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Council of Nine and the All Within Us . channeled by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed and published on 10 November 2019

Dear Ones,

Here is a video about the Council of Nine and the representatives of the planets of our Solar System who are within our physical or subtle bodies. There is a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have something to say about the Council of Nine that you may have read about in the Law of One …

Link: “Council of Nine” at “Law of One” … … 

I have a feeling that the Council of Nine has to do with the nine planets of our Solar System; and a further intuition that human beings here on Earth have, within their physical frame, and overall, within their subtle bodies and their physical frame, representatives of each of the nine planets of our Solar System.

That is to say that there are beings … either in the physical dimension or in the astral realm or in the mental realm or in the body of Light … some vehicle of the Soul of the human being … each human being … has within it representatives of each of the nine planets of our Solar System.

That is what I have for you today on the Council of Nine.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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For Lightworkers: Antibiotics, Thought Forms, and Our Martian Bacterial Colonists’ Right to Stay Alive . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 13 October 2019; published on 28 October 2019

    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Events Surrounding the Saddleridge Fire
    • Weekend Crowds of Thought Forms, the ‘Small Bads’, and Insomnia
      • Housecats and the ‘Small Bads’
    • Martian Bacterial Colonists of the Colon: A Great Light Upon Earth
    • Antibiotics Diminish the Light of the Martian Bacterial Colonists Within Us
    • Diminished Martian Light Within Allows ‘Small Bads’ Access to Our Gut Brains as We Sleep
    • For Lightworkers: Minimize Course of Antibiotics?
    • Message from My Martians: We Have a Right to Be Alive
    • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

Here is a longer video with an edited Summary for you. The topics are antibiotics, thought forms, and the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have an insight regarding the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth, of the human ‘space station’ colons that I have talked about in years past.

Alice’s Perilous Tales: Events Surrounding the Saddleridge Fire

I hurt my toe! I was cleaning off the roof of the shed preparatory to the great winds that came, that then resulted in the fire called the Saddleridge Fire. All this happened in the space of three days: The cleaning of the roof, the great gale winds, and the Saddleridge Fire, which came within about three and a half miles of the house.

While I was cleaning off the porch roof, something happened to one of my smaller toes: First it became insensitive to pain … numb … and then it started hurting like a bee sting.

By the next day, when the fire started, my toe was swollen up. So I went to the urgent care people, and they said: Take Keflex, a type of antibiotic in a family of antibiotics to which I am allergic. They said there is only a five percent chance that it will have the same effect.

What with the downed trees and the traffic accident … looked like it might have been a fatal accident … past which I drove, and the fire and the smoke, and all this stuff, I thought: Well, if Keflex is fast acting, then that is the best thing. So I took it.

The first day that I took it, all the symptoms were greatly relieved. It was terrific. But as I continued to take it … you know, as Lightworkers, we have much more sensitive electromagnetic systems than people are generally aware of. Of course, everybody is capable of having those types of electromagnetic systems, but not everybody is yet deeply aware of the electromagnetic nature of the body of Light.

So we Lightworkers have different medicinal requirements from other people, maybe because we are better at repairing Light problems that go wrong, and the Light is the template for the body. I am sure you have heard all this. Anyway, a lot of the time, when we get medicines, we just need a homeopathic amount of medicine in order to heal the body … not the usual course of medicine.

By the second day … which was yesterday … of taking this antibiotic, I started to get the same types of symptoms that I have had in years past with penicillin and amoxicillin and so forth. So today I had to quit.

But on the other hand, it has healed what was wrong, which was an infection caused by the puncturing of the skin, the integument, from that unknown trauma that happened on the roof of the shed.

Weekend Crowds of Thought Forms, the ‘Small Bads’, and Insomnia

Last night there was an incursion of the Dark. Of course, this is the Solar Minimum; it is close to Halloween, which is always kind of a spooky time of year, just before All Saints Day (November 1st); and just before extended income taxes are due.

So a lot of people are working very hard, all night long, on their taxes. In addition, there was a big party down the street. Cars were parked all over, and there was a far greater concentration of thought forms than usual.

Thought forms have an electromagnetic nature. They go right through walls; they do not depend on physical things to get where they are going. So there was a great charge of the thought form currents in the air. And that creates sleeplessness in my experience … similar to when you are at a meeting, and there are a lot of people there, and they are not concentrating on something special as is the case with a devotional service.

Say they are contentiously talking about city issues, for instance. There are thought forms flying all over the place. The same was the case last night: There were tons of thought forms … and, it seemed to me, inebriated thought forms … the type that draw in the ‘Small Bads’ (luckily not the Big Bads).

The Small Bads can influence our sleep pattern adversely, by giving us bad dreams. The thought forms come into our mind field and influence our dreaming capability. In addition there was an issue with regard to the food that I ate yesterday. I had a little chicken.

On Fridays and Saturdays my experience as a Lightworker is, it is not good to consume any kind of flesh at all … even ‘light’ flesh, like chicken and fish and seafood. It is best not to do that on Saturday nights. It has to do with these other types of thought forms that we run into on the weekend, that are different from the work-a-day thought forms, which are more disciplined, less alcoholic, less … I have not quite pegged it down, but there is something Dark and sad and angry about the thought forms that people produce on Friday and Saturday nights here in Los Angeles. It is usually not so bad in my area because it is so quiet here; there are not very many people here. But last night … most likely for the reasons I have mentioned before … it was worse than usual. I got restless sleep.

Housecats and the ‘Small Bads’. And my cat was behaving very oddly, as if she wanted to get into the room; as if she herself was affected by this issue. Cats are much more easily affected by the Small Bads than humans.

I have seen to my cat; she is doing better. I have seen to myself; I am doing better.

Martian Bacterial Colonists of the Colon: A Great Light Upon Earth

I have a theory for you, regarding the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth and antibiotics, such as penicillin and the like: The Martian Bacterial Colonists have said that they see themselves as a great Light upon the Earth.

Light is a form of electromagnetic energy. As you may know, we Lightworkers deal with electromagnetic energy. Earth has a body of Light known as the magnetosphere. We have a body of Light that uses electricity and magnetism in our nervous systems to send signals back and forth in our nervous systems.

Antibiotics Diminish the Light of the Martian Bacterial Colonists Within Us

Antibiotics, as I understand it, kill the commensal organisms in our colon … just as they kill the invading, hostile organisms in our colon. After we take a course of antibiotics, we will most likely need to rebuild the commensal organisms in our colon, using probiotics and yogurt and things of that nature.

In the meantime … such as last night … when commensal organisms in the gut are at an all-time low because of the die-off caused by antibiotics, it could be that the great Light that they talk about … that they provide to the world … is relatively missing from our colons.

Diminished Martian Light Within Allows ‘Small Bads’ Access to Our Gut Brains as We Sleep

A lot of the dreaming that we do at night has to do with the gut brain, which emanates from the colon. It is possible for incursions of the Dark … this is my theory: It is possible that incursions of the Small Bads … not the Big Bads, but the Small Bads … may be more likely to occur against the gut brain when the Great Light of the bacterial inhabitants of the colon is damped down by a course of antibiotics. As mentioned above, it may be the ‘small bads’ that then cause us insomnia and nightmares.

