Ravens Speak English? . by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 17 January 2020; published on 22 January 2020
Location: Cheeseboro Canyon Trail, near Agoura Hills, California


Dear Ones,


Here is a video where I noticed the ravens seemed to be speaking English. The ravens have more to say in the video than what I was able to hear; see what you think they said! Also, notice the personalities of the different ravens …

Some are wise and full of authority and humor; some are in their middle years; and some are quite young, and learning from their elders.

I listened to the ravens as I continued on my walk. It seemed to me they only used the ‘hawk’ word when hawks were around. When flying together for sheer joy of the wind wafting through their wing feathers, they would intone the word ‘Caw’, which I take to be the name of the Raven Clan.

There is an edited Summary after the video …



This is so embarrassing; it looks like the ravens out here in Cheeseboro Canyon have learned English, and we have not learned raven. Uh!

Wise raven speaking: “3 hawks, 3 hawks, 3 hawks. Heh, heh, heh. There, sweetheart, look, look. Hawk, hawk, hawk: 3 hawks. Look there: Three hawks.”

Raven: “Hawk, hawk.”

Me: That means: “Hawk, hawk.” There are three hawks circling. Four … three … Wait, one is a raven

Wise raven: “Hawk, hawk.”

Me, whispering: “Hawk, hawk.”

Young raven: “Hawk, hawk.”

Me: “Hawk, hawk.”

Wise raven: “Hawk, hawk.”

Me: “Hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk.” [testing whether they are using repetitions to indicate number of hawks] “We say that too.” [Raven flies off.] “There you go, Wow, look at you.”

Me: “Hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk.”

Young raven: “Hawk, hawk, hawk.”

Me: “Hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk.”

Wise raven, overlaid on my words, advising young raven: “Don’t answer.”

Wise raven: “Hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk.”

Me: “Hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk.”

Wise raven: “Hawk, hawk.” [bursts out laughing] Derisively: “Hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk.” [meaning, I feel, that there are only 2 hawks now, not four hawks]

Me: “Hawk, hawk, hawk, hawk.”

Wise raven: “Hawk, hawk, hawk.”

Me: “Hawk, hawk, hawk.”

Wise raven: “Whaddya know, we have a relationship”“Hawk, hawk, hawk.”

Me: “Hawk, hawk, hawk.”

Wise raven [how dumb can a human be!]: “Hawk. Hawk, Hawk.”

Wise raven [testing, dubiously]: “Hawk, hawk.”

Me: “Hawk, hawk.”

Wise raven and young raven are talking together. I say: “I saw it too; it’s a hawk for sure. Hawk, hawk, hawk!”

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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