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Sat Kriya and Tatterdemalion Ghost . a drawing by Alice B. Clagett

Drawn and published on 6 December 2021; revised on 17 June 2022

Image: “Sat Kriya and Tatterdemalion Ghost 2,” by Alice B. Clagett, 17 June 2022, CC BY-SA 4.0, from “Awakening with Planet Earth,” … DESCRIPTION: Woman kneeling, arms up, palms joined above the head in ‘Sat Kriya’. Tattered ghostly figure or astral shell rises up from just above the crown of the head and departs from the energy field of the woman doing yoga. The tatterdemalion says: “I want to stay in her energy field, but I cannot get in there anymore.”

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Releasing the Ghosts of Days Gone By . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 24 June 2020; published on 1 January 2021
Location: Castaic Lake State Recreation Area, Los Angeles County, California


Dear Ones,

This is about the healing Light of Summer Solstice, through which grief, and the ghosts of days gone by, may be released …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I had a moment of illumination just now, with regard to the astral chatter that I have been hearing for about 10 years. I found out that it had to do with my mother’s passing.

As you may know, after the mental body goes to the heaven worlds to rest and learn Soul lessons for awhile, the astral body is left on its own. It is like a shell [or ‘ghost’] of what it once was. And it has in it all the emotions stored up which were not released during the lifetime … which, for most people, is quite a few.

Early on [after my mother’s passing] I spoke with a noted psychic about my mother. He said that my mother was already up near the heavenworlds at that time. During the interval after that, what I have been hearing is the very slow decomposition of the astral shell [the ‘ghost’] of my mom.

Somehow it was pegged to me … to my [astral] hearing. And a couple of days ago, I went out for a walk at this same place here. It is a beautiful place … very expansive … and the rocks sparkle. Everything sparkles: the chaparral, the mountains, the water … everything sparkles here; which is lovely … absolutely lovely … but hard to capture on camera.

Anyway, I was out here. And as I was going back up the hill towards the parked car, I had the strangest time of just releasing grief … releasing very deep grief from the bottom part of my lungs. After that a greater healing took place with regard to my mom’s passing.

After that healing, then two days later came this realization about what I had been hearing all this time … which I just did not know, you know? … now I do. That astral shall [‘ghost’] has gone off, apparently; it was waiting for me to release deep grief.

That grief is gone, as a result of the beautiful Summer Solstice 2020 … that Light. And also I credit Judy Satori’s … … “Breaking Through” series, which was six weeks long. I feel that speeded the process of the Light dissolving the grief.

All right, you all! Have a wonderful time. Just in case something untoward like that ever happens to you, maybe it will help.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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The Truth about the Astral Experience of Sexuality . by Alice B. Clagett

Excerpted on 1 September 2018 from a blog published on 10 December 2015


Dear Ones,

Here are excerpts from a blog I just now updated …


I have clair heard for a long time now that folks are experiencing persistent astral rape at night. Unfortunately, we are blaming each other for these events, when in fact they are the workings of a certain sort of negative astral entity, the ‘elementary’. Here is a description adapted from “The Theosophical Writings of Annie Besant.” It is about depraved people … people with coarse astral matter … who have experienced sudden death, perhaps by suicide or accident …

“‘Unhappy shades, if sinful and sensual, they wander about . . . until their death-hour comes. Cut off in the full flush of earthly passions, which bind them to familiar scenes, they are enticed by opportunities which mediums afford to gratify them vicariously. They are the Pishachas, the Incubi and Succubi of medieval times: the demons of thirst, gluttony, lust and avarice : elementaries of intensified craft, wickedness and cruelty: provoking their victims to horrid crimes, and revelling in their commission’” –from Link: “Theosophical Manuals No. 3: Death—and After?” by Annie Besant, 1906, at Project Gutenberg … … “The Project Gutenberg EBook of Death–and After?, by Annie Besant This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever. You may copy it, give it away or re-use it under the terms of the Project Gutenberg License included with this eBook or online at Title: Death–and After? Author: Annie Besant Release Date: April 27, 2006 [EBook #18266] Language: English Character set encoding: ISO-8859-1 *** START OF THIS PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK DEATH–AND AFTER? *** Produced by Bryan Ness, Sankar Viswanathan, and the Online Distributed Proofreading Team at ..”