For Lightworkers: Minimize Course of Antibiotics?

So I suggest the thing for Lightworkers to do is to minimize our course of antibiotics, if indeed we have to take it. Say there is a great fire, and your house is in danger, and you can solve this problem of the infection in your foot, so that you can save your life, and that of your neighbors, in case of need. If you have to take that antibiotic, then do not take it for very long. If you are a Lightworker, and find yourself intolerant of a prescribed course of medicine, then try taking a homeopathic amount of the medicines provided by Western science. You may find it works better for your system, and helps keep the total kingdom of your life forms in better working order … and better able to defend you electromagnetically.

Message from My Martians: We Have a Right to Be Alive

I am bidden to mention something else to you. This is something that is near to my heart; but to tell the truth, I had thought it might be best not to mention it, because I will never get a buy-in from anyone but the Lightworkers, I feel … Here is the special request from the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth …

They say: We have a right to be alive.

To that I will add: It was they that created us, here on Earth. Many of the other sentient and nonsentient life forms on Earth were created through their genetic engineering. They are the Elder Race of Earth, and we are but the new beginners here.

We, so far, have an appalling lack of understanding of the importance of cooperating with them, in order to keep ourselves healthy. In fact, much of modern medicine does the exact opposite. I am appalled … truly appalled … at modern medicine.

On behalf of the Elder Race, I would like to say: They have a right to stay alive. And we have a need to work with them in order to maintain these bodies that we are currently caring for, here on Earth.

That was a special request. I know you are not there with me; but for the Lightworkers: There it is. You can teach your people respect for all life forms on Earth, especially those inside us.

I do not know how the microimmunological community of scientists is going to take this. Maybe they will not see it. That would be great!


I have to tell you, I am looking forward to All Saints Day on November the first, after Halloween. That is going to be a good day … and then, on into Winter Solstice for all of us. With the New Year, they say, there may be the beginning of a new Solar Maximum cycle building up. That will be something to look forward to.

That is all I have to say. I have to go do my taxes. Talk to you all later on. By-bye. Take care.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Repeating Astral Phrases as a Feature of Our Commensal and Adventitious Microorganisms . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 28 July 2019

  • My life has no quality
  • You have no personality
  • You are one big ego
  • Astral stories about people stealing other people’s keys and walking into their houses, or hacking people’s credit cards and ripping off their money, or taking their lives and their money
  • Hidden microphones and cameras: Total lack of privacy
  • You are a homosexual
  • Are you a homosexual?
  • Budie holers
  • V— D—
  • The viruses

Dear Ones,

I added the below to this blog today …

Link: “Hellworld Scenes and Amazing Astral Stories,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 24 May 2016 … ..

Since it is so different from the rest of the blog, and is just a postscript there, I thought it might be best to break it out as a separate blog here, with slight changes from the original. It has to do with some repeating subconscious phrases I had noticed back in 2016 …

I came across an understanding that some of the repeating subconscious phrases I used to hear on the astral plane may attach to life cycle activities of or cultural difference among our commensal organisms.

For instance, It seems the repeating phrase “My life has no quality” has to do with lowered blood sugar; it may be a lament of the yeast cells that inhabit the human body.

The repeating phrase “You have no personality” is apparently a comment of the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon; it may have to do with prejudice against the yeasts, which are quite a bit more simplistic in their language and thought forms than are the Martians.

The repeating phrase “You are one big ego” is apparently a comment of the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon; it may have to do with Higher Mental Body functions, as our Martians have a greater influence on the Lower Mental Body, where they live, than on the Higher Mental Body.

Astral stories about people stealing other people’s keys and walking into their houses, or hacking people’s credit cards and ripping off their money, or taking their lives and their money may have to do with our body cells and the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon recoiling in horror at the attacks of viruses.

Hidden microphones and cameras: Total lack of privacy: This may have to do adjustment by our Martian bacterial colonists of the colon to the awakening of human telepathy globally. The Elder Race, the Martians, are far more telepathic than we, and in fact it was through their expertise in DNA manipulation that most of Earth species came into being. More about this in my blog category: Mars – Martians – the Elder Race

Not mentioned in the above-referenced blog are these repeating subconscious phrases:

“You are a homosexual” … Yeasts say this over and over again, and very enthusiastically, when there is plenty of sugar circulating in the blood, so that they can joyfully accomplish assexual reproduction

“Are you a homosexual?” is used by the yeast inhabitants of our bodies when greeting newly arriving yeasts. As I understand it, they are asking whether the newcomers are the sort that can have sexual reproduction with them, or whether they are they will be reproducing asexually.

“Budie holers” is a repeating, derogatory phrase used by the Martian bacterial colonists of the colon with regard to the HIV virus

“V— D—“ was a repeating, derogatory phrase used by the Martian bacterial colonists of the colon with regard to the viruses that attempt to cause sickness in their human ‘space stations’. They have since moved along to other phrases with the same meaning, but I cannot recall what those are right now.

The viruses talk in a sharp, sinister whisper full of intent to rip off the lives of the people in which they find themselves. They are villainous little dudes; which leads me to think that listening to pure musical harmonics might cause them to fare less well inside us.

If you hear repeating phrases on the astral plane, and know a little about microbiology, I encourage you to to match the phrases you hear to the wants and needs and cultural expectatoins of some of our commensal organisms as well.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Martian Archives: Cancer Rate, Chlorine in Drinking Water, and Probiotics . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 16 August 2018

Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I heard the weirdest astral story just now! I heard from the Martian bacterial colonists of my large intestine that when chlorine was introduced into the drinking water in the cities, in the suburbs, they had to develop a workaround, through recombinant DNA technology, so that they could survive in the GI (gastrointestinal ) tract of human beings, and that they think that this workaround may be affecting the cancer rate in human beings.

I know there has been a big increase in cancer rates; but I am not sure how the issue of chlorine in drinking water would relate to that. And so, I ask that those of you who are in that medical field look into life expectancy before and after the introduction of chlorine into drinking water, in specific locales. A combination of various locales might be best, so as to avoid error in the data, and to improve the strength of the data.

If chlorine in drinking water is in fact correlated with higher cancer rates in humans, one might think of looking at these lines of research …

  • Since positive emotions affect longevity, then is it possible that chlorine in drinking water is affecting emotion in human beings?
  • Since too much stress affects health adversely, could it be that chlorine in our drinking water affects the level of expression of stress in the body?
  • Would these higher cancer rates be because of the chlorine itself, or is it something that the chlorine is killing, in the human colon … something that would otherwise be beneficial for human longevity?

If the chlorine is correlated with higher cancer rates in humans, then I would look into workarounds for that … For instance, might otherwise be beneficial to human beings? Would there be a simple way to neutralize the chlorine in the drinking water in the home, prior to drinking it? Would water filter systems in the homes … maybe even Brita types of filter systems that are available in the large department store chains … would they eliminate the chlorine from drinking water?

