Diamond Net of Indra . by Alice B. Clagett

Scheduled to be published on 26 March 2015; revised and published on 9 August 2018


Dear Ones,

Long ago, the ancients of India knew about axiatonal lines, feeder lines of Light, the law that ‘as above, so below,’ the infinitely fine, indestructible pathways of love and Light that connect all of us with the far-flung galaxies. Their name for this was ‘the Diamond Net of Indra.’

There are quite a few references to the Diamond Net of Indra online, but most are under copyright. So I have included here a passage from Wikipedia which is Creative Commons, and then put in links to more information I found helpful.


“The metaphor of Indra’s net of jewels plays an essential role in the Chinese Huayan school, …  where it is used to describe the interpenetration … of microcosmos and macrocosmos …. The Huayan text entitled “Calming and Contemplation in the Five Teachings of Huayan” (Huayan wujiao zhiguan …, T1867) attributed to the first Huayan patriarch Dushun (557–640) gives an extended overview of this concept …

“‘The manner in which all dharmas interpenetrate is like an imperial net of celestial jewels extending in all directions infinitely, without limit. … As for the imperial net of heavenly jewels, it is known as Indra’s Net, a net which is made entirely of jewels. Because of the clarity of the jewels, they are all reflected in and enter into each other, ad infinitum. Within each jewel, simultaneously, is reflected the whole net. Ultimately, nothing comes or goes. If we now turn to the southwest, we can pick one particular jewel and examine it closely. This individual jewel can immediately reflect the image of every other jewel.

“‘As is the case with this jewel, this is furthermore the case with all the rest of the jewels–each and every jewel simultaneously and immediately reflects each and every other jewel, ad infinitum. The image of each of these limitless jewels is within one jewel, appearing brilliantly. None of the other jewels interfere with this. When one sits within one jewel, one is simultaneously sitting in all the infinite jewels in all ten directions. How is this so? Because within each jewel are present all jewels. If all jewels are present within each jewel, it is also the case that if you sit in one jewel you sit in all jewels at the same time. The inverse is also understood in the same way. Just as one goes into one jewel and thus enters every other jewel while never leaving this one jewel, so too one enters any jewel while never leaving this particular jewel….’

“The Huayan Patriarch Fazang (643–712) used the golden statue of a lion to demonstrate the Huayan vision of interpenetration to empress Wu: …

“‘In each of the lion’s eyes, in its ears, limbs, and so forth, down to each and every single hair, there is a golden lion. All the lions embraced by each and every hair simultaneously and instantaneously enter into one single hair. Thus, in each and every hair there are an infinite number of lions… The progression is infinite, like the jewels of Celestial Lord Indra’s Net: a realm-embracing-realm ad infinitum is thus established, and is called the realm of Indra’s Net….'”

–from Link: “Indra’s Net,” in Wikipedia … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indra’s_net …. CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported License


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


At these links are references to the Diamond Net of Indra …

Link: “References to ‘Indra’s Net'” … https://www.cs.kent.ac.uk/people/staff/saf/networks/networking-networkers/indras-net.html ..

Link: “Awakening to Reality: Indra’s Jewelled Net” …  http://awakeningtoreality.blogspot.com/2009/04/net-of-indra.html ..

Image: Spiderweb laden with dew … https://mellissaelucia.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/work-4363262-1-flat550x550075f-indras-web-spiders-web-laden-with-dew.jpgCOMMENT: This image from the natural world reminds me of the diamond net of Indra.

The above image appears in this article …

Link: “Inward Bound: Exploring The Fractal Matrix,” by Tai Carmen, 17 June 2014 … https://taicarmen.wordpress.com/tag/matrix-reality/ .. 

In that article, please search the term: Avatamsaka Sutra … and read from there to the paragraph ending, “…The Implicate Order.” (This is eight short paragraphs.)

This passage offers a quotation from the “Avatamsaka Sutra,” and explains that the diamond net of Indra is a good description of a hologram. The passage then speaks of quantum entanglement, of the holographic nature of reality, and of the instantaneousness of communication. Its description of the images in the spider web dew drops, I feel, implies fractal dispersal, a topic I sometimes discuss.


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