Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: Heart Vampire 5 . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 13 December 2020; revised
This is one of several blogs on the same topic.


Dear Ones,

This is one of quite a few blogs comprising a collection of astral stories I encountered that involved a catastrophic childhood case study … in this case, that of the Heart Vampire, a Soulless man who was the head of a killing cult, à la now deceased Charles Manson. Unlike Charles Manson, this man, as far as I know, has not been caught.

Because the Heart Vampire became angry with me, he fixed his angry attention on me, on the psychic plane, from mid-2014 to about 2018, with a crescendo and crisis for me, psychically and physically, in the years 2015 and 2016.

Because the Heart Vampire is a ‘Controller’, he has powers of mind control and black magic, which are exercised through his loyal followers. There is nothing quite like being pursued, on the astral and physical planes, by a Controller, to get a Lightworker such as I am ‘up to snuff’ on the ‘to do’ and the ‘what for’ of this handful of powerful, Soulless beings on Earth.

For me, this was a vast learning experience regarding the play of Light and Dark in the realm of Duality. I started out small and foundering, and gathered insight little by little. Consequently the topic “Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: The Heart Vampire” is set forth in quite a few blogs. Among the first are my earliest insights into what I began to realize are Soulless people in human form: Controllers, antisocial personalities, ‘Circle of One’ psychopaths, feral children, and the like.

According to the astral airs, ‘Heart Vampire’ was the leader of the group of people. The set of blogs pertinent to the nickname ‘Heart Vampire’ is much fuller than the sets pertinent to the nicknames of the members of his group.

For the relationship of ‘Heart Vampire’ to the members of the group, see this blog, which is also included in the catastrophic childhood case studies of his followers … Link: “United States Mafia Organizational Chart: Key to Nicknames,” by Alice B. Clagett, drawn and published on 10 February 2021; revised … ..

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Written and published on 24 April 2017

Dear Ones,

This is just a ‘Charlie Manson’ sort of question to do with ‘cults that kill’. There is a Summary after the video …



You know, the reason Charlie Manson got caught is that he was in the same area as the members of his group that he ordered to go out on a rampage with that movie star situation that happened. And then he got caught in the same net with the other people.

So look at this: Suppose there were a cult leader who had the ability to observe killings astrally, and really liked that. In that case he might like for his people to kill so that he could enjoy that without actually being blamed for it. It would not be considered his fault, but the fault of the people in the cult.

And suppose he did not want to get caught in any kind of causal net by law enforcement. If he were a thinking man, he might come up with the possibility of arranging for atrocities and murders to take place when he was a long way away from the place where they were performed.

Yet he could go out on the astral plane … you know, the astral plane has no geography, so it is possible to view something happening a long way off, through astral travel … or so I hear … in the same way as if it were right next to us.

Suppose he arranged, at a distance, for an ‘arm’s length’ murder, or atrocity that would give him the same thrill as if he were very close to the situation, and yet the distance between him and the place where the atrocity took place would prevent his ever being detected as the causal agent or the instructing person with regard to those murders.

That would be Charlie Manson one-upmanship, would it not? That would be a pretty good crime; a pretty perfect crime.

  • What would happen to that individual in the afterlife? How would he be judged, I wonder? That is another question.
  • What would be the lot of the people in the killing cult, who obeyed his instructions? I do not know; I am just posing the question.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also … Link: “Community Health: Cults that Kill and Outlaw Gangs,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 7 December 2015; revised … ..


–from Link: “A ‘Charlie Manson’ Question,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 24 April 2017 … ..

Published on 17 May 2017; revised on 11 October 2017 … new text is in green font

    • Introduction
    • Sexual Excess, Castration, and Metamorphosis of the ‘In and Out’ Metaphor
      • On the Act of Eating a Severed Penis to Create an Erection
    • Astral Story: Pacemaker to Slow Incidence of Serial Murder
    • Astral Story: Man Eats a Woman’s Heart to Cure Antisocial Personality
    • Astral Story: House Arrest Bracelets and Intentional Self-Mutilation
    • More on the Pacemaker as a Physical Restraint against Murder
    • On the Habitual Offender Acclimating to the Notion That There Is More Than the Physical
    • Transgender Operation to Make a Felon More Motherly
    • The Benefits of Studying about the Subtle Bodies

Dear Ones,

This is about manifestations in 3D of the Physical Form Heresy, especially with regard to spiritual teachers and spiritual students …




I want to try and explain something about a way of thinking that results in wrong action. Sometimes people look at the very external, most obvious part of reality, which has to do with the physical body. They want to improve a behavior, and so they make a change in the physical body. And they think that change in the physical body will result in change in behavior.