At first, as a person is beginning to awaken to an understanding of the demonic vehicle of astral rape on the Earthly planes, the sensation is identified with the Id, and the Id with the Ego, to such an extent that the experience is hypnotically compelling and overwhelmingly intoxicating. This painting, while it is of a woman ecstatically in love with the ‘night mare’ of astral rape, might as easily have been of a man in the same condition …

Image: “Frenzy of Exultations,” by Wladyslaw Podkowinski,1894, in Wikimedia Commons … File:Podkowiński-Szał uniesień-MNK.jpg – Wikimedia Commons … public domain.

Image: “Frenzy of Exultations,” by Wladyslaw Podkowinski,1894, in Wikimedia Commons … File:Podkowiński-Szał uniesień-MNK.jpg – Wikimedia Commons … public domain.

After a span of years, if the person so afflicted begins to sense the Demon conveyance of the dream of astral rape, rather than sensing a false connection between two human beings, then the Awareness dawns that this is a trap set by the Demon Realm to ensnare the human electromagnetic field and drain it of energy, making life on Earth but a poor shadow of that majestic energy that is our birthright.

When this Awareness dawns, then there is nothing more alluring, nothing more beguiling to a person, than the notion that, by hook or by crook, they will find a way to win themselves free of the delusive enticements of the Big Bads.

My own experience is that the feeling of astral rape can be overcome by transforming the energy of the lower triangle to Divine Love and Light. One way to do this is, while the noospheric experience of astral rape seems to be taking place, to visualize that God is clearing the Light Body of sexual malware and negspeak … such as the Puritan notion that sexuality is evil, or the cultural undercurrent notions that men are Satanic, or that women are demonic.

–Excerpted from Link: “Elementaries, Incubi and Succubi: Astral Rape,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 10 December 2015, revised on 1 September 2018 … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Soulless Men . passages by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky . with further thoughts by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 13 July 2018; revised
For the Madame Blavatsky text, I expressed bolding as BLACK FONT, and lack of bolding as MEDIUM GREY FONT. My comments are interspersed throughout; I used violet for my comments that are bolded, and medium blue for my regular comments. 

    • An Incarnation in Which the Personality is Debased Adds Nothing to the Soul’s Knowledge
    • Multidimensionality and the Doctrine of Soulless Men
    • The Hellworld Experience of Soulless Incarnations 
    • The Hellworld Experience of Normal Incarnations
    • A Way to Mitigate the Hellworld Experience Before Passing On
    • Rending of Antahkarana … the Kundalini, or Central Vertical Power Current, or ‘Silver Cord’ … of the Debased Personality Severs the Person from His Soul 
    • The Antahkarana Is the Bridge Between the Lower Mental Body and the Higher Mental Body
    • The ‘Second Death’: The Kâma Rûpa … the Desire Body or Ghost … of a Normal Personality Decomposes after Death of the Physical Body
    • Contacting a Person’s Antahkarana During Sleep Is Like Contacting the Kâma Rûpa … the Desire Body or Ghost … After They Pass On
    • Conversations with a Person’s Antahkarana While They Are Asleep Are Talks with the Desire Body Rather Than the Personality
    • Mental Suggestions to a Person’s Antahkarana While They Are Asleep Are Bound to Fail, as the Waking Personality Overwrites These Suggestions Through Volition and Predisposition
    • Disuse of the Antahkarana Causes Its Atrophy
    • On Asking the Soul to Reconnect to Oneself
    • Esoteric Philosophy Holds That the Antahkarana Must Be Preserved, So as to Attain Enlightenment
    • Exoteric Philosophy Holds That the Antahkaran Must Be Sundered, So As to Establish Oneness with Âtmâ or Soul
    • Premature Sundering of the Antahkarana May Cause Loss of Ego
    • Psychic Surgery to Sever the Antahkarana May Cause Soullessness
    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Story about Having My Antahkarana Severed Through Psychic Surgery, and How This May Be Healed
    • Antahkarana Naturally Dissolves When, in a State of Nirvana, the Higher Triad Becomes One with the Absolute
    • Is the Soul of a ‘Soulless Man’ Really Doomed?
    • Is the Hellworld Experience as Devastating on the Physical Plane as It is in the Afterlife?
    • The Vampire in Human Form and the Doctrine of the Soulless Man
    • What Becomes of the Higher Ego When the Antahkarana Is Severed?
    • “What Kind of an Animal Is a Human Creature Born Soulless?”
    • The Kâma-Mânasic Spook as ‘Dweller on the Threshold’ 
    • Unlaid Ghost of Prior Evil Incarnation Haunts Newly Incarnated Person?
    • Multiple Personality Disorder and the Doctrine of the Soulless Man
    • Advaita and the Doctrine of the Soulless Man
    • Two Kinds of Soulless Men
    • More on Multiple Personality Disorder
    • Chanting Aum with a Feeling of Devotion to God May Redeem the Multiple Personality
    • Be Aware that Each Step in Life … Whether Downward or Upward on the Spiritual Path … Generates Causes That Will Manifest Results in This or a Future Lifetime