Isn’t chlorine a base, so, would there be a way to buffer the water in the home, so that the pH in the water would be more similar to the pH in body itself, and more compatible with the pH requirements of our Martian bacterial colonists of the large colon?

If higher cancer rates are found, and if they are the result of something the chlorine is killing, in the human colon, might that ‘something’ be beneficial bacteria?

I was looking at an abstract just now, that showed use of probiotics has a positive effect on nervous system function, and that use of probiotics can help allay anxiety, depression, autism, obsessive-compulsive behavior, memory impairment …

Link: “Effect of Probiotics on Central Nervous System Functions in Animals and Humans: A Systematic Review,” by Huiying Wang, In-Seon Lee, Christoph Braun, and Paul Enck, in J Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2016 Oct; 22(4): 589–605, Published online 2016 Oct 1. doi:  10.5056/jnm16018 … PMCID: PMC5056568 … PMID: 27413138 ..

The abstract mentions improvement in mood, for instance, which might affect stress level. Could it possibly be, then that use of probiotics might allay an as-yet-unanalyzed cancer correlation for those that drink chlorinated water?

By ‘probiotics’ are meant certain types of beneficial bacteria, in particular, Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. So then, might populations of these bacteria, amongst the gut flora, be those longevity-sustaining gut symbionts that are adversely affected by chlorine in drinking water? And thus, their re-introduction into the gut might reverse the putative deleterious effect of the chlorine?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Gut Flora,” from Wikipedia, ..

Link: “The Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, Published on 9 July 2017; last updated on 25 August 2018, ..

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Light, Micro-Organisms, Commensalism, and Origins of Life on Earth . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 25 August 2018

    • Archaea and Humans: Friend or Foe?
    • The Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth
      • Scientific Intel on Martian Space Travel to Earth via Meteorites
      • Channeled Intel on the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth
    • The Venutians (the Hathors)
    • The Influence of the Song of the Leonids and the Elohim or Logoi

Dear Ones,

I read a little about bioluminescence in bacteria today, pursuant to my earlier channeling on the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth …


“How the Martian Bacteria See Themselves. According to my clair intel, the Martians are disdainful of our depictions of them. Their own vision of their species is of the great, sentient Light with which they Light up our Earth.”

The article from which this quotation is taken …

Link: “About Martian Bacteria,” by Alice B. Clagett, Revised on 9 July 2017; originally published on 30 November 2016, ..

— is a very good place to start with reading on the these beings, also termed the ‘Elder Race’ of Earth.


I was wondering, today, how human science holds this view of the Elder Race, regarding themselves, and I came upon this quotation …

Bioluminescent bacteria are light-producing bacteria that are predominantly present in sea water, marine sediments, the surface of decomposing fish and in the gut of marine animals. While not as common, bacterial bioluminescence is also found in terrestrial and freshwater bacteria.[1] These bacteria may be free living (such as Vibrio harveyi) or in symbiosis with animals such as the Hawaiian Bobtail squid (Aliivibrio fischeri) or terrestrial nematodes (Photorhabdus luminescens).

“The host organisms provide these bacteria a safe home and sufficient nutrition. In exchange, the hosts use the light produced by the bacteria for camouflage, prey and/or mate attraction. Bioluminescent bacteria have evolved symbiotic relationships with other organisms in which both participants benefit close to equally.[2]

“Another possible reason bacteria use luminescence reaction is for quorum sensing, an ability to regulate gene expression in response to bacterial cell density.[3]–from “Bioluminescent Bacteria,” in Wikipedia, ... [paragraphing mine –AC]

It looks to me like the scientific community is beginning to become cognizant of the role Light plays in communication on Earth. Of course, Light and Love are what form that which we term ‘Creation’. They create ‘Creation’. And through the languages of Light we Lightworkers can help heal and uplift creation. Then too, as the scientific community states, LIght is a form of communication amongst the creatures in this Creation.


Sometimes, in scientific research, this results in reversal of cause and effect, and sometimes it results in failure to grasp the ‘Big Picture’, through insufficient input of fine details. Thus, in the early stages of a scientific investigation, a theory will be put forth, which may be refuted by other research, or fine-tuned through ongoing research. In this way, by hook or by crook … not willy nilly, but through painstaking effort … the Big Picture is finally arrived at.

The above article speaks of the role of Light in communication amongst bacteria. Scientists do have a different take on things, from that of channelers, and that is fine. It is up to them to observe the operation of Creation, and from that, induce the laws through which Creation manifests.

As a channeler, though, I feel  that Light emission and Light detection are features of commensal bacteria as well, and, in fact, of all cells, and of all life on Earth, and that we humans are beginning to communicate in that way as well, due to the Ascension process. For more on this line of thought, see ..

Link: “Biophotonics, EMF Hypersensitivity, and DNA Change,” by Alice B. Clagett, 31 August 2017, ..


Also of interest in the above-cited Wikipedia article is this quotation on Quorum Sensing …

“Bioluminescence in bacteria can be regulated through a phenomenon known as autoinduction or quorum sensing.[4] Quorom sensing is a form of cell-to-cell communication that alters gene expression in response to cell density.

“Autoinducer is a diffusible pheromone produced constitutively by bioluminescent bacteria and serves as an extracellular signalling molecule.[4] When the concentration of autoinducer secreted by bioluminescent cells in the environment reaches a threshold (above 107 cells per mL), it induces the expression of luciferase and other enzymes involved in bioluminescence.[4]

“Bacteria are able to estimate their density by sensing the level of autoinducer in the environment and regulate their bioluminescence such that it is expressed only when there is a sufficiently high cell population. A sufficiently high cell population ensures that the bioluminescence produced by the cells will be visible in the environment.” –from “Bioluminescent Bacteria,” in Wikipedia, … [paragraphing mine –AC]


In further research on the topic of  ‘quorum sensing’ among bacteria, I took a look at this scientific abstract this morning …

Link: “QUORUM SENSING: Cell-to-Cell Communication in Bacteria,” by Christopher M. Waters and Bonnie L. Bassler, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University, Princeton, New Jersey 08544-1014; emails:  … in “Annual Review of Cell and Developmental Biology,” Vol. 21:319-346 (Volume publication date 10 November 2005) . First published online as a Review in Advance on June 28, 2005 … ..

In looking at the abstract cited above, I am getting that the scientific notion of quorum sensing has to do with communication amongst cells … in this case free-moving, single cell organisms (in this case, bacteria).

The abstract mentions how bacteria communicate through release of chemicals. Sensors allow them to detect chemicals from other bacteria, and determine how many bacteria are in their general area, and to alter their behavior (possibly reproductive behavior, for instance?) accordingly. Detection of the numbers of bacteria in the environment is termed ‘quorum sensing’.

The authors of the abstract suggest that bacteria act like multicellular organisms because of quorum sensing. They also suggest the blurring of the line between prokaryotic and eukaryotic single-celled organisms because these groups may cross-communicate.