It might be a very radical physical change. I’ll give three instances that I’ve come up with before in various blogs. For instance:

Suppose their spiritual teacher, has a mistaken notion … I call it a ‘heresy’ … I’m into ‘heresies’ these days) … a heresy of the physical form. We have many other forms besides the physical. We have the subtle bodies. In energy stature, we go all the way up to the monad, which is gigantic, as I understand it. So there’s that understanding, as spiritual teacher, that we strive to attain.

But sometimes, on the spiritual path, a spiritual teacher will look to the obvious, the very obvious … the physical form of his students. When that happens, these kinds of things might result:

Sexual Excess, Castration, and Metamorphosis of the ‘In and Out’ Metaphor

He might have a student who he feels is too active sexually to pursue the spiritual path. And if that student is all the time doing that ‘Don Juan’ thing, satyriasis, or in the case of a woman, nymphomania, then after a time, this spiritual teacher who abides in the heresy of which I speak … the Physical Form Heresy … might decide that the thing to do is to cut off the genitals, to mutilate the genitals of the person involved.

In terms of subconscious metaphor, you could think of it as the ‘in and out’ metaphor. The student was acting out the ‘in and out’ metaphor over and over again, and then the teacher arranges to have the genitals castrated, and expects that the behavior will change. But what, in fact, apparently happens, judging from the astral stories, is that the subconscious metaphor of ‘in and out’ translates itself to ‘the man with the knife’ who goes out and, instead of having sex, presses the knife in and out of a person, symbolically representing the act of sex, but killing the person instead.

So the outcome anticipated by the spiritual teacher is quite the opposite of what he expects. The outcome is far worse rather than far better.

On the Act of Eating a Severed Penis to Create an Erection. An elaboration on the above theme, in one of the astral stories circulating a few years ago, was that the teacher was experiencing erectile dysfunction, and cut off and ate the student’s penis, so that he could achieve an erection. This is a very physical way of thinking, that eating a part of a person can build up that part in the cannibal; it shows complete ignorance of human biology and biochemistry. My feeling is, this is another expression of the Physical Form Heresy. For a similar story, see the subheading “Astral Story: Man Eats a Woman’s Heart to Cure Antisocial Personality” below.

Astral Story: Pacemaker to Slow Incidence of Serial Murder

That’s one example. Here’s another:

There was a spiritual teacher I heard about in an astral story; this teacher had a spiritual student who was into killing. It might be that same person described in the above section; maybe that mistake about castration had happened. Or it might be another person who was very into serial killing. And the teacher thought: Well this is a bad thing. This is bad for the spiritual development of the student. What can I do about it?

And in looking at the physical form of the student he decides that what causes the act of murder is an increase in the heart rate of the student. He thinks that because the student’s heart rate accelerates when he is about to commit the act of murder.

So the teacher thinks the thing to do is to install a pacemaker in the heart of the student, so that the student’s heart rate can’t go up high enough to allow him to commit murder. And so, in that case … at least, in my astral story … what happened was that the student had the pacemaker inserted by his wife, in a home operation, with the spiritual teacher standing at his head. After the pacemaker was installed, she offered too much narcotics as a painkiller, and the student went out of body and passed on. Or else, went unconscious because of the operation. That’s how the story went.

As to whether he then continued to kill, if he retained form, perhaps it was helpful, in this instance, to use the pacemaker as a form of physical restraint.

Astral Story: Man Eats a Woman’s Heart to Cure His Antisocial Personality

Here’s a new astral story: A man with a history of raping, serial killing, and cannibalism was diagnosed as an antisocial personality. He had cult followers; and they became aware of his diagnosis and history.

