field, and in the energy field of Earth, including the Van Allen Belt …

Link: “On Healing the EMF Fields of Our Galaxy,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 4 May 2016 … ..

LInk: “Mastering the Mind and the Human EMF, by Alice B. Clagett, published on 15 April 2016 … ..

Link: “How the Incoming Light from the Great Central Sun Is Affecting Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 12 December 2015 … ..

Link: “Congruence: Silicon Valley 2 … Electron Excitation and the Experience of Multidimensionality,” by Alice B. Clagett, published 1 May 2013; revised …×8 ..

Link: “Life on Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 28 March 2015; revised … ..

Link: “Sometimes I Feel Like This!” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 7 March 2015 … ..

Link: “Shifting Torus Forms, Trined Love, and Co-Creation of Reality,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 13 February 2015 … ..

Link: “Twin Flame, Red Tantra, and White Tantra … Power Over, and True Power,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 7 February 2015 … ..

Link: “Solar Flares and Electron Excitation and Healing of Earth and Humanity,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 6 February 2015 … ..

Link: “Overcoming Power Over and Stepping into Fractal Awareness,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 30 January 2015 … ..

Link: “Human Energy Flow,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 27 January 2015 … ..

Link: “Congruence: Silicon Valley 3 … Ramp-Up of Human Body Energy as ‘Semiconductor Chip’ in Global ‘Computer'” by Alice B. Clagett, published 1 May 2013 …×6 ..

Link: “Congruence: Silicon Valley 2 … Electron Excitation and the Experience of Multidimensionality,” by Alice B. Clagett, published 1 May 2013 …×8 ..

Link: “Congruence: Silicon Valley 1 … Silicon Valley Technology and Our Body Chemistry,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 1 May 2013 … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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How to Evade Chakric Vampirism by Soulless People and Sociopaths . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 18 September 2018
Previously titled: How to Evade Chakric Vampirism by Soulless People

Dear Ones,

I have talked a little in the past about heart chakra vampirism and basal chakra vampirism. These are two ways in which Soulless people, whose EMF is too damaged to bring in energy from the Universe (as almost all the people on Earth do), must ‘imbibe’ or ‘inhale’ or suck energy from the EMF of Normals.

For instance, in the case of heart chakra vampirism by a Soulless person, energy flows into the frontal funnel of his heart chakra, but not out of it. Thus he is compassionless; he has a complete lack of empathy.

Instead of sending energy out of his heart, in a loving relationship, he can only suck energy into his heart, in a vampirical way. He is sustained by the co-dependent flowing forth of love from the heart chakras of other people. This is the behavior typically ascribed to the sociopath or psychopath …

Link: “How to Spot a Sociopath in Three Steps,” by Bill Eddy, LCSW, JD, 15 March 2018, in “Psychology Today” … ..

Similarly, the Soulless person whose basal chakra is too damaged to bring energy in from Earth, so that it may flow upward through the subtle spine … the kundalini or central vertical power current (aka the pranic tube, pranic column, antahkarana, silver cord, or silver thread)… and in that way, sustain his hologram, will ‘imbibe’ or ‘inhale’ or suck the energy from a Normal person through astral rape on the psychic plane, or else by repeated acts of vaginal or anal rape and murder. Without this sucking in of other people’s energy, like the literary figure Dorian Gray, he will wither away and die.

Link: “The Picture of Dorian Gray,” in Wikipedia … ..

A good example of this latter kind of behavior is the role played by David Tennant in the 2005 TV mini-series movie “Secret Smile” …

Link: “Secret Smile,” 2005 TV mini-series, at IMDb … ..

Lightworkers, pathfinders, wayshowers, bhakti or jnana yogi, and healers are likely to run into Soulless energy vampires, whether of the heart or of the basal chakra, because these people are attracted to the bright Light of the Lightworker, the pathfinder, the wayshower, the bhakti or jnana yogi; as they say, a healer stands out like beacons in the astral realm.

Soulless people, unable to process Light from Source or from Earth because of their alienation … through their actions … from their Souls, which are a reflection of Source, are bound to ferret out people with very bright Light, and seek to drain them of energy.

