Storm of Spring . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 20 February 2018

Dear Ones,

You may have been startled recently, as have others, by the intense energies that have, since the beginning of January, been pouring into Earth. Another season of renewal and Light upgrades for humankind and for Gaia has arrived. We can anticipate getting Light downloads and DNA upgrades till just after the Fall Equinox 2018.

Right now, Earth and all her beings are ramping up to the Spring Equinoctial Energies; the crescendo will most likely take place on or around 20 March 2018, which is the date of the Spring Equinox UTC, CDT and PST.

I have read and clair heard several accounts of how people are experiencing dramatic changes, with physical and emotional symptoms. I feel it is important to be kind to ourselves as we begin to sense the New; and to hold these symptoms in the context of self-renewal, rather than in the false context of degradation of the physical form. When we experience thoughts that ‘life is ending’ during these days leading up to the Equinox, why not imagine it like this …

What life is ending? What is it that I want to let go, and eliminate from my life experience? What new things do I want to bring into my life experience?

What upgrades would I like to experience on the physical plane? What illnesses would I like to be fully healed?

What are the emotions that crimp my style? Shall I discard them? What emotions would I like to cultivate? How can I bring those emotions into my daily life?

What old beliefs would I like to let go? What mind sets are crippling my relationships with other people? What news reports am I reading or viewing that are negative in flavor, and that may jaundice my view of this beautiful planet? What new beliefs would I like to try out? Beliefs that will help me embrace the new, fully healed physical person?

For the New is tumbling in to the Earth planes, by the bucketful, streaming down in gentle Spring showers, hailing down in tempestuous Spring rainstorms, through solar winds, through protonfall and through Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs), willy -nilly and no matter what!

The New is knocking on the front door of every being on Earth. Be that door locked, it will peek in our bedroom window! Be that shade drawn, it will find us on the way to work! Indeed, should we hide in the cellar, it will come up the the roots in the Earth, ever so gently, and renew us.

To me, it feels like this tempestuous music …

Video: “Thoughts of the Past – Shahrdad Rohani – شهرداد روحانی,” by A. M. Goudarzi, 21 March 2014 … ..

I am reminded of how the people of ancient times used to dance in the Spring rains, and celebrate their presence on Earth. Dancing is really where it’s at, is it not? Figuring out Who our partner really is, and in the ecstasy of the moment, being at one with that One.

Music Link: “Dance of Spring – Shahrdad Rohani,” by amsal79, 14 April 2011 … ..

I wish you all happiness and renewal in this Storm of Spring. May we all be nourished by the waters of New Life, and may humankind flourish on our beautiful ‘Blue Boat Home’!

Link: “Peter Mayer’s Blue Boat Home,” by JD Stillwater, 7 January 2017 … ..

Link: “Earth Song Sound NASA Recording,” by Clark Human, 10 September 2012 … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

(chronological order)

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