His solution: On the psychic plane, he had two of his followers capture another member of his group. This was a grandmother, but young and statuesque in form. She had $50,000 in savings, or thereabouts, which was her retirement money. She camped out and slept in the woods, out of preference, so it was easy for the man’s followers to capture her.

They peeled the skin off her face, so the people in a local Satan cult wouldn’t recognize her as a local, respected woman. They drugged her, so that she couldn’t communicate with anyone. And they set up a Black Magic gathering one night, where she was to be sacrificed, as the highlight of the ceremony.

The followers of the antisocial personality gave out to the Satan group that the woman to be sacrificed was a prostitute on drugs, with children, and that she had agreed to be sacrificed because the followers had provided money to keep her children well cared for, as she was unable to provide for them.

Present at the ceremony were the antisocial personality and his wife, and they reserved to themselves the honor of ripping out the woman’s still beating heart, and eating it.

The purpose that the cult leader had in this, was to strengthen the energy of his own heart, so that he would no longer be perceived as a ‘heartless’ antisocial personality. He had his wife participate, so that she would be complicit in this crime, which he knew would carry heavy legal penalties, if discovered by law enforcement.

He arranged for complicity, once removed, of law enforcement and the local legal system, through participation of relatives of local law and legal people. In the confidence racket, this is termed the ‘tie up’ … or so I hear on the astral plane.

When the woman died, he had her skinned; he had two of his followers dry the skin in a fruit dehydrator, sliced it up into cords and made it into wristbands. These he distributed to his followers, both local and far-flung, with the intention that this would ‘consolidate the ranks’. By the by, it made all his followers, throughout the United States, complicit in this act of cannibalism.

Then as to the woman’s $50,000 savings, he had this transferred as a paydown on the home mortgage of a couple who were his followers. As he considered all the real property of all the followers to be his own, their lives to be in his hands, and their bodies for his sexual gratification, this movement of the money to his follower’s mortgage had two purposes:

  • First, it made his followers solidly complicit in the act of cannibalism; his hope here would be that blame for the act be shifted to them, should the act be discovered by the law.
  • Second, as to his mind, the couple’s house belonged to him, it was, in his mind, really ‘his’ money paying down his own mortgage. And in fact, this may be so, as, according to the astral story, houses owned by other cult members were held in trust … my guess is … if the story be true … held in trust for his organization, when the cult members passed on. Then, on the astral plane, in 2013 and 2014, there were massed up stories of his wife, her sister, and her parents having been murdered, the West Coast and East Coast female leaders being raped and/or murdered, and their homes being taken over by other members of the group, in most cases without a death notice appearing in the newspapers. This may or may not be true … it’s only a series of astral stories, but it does explain the way of thinking of a killing cult leader, to the effect that all lives and all property of his followers really belong to him, and that he can do as he will with them.

Following that, according to this wild astral story … the wildest so far, really … the husband of the couple stole the $50,000 from the mortgage paydown. According to recent astral stories, the money then drifted to another follower, who started a local illegal business … which, so the astral story goes, recently went bankrupt. Crime doesn’t pay, I guess, especially if you’re the follower of a murder-and-cannibalism cult leader!

But anyway, my purpose in describing the above really has to do with the Physical Form Heresy: The cult leader felt, that by eating another person’s physical heart … which by any lights would be termed the most antisocial of acts … he could develop the quality of compassion, and so escape the social opprobrium of his followers.

Astral Story: House Arrest Bracelets and Intentional Self-Mutilation

In law enforcement these days, if someone is convicted of sexual molestation, or various other crimes, they put a physical restraint on the person … a ‘house arrest’ bracelet, which looks a little like a very large wristwatch placed round an ankle. I gather this anklet indicates where a person is. At certain times, maybe on the weekends, they’re supposed to be at home (under ‘house arrest’) and this allows them to be released from prison.