Speaking from experience, I have found that it is very difficult to detach from the EMF of a Soulless person once he has logged onto us, on the astral plane. Even with daily spiritual practice, or sadhana, it took me about 15 years to detach from the first such being … a basal chakra vampire … that I encountered. Then, with the utmost determination on my part, it took 3 years to detach from a heart chakra vampire who targeted me.

The feeling of being ‘stuck’ to an energy vampire reminds me of this short video, in which a gentleman named Jared shows how, when two plumbers’ helpers are stuck together, it is very difficult to pull them apart …

Video: “Air Pressure_Potty Plungers, and Pressure,” by George Mehler, 20 April 2012 … ..

Imagine that the frontal funnel of your heart chakra, and that of the Soulless person, are stuck together in this way … That is the feeling I had about being stuck to a heart chakra vampire some years ago.

The way to overcome this heart chakra glom is to place Awareness unrelentingly on the hridaya in the deep center of the heart chakra, or if that will not work, then to place Awareness on the High Heart, in the location of the thymus gland, which provides physical regeneration.

One may also place Awareness on the trachea (the ‘windpipe’), the tube within the chest, near the thymus, through which air passes before branching off to either lung. Concentrating on the trachea, in my experience, offers a feeling of peace, tranquility, and stillness … almost, immutability.

Once the connection with the sociopath is broken … and this may take quite some months … you can then return the Awareness to the Hridaya.

I myself have found that sending energy forth from the frontal funnel of the heart chakra, after the ‘air pressure plunger’ connection was broken, caused the sociopath to approach me, on the astral plane, over and over again, for several years after the initial successful separation. Thus I found it necessary to place my Awareness on the high heart for quite some time, before I was able to successfully transition back to the Hridaya, long term.

The mechanism of the heart chakra vampire effect is different from that of the stuck-together plungers in the above video, in that there is a constant drain of energy from the heart of the co-dependent person, and into the heart of the sociopath. Thus the Normal trapped in this situation may, like me, feel drained of energy, lethargic apathetic, even despairing, until the connection can be broken.

The feeling of the basal chakra vampire effect is a sudden, and nearly 100%, drain of pranic energy from the body of the Normal, along with an incoming visualization of astral rape, often while the Normal is on all fours. Or, in cases of physical rape, if the victim … whether male or female adult or child … resists, then there may be sudden loss of life, for instance, by strangulation.

Speaking from personal experience, I have found that this sudden energy drain can be overcome …

  • through gentle physical exercise, such as aerobics and swimming;
  • through prana exercises such as long, deep breathing, or else by placing conscious Awareness on the breath passing through the nostrils, or else by counting the breaths from 1 to 10, then starting over again.
  • through daily spiritual sadhana, such as yoga, kirtan, and/or meditation
  • and through a moderate diet and plenty of hydration.

It is important to avoid the physical presence of a Soulless person, and to avoid communications with them through letters, emails, and phone calls. They may stalk you on the physical plane; the minute you see them, distance yourself from them physically. They may send people who are under their influence after you; it is important to avoid these people as well, and to avoid communicating with them.

Those who can tear away the astral cords of the encroaching Soulless person through a loving sexual relationship with another person may find relief as well.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Compendium: Ensoulment, Soullessness, and Soul Evolution,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 28 August 2018; revised … ..

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The Qualities of God, and How to Hold ‘Dark Attacks’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 12 May 2018; updated 26 August 2018. Text in green font is not in the soundtrack.
Previously titled: The Qualities of God

    • Downloads of Light and Tearing Down of the Old
    • Living in a Hologrammatic Upgrade
    • New Light Downloads: The Cycle Begins Again
    • On Balancing the Three Qualities of God Within Oneself
    • Signs and Omens
    • A Dark Attack
    • Good Signs




Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

And I would like to talk a little about the different qualities of God, according to Hinduism … the Trimurti. As you know, there are three qualities of God in Hinduism. Those are Creator, or Brahma, as is known in Hinduism; the Dreamer, or Vishnu; and the Destroyer, or Lord Shiva. So we have Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.


