An Encounter with a Kangaroo Star Being or Deva . channeled from the Songbirds by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 5 June 2021

Dear Ones,

I was working at my desk this morning. It has been hot in Los Angeles recently, and the patio doors were open to let in the cool morning breeze for passive cooling of the house. Consequently the songbirds’ melodies from outdoors could be heard inside the house.

All of a sudden I heard a chorus of songbirds calling this warning: A very big being is coming this way. It’s not safe! The being is coming! It is very large!
They said: The being will try to have sex with you. Come outside right away.
I said: Would I be safe outside?
They said: Yes, you would be safe outside. Come outside until the being is gone.

I went outside into the back yard and saw five songbirds sitting on the electric line that leads to the house. They looked rather serious and had this to say …

They all said: Don’t go back inside till the being is gone.
Two said: We are spiritually developed beings. We are spiritually developed.
I said: Are you afraid of that being?
They said: We are not afraid. We are small, and the being is large. We are spiritually developed, but that being is not spiritually developed.

I asked the songbirds: Is the being here yet?
They said: No, but it is almost here.

I was walking around the yard, checking on the plants and all. Right away, I noticed the sound of a lawnmower cater-corner across the street. It occurred to me that the sound of the motor noise might have drawn this big, invisible being towards me.

Then, with my intuition, I saw and felt a pretty big being heading towards my house … and towards me and the songbirds to which I had been talking.  It was veering in, from about half the height of a normal helicopter, from an East-South-East direction, and heading downward from above. When it got to just above the roof of my house, it hoped up and over to the south, to a house several doors down from my own, and apparently on the same side of the street.

I heard the being say: I am very big. Would you like me to come into you?
Then I heard a woman say: No I would not!
Then I heard a man say: Yes I would!
Apparently … this is just a guess … the being hopped into the man.
Then I heard the woman say: Go away! I don’t like you when you act mean like this!
Then there was muffled sound over there; I am guessing a mild skuffle might be taking place.

To take my mind off of what might be happening several doors down, I sat down on the brick edge of the patio fire ring, and continued to converse with the songbirds, which had all but a few flown off from the electric line, and were speaking to me from here and there in the fruit trees at the edge of the backyard.

I said: What does this being look like?
They said: It is very large and it has teeth like a chipmunk.
I said (and showed a visual image) : Does it crouch like a chipmunk, or does it stand upright?
They said: It has teeth like a chipmunk, but it stands up.

Here I was with another ‘stumper’ … How could a chipmunk be that big? Could the songbirds mean flat-edged teeth like a chipmunk has? Maybe a being with two flat-edged front teeth? What did a chipmunk’s teeth look like, anyway?

I asked the songbirds: Does the being have pointed teeth?
In my mind I pictured the teeth of a reptilian with very sharp teeth.

The songbirds said: No, not like that. They showed an image of four teeth, flat on the bottom like a horse’s teeth.

I said to the songbirds: Where does the being come from?
They said: Australia.

This was exceedingly odd intel, as I know some Lightworkers in Australia and New Zealand. Could I possibly be attracting beings from there because of reading about people on other continents, I wondered?

I thought and thought, as the sound of the lawnmower had not yet quit, and I did not expect the being to depart until, most likely, just after the motor sound went away.

Finally I thought: Maybe this is the being that overlights the kangaroos. Maybe it is a Kangaroo Star Being [or maybe a Deva of the Kangaroos?]. It is very big. It can hop from house to house. It is not very smart; I wonder if kangaroos are smart? It seems to have quite an interest in sex; I wonder if that is a characteristic of kangaroos? 

After awhile, the noise of the motor died away. Almost simultaneously the songbirds said: It’s going away!

Several of the songbirds had gone over to a grove of trees inside the Nature Preserve next to my house. They came back with some news for those that were still in my backyard. They said, with excitement in their voices: Beings are different in different places! Then they all fell silent.

I asked: Is that ok, that they are different in different places?
They said: No, it’s not ok.
I said: It is true that the songbirds are different in different places. But they all sing songs with beautiful melodies.
The songbirds flashed an image of a bird I did not recognize. I guessed it might be an Australian bird, or maybe something like a toucan from South America.
I said: Even that kind of bird [well, ok, not a toucan, but maybe a lyrebird], or other birds there, sing beautiful songs there.

That seemed to help, that the songs might be different, but that the songs of the songbirds can be heard, in almost every place, all over Earth.

In love, Light, and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. I hope no one takes umbrage at this story. I don’t know that much about Australia, and I know much less about kangaroos. All I really know is what the songbirds had to say in my backyard this morning. Clearly, interspecies communication is challenging, especially when I cannot see what the other species can see … such as a very large Star Being [or maybe a very large Deva] flying towards us through the air.


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