Reuniting Soul Fragments . stories by Alice B. Clagett

Revised; originally published on 22 April 2014 

  • A Good Time to Call in Our Soul Fragments
  • Alice’s Story about Her Grandmother (Her Father’s Mother)

Image: Cover of the book “The Plains of Passage: Earth’s Children,” by Jean M. Auel, ..

Dear Ones,

A Good Time to Call in Our Soul Fragments

I’ve been thinking, this is a good time to be calling in our Soul fragments so that they can reunite themselves with us. After all, they’re just waiting for a chance to find their way back to us, no matter where they are right now. After all, I’m thinking, unity consciousness begins at home, right here in my own physical body! …

I was put in mind of this passage from Jean Auel’s “Plains of Passage”:

Link: “The Plains of Passage: Earth’s Children, Book Four,” by Jean M. Auel,’t%20be%20easy%20to%20find%20someone%20else%20to%20love%22&f=false … from the paragraph beginning “‘It wouldn’t be …'” through the laset full paragraph on the next page, ending “…loved ones are.'”

In the passage, Ayla and Jondalar ruminate about how, when we love people, it feels like we exchange pieces of our Spirit with pieces of theirs. Then when someone we love passes on, this might account for the hurt we feel:

Maybe they take a piece of our Spirit with them, on to the afterlife … to the fourth dimension.

Then Ayla speculates that when a person is very old, many of their friends may have passed on, taking the parts of the person’s Spirit with them. So many parts of them are with their friends in the afterlife, she feels, that they may wish to go be with their friends there.

Alice’s Story about Her Grandmother (Her Father’s Mother)

I was put in mind of my father’s mother, my very good friend and grandmother, who, when I was a little girl, used to say: “All of my friends are gone … Everyone I ever knew has passed on.”

I remember the look on her face when she said that; a faraway look, as if she were looking into a window, through which only she could see. As if she saw her friends having tea, or maybe plowing a field, there on the other side.

I was filled with longing to keep her there there with me … guardian angels all around us …, lilac blooming by the porch beneath her bedroom window. And with a certain knowledge that, in her longing, she might soon be gone from my life forever.

And so it came to be.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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