Urban Legends: Secret Government Nanobot Project Requires Excision of Body Parts! . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 22 August 2019

Dear Ones,

Here is an urban legend that has been circulating round the astral airs since 2013: The story goes that there is at UCLA School of Medicine a secret government project in which experimental subjects’ eyes (or variously, gastrointestinal tracts) have been inoculated with nanobots as part of an attempt to mind control United States citizens.

Scarier still, as the story goes, the protocol requires all the experimental subjects’ inoculated eyes (variously, the left eye, or the right eye) or ileocecal valves (the nanobots having lodged just above the ileocecal valve) to be excised so that the nanobots can be recovered and returned to the United States secret service.

It is possible the astral rumor came about because there is a California NanoSystems Institute … https://cnsi.ucla.edu/ … located close to the heart of the UCLA Medical Center’s Westwood Campus.

This is simply an urban legend, with no basis in fact. A glance at the rights provided us by the United States Constitution, and at the provisions of the Nuremberg Code, will surely set the matter straight in a moment’s time.

For those patients at UCLA who may still have doubts about this persistent myth, one sure way to disprove it would be to request copies of your patient consent forms from UCLA School of Medicine … https://www.uclahealth.org/medical-records … As I understand it, procedures cannot be done without a consent form being on file.

For medical doctors who would like to debunk this myth, if you are referred to supposed ‘secret experiment’ patient consent forms, then I would just check on the possibility of pranked or fake forms.

This same topic may be coming up on the ‘astral airs’ of medical centers elsewhere. The thing of it is this: Nationwide, there have been instances of berserker behavior recently, and murders, and these may be related to an increase in generalized anxiety amongst people here in the United States. Individually, increased anxiety in our national population may result in activation of fight or flight, or freeze or fawn response.

Instances of mass hysteria can also result, in which a number of people believe in a ‘conspiracy theory’ notion such as the secret government nanobot project to mind control United States citizens. The thing to do, I feel, if one cannot shake the notion of such an outlandish theory, is to obtain prescription medicine for generalized anxiety, and take it for awhile, and then see where the land lies. Another possibility is to talk with friends and acquaintances whose level-headedness can be trusted, so that they can present the sorts of questions that will poo poo these ‘out there’ notions.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

P.S. To date, I feel, our surest method of mind control, here in the United States, is daytime TV. I am reminded of a time long ago when I was selling cable TV door-to-door. I recall pitching a lady who had 4 TVs in her living room, all of them on at the same time, and each tuned to a different soap opera. I did inquire about this; she said she did not want to miss one detail of any of the stories. Luckily, since then, technology has arisen that allows us to record and replay shows after they air.


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