My Uncle Marbury and Me . a story by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 27 February 2020

Dear Ones,

The funeral of my uncle Frank Marbury Clagett, whom I knew for longer than almost anyone still alive, was held on 22 February 2020 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, where I was born and where he lived all his life. Here is his obituary, which states he passed on 9 February 2020 …

Link: “Obituary for Frank Marbury Clagett,” by Gaschs Funeral Home … ..

My uncle once told me a story about how his mother Alice Clagett Clagett advised him, if he preferred the bachelor life, then he must learn to cook and keep house for himself, as he might not depend on a wife to do this for him. So, he said, he learned to cook for himself.

From about 2002 to mid-2009, when my mother’s health was failing, and I was overseeing her 24-hour care at her house on Ritchie-Marlboro Road, Upper Marlboro, Maryland, he would always stop by to read the newspaper and have morning coffee with my mother. I felt his daily visits were one of the things that kept her going during those years, which must have been a trial to her.

I recall I would sometimes drive mom and caretaker Tammy Blichard down to Pirate’s Cove Restaurant in Galesville, Maryland, for lunch with Uncle Marbury …

Video: “Pirates Cove Restaurant, Waterfront Dining, Galesville, MD,” by Dex Media Videos, 21 November 2014 … ..

Sidebar: My Mother’s Caretakers

I remember that Tammy Blichard …

Link: “Tammy Blichard,” in Facebood …

… took care of my mother most weekdays. Most nights and some days it was Jameka Wills who took care of her. Mrs. Blichard and Miss Wills were very competent, kindhearted caretakers who got on well with my mother.

I took care of my mother when they could not be there, as her health was fragile to such an extent that she could not be left alone.


At the restaurant he would often order Eggs Benedict, which I took to be a favorite of his. When I went back to Upper Marlboro for the holidays from 2010 through 2014, he would always fix me Eggs Benedict that he had made himself. From that I gathered he had taken his mother’s admonition to heart, and, as I could tell, had learned the art of cookery.

As I recall, Uncle Marbury had this and that problem with his heart for quite some years. I remember when I journeyed back to Upper Marlboro, Maryland, once a year for a few years after my mother passed on in 2009. It would be Uncle Marbury who offered to put me up for a few days during these annual visits, the last of which was 24 November 2014 to 1 December 2014.

I remember when he first said the doctors had put a stent in his heart. Then I would visit another year, and he would say they had put another stent in. As I recall it was the last year I visited him in Upper Marlboro, for Thanksgiving 2014 at my sister Kathy Carr’s house, that he mentioned he had had five stents put in.

I do not know too much about it, but thought that was a lot of medical work to do. Yet he seemed chipper and hale. He had lots of friends, a nice daily routine, and a good calendar of social engagements. It was a big shock to me when I heard from my brother about his passing. I guess I thought that, because my mother had been quite ill but had held on for about seven years, I would have had some advance warning about my uncle.

In retrospect, I feel it was his very upbeat attitude toward life that shielded me from knowing he was not doing that well in his final years. That was why his passing came as such a surprise to me, I feel.

Now I am looking back, taking stock, and remembering his fine qualities.

My uncle and I had some similarities in our work career and literary interests. He, like I, worked for the Central Intelligence Agency for a few years after graduating from college. In addition, he, like I, was a writer. Here are the highlights of my life …

Link: “About,” from Awakening with Planet Earth, by Alice B. Clagett … ..

I feel that my uncle’s lifelong devotion to the Catholic Church (following in his mother’s footsteps in that regard) was a comfort to him in his final years. Intuitively I feel that his attendance at Mass and participation in the Knights of Columbus somehow protected him after his death.

In addition, I asked that commemorative Masses be said for him at my own church, Saint Bernardine of Siena, West Hills, California, at Saint Mary of the Assumption, Upper Marlboro, and at Most Holy Rosary Catholic Church in Rosaryville, Maryland. Intuitively I feel that commemorative church services offer more help than we can know to those who have recently passed on, and also offer consolation to those who attend them. At least, I can say my own heart was consoled by those commemorative services that were held for my uncle.

As an intuitive, I felt, just after his passing, my uncle’s lightness of heart and his Soul’s delight at being finally free of an ailing body. I felt the wisdom gained in his long life must have been well received by our Creator, as his Soul went on to that great Presence when his heart finally let him leave the Earth plane.

I will miss his sparkling wit. I expect everyone that knew him will agree there will never be anyone quite like him.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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