That Sizzling Sound in the Crown Chakra . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 24 March 2014; revised and republished on 1 January 2018

Dear Ones,

All afternoon yesterday I was hearing this ‘sizzling’ sound high up in my crown chakra. It sounded to me like a very high-pitched, monotonous E flat …

Video: “Cecilia Bartoli sings high E flat – Riedi al soglio – Rossini,” by napat14, 18 April 2008 … ..

No, no, no, it does not sound nice like this! The sound I was hearing was more like the sound of bacon frying. At the very end of the video, though, you might imagine the very last note that Cecilia Bartoli sings, only ever so slightly lower and off key, and buzzing through the crown chakra for hours. To continue …

All afternoon yesterday I was having an awful time trying to keep my energy separate from that of my upset friends. Finally I found a canyon park and sat among the oak trees for an hour or so. Big sigh of relief!

Over the years I have come to associate this annoying sound with …

  • M-class solar flares. I am guessing, to do with the X-rays they emit, which I hear are almost instantaneously transmitted to Earth),
  • with emotional upset,
  • and also with excitation of distortions of photon alignment in the light body (also known as samskaras or karmic miasmic distortions).

So when I got home, I checked Space Weather … . To my surprise there were no M-class flares yesterday. I was stumped!

Today I looked again at the website and found that there was a C-class solar flare several hours in duration that day, and the cumulative energetic result was much stronger than is normally associated with C-class flares. Further, it produced a coronal mass ejection (CME) which would deliver a ‘glancing blow’ to Earth’s electromagnetic field.

So then I took a look at the graph of the GOES Xray Flux for the last few days …


Image: GOES X-Ray Flux, 24 March 2014, 14:05:12 UTC, NOAA/SWPC, adapted by Alice B. Clagett … public domain … COMMENT: I drew a green circle around an upward jog at about 3 am on 23 March 2014 UTC

Image: GOES X-Ray Flux, 24 March 2014, 14:05:12 UTC, NOAA/SWPC, adapted by Alice B. Clagett … public domain … COMMENT: I drew a green circle around an upward jog at about 3 am on 23 March 2014 UTC

I am pretty sure the C-flare they are talking about is the wave I have circled in green … See how rounded and fat it is? In translating UTC to PDT, though, I would be subtracting 7 hours, so the flare would have taken place at around 8:30 pm the night before the sizzling sound. And the X-ray transmission is nearly instantaneous.

Hummm… What could I be sensing that takes longer to transmit than X-rays? Or possibly it might have been to do with the second ‘fat’ C-flare, the one at 12 midnight that day?

At any rate, this is something to look out for in future … long-duration C-class flares that do a pretty good job of disrupting the distortions in our light bodies … Then if the flare is Earth directed, in about 72 hours … plus or minus 6 hours … there will be a CME, and for those receptive to it, a clearing out of the activated distortions.

The clearing, I have found, takes place best when I make my day as stress-free as possible … Same old story …

  • walk in nature,
  • drink lots of water,
  • get plenty of rest.

I do not need to be totally aware while the clearing is taking place. Quite often, for example, I have woken up from a little nap and found that a clearing is already in progress.

That is all for now. Take care!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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