Call to Action for the FBI: Desperado Towns and Rogue Counties in the United States . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 28 September 2018; published on 1 October 2018


Dear Ones,

Here is a Call to Action requesting FBI travel risk ratings for United States tourists in the United States. After the video is an edited Summary of the video …



 Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

This is a Call to Action for … I guess it is the FBI … the Secret Service in the United States.

Some years ago I noticed, online, on “The World Factbook” …

Link: “The World Factbook,” by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), ..

… descriptions of various countries in the world, and recommendations for United States tourists regarding the perils involved in travel to those countries. There was a rating scale regarding perilousness in travel to foreign countries. I do not know if that is still online in the CIA’s “World Factbook Factbook” for tourists today, but it was a wonderful service for tourists, I feel. I see that similar information for tourists is now located here …

Link: “Travel Risk Ratings,” by Harvard Global Support Services … … Includes International SOS country profiles and State Department travel advisories.

… I had a notion regarding the FBI, and a similar service for United States tourists: It seems to me, from a clair perspective, that there may be a few towns in the United States … or possibly, counties … where the rule of law and order is not what a tourist might anticipate.

If there are such towns, it might be helpful to have a trustworthy list of places to avoid, or of activities to avoid in those places, here in the United States. And who better to do that than the FBI?

Just as background, it seems to me that there are towns, here in the United States … and elsewhere in the world … for which the local populace … the local ‘ethos’, you might say … is such that law-abidingness is less valued … especially with regard to local people’s actions towards people who are just passing through … than might be the case in other towns and locales.

Sometimes the people in a place are used to things just the way they are. They may never have traveled to other towns. They may not know about the standards of law-abidingness that are held to even in counties in the next state.  So for whatever reason,  it is not as safe to be there, if you are a stranger, as it would otherwise be.

For whatever reason …

  • whether because of the low level of the economy there (because it is hard to get by there),
  • because perhaps there is a tradition of elevating non-law-abidingness in that locale that is held to by everyone in the town …

… whatever the reason, it may be impossible … at this time, and in this space … for the people in that locale to change.

I feel that a slowdown in the income stream from tourists to these locales would be very telling. It would be more of an argument to the local people, to make that change to a more conventional law enforcement agenda, than anything else.

Money talks, and so I feel that an FBI list, advising tourists along these lines, would have short-term and long-term benefits …

  • Short-term benefits, in terms of safety for tourists,
  • And long-term benefits, in terms of greater uniformity regarding enforcement of law codes accepted in most of the United States.

Well, that is it for tonight. God bless you all, and may your travels through these great United States be all that you hope they might be.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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