This got me interested in the differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms, and how the latter may be commensal groups of organism, similar to the commensal bacteria inside the human GI tract …


Prokaryotes are single-celled organisms that have no cell nucleus or organelles such as mitochondria; there are two domains, Archaea and Bacteria. With regard to Archaea, on the basis of a smattering of reading today …

Link: “Archaea,” in Wikipedia, ..

Link: “Colonization and Succession within the Human Gut Microbiome by Archaea, Bacteria, and Microeukaryotes during the First Year of Life,” by Linda Wampach, Anna Heintz-Buschart, Angela Hogan et al,  in “Frontiers in Microbiology,” 2017; 8: 738. Published online 2017 May 2. doi:  10.3389/fmicb.2017.00738 … PMCID: PMC5411419 … PMID: 28512451 … ..

LInk: “Archael Symbionts and Parasites,” by C. Moissl-Eichinger and H. Huber, in Curr Opin Microbiol. 2011 Jun;14(3):364-70. doi: 10.1016/j.mib.2011.04.016. Epub 2011 May 14, ..

Link: “The domain Archaea in human mucosal surfaces,” by F. Matarazzo, A.C. Ribeiro, M. Faveri, C. Taddei, M.B. Martinez, and M.P.A. Mayer, in “Clinical Microbiology and Infection,” Vol 18, Issue 9, September 2012, pp 834-840, … ..

…  it seems to me, intuitively, that the Archaea may have been the primitive, early ancestors of the Martian bacterial colonists of mammals on Earth; morphed through contact with cosmic dust (search: Martian Leonid ) during space travel on Martian meteorites that hit Earth.

Back on Mars, and also in some ecological niches on Earth, these may be extremophiles such as the Martian bacterial population into which earlier Martian life evolved after the evaporation of most of atmosphere of Mars …

Archaea and Humans: Friend or Foe?

Here on Earth, the Archaea sometimes exist within other life forms, either commensally or parasitically, just as the bacteria inside human beings may be either commensal or parasitic.

Speaking from an intuitive perspective, I feel that the Archaea in humans may be enemies of our commensal bacteria, and by extension, our enemies as well.


The other branch or domain of Prokaryotes is the Bacteria. These are omnipresent on Earth, both free living, and living within other organisms …

Link: “Bacteria,” in Wikipedia, ..

There is more on their origin from planet Mars, and regarding alternatives with regard to their  interactions with humankind below.


It appears that the bacteria have the ability to re-engineer host life forms to become commensally dependent on them, For instance, this article speaks to the ability of the Elder Race to re-design life forms so as to make them dependent on their Martian inhabitants … a very noteworthy skill, and important to the survival of these genetic architects of life on Earth ..

Link: “It Takes Teamwork: How Endosymbiosis Changed Life on Earth,” by the Understanding Evolution Team, ..

… which speaks to the commensalist xenophobia expressed through such movies as “Annihilation” … which shows a man committing harakiri in preference to living with the symbiont bacteria in his GI tract..

Link: “Annihilation 2018,” Director Alex Garland, in IMDb, ..


If this is true, from a Lightworker perspective, and also with regard to Ascensioneers who have mastered the space-time continuum, and with regard to healers who use Light and Sound as their modality, I have the following suggestion …

If it should prove … as you may know those of Alpha Centauri suggest … that the current state of evolution of the many branches of the Martian culture are not suitable to life on Ascended Earth … because of, say, warlike tendencies, or territorial or sexual expansionist tendencies that they cannot yet subdue, and which cause them to be perceived as a threat to those species that have mastered these primal drives … Were such to be the case, then the languages of Light and Sound might be employed to re-engineer the human gut in such a way that it will become independent of the need for Martian digestive assistance.

In this way, the Martian bacterial colonists of Earth might segue onto the many timelines in which humans who have not yet mastered the drives toward territorial and sexual aggression may continue to express their free will choices. In these timelines, the Martian bacterial colonists of the human GI tract might persevere in symbiontic alliance with those humans so choosing.

In the more rapidly ascending timelines, humans who have mastered the drives toward territorial and sexual aggression might co-exist with commensal Martian bacterial colonists who have done the same.

Then there might be timelines in which humans who have mastered the drives toward territorial and sexual aggression might engineer out Martian commensals, and exist without their assistance.


To get back to the discussion of the difference between the single-celled organisms known as prokaryotes (discussed above) and eukaryotes (discussed below) …

Eukaryotes are single-celled organisms which evolved about 2 billion years ago. They have nuclei enclosed in membranes. Bacteria are not eukaryotes, but I feel that eukaryotes arose from bacterial stock here on Earth, and in many cases, help shelter and propagate the Elder Race, which lives and flourishes commensally in their GI (gastrointestinal) tract, performing needed digestive services in exchange for shelter by eukaryotic multi-cellular organisms.

What happened about 2 billion years ago, that caused the eukaryotes to appear? There is a theory that this was an early example of endosymbiosis; of two life forms living together commensally, as is the case with our GI tract bacteria and us humans. In the case of eukaryotes, there may be several life forms living commensally as well … the original prokaryote, and an ingested prokaryote that evolved into the ‘organelles’ now termed the ‘mitochondrion’ and the ‘chloroplast’. For more on this, see …

Link: “From Prokaryotes to Eucharyotes,” in “Understanding Evolution,” … and

Link: “The Evolution of the Cell,” in Learn.Genetics: Genetic Science Learning Center, ..

I have channeled theories, as well, to the effect that the nucleus wall, and the DNA chromosomes, are individuals in their own right, but I have no detailed information on this.


Along those lines, various theories have been put forth regarding the origin of life on Earth. I like this quote from Wikipedia …

“There are three main versions of the “seeded from elsewhere” hypothesis: from elsewhere in our Solar System via fragments knocked into space by a large meteor impact, in which case the most credible sources are Mars[97] and Venus;[98] by alien visitors, possibly as a result of accidental contamination by microorganisms that they brought with them;[96] and from outside the Solar System but by natural means.[94][97]–from “Evolutionary History of Life,” in Wikipedia, see the subheading “Life ‘seeded’ from Elsewhere”

I like this quotation because it mentions Mars and Venus as credible sources of the origin of life on Earth. My understanding, as a channel, is that life on Earth …

  • originated primarily from both planets …
    • Mars (Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth) and
    • Venus (the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Planes)
  • and also was influenced by life from other planets in our Solar System,
  • by the planetary and solar beings themselves,
  • and by the Elohim or Logoi, and
  • the Song of the Leonids, among other influences

The Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth

Scientific Intel on Martian Space Travel to Earth via Meteorites. As you may recall, the earliest meteorite so far found on Earth, with signs of life in it, is about 4 billion years old (but of course, this is only a ballpark).