And so this kind of physical restraint is used by law enforcement to mitigate the antisocial behavior of some people that been shown to be habitual offenders in the sexual molestation realm. I think that has had some success, and it certainly saves the state money, but I’ve also heard, on the astral plane, of people who shave off their ankle bone so that they can slip that off, and get away from the detection system. Those people who do that … If I were in law enforcement, I would ask about them, what mental tangles they may have that would allow them to mutilate their body in this way, so as to continue with this habit that is antisocial and detrimental to their welfare in the long run.

More on the Pacemaker as a Physical Restraint against Murder

Maybe that’s where the pacemaker idea (described above) came from … from an idea about physical restraint systems used by law enforcement. It would be another method of physical restraint, provided the patient didn’t die during the operation. If the patient did die during the operation, then that would indicate to me that his need to kill was more important to him than being alive. That if he were to be restrained from it, he would feel that he had no purpose in living.

On the Habitual Offender Acclimating to the Notion That There Is More Than the Physical

In the case of the person who shaves down the ankle so as to get loose of the law enforcement restraint system, I’d say that the desire to perform that antisocial action was more important to them than their physical form.

So you begin to get the notion that there is something other than the physical form at play here. There are the emotions, for instance. And the habitual thoughts of the person in question. These are two of the subtle bodies … the emotional body (or astral form), and the higher mental body.

So even the habitual offender knows, in a way, that there’s more to him than the physical. And in this way he leaps beyond the heretical thought of the spiritual teacher.

Transgender Operation to Make a Felon More Motherly

I have another instance for you. This instance has to do with the spiritual teacher who has as his students felons … who have in their rap sheet clear evidence of a life of crime … the life of a career criminal. It might be all kinds of crime; drug runner, sex worker, armed burglary … all the different things that people do when they don’t think too much about the consequences of their actions.

And so this spiritual teacher has in his care, under his aegis, felons. And he is working under the assumption that the physical form is the important thing.

Let’s say all these felons are men. And he thinks to himself: Women have a maternal drive, and they would never do these kinds of crimes generally. Almost always it’s men that seem to get caught with these kinds of risk-taking behaviors … maybe 10 percent are women and 90 percent are men, or along those lines.

And so, this spiritual teacher thinks: Well, if they were only women! Consequent on that line of heretical thought, he performs on them transgender operations.

I have spoken of this several times in the past, because it’s very important to understand it. It’s important for the welfare of society and also of the people involved.

The result of that is that, if they are unable to achieve orgasm after an operation, then they will ratchet up on serial killing; maybe once a week, maybe more often. And this is very detrimental to their Soul clearing, and also to the welfare of the community in which they do this.

Under transgender circumstances they look like women. They have the physical form of women. But in their emotional and lower mental bodies they still retain the very violent samskaras (habitual subconscious thought forms) they had before. And they also have a lifetime of being male rather than female that must be overcome.

The Benefits of Studying about the Subtle Bodies

I hope that each of you can undertake a study of the subtle bodies so as to understand more thoroughly the miracle of the beingness that you really are. And proceed down from the spirit, from nous, from the highest, from the monad, down into the physical. And in that way, the decisions you make about clearing your Soul will be more effective.

The same goes for spiritual teachers, and their help for their spiritual students, I feel.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For another instance of the physical form heresy, see Link: “Subconscious Symbolism: She Tore My Heart Out,” by Alice B. Clagett, Written and published on 22 January 2020 … ..


–from Link: “The Physical Form Heresy,” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 17 May 2017; revised on 11 October 2017 … ..

Written and published on 12 December 2017

    • The Case of a Child Born with Body Template DNA Damage, or Who Has Suffered Brain Damage Through Accident
    • The Case of a Child Born with Soul DNA Damage Pursuant to the Beginning of Soul Devolution
    • Positive Astral Entity as a Temporary Resident
    • Negative Astral Entity as a Temporary Resident

Dear Ones,

Sometimes a child is born lacks a Higher Mental Body. This may happen for various reasons, some to do with Soul DNA, and others to do with the Body Template DNA. It may also happen after birth, through accident that injures the brain …


If the child is born with the body template DNA damaged, then there will be a genetic issue preventing manifestation of higher brain functions. A child with this issue may be working through a karmic issue from past lifetimes, or may be offering a dharmic blessing to its natal family, or to those who will become its caregivers. There is thus the possibility that other incarnations have and will manifest, in which the Higher Mental Body is present.

