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Speculations on the 2012 Shift and the Photon Belt of the Star Alcyone in the Pleiades . by Alice B. Clagett by Alice B. Clagett

Extracted on 19 March 2020 from a blog published on 23 October 2014; disappeared from website by 29 March 2020 … Maybe it was black magic! … reposted on 29 March 2020


We know that something has changed with the Sun because people are more and more beginning to be affected by solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). But what, specifically, has changed is open to speculation. Some say that Earth’s passage into the ‘Photon Belt’ during the Shift in fall of 2012 is the cause of the change in the quality of Light.


Wikipedia describes the Photon Belt as a characteristic of the rings of the star Alcyone, in the Pleiades star cluster.

In criticism of the hypothesis that entry into the Photon Belt is initiating a spiritual transition on Earth, Wikipedia states …

“While the concept of the Photon Belt is a part of New Age philosophy, some parts of the story can be analyzed scientifically. There is no scientific evidence for the existence of any sort of ‘photon belt.’

  1. “A photon is a boson–one of the elementary particles that carry the four forces of physics–in this case, the force that produces light, i.e., the electromagnetic force. To the extent that such a thing as a ‘photon belt’ is physically possible, it would require the gravitational pull of a black hole, with light rays being bent around the black hole near the event horizon, forming a photon sphere … Barring interaction with gravity or matter, photons otherwise always travel in straight lines.
  2. Alcyone is a star in the Pleiades cluster, some 440 light-years away. The core of the Pleiades cluster is approximately 8 light-years across. The Sun, and with it the Earth, is moving away from Alcyone …” –from Link: “Photon Belt,” in Wikipedia … … WP:CC BY-SA..


To these points of criticism Madonna-Megara Holloway has a lengthy, learned, and fascinating response …

Link: “A New Cosmological Model for Matter, Energy, Sound, the Origin of the Universe and Gravity,” by Madonna-Megara Holloway, Acumen Consulting, 205 Westridge Lane, Anmore, BC, Canada, V3H 0A3, phone 604-469-9446; email: madonna-megara@madonna-megara.com .. (1)

At that link, in the subsection “The Vacuum of Space and Gravity,” see the first paragraph beginning “Science assumes that …” through number 7 ending “in Figure 7”

See also “Figure 10. (Simplified) Polarities and Bonds Relative to the Planet Earth (only)” in that document. I think this is a link to the same figure … ..

And also “Figure 7. Defining Dark Matter and Energy -Chemical Structure of the Earth Scheme – Part 2. All physical plane planets are the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and have chemical structures sitting in Dark Matter” in that document. I think this is a link to the same figure … ..

No doubt, a lot more is to be discovered on this topic.


Here are thoughts for the future …

  • The motion of all the stars in our home galactic supercluster Laniakea is directed inward, toward the supercluster’s center of gravity, the “Great Attractor” …

Link: “Laniakea Supercluster,” in Wikipedia … … WP:CC BY-SA ..

  • We might think of gravity as love… the love of the center of our supercluster for all within the radius of its attraction.
  • It could be that Earth is connected to Alcyone through lines of force in Laniakea.
  • Wormholes, vortices, and Earth’s Light grid are most likely features of the Laniakea force field.
  • Human axiatonal lines of force, connecting the human EMF to Earth’s EMF, and also, through wormholes, to the intelligence and energy of other galaxies (such as the Pleiades star cluster, of which Alcyone is one star), are most likely a miniature feature of the Laniakea force field …

Link: “Laniakea, Our Home Galactic Supercluster, and Clearing Our Axiatonal Lines,” by Alice B. Clagett … ..

  • Since photons … the forces that produce Light …  are intelligent energy, capable of interdimensional travel … space travel … (as shown by recent peer-reviewed scientific articles), they may be the means of conveyance of cosmic, or intergalactic, Divine intelligence. We might think of photons as the messengers, and of Light as the message.
  • Divine intelligence may be a feature of the Great Attractor.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

The above text has been extracted from Link: “Solar Event Mental Chaos,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 23 October 2014; revised … ..


(1) ViXra states it received an abbreviated version of this paper on 13 Nov 2009, and that it is this part of a work 30 years in the making; see Link: “New Cosmological Model for Matter, Energy, Sound, the Origin of the Universe and Gravity,” by Madonna-Megara Holloway … ..


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Demon of Lust . a drawing by Alice B. Clagett

Imaged and published on 12 March 2020

Dear Ones,

A new drawing for you … ‘Demon of Lust’ …

Drawing: “Demon of Lust,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 March 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” … COMMENT: I have two possible interpretations of this vision that I had in Santa Monica, California, at about 2 pm on Wednesday, 5 February 2020. To put a dark interpretation on it, it might have been a Dorian Grey vision. To put a more felicitous interpretation on it, it might also have been an experience of a timeline merge or a timeline loop.

Drawing: “Demon of Lust,” by Alice B. Clagett, 12 March 2020, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,”

COMMENT: I have two possible interpretations of this vision that I had in Santa Monica, California, at about 2 pm on Wednesday, 5 February 2020. To put a dark interpretation on it, it might have been a Dorian Grey vision. To put a more felicitous interpretation on it, it might also have been an experience of a timeline merge or a timeline loop.

02/05/2020 2:30 pm

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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The Commuter Film: Dark Attack . The Valley of Death . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 24 February 2020

Dear Ones,

Quite recently I viewed the intriguing film “The Commuter” featuring actor Liam Neeson and a fine cast of characters …

Link: “The Commuter (film),” in Wikipedia … ..

I was struck by the honesty of the acting … how true the acting seemed to me. On the other hand I ought to advise that, as a Lightworker I found the action several times became too intense for me, and would put off watching the film at a certain point until the following evening.

This is frequently the case when I view movies. In fact, sometimes I need to give up on watching a movie entirely because of the intensity of violence in it. Perhaps that has happened to you as well? However, in this case there was something true about the acting that drew me back into continuing with the viewing night after night.