Link: “Lost in Space: How Mars’ Atmosphere Evaporated Away,” by Charles Q. Choi, Contributor | 

LInk: “Meteorite Yields Evidence of Early Life on Mars,” by Donald L. Savage, James Hartsfield, and David Salisbury, 7 August 1996, of NASA, … This startling early report on a Martian meteorite with evidence of early life on Mars ballparks the date of the rock as 3.6 billion years ago. Later reports revise the figure to 4.0 billion years ago … See Link: Mars Life? 20 Years Later, Debate Over Meteorite Continues,” by Charles Q. Choi, Contributor, 

Channeled Intel on the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth. For channeled information on the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth, see

Link: “The Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, Published on 9 July 2017; last updated on 25 August 2018, ..

Link: “Did Martian Bacteria Bioengineer All Life on Earth (Including Us)?” by Alice B. Clagett, 3 December 2016, ..

Link: “The Elder Race: Notes on the Martian Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” channeled by Alice B. Clagett, compiled 3 December 2016; revised 12 June 2018, .. This compilation includes five blogs.

Link: “On Martian Bacteria: Good Martians and Bad Martians,” by Alice B. Clagett, 21 November 2016, ..

The Venutians (the Hathors)

My understanding and experience is that the Venutians (the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Planes) are an ascended race that helps guide the beings of Earth in their Ascension process. For more on this see …

Link: “The Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes,” by Wes Annac … referral by Alice B. Clagett, 1 July 2016, ..

LInk: “Hathors Archive,” by Tom Kenyon, ..

Link: My blog category: Hathors (see also ‘All – Law of One – Ra’)

The Influence of the Song of the Leonids and the Elohim or Logoi

The influence of the Song of the Leonids and the Elohim on the Martians is discussed here:

Link:  “More on Our Martian Bacterial Colonists,” by Alice B. Clagett, filmed on 12 August 2017,  … See the section “How the Guardians Altered Martian Genes to Make Them Suitable for Life on Earth”


About 541 million years ago, a 20-million-year-long event termed the Cambrian explosion occurred, and this resulted in the appearance of most of the animal phyla now on Earth. Possible causes are discussed here:

Link: “Cambrian Explosion,” in Wikipedia,

It could be a definitive answer to this question already exists on Earth, but is not generally known. Time will tell.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Alice’s Perilous Tales: Energy Walls That Protect Us Against Astral Foes . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 24 July 2018; revised on 9 March 2019


Dear Ones,


I was transcribing an early video, today, in which was mentioned a swooping in of threatening astral energy, and an energy wall that formed, out of nowhere, to repulse it, and how I have experienced this, from time to time …

Link: “Vital Body Will and Personal Integrity,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 2 September 2013, … See the subheading: Wall of Energy Formed that Opposed the Threat of Invading Energy ..


In trying to figure out what this suddenly appearing wall of energy is, I sometimes think of magnets: How two ends may repulse each other, you know? This happens if both poles of the magnet are negative …

Link: “Figure 10-17. Like Poles Repel” … ..

In terms of the first chakra, and of survival, it may be that the ingress of a negative energy may call forth a like negative energy … perhaps EMF (electromagnetic field) energy, that repels it. This may be a natural defense mechanism of humankind, that we have always had, but are only just now beginning to clair sense.


I am reminded of an experience I once had, at a session with an alternate medical specialist, and I had a feeling that he might have a threat energy in his auric field, in addition to his healing energies. Just as I sensed that, his hands touched my navel point, and the most peculiar thing happened: I sensed a living being, that moved like a big centipede, but was shaped more like a trilobite (an extinct relative of horseshoe crabs, spiders, and scorpions) …

Image: “Triarthrus eatoni,” by Nobu Tamura … 8 June 2016 … … CC BY-SA 4.0 … This is a trilobite of the Cambrian period that has been found in the northeastern United States and Canada, and in other parts of the world.

Image: “Triarthrus eatoni,” by Nobu Tamura … 8 June 2016 … email: … CC BY-SA 4.0 … This is a trilobite of the Cambrian period that has been found in the northeastern United States and Canada, and in other parts of the world.

What it felt like was an astral animal … a protector being that had been placed … like a star gift … at the navel point of human beings, to protect and buffer them from the Big Bads. This star gift, I feel is like a Celtic belt buckler, protecting the navel point …

Image: “Celtic Belt Buckle,” ..

It was about three inches high and four inches wide. When the alternate medical specialist’s hands hovered over my navel point, this little astral animal skittered over to the right, so that it was lying directly over the center of my navel point. It seemed to me that, through accident or injury, either in this lifetime or another, it had come to rest slightly off center from the navel point.

It seemed to me that, somehow, the threat energy I intuited, it also sensed …, and that it ‘woke up’, after having been asleep for a long time, and skittered over into ‘battle position’, as it were. Then, as the alternate medical specialist’s hands touched my navel point, it emitted an amazing burst of energy, almost like a tiny bolt of lightning, but far from lethal.

I recall how astounded I was, and how the alternate medical practitioner drew his hands back in alarm. I recall I apologized, verbally. But in my heart, I was glad this little astral being had been ‘at the ready’ to protect me.


Some while ago, in reading Judy Satori’s wonderful book “Sunshine Before the Dawn” …

Link: “Sunshine Before the Dawn,” by Judy Satori, June 2012 ISBN 978-0-9856730-0-0, at “Judy Satori,” … Click the tab: Shop 

… I came across a description of the Andromedans, and of their delegate Malwe, who offered a gift to our star brothers and sisters who were designing the human form capable of experiencing the 12 formed dimensions.

In “Chapter One: The Dreamers: One Hundred Thousand Years Ago,” on page 24 of the e-book, there is a description of the Andromedans as having four hairy legs, a round body, and many hairy arms. In the same chapter, the heads of the Andromedans are said to protrude, reminiscent of an insect. Although their forms were different from our own, their Awareness was of Divine Love.

These Andromedans, in ages past, because of their disparate looks, had been viewed as different from, and perhaps lower than, others of their star brethren. Because of their racial memories and their star history, the Andromedans had developed the gifts of courage to survive, despite the odds of being hunted and preyed upon by other beings less enlightened than they.

I read, on the first page of “Chapter Three: Epiphany” (at page 43-45 in the e-book), further discussion about a gift from the star beings of Andromeda for the design of human beings, which, I read, was contributed to and undertaken by many star races … beings of Light from many galaxies.

The gift the Andromedans offered to the design of the human race, according to what I read, was that of their own racial memories, which I gathered (from page 22 of the prior chapter) might help humans endure the forces of nature and to stand firm against life forms who might attempt to enslave them on Earth (Chapter 3, page 43). 

This gift (which the star delegates decided to incorporate into the human form) was to be fully activated when Earth ascended to the fifth dimension (Chapter 3, pages 43-45).

The description of the Andromedan gift to humankind in Judy Satori’s book “Sunshine Before the Dawn” reminded me of what happened at my session with an alternate medical specialist, described above. Here is why: The being that I felt protecting my navel point … the center of my will power … during the medical appointment was, on the astral plane, reminiscent in form of the Andromedans as described by Judy Satori. Also, in my imagination, it seemed to me that its manner of locomotion was similar.

