ASP Sense of Humor . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 15 March 2018


Dear Ones,

As you may know, disclosure is proceeding apace, as the Ascension process takes place. I’ve read that antisocial personalities make up about 1 in 20 of the people on Earth … and 1 in 5 of those in leadership positions.

As everyone on Earth is becoming more and more telepathic, it’s becoming clear to the average person on the street … who is a Controller, and who is beginning to wake up from being mind controlled by the Controllers. Who is an antisocial personality (an ASP) and who is a Normal (a normal, law-abiding person).

There is bound to be some commotion as these disclosures take place, but I hope this will be as minimal as possible, if we continue to optimize our timelines and dimensions, for the All through Free Will (see prior blogs on this).

Meantime, I have an inkling or intuition that by studying the ASP (antisocial personality) sense of humor … as it has been expressing itself telepathically and globally for some few years now … we Normals can begin to identify what is what with regard to psychological illness, and the subterfuges and deceptive ways of speaking and acting that have heretofore prevented their disclosure.

Here are a few examples I’ve clair observed regarding the ASP sense of humor …


An ASP man or woman likes to torture and kill children, then barbecue them, and eat them. They love thinking about it all day long, and anticipating the kill and the act of cannibalism.

They’re aware of the dangers of daydreaming about these acts, because other telepaths might pick up on what is going on. So they use ‘little child’ nursery rhyme-type code words to refer to acts of barbarity.

As a telepath you might hear these ‘cutesy’ phrases over and over again on the clair plane. I just recently decoded a reference I had been hearing to ‘participle insect work’ …

I feel this may refer to butchering children. The reference may be to children as ‘insects’ and butchering as ‘cutting into parts’.

I might be wrong about this … it may be a reference to child molestation instead.


The ASP loves to think about his or her kills all day long, and might like to have photos or physical reminders of these. But keeping mementos is dangerous, and so …

They might post the photos of the kills online, on a facebook page with an assumed name. They then have access to the photos all the time, without anyone being the wiser.

They might pluck a pubic hair from each victim, and keep a collection of them in the concealed pocket of their wallet. If discovered by law enforcement, these might be passed off as mementos of encounters with lovers.


Here is an example of ASP sense of humor that requires painstaking effort: The male ASP shaves the pubic hair off of a victim(s), and contrives to make a false beard with it, which he wears when he stalks his intended victims.

The memento from the prior victim(s) acts as a talisman … something that provides magical strength and concealment … to ensure success of the future hunt.


An ASP man or woman likes to torture and kill children, then barbecue them, and eat them. He creates toys suitable to the child age group he hopes to attract, and advertises them online.

One of the toys is a robot, which reminds the ASP of how he ‘plays at’ being a Normal (a normal human being).

One of the toys resembles a circular saw, such as he intends to use to cut up the child’s body prior to barbecueing it.

Another of the toys is a play barbecue set.

Each of the toys has a geolocator chip in it, so that the ASP can track down and kidnap the children.


The ASP might say: I think I know where this and such murderered child’s body is. I can take you there. Want to go?

You might say: Where is that?

The ASP might say: Floating in this and such lake, or the like.

You might say: No thanks!


The ASP might say: I just love anatomy. I love to see how the organs go together in the body. Don’t you love it?

You might say: No. I couldn’t even stand cutting up pickled frogs in Biology class in school.


The ASP is diagnosed as a schizophrenic or as paranoid schizoid. He mind controls someone in power … this he is the ‘Shadow Leader’. This is in case, when he mind controls the Leader into criminal actions on his own behalf, the Leader gets caught, and takes the rap.

The ASP hands the Leader his psych eval, stating it is that of someone he intends to Take-Down.


See “The Take-Down,” by Alice B. Clagett, ..

Hope this helps! Let’s get the hardened criminals off the streets, and in prison, so that they can do no more harm!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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