If the child is born with the Soul DNA damaged, there is a chance that other incarnations have and will manifest, in which the Higher Mental Body is present.

However, in rare instances, there is also the possibility that the Soul, because of extremely severe karma incurred in prior incarnations, may have begun the process of Soul devolution back to the animal realm, and thence to Source.


In cases where the brain is severely damaged, either at birth or through accident, the faculty of conscience may be completely missing. Lack of the faculty of conscience, while it does not halt the workings of the Law of Karma, makes it impossible for a person … though in human form … to exercise Free Will.

The driving forces of the person with no Higher Mental Body are three:

  • The will of the Reptilian Brain controls the involuntary functions that keep the body living:  breathing, heart rate, balance, and body temperature.
  • The will of the Limbic Brain creates emotions, and
  • The will of the microbes that live in our bodies … and especially, the Martian bacterial colonists in our ‘gut brain’ and the yeasts in our gut brain and elsewhere in our bodies … of whose world view I have spoken of in the blog Category: Microbiology


I have noticed in pets, that people … whether nearby or at a distance … sometimes ferry their own thought forms into their pets. Through these foreign thought forms, a pet such as a cat or dog, and some horses as well, are easily induced to do the will of the person sending them thought forms.

It is easy to ‘mind control’ pets, because they have no Higher Mental Bodies. They have their animal instincts, their emotions, and the willful direction of their microbes, and that is all they have. These are easily over-ridden by our human thought forms. This is no short slog, though, for those who might be persuaded to give it a go: Inevitably, I have found, pets resent being bossed around in this way. They get their dander, or their hackles, up about it. The exception, perhaps, being a pet that has bonded with its owner. Thus I would advise avoiding attempts to control pets in this way; the way of loving, patient training I feel to be much better.


The same feats of mind control can be done upon a person with no higher mental body.

The Case of a Child Born with Body Template DNA Damage, or Who Has Suffered Brain Damage Through Accident

In the case of a child born with body template DNA damage, or who has suffered brain damage through accident, I feel it likely that the parents, while knowing the reality of the case for their child, may nevertheless, from time to time, cast their own thought forms into the child’s brain, so that the child, by proxy, exhibits some of the higher mental qualities that the parents so wish might manifest in the child.

In such cases, if the parents observe each other’s thoughts and feelings carefully, I feel that the best solution for themselves and for their children, as to housing and care, will manifest for them. However, this process of coming to awareness regarding the true nature of the situation requires the utmost forthrightness and integrity on the part of family members.

The Case of a Child Born with Soul DNA Damage Pursuant to the Beginning of Soul Devolution

The case of a child born with Soul DNA damage pursuant to the beginning of Soul devolution is both rare and special. This is the class of people whose Souls are too damaged to inform the higher mental functions of the birthed human form.

The brain of such a ‘Dark Soul’ will also reflect abnormalities. The child may be unable to read, write, reason, or speak properly (although these are not necessarily signs of that a child is a Dark Soul).

The actions of the Dark Soul are more indicative of its difference from other children. There will be an innate attraction to senseless acts of violence, such as, for instance, slaughter of parents, family, and childhood friends, with no sense of compunction about these acts. There will be an inability to socialize, an inability to make a living, sometimes compensated for through activities labeled ‘sociopathic’.

Theosophy speaks of the rending of the ‘silver thread’ or ‘silver cord’ that knits the Lower Mental Body to the Higher Mental Body; of the brute in human form that is set loose on humankind; of the deepest cunning and darkest cruelty of such an anomaly. I feel this to be completely true, but very, very rare.


I find the ‘vacant space’ left by the lack of the Higher Mental Mind in the Dark Soul to be, in a way, akin to the mentality of pets, in that thought forms can be cast from another human being … whether present or at a distance … into the mind of the Dark Soul, who will then act thereon.

To those watching, it will seem as if this person is acting of Free Will. That is because, they themselves act in this way, and they make the assumption that everyone else does so to. In other words, they don’t look beyond the mask, beyond the mental filters of Socialization and Conscience.


