Alice’s Perilous Tales: Archangel Descends Upon a Swooping Demon . by Alice B. Clagett *

Ravens and red-tailed hawk filmed on 12 December 2019 in Upper Las Virgenes Canyon Open Space Preserve, Simi Hills, California
Talk filmed on 19 December 2019; both published on 6 January 2020

    • Descent of a Raven Upon a Red-Tailed Hawk
    • Alice’s Perilous Tales: Archangel Descends Upon a Swooping Demon

Dear Ones,

Here are a video and an extensively edited Summary on the topic of wrangles between a raven and a red-tailed hawk; and an awesome wrangle between a Big Bad and an Archangel … maybe Michael or Metatron …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I have a story to tell you about the natural world and about the angelic and demon realms. It is sort of a comparison.

Descent of a Raven Upon a Red-Tailed Hawk

A week or so ago, I was out in the northern part of Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve in the Santa Monica Mountains … in the Los Angeles area. And I was walking on kind of a plateau area. There are a lot of ravens that hang out in that area. I have taken videos of them before. Sometimes in great batches they all get together; there are raven tribes that get together. And sometimes one tribe will be off by itself … or there will be a loner raven or two sitting in a tree. There are just a lot of ravens there.

I was walking along the plateau, on a loop trail, and I noticed something in the air … The first thing I noticed was two big birds fighting in midair. One swooped down upon the other. And the one that it swooped down upon tumbled over in the air, so that its feet and the claws on its feet were upwards. And the one that was descending upon it … swooping down upon it … engaged the claws of the other with its claws. So there was a ‘claw fight’ between their feet in the air.

Then I noticed that the one on top … the one that was descending … was a raven. And the one underneath was a young red-tailed hawk.

They disengaged their claws, and the red-tailed hawk turned over rightwise in the air and started to escape. I think these hawks are slower fliers; they are not soaring on thermals too much, compared to the ravens, which seem to have a knack for it. The raven may be a lighter bird, with close to the same wing span as that of the juvenile red-tailed hawk; that is my guess.

The raven started off after the red-tailed hawk, in hot pursuit. I saw them heading off in the distance. Then more ravens … friends of the first raven … came in and followed along after them … maybe five or six of them following along, having a good time of it.

So the red-tailed hawk was greatly outnumbered. What I noticed it did was it swooped down along the contour of the folding hills there. It was very close to the Earth. Its wing tips were almost brushing the tops of the chaparral.

The stride of its wing span, and the length of those turnings of the wings were long … very giant-sized and long … so that it was swooping like this … [shows long swoops of a moving hand] … over one area, and then to the next, and then on to the next.

Then the raven was, I think, unable to fall down on it and attack it because it was so close to the Earth. I think the raven might have hit itself against the ground if it had swooped down in that manner … they are more like thermal soarers and ‘wind wingers’, the ravens.

That pursuit was really dramatic; they went off in the distance and then disappeared.

Then there were other raven situations along the way: Two ravens sitting in a tree, that soared off together. I remember, when I was nearly through the loop, one lone raven was flying along in the direction where everybody else had gone some while ago, calling out in the voice that was plaintively saying, I thought: Where are you? Where did you go?

I am sure it found them. I think that ravens may sense the trail of other ravens through some invisible turbulence in the air … a systematic, periodic turbulence in the air that wafts after the raven that is flying off, so that the lost little raven … like that one … can find its way through the ‘raven signature’ periodic movements of the air. I think that is how they do it; I do not think it is through pheromones or anything like that. They sniff the air, they know the air, and they follow the air.

Alice’s Perilous Tales: Archangel Descends Upon a Swooping Demon

Now on to demons and angels: Some years ago (I have talked about this before) there was quite an incident as I was heading from my home in the San Fernando Valley to a meditation group that met in West Los Angeles. It was a long trip at night, and I had to be there by a certain hour.

I encountered a lot of trouble both arriving at the meditation group and then departing later on, time after time.