At time interval 2.28 – 2.40, where the forward passenger car upends and almost falls in slow motion on the occupied passenger car, I was struck by the similarity between this cinematographic depiction and a real life experience I had of a car crash and a ‘timeline walk-through’ …

Link: “Something New in Astral Stories: Part 2: Instantaneous Manifestation,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 7 February 2016; published on 11 February 2016; transcribed on 6 July 2018 … … See the section: Alice’s Perilous Tales: Story about a Timeline ‘Walk Through’

Link: “On Being Alive,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 21 January 2016; published on 22 January 2016 … … See the section: Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Terrible CanAm Highway Accident, and The Wisdom of India

In my case, though, it was not a train car, but a vehicle that hit a guardrail next to me at twilight, and rolled across the freeway behind me, missing me by an inch or so, it seemed. I had that same sense of time slowing down and of monstrous peril about to crash down on me and my cat Lucy, who was my back-seat passenger on the trip.

Time stopped. Electromagnetically I felt two parts of the rolling vehicle break off. One zoomed behind me, along with the rolling vehicle. The other was on a trajectory to hit the back of the roof of my car (underneath which Lucy was sitting). I optimized my timelines … in a split second … as I floored the gas pedal on my winsome but wimpy Honda. Nothing could have been closer than the near miss with the whizzing piece of car that passed along the top of the back window of the car. That was quite some Dark Attack, as I recall!

I liked that movie “The Commuter” because it allows other people to have that same experience of a Dark Attack, and reveals that we may face such daunting moments with courage, and that there may be a happy ending, despite how dire our circumstances may seem to be at the time.

One of my favorite Bible passages has a like message …

4 “Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.” –Psalm 23:4 (KJV, public domain)

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also my blog categories: Dark Attacks  …  and … timeline walk-through

For how to ‘switch tracks’ to a more propitious timeline search my blog category: Timeline optimization


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Energetic Barrier Separating Positive from Negative Dimensions . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 9 February 2020

  • Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Zebra-Stripe Spandex Transgender Woman in Stiletto Heels
  • Two Ominous ‘Movie Crew’ Encounters
    • Franciscan Capuchin Friars or Actors?
    • 29-Flavor Barbecue?
  • Another Energy Barrier Experience

Dear Ones,

There is an effect that takes place similar to that of people in Placemarker timelines failing to recognize family, friends, and acquaintances in the latters’ Awareness timelines. This effect, however, has to do with multidimensionality rather than multitemporality. It goes like this …

A Lightworker has strong positive energy of love; that is to say, fourth dimensional positive, the energy of the heart chakra when it exhibits unconditional love. A Darkworker, on the other hand, has strong negative energy of hatred; that is to say, fourth dimensional negative, the energy of the heart chakra when it exhibits unconditional hatred.

In the Lightworker’s Awareness timeline, when he or she meets a Darkworker also in their Awareness timeline, the dimensional disparity creates a barrier made of 1- or 2-foot-thick ‘air’, solid as ice, between the Lightworker’s physical body and the physical body of the Darkworker.

So the Lightworker will see the Darkworker, and vice versa, but the energetic barrier between them will prevent their interaction. I myself, as a Lightworker, experience a feeling of deep foreboding when such ‘brushes with the Dark’ occur.

Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Zebra-Stripe Spandex Transgender Woman in Stiletto Heels

I recall one such instance that occurred on 29 May 2016, or thereabouts. I was one of the co-chairs of a Rumi poetry meetup that used to get together on the beautiful grounds of Holy Spirit Retreat Center in Encino California. These grounds are run by the Catholic Sisters of Social Service as an interfaith retreat center.

On that fateful day in May 2016, I was heading towards the usual shady spot where our small group would meet, from time to time, outdoors near the chapel. I saw, heading towards the side door of the main building, a man who looked a little like well known movie star Tom Cruise who, I have read, attended a Catholic seminary for a while, then became a member of the Church of Scientology …

Link: “14 Celebrities Who Almost Became Priests or Nuns,” by Ranker … .. 

Whether it was he or not, I do not know; it was only a brief glimpse, and the man’s back was nearly turned to me as he hastily walked away. For no reason I could peg to, I had a sense of foreboding.

Then I saw, sitting in the seat I usually sat in, at the little outdoor table where we used to meet, what appeared to be a tall, statuesque, improbably buxom transgender woman in a spandex outfit with wide, diagonal zebra stripes … black and white … and wearing stiletto high heels. Sitting beside her was a short, unattractive older woman, whom I took possibly to be her chaperone.

In the several years I had co-led the Rumi meetup on those grounds, I had occasionally found folks sitting at the spot where our small group usually met. However, I had never seen a person like this there before … or seen such a person anywhere at all, when it came right down to it.

Without knowing why, I had the most unusual sense of mortal peril. I felt that my life was on the line at that moment, and any false move might result in my death. Odd, is it not?

The tall woman  got up from her chair and headed leisurely towards me. She was walking in a way they used to call ‘sashay’ back home. She ‘sashayed’ in my direction. Her older companion followed behind her.

It was then that I experienced a big wall of energy between the tall woman and me. It was several feet thick. Maybe it was this wall of energy that prevented the woman from speaking to me, or maybe she did not see me at all. My own experience of the energy barrier was one of being protected from great evil. That is not to say that transgender women are evil … quite the contrary. It is just that Spirit guided me to steer clear of this particular person on that day.

To this day I am haunted by that unaccountable run-in. The shock of it propelled me to resign from my position as one of the organizers of the Rumi meetup.

Two Ominous ‘Movie Crew’ Encounters

As a by-the-by, clustered around that date were two other experiences with what seemed like movie actors. In both instances a group of automobiles full of people showed up just after I arrived at usually relatively deserted trailheads I planned to hike.