By extension, it is possible for a Dark Soul to take a leadership role in a human group, though he or she is lacking the qualities we think of as human. This, I feel, has to do with an ‘ouija board effect’ during group interactions: The people in the group expect the Dark Soul to speak and do certain things. They cast their thought forms into the blank slate of the Dark Soul’s higher mind. An aggregate ‘thought control’ effect occurs, in which those words issue from the Dark Soul’s mouth that are the majority request of the people in the group … thus the term ‘ouija board effect’. Similarly, he or she does those actions that the aggregate thought forms of the group enforce upon him.

Why is this ‘ouija board effect’ not clearly perceived by the group? I feel this is because they are seeing in the ‘Dark Soul’ leader the mirror words and actions of their own egos, their own personalities. What could be more compelling of loyalty in followers than to see, in a leader, their own ego, their own persona?


I have read in the occult lore that such a Dark Soul has a sort of ‘for rent or lease’ sign on its head. And that any roaming astral entity … whether positive or negative in inclination … may take up temporary residence there.

Positive Astral Entity as a Temporary Resident

Thus, during a meeting of a spiritual nature, such a Dark Soul, through the inclination of his or her followers toward the Angelic Realm, or towards God, may appear to be channeling pure spiritual insights. These insights will be facilitated through a positive astral entity taking up temporary residence in his or her mental field, and the words that the Dark Soul speaks will be fashioned through the ‘ouija board effect’ mentioned above.

Negative Astral Entity as a Temporary Resident

In cases where the darker emotions … be they anger, fear, vengeance, jealousy, greed, or o’erweening ego … overtake the group, then the Dark Soul will attract a negative astral being … what the occult lore describes as an arch fiend, or one of his allies, for instance … and the words spoken and deeds done by the Dark Soul that leads a group will reflect this new astral tenant.


This sets the scene for the actions of a Charles Manson, of a Daniel Perez (aka Lou Castro), or the like; the group, which is accustomed to absolute loyalty to its leader, questions not. Though the commands of its leader be aberrant, or bizarre or antisocial in nature, a ‘cults that kill’ phenomenon. Though they may result in the death of all the group members, as in the case of the Jonestown cult, yet the group members may follow their Dark Soul’s commands, almost to the last person.


They say that, of the people on Earth, one in 20 may be an antisocial personality, and as many as one in five of the people in leadership roles may be antisocial personalities. Of these many antisocial personalities, there are bound to be a handful who are Dark Souls. But how can they be identified in time to extricate their group members from the ‘killing cult’ phenomenon?


My feeling is, if a group suspects the presence of a Dark Soul as its leader, then the leader might be separated from the group, and tests of mental ability and emotional responses performed. Since, as my theory has it, the person who performs the test may unwittingly project his or her thought forms into the mind of the Dark Soul, it might be better to have the tests done in a room without people in it, and where the questions are asked by a robot. If there is an observation pane during the test, then I feel it would be best that audio be recorded, but not broadcast to the observer, so as to prevent unwitting input of thought forms.

In the event higher mental functions are absent, then evaluation might be made as to how best to restrain and house the Dark Soul … perhaps with reference to confinement records for Charles Manson and other killing cult leaders.


The answer to the question: How to deal with the energetic issue of the Dark Souls on Earth,  is one very much in the making. I feel certain that, given time, it can be resolved. However, I feel the learning curve will be steep, as the ‘mind control’ abilities of Dark Souls are legendary, and the reasons for this are but dimly understood.

It is as if humankind were emerging from the shadows, from a Veil of Forgetfulness, from a deep trance of unawareness, into the Light of New Life on New Earth. And all of a sudden, it becomes apparent that this difficulty or that must be dealt with, in the best and most humane way, for the good of humankind as a whole.

Yet I have the utmost confidence in our ability, as a harmonic resonance in this beautiful Universe, to walk the right path, to speak the right words, to find the right song … the Song of our Being that will uplift and cherish all life on this, our beloved Planet Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also Link: “Casting Thought Forms,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 5 February 2020 … ..


–from Link: “The Person Who Lacks a Higher Mental Body,” by Alice B. Clagett, written and published on 12 December 2017 … ..


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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