Amateur Sleuth: On Matching Up Mugshots . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 29 April 2018

  • My ‘Criminology’ Background: Co-Author of a Crime Avoidance ‘How To’ Book Some Years Ago
  • Thoughts from an Amateur Sleuth
  • Mugshots: Matching Head Size and Then Analyzing Each Facial Feature
  • Mugshots: Taking Age DIfferences into Consideration
  • Mugshots: Differences Caused by Head Tilt
  • Mugshots: Width or Fullness of the Face Due to Weight Gain, Steroids, Botox, or Addictions
  • Wanted by the FBI! … Are These Two Mugshots of the Same Person?
  • ‘Crime Clusters’ on Background Alert: Criminal Obfuscation or Cyber Crime?
  • Conclusion

Dear Ones,

My ‘Criminology’ Background: Co-Author of a Crime Avoidance ‘How To’ Book Some Years Ago

As you may know, some long years ago, using the pen name Cricket Clagett, I co-authored a book, now out of print, entitled “1001 Ways to Avoid Getting Mugged, Murdered, Robbed, Raped, and Ripped Off” …

Link: “1001 Ways to Avoid Getting Mugged, Murdered, Robbed, Raped, or Ripped Off,” by Vivo Bennett and Alice Clagett, .. out of print

It looks like there’s a reprint being ‘ripped off’ now … go figure! ..

Thoughts from an Amateur Sleuth

Since then, I’ve had a casual, ‘amateur sleuth’ interest in criminology. Lately, I’ve been interested in ‘crime makeovers’ (you can search that phrase on my blog for what I’ve come up with).

From time to time, I’ll see two mugshots (facial photos), and ask my family and friends: Do you think these are the same person? And I’ve noticed, they say, “No! They’re two different people.”

I find this interesting, and I wonder why they arrive at these conclusions. For myself, when I analyze two mugshots, I notice that I also make snap judgments, such as:

Gosh, do these two people look different!

Then I think: Well, but they somehow feel like the same person. This is the intuitive in me speaking I guess. What they call, in the detective novels, a ‘hunch’ (as opposed to a ‘lead’ … which I figure must be more substantial).

I know there are all kinds of ways to alter facial features and body statistics so as to avoid detection by camera at a crime scene, and also to avoid criminal database matchups. I’ve put a little about this in another blog, which I feel might be an interesting read …

Link: “Crime Makeovers1,” … by Alice B. Clagett, revised 17 April 2017 and 15 April 2018, ..

Mugshots: Matching Head Size and Then Analyzing Each Facial Feature

So then, I came up with the notion of sizing the bottom of the chin and top of the head (as opposed to the top of the hair) on each mugshot the same. And then going facial feature by facial feature. For instance, observing first the nose, then the eyes, then the eyebrows, then the pattern of the facial hair, then the ears, and so on. And then making a tally of likely matched features. And then deciding the likelihood of a match (even though date of birth, weight, social security number, and even height might vary).

Using this method, I considered these people likely to be the same person:

Link: Jeffards Roy Byington, ..

Link: Michael Doane Keslar, ..

Link: James David Stuart, ..

I note in the last mugshot, the higher hairline made matchup more challenging. The determining factor, for me, with these mugshots, was the disparity in the shape of the two eyes.

Mugshots: Taking Age Differences into Consideration

Age can also make it challenging to match mugshots. For instance, here is are a young and an older mugshot of Jeffards Roy Byington. The age disparity does make these mugshots look different, but, I feel, not too different …

Link: Younger Jeffards Roy Byington, ..

Link: Older Jeffards Roy Byington, ..

Mugshots: Differences Caused by Head Tilt

I’ve also found that when a person looks slightly down or up, when a photo is taken, then the photos look very different, and a matchup becomes more challenging because of that. The middle vertical row of faces in these artistic sketches clearly illustrate the differences that head tilt causes …

Link: Artist renditions of head tilt, ..

Some of the most notable of these are the length of the forehead, the nose, and the chin. The eyebrows, eyes, mouth, and ears also look very different, don’t you think?

Mugshots: Width or Fullness of the Face Due to Weight Gain, Steroids, Botox, or Addictions

I’ve also noticed that a change in width or fullness of the face can make it look very different. For instance, these mugshots, apparently of the same man, look very different, I feel ..

Link: “Jason Curtis Williams,” ..

Link: “Jason Curtis Williams,” ..

Wanted by the FBI! … Are These Two Mugshots of the Same Person?

So now, taking all the above into consideration, I’d like to ask a very out-there question: Are these two, seemingly very different mugshots really of the same person? If so, what does that say about the person? For instance, what ‘crime makeover’ techniques would have been used to effect this transformation?

Link: Benjamin Tyler Quintana, ..

Link: Ulises Omar Felix, Wanted by the FBI, ..

Intuitively speaking, in both photos, I sense a slight curl, like a snarl, in the muscle of the left side of the top lip (for the person viewing the photo, this would be the right side of the top lip). Can you also feel something like that in these mugshots?

If a snarl is sensed, then what would that mean, in terms of the person’s personality?

Note that the gender of the first man is listed as F, or female. Was this a typo, or might it mean something else? If so, what? Yet the second man is listed as male. If they are the same person, what might that mean?

Notice how different the feeling of the two people is … the first appears to me to be afraid, or maybe taken aback. The second appears to me to be intent, as if engaged in a ‘stare down’. If these are the same person, has the way of facing the world changed with age?

I note the difference in facial fullness; that the first mugshot seems to have cosmetically extended eyebrows; that the first photo has an upward tilting head and the second photo has a downward tilting head; that the tops of the ears may be the same, and the lips, and the bottoms of the noses, the mustache line, and the hairlines look similar.

I have a possible advantage of the reader in this, in that I have a photo of a man with a different name, that I can’t put online, out of concern for lawsuit. That photo seems to me to be intermediary between the young photo of Benjamin Tyler Quintana and the apparently older photo of Ulises Omar Felix.

I also have the advantage of having looked up Benjamin Tyler Quintana ,,, I think it was in Background Alert,  … where I found a many-paged cluster of crimes by persons all with the same first and last name … Benjamin Quintana … and with different middle names.

‘Crime Clusters’ on Background Alert: Criminal Obfuscation or Cyber Crime?

As a casual user of Background Alert, I might discount this ‘crime cluster’ … had I not run across it several times elsewhere; this makes me wonder if the middle names and other police report statistics might have been misrepresented in some way, possibly by the suspects, or maybe through cyber crime?


Well, dear reader, it’s up to you to figure out this puzzle. And puzzle it is! For there is nothing that an outlaw likes to do more, than to elude a posse! I wish you the best of luck in your own amateur sleuth endeavors!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Video: “Pancho and Lefty,” by Willie Nelson & Merle Haggard, 3 April 2016,  by ..


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