As well, there was dark interference outside the meditation place, on the street and in a neighboring coffee house. I recall in particular a dark incursion from the street through the exterior house wall, that looked a little like a transparent version of a very tall ‘Terminator’ dude with fluffy hair, well over six feet tall.

And another time when a deep dark presence swooped into the room, but was successfully countered by a very strong, pure chant of Omm begun by the meditation leader (a woman) and taken up by the rest of the women in the room.

I remember also a time when our meditation leader’s uber leader came to lead the meditation, and 100 or more Hathors (friends of mine) flew joyfully into the room through the open portal of my heart. The first one out was a particular friend of mine, known to me from a past lifetime. I recall how the uber leader greeted this fifth dimensional being with a blast of pure hatred from his own heart; how my Hathor friend stumbled and fell, his heart’s LIght snuffed out by an emotion so foreign to him and his kin; how I sought comfort in the ensuing months and years, after my Hathor friends left the 4D-5D interface on my Awareness timeline; and how I finally found comfort in the thought that my friend had but ascended to a higher dimension, and that he and I would one day meet again.

I remember another time when the uber leader met the women near that place, and during one meditation exclaimed: Yes! I have succeeded in mind controlling all of you at the same time! (or words to that effect); and how I looked up in surprise, and sensed but one other woman in a sentient state, amongst the meditators.

I remember yet the last time I meditated with that group, when the uber leader used his ability to manipulate the quantum field to simulate, on the psychic plane, raping me as the other women sat in meditation; and how, after I left the group, it seemed that, on the astral plane, he and his sublieutenants raped woman after woman in our group on the psychic plane … not in the usual mind control daydream haze, but using the quantum energy that seems more like a physical event.

I recall how the astral airs … through wide geographic swaths … were racked with violence, hatred and fear. I remember how it seemed to me … from the clairaudient plane … that a handful of women eventually succumbed, losing their lives either through despair or through violence. Whether this be true, or no, I may never ascertain.

I remember how, returning from the meditation late at night, I would feel a two hour drive stretch on and on into the night as I felt a dark presence bidding me fall asleep while driving; how I had to avoid the empty freeway on the return leg; and how I had to pull over on residential streets when the Dark Attack hit. It was impossible to resist, and took effect nearly instantaneously. Luckily because of my martial arts training long years ago, I would immediately pull over, and fall asleep at the curb … windows up, doors locked. Then suddenly I would feel a ghostly hand on my shoulder, a kindly male astral being … a guardian spirit … whispering in my ear: Wake up! It’s not safe here. Start off again towards home!

But I have spoken of all those unsettling, long-ago events in other blogs. To return to my story, one of the troubles I ran into in arriving at the meditation place was this one: I was driving along, and there were all kinds of obstructions. I was driving along the shore route by the Pacific Ocean, but I had to move inland in order to get to my destination. And the closer I got to Freeway 405, the more congested the roads were. All the roads were tied up because no one could get on the freeway … the freeway had some kind of problem.

I was afraid I would be too late to get there, and I had to be there on time … it was very important. So I was trying to improvise as I drove, trying to find a route that would work. After awhile … I was within maybe a mile of the place … and I noticed behind me that, as I progressed up the hill towards the place, the lights of the city were going off. There was a blackout that was following pretty close to the back of my car … up to about a block or two behind my car … all the way up the hill to the place where I had to go.

At the same time I sensed a descending angelic power that was pursuing something, rather like the pursuit that the raven made towards the hawk that was beneath it. There was a loping energy of Darkness following me up the hill, in a trail like the trail of the hawk along the chaparral.

It was touching the tops of the buildings as it went past, and moving towards my car, up the hill. Descending from the heavens was the angelic power of the most grand angel I have ever met … I was thinking Archangel Michael … possibly Metatron … descended down. As its wing tips, which spanned all of West Los Angeles, touched the buildings, the power went off in the buildings. Angels are that grand … they are that grand!

So now you know the story; the Darkness did not reach me; and I got to my destination safely. May it do so for you as well, for all your life long, and for all the times thereafter!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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