Antisocial Personality Gloms … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 23 April 2018

    • Story of Two Telepaths Who Resonated With Each Other: The Antisocial Dyad (Folie à deux)
    • Story of the Brothers with the Same First and Last Name: A Unique ‘Crime Family’

Dear Ones,

Two ‘psy in the sky’ stories: The first is about an antisocial dyad or duo (folie à deux). The second is about a group of antisocial brothers, a ‘crime family’ with a new twist. There’s a Summary after the video …



So, I’ve developed this theory about glomming together of antisocial of antisocial personalities, and the very first instance that I knew about it, was like this:

Story of Two Telepaths Who Resonated With Each Other: The Antisocial Dyad (Folie à deux)

There were two people that had been friends all their lives, and they both were antisocial personalities. They were both telepaths; and they would make plans … ‘psy in the sky’, that is … to molest school children at the same time … even though they were separated from each other by hundreds of miles, maybe even a thousand miles.

Because they were very psy … negatively psy … they would do that together. And that would make the power of their mind control double. Because one of them would be shoving his energy into the other one, for mind control. In other words, they reinforced each other, or resonated with each other … that might be what it was.

Story of the Brothers with the Same First and Last Name: A Unique ‘Crime Family’

So anyway, there’s this new instance that’s similar, but has its distinct qualities. And that has to do with a family of boys, all with the same first and last name, but each with a separate middle name.  This is just a ‘psy in the sky’ story. And all of these boys had the inherent tendency to enjoy the act of killing … maybe rape, but definitely killing. They just loved killing. And the whole family had very volatile tempers.

This isn’t in the astral story, but I had a thought that they might have used all the same social security number and/or drivers license, because they all had the same first and last name. This might have made possible may con tricks and might possibly have been used, in one way or another, for income tax evasion?

So here’s the theory; it’s very ‘out there’. They were very ‘risk-taking’ … all of them. And many of them, when they got older, moved into professions that were illegal; some, very violently inclined. And so, they all decided … because they had all had the same childhood first and last names … to pick another, very different, first and last name that they would all use.

So they were like a gang of young people that were doing that antisocial personality thing, right? And doing that ill-got gain thing … right? And so, on the basis of their childhood … of having all the same first and last name, and the middle name different, they picked another name … a very misleading first and last name. All of them had that name. It was a name that nobody else really has; it was very uncommon. They picked it out for them, and them alone.

And they kept their same birth middle names, which was really their distinguishing feature, from childhood. Right? So if you were to look online, at one of the Background Alert name listings, you would find this new first and last name had a listing of 60 or 90 counts of breaking the law, of criminal convictions … but in different states of the United States, right?

So, if you were to physically look, in different states of the United States, you might find someone with the middle name that was listed for this fictional character who was a member of that family. Right? And who did those particular things in that state. Say, everybody had a state … a good state that they preferred.

So this family, like the duo that I told you about initially … because of the family characteristics …

  • the tendency to become angry very quickly; a ferocious kind of anger
  • the desire to kill and maybe rape, and
  • the tendency to risk-taking

… found that one or the other of them, from time to time, was about to perform that act … the act of killing, or maybe rape, right … And when that happened, the shadow of the personality of all of the siblings would converge down upon the one that was doing that act … so that he attained 10 times the power of the normal mind-control enthusiast.

So they were nearly invincible in this regard, and uncatchable … as were the duo. Apparently, it takes at least a duo, and those apparently happen quite frequently in the antisocial personality realm, because of the fact that they are predators hunting prey.

And it’s an unpopular position, from the standpoint of society. So two can watch each other’s backs, you know? And they can also provide extra mind control ability … twice the mind control ability … so as to mind-control all the important people: The law enforcement people, the lawyers, the Courts … let me think. That’s all I can think of right now.

So but anyway, to get back to the big group … the ‘crime family’ with a new twist: There was one person there that did not like killing. Right? One of the brothers did not like killing. And he used to think: If only, all these other people were passed on, then it would be ok. And I wouldn’t have so much of a tendency to do evil acts on the spur of the moment, by being obsessed by all the other people psychically present … It’s like 10 times more than I myself am.

He thought that quite a bit. And … I won’t say, as a consequence of that thought … but eventually, the rest of his siblings passed on.

So what happened then? That’s the question. I’m not going to be the one to test it; it’s too scary for me. But I do have a question:

  • Is it really true that he now only has 1/10th of the prior mind control ability, and 1/10th of the propensity to evil?
  • Or, are the evil shadows of his passed on, dead siblings still roaming the Earth and jumping on? Perhaps in decreased proportion to their living situations?

If they are still roaming the Earth, and latching onto him, then, over time, as their astral forms deteriorate, and their ghostly bodies dissipate, and they move on to the Mental Realms, then he should experience more and more relief from that difficulty. That’s what I’m thinking. It will be interesting to know what’s really going to happen.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


Link: “Triple Vortical ‘Vampire Effect’ – a Temporary Ascension Symptom,” by Alice B. Clagett, 5 May 2017, ..


(1) Link: “Background Alert,” ..


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