When I was very young, I received a mantra from a good spiritual person. It was the first name of God … Brahma … which I liked much, because Brahma, as the Creator, represents women, who help create humankind by having children. And also, for both men and women, the repetition of the word Brahma would stimulate the right side, the creative side of the brain, so that we can become more creative … which is very good, in a left-brain society. It leads to Whole Brain Awareness.


Then we have Vishnu. I like Vishnu very much as well. I like the notion of dreaming the reality that I’ve created, day after day. Very much so. Vishnu the Dreamer! Are we not all Dreamers of our reality? Once the reality is created by Brahma, it must be sustained by Vishnu. Both are great.


So we have Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu. Now, Lord Shiva I never used to relate to. I would think: What’s the use of Destruction? Why pay attention to destruction? And I had a bad feeling about Lord Shiva for a long time, because of the death cults and the murder cults that I had read about, and seen in the “Indiana Jones” movie, and like that. And so I was against it, you know?


Downloads of Light and Tearing Down of the Old

But recently it occurred to me that these three qualities of God … Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva … are like the process of New Life on New Earth … where we humankind consciously are able to create our reality, and then we get downloads of Light, and we have downtimes for our mental and emotional bodies … for all of our bodies, both physical and subtle, actually, which might equate to Lord Shiva, because it is the tearing down of the Old.

Living in a Hologrammatic Upgrade

And then we have a time when our new software for our hologram is our Reality again, and that is the time when Lord Vishnu reigns. Lord Vishnu sustains New Life on New Earth.

New Light Downloads: The Cycle Begins Again

And then more Light comes in, and the process begins once again. Lord Brahma creating the New. Lord Shiva removing the Old. And Lord Vishnu, sustaining New Life on New Earth. So, there’s a reason for that Lord Shiva thing, after all.

On Balancing the Three Qualities of God Within Oneself

I feel, though, that the balance of the three qualities of God had best occur in every human being now Ascending. Each of us might look to balancing all three qualities in our own Bodies of Light. For those who join death cults, and killing cults, I foresee there will be nothing but chaos: Not a New Beginning, but rather, in their own hologrammatic experience, and an experience of Apocalypse.


I was watching the new movie “Annihilation” recently, and it looks to me to be New Life on New Earth from the point of view of a death cult or a killing cult. This might also be a stance felt by a person concentrating on self-defense … maybe even Army-Navy personnel, say, the higher ranks, or else enlisted men with battle experience and post-traumatic stress disorder. Apparently, in some instances, New Creation looks wildly terrifying, with the likelihood, for instance, of animal life mutations that will threaten human beings. And of people turning into plant life, and vice versa. And of ex-military women banding together to go annihilate the Ascension process, which they find to be a horrifying, incomprehensible, hostile alien life form.

On viewing this movie, I was utterly nonplussed. How, I asked myself, might so many distortions of the Light be included in one film? How could timeline mastery be misconstrued as amnesia? How could women be misconstrued as annihilators of New Creation, when in fact they give birth to children that are the hope of Earth? How could transcendence of Self and God awareness be misconstrued as annihilation of individualization?


Finally, I got it: Egoic Terror … the Dark Night of the Soul that precedes enlightenment …

Link: “Ego Death: The Obliteration of the Self and the Experience of Enlightenment,” by Aletheia Luna, at Lonerwolf … ..


In a way, this is true, as many people now are rising to awareness that Earth, during this Great Age of Darkness, has been a Slave Planet (1) and that there are, in fact, some very gnarly beings that have been preying on humankind. The catch being that, until now, these beings have been invisible …

Link: “The Slave Planet ,” by Alice B. Clagett, 20 February 2014 … ..

Link: “Dark Night of the Soul … Slave Planet Blues!,” by Alice B. Clagett, 7 July 2015 … ..

As Ascension proceeds, these beings are becoming visible to everyone, and in cases where the fear threshold is very low, they may even be sensed in a physical way. So it might seem to a person who is worshipping Lord Shiva in a fearful way, that they are running into new, mutant, animal predators, and that this is the fault of the Ascension process that they hold in a fearful context.


