Temporal and 4D Novelties . by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 30 December 2013 

    • Alice’s Story about a Possible Timeline Loop
    • Timeline Slips or Slides
    • On Fractals Peeling Off the Current Timeline: Timeline Splits
    • Timeline Splits: Story About the Person Who Wanted to Play Kirtan His Whole Life Long
    • Timeline Splits: Story About the Man Who, for Love of a Woman, Fractalized as Her Newborn Child
    • The Sun as a Great, Multidimensional Being, Affecting Us Multidimensionally as Well
    • Semi-Sentient, Ghostly State of the Dearly Departed
    • On Sensing Ghosts as Pressure Around the Head, and Blessing Them, So They Can Feel Safe

Dear Ones,

Here are some stories about a time slip in a carwash, very speedy time, fractal incarnations, and the Souls of our dearly departed. There’s a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones,

Alice’s Story about a Possible Timeline Loop

On a beautiful day in late December at Sage Ranch. And I thought I would talk to you today about something a little bit mysterious that happened to me at the carwash on Sunday. So, I went in to pay the money for the carwash in the machine, and there was another car in front of me. It was a van, and it went into the carwash.

But I could see what was going on because there was one of those circular mirrors … the curved mirrors that show things that are going on. So I saw that the car finished with the carwash. And then the car started to get smaller, in the mirror, as it moved out of the carwash.

So I put my money in, and the machine told me to enter the carwash. And so I went around the curve to go into the carwash, and there was that very van, just backed up to the entrance of the carwash, and getting ready to go into it, for the carwash.

I don’t really have an explanation for that, because I saw the van leaving. I just don’t know what to say about it. So I waited again for the wash cycle to complete itself, and the van left, and then I went into the carwash, and I was able to get my car washed successfully.

Timeline Slips or Slides

I wonder what’s going on with time these days … You know, I’ve noticed it speeding up. I’ve noticed how few things I can get done in a day, even though I’m very industrious. And my sense of time has changed. It’s like time seems to be moving just very, very fast.

And so, I get up in the morning, and I do the thing that seems the most important, and the most fun to do that day. And since the day seems to last for such a short length of time, I congratulate myself, at the end of the day, that I’ve achieved that one thing … and maybe a few other things too.

I don’t know if you’ve been noticing these strange things about time: Temporal slips, or slides … something like that. And there’s a second thing that’s going on. It has to do with the fourth dimension.

On Fractals Peeling Off the Current Timeline: Timeline Splits

I’ve seen a couple of instances where, for people who are living right now … clairaudiently, it seems to me that some aspect of themselves is peeling off, and going into a separate incarnation … either here on Earth now, to complete some aspect of themselves that they weren’t able to complete in this lifetime … like, for instance, joy of playing kirtan …

Timeline Splits: Story About the Person Who Wanted to Play Kirtan His Whole Life Long

So one aspect of one person … one day, the Soul was hovering over, around me, and some portion of the Soul just decided it had had enough of waiting around. And it went, as a separate incarnation, off to India to play kirtan its whole lifetime. And that was very odd, because the original person is still alive. Almost unbelievable, really.

Timeline Splits: Story About the Man Who, for Love of a Woman, Fractalized as Her Newborn Child

And I had another instance with a person, where they really loved a woman that they were divorced from, and they loved that woman so much, that a portion of their Soul … I think they call it a fractal … peeled off from their Soul, and decided to move into an alternate lifetime, where that woman was married to someone new, and was ready to conceive a baby. And that Soul decided to take the responsibility of being her son.

And I even saw a fast forward, where the baby was born, and it was still aware of its current lifetime, and it was, for the first month, struggling to fit into the scenario of the husband and the mother that had previously been its spouse.

But then, at the end of that time, it mercifully forgot all that, and it sank into the role that it had chosen for itself: To be very close to the woman it had loved, in a childish fashion. It was very unusual. And kind of cool, that we’re in a situation right now where we can, apparently, speed up karma. We can actually actualize our many desires for ourselves in many different directions, simultaneous with our current incarnation.

I don’t believe I’ve heard anyone talking about that, but apparently it’s true. It’s possible. And it’s kind of cool.

The Sun as a Great, Multidimensional Being, Affecting Us Multidimensionally as Well

I have one other thing to talk about the fourth dimension right now, and that is, it seems to me … what with the recent ‘particle stew’ … i.e., high protonfall (1) … and a solar flare, even though it was a small solar flare … Apparently, the Sun is a multidimensional being … like us … only much greater, of course, and much more responsible for a lot of stuff. But, when the Sun has a solar flare, my feeling is that the flare affects Earth on many different dimensions too. And so, in addition to affecting our physical bodies in the third dimension, it’s also affecting our emotional and mental world …. our astral world, the fourth dimension …

Semi-Sentient, Ghostly State of the Dearly Departed

And it affects those Souls that are currently in the fourth dimension; our dear ones, who have passed on, and like that. It affects them too. And perhaps more directly. And helps them prepare for Ascension. But while it’s doing that … because Souls are very often in a not-too-sentient state … kind of shell shocked, or kind of hiding, when they’re in the fourth dimension. For a long time, they may just hang out, in a semi-sentient state.

On Sensing Ghosts as Pressure Around the Head, and Blessing Them, So They Can Feel Safe

So their fears can be roused by these changes in the electromagnetics of Earth, just like ours can. And today I’ve noticed a pressure around my head, and a feeling that there are many Souls that are seeking refuge around me.

I know that the all have guides that are just waiting, on the astral plane, to help them. And I’ve also heard that Mary Magdalene and Divine Mother are just waiting for an opportunity to help them and guide them in the right direction.

So the minute I noticed this ‘congestion’ around my head, I just wished them all speedily off … That they should find their path, and find their guides right away, and that the Divine should help them, right away, to find a safe path to their destiny, as Souls. And the minute I said that, they all cleared out, and they were pretty joyful about it.

I did hear a few little voices … wistful voices: Are you sure it’s safe out here? And that kind of voice. And I just reassured everybody that it was perfectly safe. You can’t be more safe, than under the protection, and in the care, of the Divine.

So, those are my experiences, recently, with regard to the changes around Earth, and on Earth. And I realize it’s a lot to hear, even on a sunny day. So, if I’ve aroused your incredulity, please pardon me. [laughs]

I hope you have a wonderful, sunshiny day. talk to you later.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) I define protonfall as solar wind speed times solar wind density


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