These batches of automobiles somehow reminded me of movie crews, which are often seen filming here in Southern California. In most cases, movie crews are accompanied by trailers for makeup or to provide food for the crews, but in these instance there were no trailers; thus I may have been mistaken.

Franciscan Capuchin Friars or Actors? The first instance took place in one of the parking areas of Malibu Creek State Park in the Santa Monica Mountains. There I encountered about 6 men dressed as Franciscan Capuchin Friars.

This was so unusual, in my experience of hiking Malibu Creek, that I took a snapshot of them, then left. Online I found out there appeared to be no such monastery nearby, so I wrote to the Franciscan Capuchin Friars near San Francisco, to find out whether they might identify my photo of the men I saw, but I never heard back from them about it. I checked into Franciscan Capuchin Friar outfits, and found they are for sale online; that would fit with the notion of actors, or a movie crew.

I also spoke with a ranger at Malibu Creek State Park about this and other strange things that happened there and at King Gillette Ranch across the road, at about that time; the ranger said he thought it had to do with cocaine use at that time, so I contacted LAPD (the Los Angeles Police Department) about it.

29-Flavor Barbecue? The other instance of what might have been a movie actor run-in had to do with what seemed to be two rangers, or maybe forest workers, who parked off Templin Highway near Castaic, California. That was close to the Fish Canyon Narrows trailhead which leads to the deserted Cienaga Campground.

When I saw these two men I had an odd feeling, so I asked them if it was safe to hike the trail. They said that I would probably be safe, but that I ought to be careful. That was a partial ‘heads up’ for me. As I turned to hike down to the trailhead, maybe 10 cars packed with people went past me.

I had never seen any traffic to speak of on that road, and the experience of many cars packed with people arriving just after I did reminded me of the Malibu Creek experience. So I thought I would wait for awhile, and see ‘how the wind blew’.

As I waited, I had the strangest vision of a film crew in a wilderness setting, with actors, male and female, sitting around a lifeless female body, preparing for a cannibal act featuring 29 flavors of barbecue sauce. Yikes! Was I ever suddenly ‘on guard’.

After awhile, all the cars, still loaded with people, came back up the hill and went away. I know it was not much to go on … just a few odd details of that day … but these days I have become more observant of what might be termed signs and omens. So I gave up on that hike and went off to another trailhead.

The title of this poem I composed some years later had to do with the vision I had that day while playing the ‘waiting game’ at my parking place off Templin Highway …

Link: “Cannibal Song: The 29-Flavor Barbecue . aka Ogreish Stew,” a poem by Alice B. Clagett, written on 2 May 2019 … ..

The person described in the poem, however, was part of a different astral saga.

Another Energy Barrier Experience

Another instance of an energy barrier apparently created by a positive versus negative dimensional disparity is described here …

Link: “Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Man with the Trembling Pinkie,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 23 May 2019 … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Note: I have added this blog to an older blog … Link: “On Human Hybrids and Astral Velociraptors,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 20 November 2016; published on 25 November 2016 … ..


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Beings from Mars Who Have Been on Earth for 75,000 Years . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 20 November 2016; published as a separate blog on 6 February 2020
Previously under this subtitle: Ra on Beings from Mars Who Have Been on Earth for 75,000 Years


Dear Ones,

Here are paraphrased snippets gleaned from the “Law of One: The Ra Material,” which offers tantalizing information on 3D (third density) beings … sentient beings in physical form … from Mars on Earth as long as 75,000 years ago …

20.12 … … This question-answer describes how the third dimension or density (3D) began, 75,000 years ago humans lived 900 years.

Third Density. On looking up third density here … 76.15 … and here … 76.16 … I gathered that third density is brief existence as a sentient being in the illusion of physical form so as to experience free will choices inherent in that distortion of the Light (although the question-answers use different words).

In my own work I peg the beginning of 3D at the influx of Martians about 4 billion years ago, rather than 75,000 years ago. Of course, this will depend on a person’s Awareness timeline; it may well be that the Martians arrived on Earth 75,000 years ago in the Awareness timeline of the Law of One channeler. Also, by ‘human’ in this question-answer may, I feel, be meant ‘sentient beings’. –Alice]

Second Density. Prior to that life on Earth was said to be second dimension or density (2D). I looked up second density at 9.14 … and gather from that question-answer that it may mean nonsentient plant and animal life.

20.13 … … As 3D proceeded on Earth, human life spans shortened

20.14 … … 50,000 years ago the human life span was 700 years

20.15 … That was a delta of 200 years

20.16 … Lack of harmony between oneself and other beings

20.17 … I gather from this question-answer that the cause of the loss of life span may have had to do with failure to experience joy

20.18  … … This is a very interesting question-answer. It speaks of two groups of beings on Earth 75,000 years ago: Those 2D (second density) beings that had become third density, and the beings that arrived from Mars.

20.19 … I think this question-answer infers that the Martians’ experience of the third density was interrupted on Mars by that planet’s catastrophic loss of atmosphere, and then continued here on Earth when the Martian explorers arrived here in the space travel capsules we term ‘bacteria’.

20.20 … At the beginning of third density (75,000 years ago), half were Martians. A fourth were Earth native 2D beings turned 3D. And … tantalizingly … a fourth were from other planets.

What planets, I wonder? Were they 2D there and 3D on Earth? Or were they, like the Martians, 3D on other planets and continuing 3D here on Earth? Has this anything to do with the yeasts and the social insects, I wonder? Has it to do with big foot stored in mineral form here on Earth? Could it have to do with recently incarnate Maldekians? Questions most surely abound in this regard.

20.21  … … Mostly the three types did not mix after arriving on Earth.

20.22 … For lack of mixing, the possibility of war existed.

20.23 … This possibility of war effected the decreasing life span mentioned above.

20.24 … For most 3D beings, less than a 900-year life span is too brief a time in which to garner lessons.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


I found the above as supplemental information here …

Link: “The Large Intestine and the Army of the Night,” by Alice B. Clagett, Filmed on 19 November 2016; published on 20 November 2016; revised and transcribed on 23 November 2018 … ..