Because of its location at my navel point, it seems likely to me that that would be the chosen location for a star gift of will to survive and make one’s way in the Earth environment. Such a gift might, which strengthened and protected the third chakra of the human being, might cushion us from natural disasters, strong solar events, from predators in the physical realm, and also from negative astral beings … the Demon Horde of Earth’s astral planes.

At about the time of Earth’s Shift to the Fifth Dimension … in the year 2012 … it might become more and more apparent to humankind how we might have been enslaved by various negative astral beings for aeons past. (For more on this, search my blog for the term: Slave Planet Blues )

This might be quite a shock for many, although it has been set forth in the sacred books of all the major religions of this world, both past and present. The full flowering of such an Andromedan gift, to protect our navel point energies, during the Shift would make sense. The full flowering of this gift would help protect our nervous systems from the shock of recognizing the presence of the negative astral beings as our clair gifts became apparent to us.


I had one other notion about the Andromedan gift … I wonder whether gifts from Andromeda might have to do with the physical design of the group of invertebrate animals known as Arthropods?

I ask this because of the unusual and scientifically puzzling design of the phylum Euarthropoda, which includes horseshoe crabs, spiders, scorpions, millipedes, centipedes, lobsters, crabs, shrimp, the extinct sea scorpions (which were 1 to 8 feet long), and the extinct trilobites (which were 1mm to 2 feet long), among others. For more on the Arthropods, see …

Link: “Arthropod,” in Wikipedia … ..


People talk about the ‘Big Bads’, the negative astral beings, and the dangerous and/or obnoxious astral ‘wildlife’. But my experience with the little astral trilobite that was guarding my navel point convinced me that there are also many commensal astral beings that are our allies, friends, and protectors on the astral plane.


We think of star gifts as DNA upgrades, and gifts of genetic repair, and downloads of Incoming Light. But why might such gifts not also take the form of beautiful little astral beings, or beings of Light and Love, who might be our kindly friends and companions in the toss and throw of Earthly life?

In the same way that the Martian bacterial colonists make their home in our colons, in exchange for the work of digestion of our food, and bolstering of our immune system that they do, so might these little ‘beings from the stars’ offer us immunity from astral or mental attack.

We humans are like great ‘trees of life’ … like the great oak tree … not just a tree, but a community of beings that live in or upon or around it. Thus we have a responsibility to live in such a way that our community of beings may exist in harmony and joy, within and around and upon us.


We are alike a great kingdom, with many people in it; through our free will, we can bring the people of our kingdom happiness or woe. Why, just in terms of our own  body cells, we humans are responsible for 37.2 trillion, tiny lives, which are utterly dependent on us for their well-being.


Keeping this in mind, shall we not consider how we may live in unity and peaceful harmony together? How we may bring the gift of long and healthy life to everyone in the great community of our physical and subtle bodies?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Psy Crime versus Mastery of Mind . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 10 July 2018
Previously titled: Mind Control versus Mastery of Mind


Dear Ones,

Here is a video on psychic crime, Controllers, and mastery of mind. There’s a Summary after the video; text in green font is not in the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would talk a little bit today about good luck and bad luck in organizations, and whether these assertions people have, about some groups practicing Psychic Crime, and that kind of thing … psychic crime … whether these assertions can be proven in the physical realm, in the law court. I do have a few things to say about this.


First, I would like to say that problems in one dimension must be solved in that dimension. So we cannot anticipate legal decisions in the physical realm, regarding psychic reality. Rather, the place to address those issues is the psychic realm.


So the Sages: the great sages, the Enlightened Ones, the Lightworkers and Wayshowers, the Ascensioneers … all the people that have a very positive attitude towards the evolution of humankind … they can make a great difference in the astral realm; mainly, by passing through that realm, and on, to the Fifth Dimension, where the Beings of Light are … And higher, where the Angelic Realms are.

So they can bring in the Light that will transform the reality; that will change the astral realm and the  wildlife that is there. And that will affect the noosphere … the thoughts of the people. That is my first and greatest hope with regard to the astral plane.

And greater than that, is the Light of God coming in to Earth, which is just a natural phenomenon … the Will of God, coming in. So we have the Lightworkers, who wish to bring in God’s Grace … We have God Himself, who wishes humankind to benefit from that Grace, and we have the changeup that allows the greater Light to be coming in; the Great Age of Light that is dawning.

Also, we have all the Angelic Beings, the Beings of Light. The wonderful beings that care for the natural order, and for the Universe, are happy to help us any time we ask, along with God … along with Source.

So we have all these helping qualities of God’s creation. And we have God Himself.


Now, people talk about the karma of an organization, and the luck of the people that are in it. The issue of the karma of an organization, as a legal argument, I would say, cannot exist … because, above the Law of Karma, that governs the members of a group, is the Law of Dharma … the Law of Grace … the Law of the Incoming Light … and the Law of God’s Love and Light and Joy.

So the karma of a group, and the karma of an individual … the karma of all life everywhere …  the karma of the Universe, is an insignificant factor, beside the blessing of God: the Dharma.

The Dharma does consist in living a good life: I say that from the perspective of my personal life. But Dharma transpires because I align my will with that of God, and I ask God for his blessing, you see? It is not because of what I do, but because of what God does, in response to the asking.

So Dharma covers everything, everywhere, with Love and Light and Joy. That I feel.

So we cannot speak of the karma of an organization, in the legal sense, as the thing that causes Psychic Crime events for individuals that they may target (were such to be true).

For instance, in the case of an organization that practiced Mind Control, the person targeted has the power to align his heart and mind and will with those of God, and in that manner summon the superior firepower to overcome the Psychic Crime tendencies of the targeting group. How can the Psychic Crime group, then, be held responsible for the outcome, when the remedy lies in the free will decision-making process of their intended victim?


There is a commonly accepted concept that some things are lucky and some things are not. And the question came up, on the psychic plane, just now: Would it be possible to argue, in a court of law, in regard to an organization or group being lucky or unlucky? And to use that as the basis for a legal effort with regard to Psychic Crime?

This is quite an interesting question, because people think of Luck as something tangible and real … something like a gold coin that you have; that is Luck. [laughs] And in this regard there is some truth, because the atmosphere of an organization or group has to do with its beliefs. And the beliefs of the organization are like a giant group of thoughts … big thought forms, small thought forms … that adhere to the people, as an overall umbrella around all the people, because of the teachings of the group

So each group has its own ‘cloud’ of thought forms, no matter how geographically scattered the group is. The Catholics have theirs. The Buddhists have theirs. The Islamic peoples have theirs. The Hindus have theirs. And then there are regional and intergroup differences.

Now thought forms are very fluid … They flow around everywhere. And people who associate together, in a group, tend to exchange thought forms at a very fast clip. And so then there is a sort of homogeneous umbrella of thought forms that everyone in the group has. So the question is: Are these thought forms Lucky or Unlucky?

