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Written and published on 14 August 2020

Dear Ones,

I have been working on compiling astral stories I have overheard about various instances of people who have had catastrophic childhood experiences. I have put online a few of these, under the title “Catastrophic Childhood Case Study: xxx.” There will be more coming up.

It is catch-as-catch-can on the astral plane. Many of the astral stories involve gloms of several or even many people who momentarily are expressing similar noospheric energy threads. Today I did a preliminary sort-through and added tags so that a search through the tags on the website might yield a notion of what blogs I am likely to put together as one compilation relating mostly to one person’s catastrophic childhood experiences.

I realize the great ‘draw’ to the Dark of the noospheric expression of people with this very Dark Soul wounding. I have noticed, over the last two decades, that many normal people are drawn into the astral stories of the very greatly wounded people because of slight energetic interfaces with the ‘flavor’ of those with catastrophic childhood experiences,

Because of being willy nilly drawn into the fray, it seems to me that innocents may mistakenly feel my work on those with catastrophic childhood experiences is really about them. It is my hope that these innocents will find relief in taking a look at the blogs that have the below tags, and realizing they are not, in fact, about them at all, but about someone else perhaps unknown to them … perhaps someone they have never even met.

Amongst the tags below are tags for some people that may better fit the category ‘Astral case studies’, which has to do with astral stories about people that persist over a long time on the astral plane. In the astral story category will fall people who seem to me not to have had to endure catastrophic childhood experiences, but whose astral stories keep coming up within my psychic ken. These I have titled “Astral Case Study: xxx.

Here, in alpha order, are the tags that can be searched on my site …

Ajna – Remote Viewer, Alluring Calm, Bespeller – Voodoo Man, Boy with the Rock, Black Magicker, Black Widower – Psychophant, Castratrux – Basal Vampire, Dank, Enchantress, Femme Fatale – Dominatrix, Gone Straight, Headstand Man, Heart Vampire, Hunter-Snuffer, Ice Man, Ice Princess, Inanna, Lazarus, Likes Blondes Too, Lioness, Living on the Land, Lovely Woman, Mister Nano – Bogus Dough – Kids for Less, Procto, Round of Applause, Sacrificial Vic,  Saintly Man, Second Up, See No Evil, Spelunker Kidkin, Spoils, Tempestuous Puppetress, The Doc, The Maldekian, The Riflewoman, The Surg, Three House Hostess, Tinkerbell, Torturess, Veiled Beauty, Wifer-Hacker, Witchy Woman Hater

Done so far: bolded.

I regret I am unable to be more definite about this. I guess ‘them’s the breaks’ on the astral plane.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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