I have broken it out and published it separately in the current blog, as ought have been done originally.

For the complete Martian Archives, see …

Link: “Compendium of the Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 9 July 2017; last updated on 25 August 2018 … ..


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Alice’s Perilous Tales: Cannibal Man . The Greater Oblation . by Alice B. Clagett *

Filmed on 19 January 2020; published on 23 January 2020
Previously titled: Offertory … and … Alice’s Perilous Tales: The Greater Oblation

    • Introduction
    • Greater Oblation
    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Cannibal Man
    • Light, a Poem by Alice B. Clagett
    • More on the Cannibal Man
    • How the Game Is Played: ‘Master Plan’ in Action
      • The Chill
      • The Cull
      • The Lock Down
    • How I Chilled Out
    • Postscript: Battery Drain and Help at Hand
    • Postscript: The Worst of Oblations

Dear Ones,

Halfway down this blog page, beginning with the section “More on the Cannibal Man,” is a better explanation than priorly of my perilous encounters, in years past, with a negatively psychically gifted stranger I feared greatly at that time … although not so much today, thank goodness.

After the video there is the video Soundtrack and an edited Summary. The Summary is more complete than the video; in it are lots of references that might be useful, but not at all essential to reading the text  …

Erratum: For the word ‘Offertory’ throughout, please substitute the term ‘Greater Oblation’.

Erratum: For the word ‘Offertory’ throughout, please substitute the term ‘Greater Oblation’.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.


A lot is happening right now, now that the window has closed. The gateway in January has closed, and it must have left us with a lot of information that is slowly unfolding and unpackaging itself, and gifting itself to the world.

Greater Oblation

I was in church today, and as often happens, issues that I have been unable to resolve will come up in church to present themselves to me, and then … especially around the time of the Holy Communion taking place … during what is termed the Greater Oblation, when the host and chalice are raised

Image: “Elevation of the Host, with vision of St. John of Matha,” painting by Juan Carreno de Miranda, 1666, from Wikimedia Commons, public domain. DESCRIPTION: “Fundación de la Orden de los Trinitarios / Mass of St John of Matha; The Foundation Mass of the Order of Trinitarians / La Messe de fondation de l’ordre des Trinitaires. It should be noted that the actual vision of St. John de Matha was of Christ and two captives not an angel as has been reflected at times erroneously in some works of art. See the Mosaic St. John de Matha had installed in Rome at St. Thomas in Formis for an account of the vision.”

Image: “Elevation of the Host, with vision of St. John of Matha,” painting by Juan Carreno de Miranda, 1666, from Wikimedia Commons, public domain. DESCRIPTION: “Fundación de la Orden de los Trinitarios / Mass of St John of Matha; The Foundation Mass of the Order of Trinitarians / La Messe de fondation de l’ordre des Trinitaires. It should be noted that the actual vision of St. John de Matha was of Christ and two captives not an angel as has been reflected at times erroneously in some works of art. See the Mosaic St. John de Matha had installed in Rome at St. Thomas in Formis for an account of the vision.”

… and then there is a hopeful moment when there might be a solution to this ongoing problem. Today was no exception. Today I remembered about a person … this is a Wild West story … whose notions seem so very unusual to me: He is a ‘Circle of One’ person

Link: “Ego 1: Circle of One . I Am the Only Ego in the World,” by Alice B. Clagett, published 15 August 2016; revised 7 July 2018 … ..

He is an antisocial personality …

Link: “Dealing with the Antisocial Personality (ASP) as Humankind Awakens,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 10 January 2017; revised … ..

According to the astral stories he is a cannibal. He is the leader of a group. He says that he has killed 700 people. I do not know; that might be a brag. I do not know; maybe he did.

Let’s see; what else? … I have spoken in terms of Soullessness in trying to explain the phenomenon that I am witnessing in the astral stories with regard to this putative person …

Link: “Syncretic Theory on the Antisocial Personality and the ‘Elementary’ (Black Soul or Dark Soul) . by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 9 November 2016; published on 12 November 2016; transcribed and revised on 4 March 2019 … ..

I have come up with a lot of things. One of them is the Physical Form Heresy, which you can see; it is one of my blogs …

Link: “The Physical Form Heresy,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 17 May 2017; revised on 11 October 2017 … ..

And this is a story along the lines of the Physical Form Heresies: I do not know if I have mentioned this person believes that when someone leaves his group, his followers ought to catch the fleeing person. And then they all ought to kill and eat that person. He is a cannibal.

Cannibalism is not my cup of tea, and so I have attempted to resolve the astral stories I have heard about his penchant for cannibalism through art and song and poems …

Link: “Cannibal Man,” drawings by Alice B. Clagett, drawn and published on 25 January 2020 … ..

Link: “Cannibal Song: The 29-Flavor Barbecue . aka Ogreish Stew,” a poem by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 2 May 2019 … ..

LInk: “Alikazam: A Song to Put a Cannibal to Sleep,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed and published on 20 March 2019 … ..

I have tried to come up with something. And I have been pretty successful as far as my own peace of mind is concerned. But just to put it to you bluntly, he believes that when people leave him, he and his group ought to eat him so that they remain one with him forever. It is what you might call a ‘Black Communion’ (a ‘Black Magic Communion’). And oddly, this came up during the Greater Oblation and the offering of the body and blood of Christ as salvation for the people in the church today.

So this person believes in what I might term a ‘Black Communion’. And I was trying to think how to prevent future Black Communions on his part, because from my point of view, the point of being on Earth is to love and serve humankind; to bring Christ’s Light to the world, that kind of thing.

But he feels that a Black Communion and the Christian Communion are the same thing. He believes he is above right and wrong, and that each of these Communions is as ethical as the other. I was trying to counter that; I was trying to look at it from his point of view, and persuade him not to drink people’s blood. I think when you deal with a person who has those kinds of fixed ideas about reality … for whatever reason … you need to deal in terms of their own mental filters and mental constructs, and try to present something that makes sense to them from that point of view.