When a person is in a state of panic, logic flies out the window. So it is in this case. In fact, the fearful predators appearing on their horizon are the members of the demon realm that have preyed upon humankind through the just ended Great Age of Darkness. They are the Old that we must overcome through Faith, so that each of us may usher in the New. I say, with certain surety, that the New will be beyond our finest notions of the wonderful, of delight, and of joy in the present moment lent us by God.


So I say, please set aside your fears. Balance your minds and your emotions. When you are confronted with a Chaotic Node, know that it is caused by a gift of New Light, mixing with the energies of the Dark Network, and uplifting them. Every Chaotic Node, in my experience, is a precursor of a new stage in the upliftment of human consciousness.

Signs and Omens

Such was the case just this last weekend. There were precursor signs and omens: A structural failure at a place in the California desert where God’s praises were being sung, leading to evacuation of those present. There was a shortage of drinking water on site. Some of the bathrooms stopped working. As I understand it from the psychic plane, a picture of Lord Krishna fell off a wall.

A Dark Attack

Then, it seemed there was a great hullabaloo and commotion, as Darkness swooped down through some human beings giving a presentation … who, I thought, might have been worshippers of Lord Shiva, or maybe performing a Satan cult ritual (which I narrowly avoided by picking up and moving a distance away, into the desert and behind a building as the presentation started) … and out amongst the people near them. These people’s Bodies of Light fluctuated and flickered with the onslaught of Dark. The Dark sought the Light of nearby Lightworkers, but they sat steadfast in meditation, in concentration on God’s Name, in rockfast faith that stabilized their Bodies of Light despite the ferocious onslaught.

The Dark energies coursed towards the Lightworkers, ricochetted off their Bodies of Light … and then, so it seemed, slammed up to the top of the stratosphere, where the Hounds of the Barrier deflected them back to the near vicinity of the chaotic node.

Link: “The Emerald Tablets of Thoth the Atlantean,” translated by Doreal … … public domain … I searched the term: hounds of the barrier … and got this page: ..

Near the end of the Dark Attack, which coincided with a presentation by the group that I thought might possibly have been portraying the role of devotees of Lord Shiva or maybe of a Dark energy such as that of Satan, there was a spectacular and tragic accident nearby …

A young man and his wife, both 19 years old, both members of the military, crossed a highway and their car hit a building …

LInk: “Marine and His Wife Injured in Traffic Collision,” by Leslie Shaw, 14 May 2018, in “Hi-Desert Star” … ..

Both young people are now in critical condition. I ask that you send them your prayers and blessings, for healing and renewal both of spirit and of body.


For those of you who are Lightworkers, I say: When the Chaotic Nodes arrive, and a Dark Attack begins, distance yourself physically and meditate on Peace. My hope is that this spiritual practice will minimize loss of life and injury to people, and to ourselves.


Then we can stand, in Faith and Hope, knowing that the New is just around the corner. As it was this weekend.

Good Signs

For, the following day, when the dust settled, there were many Good Signs … The structure that had been compromised was made safe, and the people began to sing God’s praises again. The drinking water supply was restored. The bathrooms were fixed. And the people were gifted with the inspiration and devotional music of good teachers who brought in spiritual insights, who set straight the Chaos, who helped settle the New.

It was a day of celebration. And so it ever is, here on Earth: The New Light meeting the Old Dark, an ensuing moment of Chaos … a Chaotic Node … and then the newest rejoicing in New Life on New Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Saga of the Backboard – Law of Karma – Telepathic ‘Attack’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally filmed on 6 March 2014

    • The Saga of the Backboard, Out in the Country, Back Home
    • The Law of Karma and the Boomerang Effect
    • The Notion of ‘I’ and ‘Other’ in re Hostile Telepathic Volleys
    • Cause and Effect Within the Personal Hologram
    • On Yelling Back at Telepathic Threat Energies
    • On Being the Neutral Witness to the Telepathic Fray

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video the Saga of the Backboard, the law of karma, our holograms (5th dimension), the world of duality (3rd and 4th dimensions), telepathic attack, causal reality, being the neutral witness, detecting and resolving energy distortions, and clearing the aura.

