Chaos … by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 20 February 2014

  • Regulated Systems and Chaotic Systems
  • Childhood Story About Soybean Plantings in the Spring

Dear Ones,

Regulated Systems and Chaotic Systems

I just looked at a video about chaos and the butterfly effect (otherwise known as ‘sensitivity to initial conditions’):

Video: “Chaos and Butterfly Effect: Sixty Symbols,” ..

I liked the quote regarding the possible patterns of movement of a double pendulum that begins “If the number of things …” and ends “…it will do.”

To paraphrase the quote: The theory is that a system behaves regularly if its constraints are equal to the possible motions it can perform. Taking away some of the constraints creates a chaotic system. In other words, this taking away of constraints  frees up a regulated system, so that it can become chaotic.

That’s an important thought as regards Ascension. As we pass through the levels of the fourth dimension, the constraints of the old mental-emotional paradigm are dissolving. Left-brain constraints, logical thinking, time-space constraints, and cause-effect constraints are all dissolving. Naturally, chaos ensues. The fear and anxiety that so many of us have felt from time to time in the past few years are triggered by this intuitive understanding of change.

But chaos is not a bad thing. It’s something, I feel, to greet with open arms, with a warm smile of welcome. Chaos is a necessary prerequisite to the New Life on New Earth.

Childhood Story About Soybean Plantings in the Spring

When I was a child, I lived in the country. In spring, after the snow melted, my uncle would plow the fields round about our house, turning under the stalks of old soybean plants from the previous harvest, and turning under the new grasses that were just beginning to green the fields. All that had to go, in order for them to plant the new crop.

Video: “1959 Allis-Chalmers D17 Plowing,” ..

And so it is with us. It’s been a while since humanity has tilled the field. It’s been war and strife, hatred and fear, anger and insecurity, violence and selfishness, for a long, long time. Spring is here! Let’s plant the new crop in joy, peace, and love.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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