Too, this apparently is a person that I have priorly described in terms of catastrophic childhood experiences …

Link: “Primitive Experiences of Loss, the Antisocial Personality, and the Global Awakening,” by Alice B. Clagett, Published on 10 July 2015, revised and reposted on 11 October 2016 … … Search the term: Astral Story of the Cannibal

… who set fire to the family house and burned up his mother and infant brother after his father had left. According to the story, there was nobody left after this act of arson; his mother was dead, her body scorched. He was sitting in a field with his mother’s body. He was hungry; he was only about 4 years old [in another rendition, 9 years old], and he tried eating a piece of his mother’s charred arm. That experience got him going in terms of cannibalism as ‘bringing back the mother’ … bringing back the maternal love … which is what he is practicing with his followers, according to the astral stories (which in this case are pretty much ‘out there’).

Once in a while I am ‘all over’ this catastrophic childhood story, and it came to me it could be he is one of those people who is born with a lot of rage inside, and who can express that rage through psychically starting spontaneous fires, a psychic ability termed ‘pyrokinesis’ … and that possibly his mother’s house might have burned down because he was in a fit of anger over being pushed out of her bed when he crawled into it for comfort because she was nursing that new child. And so he might have started that fire psychically … because he is extremely gifted, psychically, in a negative way … in a way of killing and so forth. He may have started that fire spontaneously as his first expression of that type of pyrotechnic gift (or curse, as the case may be).

That is neither here nor there. To get back to my attempts to persuade this person to give up cannibalism during Communion today: First I was trying to create reasonable doubt in his mental filter regarding the importance of eating his followers if they left the killing cult …

Link: “Community Health: Cults that Kill and Outlaw Gangs,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 7 December 2015; revised … ..

He said that their love would always be with him because he had eaten some part of them. So their individuality would always be with him throughout his life, and they would never actually have left. The first argument I tried was this: If he had let them leave in peace and happiness, then throughout their lives they would remember him lovingly … and that therefore their loving hearts would be with him throughout his life, rather than the fear and the upset and the anger they might feel … and which their ghostly forms might continue to express, on the astral plane, for quite some time … if he killed them and then ate their hearts.

So that was my first attempt. I will say it met with less than complete success.

As first the host and then the chalice of Christ’s blood were raised for our adoring eyes I kept thinking: What was the key? What was the answer? What would make the difference in that person’s life?

The thing that came through, just as the chalice was lowered, was to speak to him in physical terms … as in the examples that are given in the Heresy of Physical Form blog cited above, which mostly had to do with his ideas and his advice to his followers, according to the astral stories.

This new admonition has to do with the physical realm; physical fixes for spiritual issues: I suggested that, as he had ingested the flesh and the blood of a number of followers (I do not know how many followers), that he had within him … within his physical form … the DNA of these people; and that it was possible that the DNA of these people might hold the answer to the issue of another way of dealing with people leaving … that the DNA he had ingested might have that answer.

And he said he would talk to his wife about that. From that I gather that he has a wife; maybe the same wife for a long time, maybe a new wife … I do not know. So he is going to look for an answer in the DNA of the people that he has eaten; an answer to cannibalism, and a new way of dealing with the issue of people leaving his cult. At least that is what the astral airs provided today, at the sacred moment of the Greater Oblation at church.

Whether or not he has his answer, I have my answer. And that Christ’s example to us, through the sacrifice of His own life for his followers is a good thing for us to look at, as His followers. What can we do to help other people? Not: How can we end their lives; how can we make them our sacrifice? But: What sacrifices can we make for the people that we love and for whom we wish the best.

Alice’s Perilous Tales: Cannibal Man

And so, dear reader, to begin with this perilous tale of my own … the tale of my encounter with the Cannibal Man. Here are the facts as I found them; although facts they are, only in realms that surpass the understanding of most people …

My feeling is that people of the nature of the person I have been describing choose, for their lives, to stand above right and wrong … but to chose, for action in the world, what people consider to be wrong. Their choice is to consider right and wrong each equal possibilities for action in the world. And they choose what others choose to be wrong. They choose killing. They choose all kinds of criminal activities.

But the thing of it is, I feel: Here we are, living in the world … acting in the world. And we have to choose whether to act rightly or to act wrongly. From a practical point of view, if we act wrongly … if we break the law all the time … our tenure in physical form is likely to be brief. That is because the other people in the community will not like this; and they will take appropriate action against us.

So in a way, to act wrongly is wrong, even from the standpoint of that lofty point of view of Consequentialism, which that man holds …

Link: “The Karmic Consequences of Consequentialism,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 30 September 2016 … ..

It is wrong because, if we value our physical body … which, clearly, he does … if we value staying alive … which, definitely, he does … then it will shorten that length of time that we can stay alive … and that is definitely wrong, I feel.

I heard him say to me once on the physical plane … if it be, in fact, the same person … he took me aside from the group that was walking. The prior night I had had a horrific dream about a man that goes out and kills people. I had had the same kind of dream every other night I had been in a physical locale where he was nearby.

So I had had this unfortunate dream about a man’s life being snuffed out, and a man standing by and laughing … gleeful, in fact, that it was happening. So I was upset that day, and I was walking along, and he took me aside and said that he himself really enjoyed seeing people die. He said he enjoyed it because of the Light that rose up from them and went away. It looked pretty to him to see that Light leave.

Well the taking of a life, or the viewing of a murder, or the viewing of a death, takes only a moment. Death takes no more than the very last inhale and exhale, and then relaxation of the chest muscles … which looks, to our hopeful eyes, almost like another inhalation. That moment the Spirit departs, it may be beautiful to see that there is a Spirit, and that the Spirit lives on.