There’s a Summary below the video …



Dear Ones,

There was something I meant to mention to you a while back, but it has taken me a while to talk about it. I call it the saga of the backboard. It’s a very short saga, so I’ll tell you all about it.

The Saga of the Backboard, Out in the Country, Back Home

When I was young, I used to practice my tennis swing against a backboard. On the side of the court, there was a plywood wall. You could aim your tennis ball at the plywood wall … the backboard … and then it would come back to you. And so, you could keep playing, as if you were playing with a partner, right? Which was handy,because I lived out in the country, and there weren’t a lot of partners out there.

The Law of Karma and the Boomerang Effect

So, I got to thinking about the Law of Karma … cause and effect … that we find ourselves subject to when we’re in the third and fourth dimensions, and heading toward the fifth. So the deal is this:

We think a thought. And it’s like hitting a tennis ball against a backboard. The ball bounces back at us, from the edge of our hologram. Now, if we think an emotion-laden thought, especially directed at somebody else, it’s like hitting that ball really hard. And so it bounces back at us really hard.

The Notion of ‘I’ and ‘Other’ in re Hostile Telepathic Volleys

When we’re living in 3D, we think that there’s a world of ‘I and other’ … me and somebody else … me and lots of other people. And we think that we’re at the effect of these other people.

So, we might get incoming, unfriendly telepathic thoughts, right? Or we might be triggered by some emotional-mental stimulus to our auric field, from somebody else. And we think: Gosh, that person is out to get us! Or we think: That person is doing something to us! Right? [laughs] And so, we think something back at them, right?

Especially, we’re tagged by something in the resonance of their telepathic message, and that tags into something in our energy field. And we have a shotgun response from our gut, right? Typically. And so we think something back at them.

Cause and Effect Within the Personal Hologram

So, what really happens? Are they affected by our thought? Maybe … If their own gut responds to something about the energy signature of what we sent. But if their gut is clear … or relatively clear … what’s happening to us? Ok?

It’s like a chain of cause and effect is set up within our own hologram where we think something … We got a pinch from somebody. We think something back at them … It hits the edge of our hologram, and bounces back. We think: My God, they’re after us! [laughs]

And we think back something furious! And that bounces back even faster and harder, and hits us. Right? And it spins along like that, until it reaches breathtaking proportions … I’ll tell you a personal story about it …

On Yelling Back at Telepathic Threat Energies

Last week I thought: Gee, I’m being a wuss with regard to these telepathic threat energies that seem to be coming into my auric field for the last two weeks. Right? Maybe I should fight back! … Instead of just letting it go straight up to the Divine, or straight through my heart to the Divine … straight up, or straight through … I thought: Gee, maybe I should be doing something about this!

So I tried yelling, and getting angry, and cussing and carrying on. I tried it for about 2 hours one day. And then that night, I woke up, in the middle of the night. And there was this infernal racket in my own aura … inside of my own hologram!

The stuff that I had been yelling all day was ratcheting back and forth like an eternal motion machine! Thank goodness, it was gone the next morning. I’ll never do that again! [laughs] I really learned my lesson.

On Being the Neutral Witness to the Telepathic Fray

So the thing to do, I feel, is to be as neutral as possible … To be the neutral witness … to feel, in our own hearts, these distortions that are coming up through our aura. And just notice them, and let the heart deal with it, you know? Let the Divine deal with it. Because, Lord knows, we don’t have those skills. [laughs] … At least I don’t!

And so, that’s the story of the backboard. [waves goodbye]

[Short video clip: Pepper tree leaves waving in the wind]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Here’s a video about the tennis backboard:

Video: “Tennis wall is a powerful tool,” by Slajspl, 4 May 2013, ..


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Am I Bigger than Earth? . visions by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 10 April 2014 

Image: Wallpaper that looks like light waves bending: .. Quantum reality

Dear Ones,

Holy cow! What was that happening when I meditated last night? At the very beginning, I recall, my vision clouded; the room went a little out of focus …

I felt a tightness in my back, between my shoulder blades … at the site of the Hridaya Chakra, the hidden inner heart …

Image: Person sitting in meditation, with emerald green light emanating from the heart chakra,×300.jpg .. The hidden inner heart is right there, as shown in the image, but next to the backbone

Then the alarm bells in my mind went off … ‘Oh, no! This is too big for me! I just can’t get a handle on it!’ Then I remember my heart saying, ‘O hush up! You’ll be just fine’. Then the whole room got very, very quiet.