And is Luck a physical sort of event that can cause people to fall upon hard times … to experience bad things in life? And could this be pursued in a court of law? Right?

My feeling about that is, that we can judge an organization by its beliefs, by first attempting to discover what God’s will, and what God’s heart, and what God’s mind have in store as the skein of the Universe … and then comparing God’s plan, with the plan of the group or organization.

The farther God’s plan is from that of the group or organization, it seems to me, we could argue in a court of law, or anywhere, the less lucky its members will be … because its members will all be bathed in a relatively untrue sea of thought forms.

Could we take that to court? I do not think so. [laughs] But what we can do, in a place like the United States, is decide which groups we really want to belong to. Do we want to belong to what we perceive to be a lucky group?  … or to what we perceive to be an unlucky group? You know?

Are the people in the group happy? Do they feel love? Do they feel  joy? Or are they miserable for some reason? Are they unhappy? Are they grumpy? Are they sad? Are they angry? In preponderance, what is the tenor of the noosphere of the group? I would say … And in that way we can choose where we want to be. And then we can determine our own Luck.

So we have free will, here in the United States. And I think, in other countries, such as dictatorial countries or totalitarian countries, where it is impossible to alter the form of government … government being quite a large noospheric entity … then you may find that there is Bad Luck for everyone. And that they may have to leave the country, in order to experience Good Luck, unless they are the type of person who flourishes in a government that has a relative lack of expression of free will.


So now, on to the issue of Mind Control. People talk about being hapless victims of Mind Control, and of groups that they say Mind Control. Is this really true, or is it not?

The pressure of thought forms in the world is not subject to staying within a group or within a country or within a hemisphere at all. The pressure of thought forms flows throughout the world, all the time. It is always circulating throughout the world. It is one world, really, and one noospheric content.

In this great, noospheric climate of Earth, there are always thoughts of controlling other people. Now we talk about grabbing someone, and putting them in a room, and locking them up, and forcing them to be Mind Controlled. You know? And that’s kind of a special situation, because their mind is constantly being targeted by unwholesome thoughts.

But in the world at large, there are many thoughts about thought control … about controlling other people. How, then, can we escape these thoughts? … because we want to control our own lives too; we want to stay alive, we want to pursue our own happiness, and so forth.

Thoughts of being mind controlled come to us because we want to control our own circumstances. The only way that I have found to eliminate these Mind Control thoughts from my life, is to be happy, to be joyful in the pursuit of my Soul Mission, my Soul Purpose. If I am pursuing these in such a way that I am unhappy, then I need to switch tracks.

And I am talking immediately, not some other time. The minute that I do that, everything changes. And I no longer have those thoughts attracted to me, that have to do with Mind Control. Control and joy are two exact opposites, in the noospheric realm. Thoughts of joy do not attract thoughts of control. And thoughts of control do not bring happiness.

So, emotional change; change of activities or simply an intentional change of emotion, will change the noosphere, just like that.


One thing it is important to keep in mind is that Mind Control experts are using the left side of their brain, in order to influence what they consider to be the thoughts inside somebody else’s brain. But that person has two hemispheres in their brain: left and right. That person has a Lower Mental Body, a Higher Mental Body, and a Superconscious Mind, all in the realm of the subtle body known as Mind. (1)

Then it has other subtle bodies. The count of these varies: Some say seven, some say more. And in addition you have the physical body; the physical body, which has its own wants and needs and prerogatives.

So the Mind Control expert may be spending his time, with his left brain, trying to influence one of the many mental centers of another person; but leaving out, for instance … and most importantly … the Body of Light, through which all the other realms are influenced; the subtle bodies, each of which has its own manifestation in reality; and the joy of the cells of the physical body, none of which can be impinged upon through any method of Mind Control.

So the notion that we can Mind Control other people, has to do with a world view that holds the Higher Mental Body as the king of the bodies that the Soul manifests in an incarnation. Yet this is not so: It is a cooperation of physical body and subtle bodies that creates this hologrammatic experience for us.

And it is also a cooperation of our Soul with the physical and astral expressions of many other forms of life. We human beings are like a Tree of Life, here on Earth. We have many, many micro-organisms inside us, that call us their home. We have many, many astral beings that help to form our many bodies, and that call our many bodies their home as well.

So, it’s not just one person here, with a physical body and, say, seven subtle bodies. No. It is a person with a physical body, seven subtle bodies, and trillions and trillions of beings, including all the body cells, each of which has its own expression and purpose in the physical realm.

So what will the Mind Control expert control in us? Which portion of us will it control?

Will it control our left brain? Our right brain? Our gut brain? Our superconscious mind? Will it control our astral expression … our emotions?  Will it change our Body of Light? Will it inflict harm on our etheric templates?

Will it cause a change in the Martian Bacterial Colonists of our large intestine?

Will it change the health of our physical form? Can it influence the body cells of a particular organ, or of all the organs?

Can it change our Soul mission or our Soul purpose?

What will be the intention of the Mind Controller … For he is working with a Causal Network in the left brain. And yet, our existence is a holistic experience of joyful expression of the lives of many beings. You know?

Were he to attempt Mind Control in the arena of the mental field, we could always switch our awareness to one of the other realms of which we are the master, and in that way evade his intention. Mastery of Mind allows us to do that. All effort needs to be bent, I feel, by the avid spiritual student, on the issue of Mastery of Mind … mastery of one’s personal mind. And not on the issue of whether someone else can control us.


People talk about the Controllers, and with a great deal of trepidation. They talk about the Controllers of Earth, who are in charge of everything.

And even the Bible talks about Satan. It says mammon owns the Earth (2 Corinthians 4:4) … or words to that effect, does it not? Earth is in the charge of Satan, it implies. But what does it mean by that?

Does it mean that our Soul experience, in embodied form, depends on what Satan manifests in the hologram around us? Or, merely, does it mean … and this I agree to … that Satan provides a hologram through which we can experience choices that allow us to grow in Soul wisdom?

This is what I feel the Bible really means when it says that mammon owns the Earth: Mammon owns the hologram. Satan is in charge of the duality play that allows us Soul learning experiences.

So, people do talk about Controllers. And I would like to call for a discussion of the Controllers in the context of what they are unable to do. What can they do, and what can they not do?

My first guess would be that the Controllers are unable to feel their hearts.

And what do they lose by that? They lose integration, through joy, and through love, and through faith, of their entire energy field.

So, in their attempt to control us, they lose control of themselves. You see? And in this way we can consider that the Controllers are expressing a weakness that they have, rather than a strength.


Last night, or the night before, I had an interesting experience. I have been listening to one of the Ascensioneer’s language of light offerings on physical regeneration. There is one that I listen to every day now …

Then I retired for the evening, and then things started happening in my energy field … in my Body of Light. And most amazing things! For instance, a vortex of clearing energy came down from the sky, down through my head, and down into my neck.

And then after the clearing process from my head down, another clearing process started, that was from my lower quadrant of Light up, through my large intestine, here and there. It was also a vortical clearing process. This type of vortical clearing is, I feel, less the product of language of light than the product of the Ascension clearing process as a whole; it is one of the features of that process.