But the true beauty in human existence is the life that we live before that death. It is the moment-to-moment choice to continue to stay alive, and to continue to have an effect on the world that will live on after we pass.

Be that effect good or bad? Those are the choices that we have in life. And I choose good. I believe in self-sacrifice, and in taking good care of other people … and in promoting the common good in politics and in government worldwide. Not in the petty wants and dislikes of one mere cult which, for its livelihood, picks whatever it picks, whatever it is that allows it to stay alive, that being ‘beyond the sphere of good and evil’. It is evil, in my eyes, to act thus.

A Poem by Alice B. Clagett
19 January 2020

Why not choose the good?
Why not choose the Light?
Why pick the Dark when we can be bright?
Let us stand in the Light with all our might
… super bright … despite
what anyone tells us.

You all take care. Love you lots.

What a talk, I would say … on and on!

More on the Cannibal Man

I have talked about this person in prior blogs, here and there, helter skelter. I thought I would explain that I am pulling things together a little bit more in this video. But I am vague about the details, partly because almost all my information is from the astral plane, so I am not certain who it is that I am talking about. And secondly, I have a concern about possible lawsuits … that I might be sued if I were to be specific about someone, whether or not it turns out that they are the person … whether or not it turns out that such a person exists.

I am sure you will understand that. So while I am being vague in a way, as to physical facts and physical people, I am nevertheless trying to explain a psychic phenomenon and an ongoing astral story that is really very interesting to people who are keen on the paranormal.

The person about whom I speak appears to have a number of considerably daunting psychic abilities. One of them is the power to mind control groups of people, especially his cult …

Link: “Uber Mind Control,” drawings by Alice B. Clagett, drawn and published on 24 August 2019 … ..

And another is the ability to be ‘omnipresent’, as they say; or to bring his astral presence into the energy fields of any number of people, whether one by one or many at a time, I am not certain. It could be many at a time, especially if in the same locale …

Link: “The Spiritual Powers of Omniscience and Omnipresence on Earth Today: Things to Look Out For,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 15 April 2017 … ..

Let me see what else: I also experienced, for the interval of time that I was living fairly near the person that might be the one about whom I am speaking … and also at long distances from that person … a kind of astral ‘rapping’ sounds … very loud ‘rapping’ sounds, say, on motel roofs or in the floors of rooms above my motel room.

Once I tried making my motel room the top motel room, and lugging my suitcases up the stairs. Then I heard noises on the roof of the building! Let’s see what else …

Once I was sitting in a motel room far from this person, I thought, and I heard Wham! Bang! … banging on the door as if someone were furious and wanted to get into the room. I thought: Gee, it is too scary to open the door! You know? It was a second-floor door in the middle of the desert. I did not know anybody there. I had no idea what it was about. I sat up right away, and began to meditate, urgently asking that my timelines and dimensions be optimized, and asking my Ascension Team for protection.

And then I thought I heard a bunch of people having a party in a room up above, stomping and carrying on, and a lot of noise. After things calmed down, I stopped meditating and went and looked; there was nobody at all in the room above!

In addition I remember staying in a particular place, in a small apartment, and day after day, in the middle of the night, I could hear someone shuffling up, through the garage next to the bedroom window where I slept. I could hear the footsteps slowly approaching the bedroom window.

The garage was full of dust, and was never opened up. I would look out into the garage the next morning, and there would be no footprints in the dust!

Link: “Wham Stomp Rap,” a couplet by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 23 January 2020; published on 24 January 2020 … ..

So here we have a couple of things: The ability to mind control a number of people; the power of ‘omnipresence’ … of being a lot of different places; these ‘rapping’ sounds and ‘banging’ sounds; sounds of people having riotous get-togethers in the room above me; sounds of footsteps … I do not know what that is called.

Let’s see what else:  The power to cast a certain kind of quark at other people and cause them to fall down onto the ground, maybe in a dead faint or with disoriented senses, maybe with a fatal heart attack; the power to throw energy at people and cause them to collapse onto the floor or against a wall.

Pretty scary stuff, and negatively aspected, do you not think? So I was dealing with my fear of all this, because fear of the unknown, for me, raises up an anxious state, a generalized anxiety state that is hard to shake.

Only through faith, only through prayer; through being with people who have good will towards us … These, I have found to be the things that help. That is my understanding of it.

How the Game Is Played: ‘Master Plan’ in Action

Here is just a little more by way of background information: I was frightened at all that was going on, and I thought that it might have had to do with being in this other place not where my home is, here in Los Angeles. And so when I became very frightened, I came back to my home.

The Chill. There in Los Angeles, three things happened in pretty quick succession: My home was broken into, my car was broken into, and my storage shed was broken into. From the latter my second set of keys was stolen; these included house keys, car keys, and post office box keys. Subsequently important mail failed to be delivered at my post office box. Some of the people of whom I was afraid apparently followed me to Los Angeles, and I felt frightened of them as well.

The Cull. As well, according to the astral airs, a lawyer representing a member of the group from which I had fled contacted my local Los Angeles Police Department police station with slanderous allegations regarding me, placing a ‘road block’ against my efforts to speak with them about the trouble I was in. I inquired about this with LAPD, and came up negative; thus I thought that if interference existed in this realm, then perhaps it was astral rather than physical?

To top it off, according to the astral airs, the head of the West Los Angeles branch of the group in question … (The group I am putatively thinking of is national, and perhaps international, in character) … a woman whose charms none can call in question, compromised a long-time male friend of mine with an act of seduction she billed as a way for him to improve his love-making skills. Were this astral rumor to have proven true, it would have made it impossible for me to seek help from him.

These last are most likely apocryphal  instances of a technique known in confidence gamery as ‘the cull’; the victim or ‘patsy’ is riven from friendly relations and acquaintances through slander, blackmail, bribery, and seduction, either of the patsy or of the patsy’s friends and acquaintances.

All these things happened within not too long of a space of time.