I recall beings of 4D crowding in, some just curious, some with what is termed ‘their own agenda’ … members of the ‘ascension retardation crowd’.

I got exasperated: ‘This won’t do!’ Called in my Higher Self, all Christed Beings of Light who felt they should be present. Called in Divine Source itself: ‘Welcome to this body. Please make yourself at home, for the good of Earth and all her beings. Do as you will, so long as it’s in the best interests of the All.’

The astral form of a human being crowded in, curious …

Image: Astral projection: White body, emanating white light, on a field of peacock blue, ..

I said, ‘Howdy!’ Then he settled himself inside my body.

Then a being of Light came into the same physical space … on top, all around, and ‘in between’ whatever else was going on … My body felt as if it were mixed on a quantum level with the astral form, which was mixed with the being of Light.

Image: “Angel Light Being,” a photograph by Finn Olav Olsen, uploaded on 22 July 2013; this image appears to be a white pigeon flying in front of a white sun; blue sky around them, … the wings of the pigeon can be seen, but the body is obscured by the light of the sun

More beings of Light came into the same space. Light came down in layers, one by one. Finally 10 deep.

Pains in the physical body, and an equal sense of the ‘I Am-ness’, fullness, deepest peace of the surrounding space … my fellow meditators … the air in the room … the city block … the land around …

Image: White body, with white and violet light radiating from it; surrounded by violet light, ..

A vision of mirrors of Light … less than an inch wide, taller than me … revolving very fast in a circle outside and around me. whassat?? This I came later to characterize as my personal hologram …

Earth revolving, with a shaft of Light shimmering down all around and through it. Gosh, what a feeling! Are the veils dissolving? Is my Higher Self larger than Earth?

Image: Earth, seen from space, along with other planets, and the Sun in the distance, surrounded by deep blue space, ..

Afterwards, we were trying to piece it all together. The New Mind? An ineffable I Am presence? So far beyond the chatterbox mind we’re used to, it was just impossible to put into words.

Way beyond the box. Way beyond the bubble. Far, far beyond logic. In fact, marching off into the land of ‘Anything’s Possible’, ‘Everything Is’, ‘I Am All’ … which has been off limits to us humans for quite some time.

Lord, I do love setting foot on a new path in the wilderness. What’s around the bend? Behind that screen of trees? Across that stream? I live to explore, and that’s the long and the short of it …

Image: The word ‘Explore’ … the x looks like a person rejoicing, and the o looks like the sun, ..

fr love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: A little girl and boy looking at a mushroom, ..


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Astral Rape and Peach Pie . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 28 June 2014 


Dear Ones,

Lately on my telepathic frequencies there’s been a big to-do about reception of unwanted sexual vibes, which are sometimes pejoratively referred to as ‘astral rape’. These vibes are transmitted unwittingly through the ‘gut brain’ of which I’ve spoken at length in past blogs.


We in the Western world tend to place negative energy on sexual vibes, and so, when the vibes are brought to the attention of higher consciousness of those of us unconsciously transmitting them, we tend to be defensive. And moreover, those on the receiving end of the vibes … when they reach the point of conscious recognition … tend to blame those on the sending end. (1)


Being defensive or pointing the finger are, I think, automatic responses that are not as helpful, in the ascension process, as simply accepting all the physical and energetic feelings we have, and knowing they are a way that the Divine is alerting us to the need to transform the cells and balance the chakras in the affected areas.

So for instance, the second-chakra sensation experienced through third chakra (navel point) awareness as ‘raping’ or ‘being raped’ might be processed through the heart chakra as an opportunity to transform and transmute the cells and energies of the ‘lower triangle’ … the first, second and third chakras.