It is what you might call an Ascension symptom, but not really, because it is an event that causes a clearing. Thus it seemed to me that my central vertical power current was getting a change-up; and that my Body of Light was clearing. And so I was not concerned about it; in fact, I felt pretty good about it.

But one of the qualities that it had, was to remove all thought forms from my Higher Mental Body and my Lower Mental Body … which can be frightening, I feel, if a person does not place their identity in their pure awareness, rather than in their thought forms. And it does take some special experience, in order for that special understanding to take place.

For instance, some people get it by fainting; they faint, and their awareness is still hovering over their bodies. They can see their bodies; they can see the people around their bodies; but they realize they are not their bodies … They are someplace else. Their awareness, and not their brain, is the thing that they identify with after that.

In the same way, some people have near-death experiences, and come to that conclusion. Or it could be an operation: People have an operation, go under anesthesia, and, from a far corner of the room, they are observing everything that is going on.

And then, when they come back in body after they are awakened from the anesthesia, they think: You know, there is more to existence than this physical form, for sure. Awareness is the key; nothing physical is. And the mind is not, either. And the emotions are not it. It is a pure Point of Light within the Mind of God, that I am, they say. Or something to that effect.

A person can also get that kind of awareness of who they are, through the vortical clearing process. The first time that it happens, during the Ascension process, they may say to themselves: Oh, my Lord, I am done for! I am, for sure, dying now! Right? And then they survive.

And the next day they wake up, and they say: No, that was not it! You know, I am something beyond what my mind says.


But a Controller, who watches; who has, say, astral traveling ability, or ubiquitous ability … omnipresent ability … for whatever reason, watches this process going on, will have an ideology …  a concept, a set of notions about what is going on … based on his desire to control other people.

He may say, for instance, that he is causing the vortex to take place, because he wants to place his mind inside of my mind. And this kind of astral chatter was going on the other night. I was hearing this chatter, but from prior experiences with Point of Light awareness, I knew it was not true. So I was not concerned about it.

I was somewhat concerned about the followers of that person, who were also gathered around, and thought that he was doing that to me, because I felt that they were misled by the concept that the group held.

So then it got down to the vortical, clearing motion that came up the torso from beneath the lower quadrant of light. And when that process was finished, they said: He has finished clearing her out. Right?

So then after that, I was in a state of very clear Body of Light, but because of his concept, he attempted to send his energy down through my central vertical power current. And when he did that … what they call ‘skinny dipping’ in some of the astral lore … when he did that, the samskaras in his own etheric net started making astral chatter inside of my central vertical power current.

And I did my best to explain to the group that was watching, that those words that they heard, they had heard them with every clearing that he did, you know?  So it became clear to me that those mischievous sayings that I had cancer, or that a sexual event was occurring that he was doing to me … things of that nature … Those samskaras were most likely his own.

And because of the group’s concept that he was doing a master job of clearing, in order to take over other people’s Bodies of Light, because he was their guru, they would not stop him from flowing through other people’s central vertical power currents. They felt that he had no faults, you know? And so it had never occurred to them that it was his own samskaras that he was infecting a people with as he passed through, in that ‘skinny dipping’ escapade that he did.

So I tried to explain that, and I think I succeeded, to some extent. I tried to explain to his followers. And I believe they are now going to work with him to clarify his own Body of Light, so that the work he does, does not present any difficulties for the people that he is attempting to heal.

For ourselves … for the Lightworkers … I say: Should such an event occur, there would be a reason for it. That a clearing of the Body of Light has nevertheless taken place for us, and that all we have to do is wait until the Controller’s unwanted presence is no longer within our energy field … or to bid God send it away … and then we will find that, through God’s grace, our own Body of Light is renewed pristinely, as it was before the ‘pass through’ (the ‘flow through’ or ‘skinny dipping’) attempt.


So that is the weakness of the Controllers: The concept that they must control.

There are even Controllers that have decided that they need to be ‘on top of everything’ … controlling everything with regard to the Ascension process. And so they and their group go up to the Transpersonal Chakras … to the eighth chakra, for instance, above the head, and insert thought forms above people’s heads, with the intention of being their teachers.

The eighth chakra, above our heads, consists of the karmic meta-program that allows us to change up the karmic play within our astral field whenever we want to. So the presence of Controllers as intruders there is an unwanted experience.

There are various ways to clear this energy through God’s help, the simplest, in all instances, being to align one’s mind and heart and will, with the Great Mind, the Great Heart, and the Great Will of God. And that will take care of everything for us.


Another way to hold such an event as I experienced a couple of nights ago, is to consider the different qualities of the power of God in creation. These qualities are: The act of creation, sustaining the creation, and destroying the creation. So the Trimurti; these three: The power of Lord Brahma, the power of Lord Vishnu, and the power of Lord Shiva, are all manifestations of the power of God in creation.

The beings that were created by God naturally have a tendency towards, or an affinity for, one of those powers of God. There are beings that are intent upon the creative process. There are beings whose greatest desire is to preserve creation as it is. And there are beings whose greatest joy is the destruction of what has been created.

Each of these beings has a purpose in God’s plan. For creation cannot be constantly changing, without the constant implementation of each of these powers of God, in many different combinations.

Well so now, it seems to me that the Controllers would favor, first of all, Lord Vishnu, the preserver of things as they are, because, in the current context of the duality play, the Controllers can preserve the illusion that they are in control of others.

Those Controllers who know that things are changing … that the Ascension process is creating change on Earth, for instance … may wish to shift to the energies of Lord Shiva, utilized against the Lightworkers and the Ascensioneers and those who are enlightened, because they may feel that those other beings are creating the New.

For those of us who hold the energy of creating the New, here on Earth, the Lord Shiva energy of the destroyers is very important: First of all, it balances the Dark against the Light, as the change-up process … the stepping up of the Light … occurs. (2) Always as the Light steps up, the Dark steps in to create a balance between Dark and Light.

It might seem like a Dark Attack, but actually it’s just the leveling up of the Dark and the Light.

Always, as the Lightworkers bring in Light and grace and love, the Dark steps up to the plate with a renewed Darkness. And Controllers will step in and attempt to stop the Lightworkers from doing their work.

In fact, it could be that for every Lightworker on Earth, there is a Darkworker who worships Lord Shiva and who is assigned by God to plague that person, because in that way, the balance of the stepping up of the Light … that process … can occur flawlessly, and with least trouble for everyone.

So we Lightworkers can appreciate the importance of the Dark. We can appreciate the importance of the Controllers. And we can appreciate the importance of those who worship Lord Shiva, in this beautiful Light show that is taking place here on Earth right now.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. I have included this blog in the categories Hinduism and Neo-Hinduism – Neo-Vedanta, as the Indian Saint the Vallalar, and Sri Aurobindo of Integral Yoga are often connected to the concepts of omnipresence, omniscience, and omnipotence, and to the terms: gracelight … grace light … divine light


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