The Lock Down, In the following months, my home apparently was walked into physically again and again. I would go out to run errands, then come home to find things missing. The burglar alarm acted oddly; when I reported this to the police, they characterized what was happening as ‘the perfect crime’.

Then it became clear that my websites had been hijacked; this jeopardized my email, which were open to hacking by the hijackers. In addition, I had a concern that my computer might have a remote ‘back door’; these are difficult to prevent, I feel, without random IP addresses provided by recent software improvements. For best privacy, and for best use during power outages, one needs to have a land line that is separate from one’s modem; this took three phone company visits and about a year to install.

How I Chilled Out

Overall, in the course of the next few years, I found that I was less and less frightened of the people I thought might be involved … the people I thought to be in a killing cult in another locale. And that lessening of fear I feel had to do with them not being in the place where I was. I do not think they decided to stick around, near my house; that is my guess.

So in a way the lowering of my level of fear from that experienced during those years, some years ago, substantiates the notion I have that the paranormal experiences I have described had to do with a particular group of people in a different place.

As I have explained, there is no way in the world I can prove it. And frequently psychic intel proves wrong, and steers one in the wrong direction. It is of better service in understanding the overall quality of the subconscious mind, and how it influences what happens here on Earth.

So then today, you see … quite some years later … I am that much less frightened of the negatively aspected paranormal, and of groups and cults that reveal that heretofore mysterious element towards the bad, towards the evil, towards bad luck in my life, than I was in years past.

Today I am able to sit down and piece things together for you, my audience, in hopes that, should you come across this type of situation, you will be able to extract yourself from it more quickly than did I.

Postscript: Battery Drain and Help at Hand

I finished the video and went to start my car. With no prior warning, the battery was completely dead. Was this a causal event, or only a test of faith? How is one to know?

I felt my energy field: Luckily my heart energy was not negatively aspected, as had been the case during a battery failure two years prior …

Link: “The Shadow of the Personality and Shadow of the Group,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 24-31 October 2016; published on 1 November 2016 … ..

I noticed a strong energy in my crown chakra. What could be the cause? I was parked on the shoulder of a narrow country road, well past the town of Moorpark, California. To the right of my car was a field of citrus trees. To the left, across the road, was a row of giant eucalyptus trees, whose fragrant leaves blessed me as I opened the car door.

Despite the battery failure, I could feel blessings all around me. Could it be that Devas of the Forest … Devas of these eucalyptus trees … had blessed me with their protection as I made this film?

I saw there was a horse ranch beyond the row of trees. It was a big ranch, with many horses stabled in outdoor, roofed shelters there. Then I saw a woman with a carrot, just opposite my car; she was feeding the carrot to one of the horses.

I asked her if she might have a cell phone, and if she might be willing to call a tow truck to come to my rescue. Happily, she agreed. So despite my remote location, and my lack of a means of summoning aid, I found that help was right at hand … in fact, cheerfully so … and willingly brought about my timely rescue.

The Worst of Oblations

The term ‘Greater Oblation’ in this instance refers to the sacrifice of Christ on the cross and to the Christian Eucharistic service. In that service, there may be a ‘Lesser Oblation’ or ‘Offertory’ that takes place before the ‘Greater Oblation’ …

Link: “Oblation,” in Wikipedia … ..

From the standpoint of the troubles dealt with in this blog, one might also, ‘tongue in cheek’, consider how very much lesser in value than these might be the ‘Black Communion’ or human sacrifice practiced by the cannibal man and his ilk. This misguided practice is, by my lights, not the ‘Greater Oblation’ or the ‘Lesser Oblation’, but rather the worst of oblations.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Compendium: Ensoulment, Soullessness, and Soul Evolution,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 28 August 2018; revised on 4 October 2018 … ..

Image: “The Elevation of the Host,” by Jean Beraud, 1890s, in Wikimedia Commons, public domain.

Image: “The Elevation of the Host,” by Jean Beraud, 1890s, in Wikimedia Commons, public domai


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Alice’s Perilous Tales: Archangel Descends Upon a Swooping Demon . by Alice B. Clagett *

Ravens and red-tailed hawk filmed on 12 December 2019 in Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, Simi Hills, California
Talk filmed on 19 December 2019; both published on 6 January 2020

    • Descent of a Raven Upon a Red-Tailed Hawk
    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Archangel Descends Upon a Swooping Demon

Dear Ones,

Here are a video and an extensively edited Summary on the topic of wrangles between a raven and a red-tailed hawk; and an awesome wrangle between a Big Bad and an Archangel … maybe Michael or Metatron …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a story to tell you about the natural world and about the angelic and demon realms. It is sort of a comparison.

Descent of a Raven Upon a Red-Tailed Hawk

A week or so ago, I was out in the northern part of Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve in the Santa Monica Mountains … in the Los Angeles area. And I was walking on kind of a plateau area. There are a lot of ravens that hang out in that area. I have taken videos of them before. Sometimes in great batches they all get together; there are raven tribes that get together. And sometimes one tribe will be off by itself … or there will be a loner raven or two sitting in a tree. There are just a lot of ravens there.

I was walking along the plateau, on a loop trail, and I noticed something in the air … The first thing I noticed was two big birds fighting in midair. One swooped down upon the other. And the one that it swooped down upon tumbled over in the air, so that its feet and the claws on its feet were upwards. And the one that was descending upon it … swooping down upon it … engaged the claws of the other with its claws. So there was a ‘claw fight’ between their feet in the air.

Then I noticed that the one on top … the one that was descending … was a raven. And the one underneath was a young red-tailed hawk.

They disengaged their claws, and the red-tailed hawk turned over rightwise in the air and started to escape. I think these hawks are slower fliers; they are not soaring on thermals too much, compared to the ravens, which seem to have a knack for it. The raven may be a lighter bird, with close to the same wing span as that of the juvenile red-tailed hawk; that is my guess.