One way to grant leniency and forgiveness to myself and others in this situation, I’ve found today, is to understand that I’m dealing with a negative energy of the gut brain. The gut brain deals with some instinctive drives … the desire to survive, the desire to have sexual relations, the desire to control one’s environment, the need to eat and drink, and so on. I’ve tried ‘threat energy’ and ‘domination energy’ to counter what may be perceived as ‘rape energy’  …. with astounding lack of success. This because negative energy is only compounded by addition of more negative energy to gut brain interactions.

I ought to add that gut brain interactions among individuals, which are now coming to conscious awareness, are part of a process I used to term the ‘unconscious thought cloud of the world.’ Others call it the ‘collective unconscious’. The energies of the collective unconscious consist of many ‘flavors’ or energy strands circulating about in the noosphere (the sphere of human consciousness). Like seeks like, so the ‘conquistador’ energies of men will combine and surge onward together for a while, later dissipating.


Energies also seek their complement, and in the case of negative sexual energies, the desire to conquer or overcome sexually (a linking of the third chakra to the second chakra energies, more typical of men than women in the current Atlantean society) seeks the desire not to be conquered or overcome sexually (a linking of the second chakra to the first chakra energies, more typical of women than men right now).

So the unconscious conquistador energies of several men, combining, might momentarily connect with the ‘Oh no!’ energies of several women, also momentarily combining. The flavor of which has been for me, lately, distressingly warlike. So this is what’s apparently been causing the to-do I’ve been hearing clairaudiently lately.


Today I tried something new when confronted with this ‘sexual conquistador’ energy strand … I sent back telepathically “Peach Pie!”  It worked! It redirected the telepathic sender’s unconscious, instinctive negative energy to the positive energy of finding something good to eat! All this took place on an unconscious level for them, in the flash of an eye! And, all in an instant, it made my telepathic interactions so much lighter and more heartfelt!


When I am affected by telepathic energies perceived as negative, another healing technique I’ve used is to expand my energy and my perception around and beyond the area affected, creating a ‘healing envelope’ of energy. The thing is, when I dislike an energy, I tend to make the energy dense and compact.

When an energy is dense and compact, as in the case of a physical pain, or of painful cellular memories from the current or past lifetimes, then it can’t heal. When I consciously expand the energy at the ‘pained’ place, my body of light can clarify and transform the painful inconsistence in this, my beautiful body of Love and Light. And so, the song I sing will be more consistent with the Love and Light of the Divine, the All.

This acceptance and expansion are a sure route to clearing and transformation of my body of light. So in the case of crown chakra, third chakra, ear-based, and throat chakra incoming telepathic transmissions, I visualize the energy around my head and throat as, say 1/3 larger than my physical head and throat. In the case of first, second and third chakra incoming telepathic transmissions, I do the same.

For me, cellular clearing (called by some, clearing of morphogenetic field distortions, or transformation of DNA from 2 to 12 strands) feels like a burst of energy in the affected cell groups. Amazing, really! As if they’re saying, ‘Yay, free at last!’ And then after this transformation takes place, telepathic input, of whatever sort, is no longer received negatively.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also: “Magnetic Repulsion and Telepathic Avoidance,” by Alice B. Clagett, ..


(1) Matt Kahn on facebook has had some excellent short blogs recently to do with the importance of not blaming others, and of forgiving others. The main thing about this is that I can then concentrate all awareness on my own personal clearing and transformation. After all, the Divine is creating for me, instant to instant, my own personal hologram through with I can arrive at my own life lessons, and carry out my own Soul’s mission. Whatever anyone else is experiencing, though they may feel a cause-and-effect relation, is to me just a synchronistic event.

Also, Linda Robinson, channeling Archangel Zadkiel, has a blog on nonjudgment, forgiveness, and clearing negative energy: “Keeping Your Energetic Channels Clear,” July 2014, ..

And here is Ram Dass “On Judgment of Others,” 25 June 2014: ..


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Getting a Handle on Solar Event Anxiety … by Alice B. Clagett

    • Paranoid Hologram Displays
    • Paranoid, Conspiracy or Horror Astral Stories Sparked by Mass Media
    • Paranoid Astral Stories Sparked by Mental Patients
    • On Exiting Their Physical Presence
    • On Avoiding Thought Actuators about Them

Dear Ones,


I liked this new movie very much:

Movie: “The Last Avatar,” starring Alexander Polinsky, Adey, and Neale Donald Walsch,

It graphically displays what it’s like to have anxious feelings during these days of high Incoming Light, and how, through courage, we can triumph over feelings of anxiety.