Dear Ones,

Here is a passage on men who lack Souls, by the Theosophist Helena Petrovna Blavatsky. Subheadings, bolding, bulleting, and paragraphing are my own.

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The Great Blessing: To Get Rid of the Telepathic Presence of Antisocial Personalities . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 12 September 2017

Dear Ones,

Here is what to do if an antisocial personality is just will not take No! for an answer on the astral plane. Either out loud, or telepathically, say …

May you be blessed with unconditional love!

  • While you say the blessing, keep your chest muscles relaxed and your heart open.
  • Say the blessing as many times as it takes to send the unwanted person away, telepathically.
  • It is essential not to change the words “May you be blessed …” to “I bless you …” as such an alteration will drag the blessing down below the iron gate of ego, and make it a less powerful bequest.

This works for many types of beings …

  • not just for antisocial personalities,
  • but also career criminals,
  • for the illuminati,
  • for black magickers,
  • for subtle sorcerers, thuggees, and red hats,
  • for evil-spirited ghosts and elementaries,
  • for the disincarnate gods,
  • for the shadow of the personality (the ‘Dark body’) of all people,
  • for all astral negative beings, including demons and devils, and for the Orion group

The reason it works, in negative instances, is that you are asking God to bless them with unconditional love. The Universe is made of Love. God is love. So to ask God to bless these beings with what He and all creation is, is a prayer for a great blessing for them.

However, unconditional love is far from being the perfect cup of tea for a negative being. In fact, quite the contrary. So when we ask God to bless them with unconditional love, they will flee away from our astral form, with a feeling of great aversion.

So our blessing for these unfortunate beings turns out to be a great blessing for us. And when we say this blessing for positive beings …

  • whether our friends and acquaintances,
  • for our Spirit Guides or Ascension team,
  • for the Souls of the dearly departed,
  • for the Saints, and Ascended Masters,
  • for the beings of light and Christed love, Christ’s messengers (as described in the Bible),
  • for the Seraphim, Cherubim, Thrones, Dominions, Virtues, Powers, Principalities, Archangels and Angels,
  • for the jinn, the ifrit, and the genies,
  • the elementaries, the nature spirits, and the great devas of the Earth Plane and the Solar Plane
  • for all sentient beings everywhere,
  • and for Earth, our Sun, and all the planets,
  • for comets and for meteor showers, those messengers of the Divine
  • for the Stars that bless us with their light,
  • and for the Logoi, the great forces that keep the workings of the Cosmos for our Creator

… why then God’s blessing shines down upon them, uplifting the All through free will.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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