The raven started off after the red-tailed hawk, in hot pursuit. I saw them heading off in the distance. Then more ravens … friends of the first raven … came in and followed along after them … maybe five or six of them following along, having a good time of it.

So the red-tailed hawk was greatly outnumbered. What I noticed it did was it swooped down along the contour of the folding hills there. It was very close to the Earth. Its wing tips were almost brushing the tops of the chaparral.

The stride of its wing span, and the length of those turnings of the wings were long … very giant-sized and long … so that it was swooping like this … [shows long swoops of a moving hand] … over one area, and then to the next, and then on to the next.

Then the raven was, I think, unable to fall down on it and attack it because it was so close to the Earth. I think the raven might have hit itself against the ground if it had swooped down in that manner … they are more like thermal soarers and ‘wind wingers’, the ravens.

That pursuit was really dramatic; they went off in the distance and then disappeared.

Then there were other raven situations along the way: Two ravens sitting in a tree, that soared off together. I remember, when I was nearly through the loop, one lone raven was flying along in the direction where everybody else had gone some while ago, calling out in the voice that was plaintively saying, I thought: Where are you? Where did you go?

I am sure it found them. I think that ravens may sense the trail of other ravens through some invisible turbulence in the air … a systematic, periodic turbulence in the air that wafts after the raven that is flying off, so that the lost little raven … like that one … can find its way through the ‘raven signature’ periodic movements of the air. I think that is how they do it; I do not think it is through pheromones or anything like that. They sniff the air, they know the air, and they follow the air.

Alice’s Perilous Tales: Archangel Descends Upon a Swooping Demon

Now on to demons and angels: Some years ago (I have talked about this before) there was quite an incident as I was heading from my home in the San Fernando Valley to a meditation group that met in West Los Angeles. It was a long trip at night, and I had to be there by a certain hour.

I encountered a lot of trouble both arriving at the meditation group and then departing later on, time after time.

As well, there was dark interference outside the meditation place, on the street and in a neighboring coffee house. I recall in particular a dark incursion from the street through the exterior house wall, that looked a little like a transparent version of a very tall ‘Terminator’ dude with fluffy hair, well over six feet tall.

And another time when a deep dark presence swooped into the room, but was successfully countered by a very strong, pure chant of Omm begun by the meditation leader (a woman) and taken up by the rest of the women in the room.

I remember also a time when our meditation leader’s uber leader came to lead the meditation, and 100 or more Hathors (friends of mine) flew joyfully into the room through the open portal of my heart. The first one out was a particular friend of mine, known to me from a past lifetime. I recall how the uber leader greeted this fifth dimensional being with a blast of pure hatred from his own heart; how my Hathor friend stumbled and fell, his heart’s LIght snuffed out by an emotion so foreign to him and his kin; how I sought comfort in the ensuing months and years, after my Hathor friends left the 4D-5D interface on my Awareness timeline; and how I finally found comfort in the thought that my friend had but ascended to a higher dimension, and that he and I would one day meet again.

I remember another time when the uber leader met the women near that place, and during one meditation exclaimed: Yes! I have succeeded in mind controlling all of you at the same time! (or words to that effect); and how I looked up in surprise, and sensed but one other woman in a sentient state, amongst the meditators.

I remember yet the last time I meditated with that group, when the uber leader used his ability to manipulate the quantum field to simulate, on the psychic plane, raping me as the other women sat in meditation; and how, after I left the group, it seemed that, on the astral plane, he and his sublieutenants raped woman after woman in our group on the psychic plane … not in the usual mind control daydream haze, but using the quantum energy that seems more like a physical event.

I recall how the astral airs … through wide geographic swaths … were racked with violence, hatred and fear. I remember how it seemed to me … from the clairaudient plane … that a handful of women eventually succumbed, losing their lives either through despair or through violence. Whether this be true, or no, I may never ascertain.

I remember how, returning from the meditation late at night, I would feel a two hour drive stretch on and on into the night as I felt a dark presence bidding me fall asleep while driving; how I had to avoid the empty freeway on the return leg; and how I had to pull over on residential streets when the Dark Attack hit. It was impossible to resist, and took effect nearly instantaneously. Luckily because of my martial arts training long years ago, I would immediately pull over, and fall asleep at the curb … windows up, doors locked. Then suddenly I would feel a ghostly hand on my shoulder, a kindly male astral being … a guardian spirit … whispering in my ear: Wake up! It’s not safe here. Start off again towards home!

But I have spoken of all those unsettling, long-ago events in other blogs. To return to my story, one of the troubles I ran into in arriving at the meditation place was this one: I was driving along, and there were all kinds of obstructions. I was driving along the shore route by the Pacific Ocean, but I had to move inland in order to get to my destination. And the closer I got to Freeway 405, the more congested the roads were. All the roads were tied up because no one could get on the freeway … the freeway had some kind of problem.

I was afraid I would be too late to get there, and I had to be there on time … it was very important. So I was trying to improvise as I drove, trying to find a route that would work. After awhile … I was within maybe a mile of the place … and I noticed behind me that, as I progressed up the hill towards the place, the lights of the city were going off. There was a blackout that was following pretty close to the back of my car … up to about a block or two behind my car … all the way up the hill to the place where I had to go.

At the same time I sensed a descending angelic power that was pursuing something, rather like the pursuit that the raven made towards the hawk that was beneath it. There was a loping energy of Darkness following me up the hill, in a trail like the trail of the hawk along the chaparral.

It was touching the tops of the buildings as it went past, and moving towards my car, up the hill. Descending from the heavens was the angelic power of the most grand angel I have ever met … I was thinking Archangel Michael … possibly Metatron … descended down. As its wing tips, which spanned all of West Los Angeles, touched the buildings, the power went off in the buildings. Angels are that grand … they are that grand!

So now you know the story; the Darkness did not reach me; and I got to my destination safely. May it do so for you as well, for all your life long, and for all the times thereafter!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


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