Especially when X-flares impact Earth’s magnetosphere, and also during days of low Kp index (planetary K index) activity such as have been occurring in the last few weeks, it’s possible for hologram shifts to occur, based on cognitive dissonance (aka cognitive diminution, ‘mind mud’) among humankind as a whole. These shifts are more realistic when visualized by a number of people experiencing the same astral story … This is what psychologists call ‘mass hysteria’.

Paranoid Hologram Displays

Solar events usher in hologram upgrades, which clear out the ‘snicks and snags’ in our emotional and mental programming (our habitual or subconscious thought processes). So when the solar events end, we find we’re better … physically, mentally, and emotionally … than before the events occurred.

However, when the events are in progress, paranoid astral story sometimes unfold, and this is a drawback of solar events that it’s important to be aware of. Hologram shifts to do with solar events sometimes manifest as visual displays, such as the scenes of pursuit by ‘men in black’ or the guerrillas storming the media broadcast citadel in the movie “The Last Avatar.”


America is a free country; freedom of speech; freedom of press; “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” are way up there on our list of esteemed privileges for everyone in America. So clearly, if we hear contrarily on the astral plane, it’s not coming from someone ‘in charge’ … rather, our own mental bodies are attracting thought forms, most likely of dubious repute, as a result of the fight response being triggered by the solar event.

Paranoid, Conspiracy, or Horror Astral Stories Sparked by Mass Media

The new movies coming out often have themes of paranoid, and so these can spark paranoid astral stories in otherwise emotionally healthy people. Waves of paranoid delusion roll through the noosphere when a great number of people simultaneously watch the same movie presenting a paranoid, conspiracy, or horror theme. (The same is true of crime movies, but that’s another story.)

Paranoid Astral Stories Sparked by Mental Patients

We do have a number of people in our population, who suffer from paranoid delusions, and there’s nothing stopping them from joining in the general astral melee when solar events shake up the noosphere. Especially in situations where the fight or flight syndrome is activated, concomitant with a feeling of fight or controlling others, it’s important to vet folks we hear in the astral air, who purport to be high-ranking officials asking us to do outrageous things like hack the internet so as to censor stuff we don’t like there, or act out in other ways so as to control other people.


Other causes of the fight response during a solar event are being in the physical presence of, or thinking about, a person with a very different light quotient from our own … could be a very much higher or a very much lower light quotient.

On Exiting Their Physical Presence

If your fight response is being triggered by the physical presence of another person, then absent yourself from their physical vicinity. It’s important to act intuitively, rather than rationally, on this, as waiting to ‘see what happens’ can result in acting out. The same is true if you intuit another person’s fight response is being triggered, with regard to your person … if the danger flag flaps so much as one time, turn ‘on a dime’ and exit the person’s physical presence.

On Avoiding Thought Actuators about Them

If your fight response is triggered by thinking about them, then peg down the ‘thought actuators’ and then, for the duration of the solar event, avoid the actuators. One good way to do this is to temporarily ‘unfriend’ them on facebook, for instance. Don’t write them any emails, don’t call them on the phone, don’t go visit with them for the duration of the solar event. The same is true if it is their fight response, rather than your own, that is being activated.


After a while of being buffeted about by the fight response (or the flight response), you will begin to get a handle on this endocrine system trigger, to the point where your emotions during solar events will no longer tempt you to act out. So that’s something to look forward to.

In the meantime, when we ascertain, during a solar event, that we are experiencing cognitive dissonance, it’s best to take steps to ease our emotional state, and that way sidestep the inevitable embarrassment concomitant on ‘acting out’. (1) (2)

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “Community Health: Space Weather Health Alert Information … referral by Alice B. Clagett,” ..

(2) Link: “Community Health: Preparing for Solar and Gateway Event EMF Hypersensitivity,” by Alice B. Clagett, ..


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