How Nature Spirits and Devas Help Us … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 12 July 2014; revised

  • How Nature Spirits Take Care of Human Beings
  • How We Can Care for Our Nature Spirits
  • Devas
  • Devic Council
  • Forest Devas Have Asked Their Nature Spirits to Steer Clear of Humans
  • How we Can Help the Devas: Thoughts for the Future of Earth
  • How We Can Help the Devas in Small Ways
  • For More Information

Image: “Dance of the Nature Spirits,” by Gilbert Williams, ..

Dear Ones,


Nature spirits are responsible for the health of every living thing. For simple living things, care by one nature spirit might suffice. For more complicated beings, such as human beings, many nature spirits may be assigned by the ruling deva (see section below on devas).


When we feel a little under the weather physically, a little out of sorts, we can be sure that our thought patterns, our typical emotions, and our daily routine don’t support the happiness of the nature spirits assigned to our physical health.

There are many things we can do to care for our nature spirits. First, of course, is simply to acknowledge the help they steadfastly give us. We can simply thank them, each day, from our hearts.

We can light a little candle every morning and evening, and remember their tiny, beautiful, bright lights surrounding us.

As the day goes on, we can sing them a little song or play them a little tune … there is nothing they love like music, and they are ever so happy to sing along with us!

We can offer them pleasant scents in our home, as by burning sage or juniper incense. They love these delightful natural odors.

Planting and caring for living plants in our homes, and planting and tending plants, trees and flowers around our homes … these are wonderful ways to please them.

We can go for a walk in a quiet, natural place, and then sit for a while in the shade of a tree, to allow Earth herself to purify our bodies, minds and emotions.

My nature spirits get so very happy and excited when I do this! It makes me very happy, just listening to their delightful voices!


Image: Deva of a pool: “Paradise Goddess,” by William Gilbert, ..

A deva is a wise elder nature spirit with many responsibilities. Chief among these is the responsibility to care for our Mother Earth.


There is a Devic Council that guides all devic actions so as to best nourish and sustain our beautiful Planet.

For a long time now, and rightfully so, the Devic Council and all devas have been at odds with humankind, because of our misuse of this beautiful Planet Earth. For thousands of years now, our actions as a people have been in direct opposition to the prime directive of all devas, that being to care for the wellbeing of Planet Earth.


The devas of the forests of Earth have asked all the nature spirits in their charge to steer clear of humans entering these sanctuaries. The devas do this to protect the nature spirits in their charge, and to protect that region of Earth for which they are responsible.

The nature spirits themselves, as a collective consciousness, understand the dilemma, and do their best to comply with the instruction of their devas, who invariably are greatly loved and looked up to by the nature spirits they wisely supervise.

I wish the situation were otherwise, I wish humans and the nature spirit world were on friendly terms, but the situation at this moment cannot, from the devic standpoint, be one of cooperation with us. It is one of protecting Earth, insofar as possible, from further damage.


Devas are not able to live in the big cities any more; the atmosphere there simply will not support them. Consequently, they are not able to supervise the work of the nature spirits there.

In the big cities, nature spirits are few and far between right now. As a result, the health of humans, animals, and green living beings suffers.

We can make big cities visitable (though perhaps not pleasantly habitable) for devas by pleasing our own personal nature spirits, by providing more parks and green spaces, and by creating large green corridors from the surrounding countryside into the deepest heart of the downtown areas of big cities.

Soon now, we humans will begin to realize the importance of nature spirits and devas in regard to our own wellbeing. The long-term solution to our happiness and theirs will, I feel, be a gradual movement from city life to sustainable small community life for all humans on Earth.

I cannot begin to express the importance of such expanding human awareness and the taking of steps to accomplish a greater alliance between the nature spirit world (which is destined to rise to 6D) and the world of humankind (now more and more perceived as 5D, in our increasing awareness as a collective consciousness).


I am just now beginning to understand that the state of 3D Earth for all these thousands of years has caused great damage to the devic realm as well as to humankind.

The lifetime of a deva is long, compared to that of a human, and so each deva, personally, has many painful memories of human misuse of Earth’s resources. There is deep trauma in the devic world.

Please understand that, without the devas, this world cannot survive. The devas of Earth do not need to be on this planet. They choose to be on this planet, in their love for her.

Please pray for their return to a happiness and health. Visualize them happy and healthy, supervising their domains in peaceful tranquility. Sing songs of thanks to them, remember them as you go about your day, make every action of your day mindful and thankful. And most of all, treat our Planet Earth with deepest respect!

With heartfelt thanks to our Mother Earth, and to her faithful servants,

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: “Hopetoun Falls, Australia,” ..


Here is a Rig Veda mantra to please the ‘king of the devas’:

Link: “Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya,” in Wikipedia, ..

While I couldn’t find a kirtan rendition of this mantra, I found many renditions of a similar chant to Lord Krishna. Below is one such, by Krishna Das. One could use the same melody and substitute the different ending words, could one not?

Video: “Krishna Das-Om Namoh Bhagavate Vasudevaya,” ..

See also “Cooperation with the Devas” by The World Teacher Trust, …  that article offers a point of view from Indian teachings.


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