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China and the United States: Human Rights and Illegal Immigration . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 31 October 2017

Dear Ones,

Here’s a video about China and the United States, and their views on human rights and illegal immigration. There’s a spiffed-up Summary after the video …



It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I’m here to talk a little about human rights and human trafficking in China and in the United States. The ‘take’ that I have so far is what you might call only a beginner’s ‘take’.

I became interested in China’s annual reports on the United States’ infringement of human rights a few years ago. I was just looking over the most recent one this last month. (1) This is my précis:

I think China states that America falls down in human rights with regard to equal pay for women, discrimination against minorities (to do with economics, especially), and also, as I recall, with regard to crime and violence in the streets, and drug use and the drug trade and so forth.

There may be other things. But the underlying understanding that I got from looking over that report was that, in China, I feel, they greatly value an orderly society, a harmony in society, and like that. To my mind, it feels like they look aghast at the disorderliness of the American people.

And I will say that the people here are very different in their social values, from the people of China, apparently … from the Chinese ideal of values. People in the United States value more the liberty to go exploring and figuring things out, and making a way for themselves, and so forth. They value their freedom to pursue their happiness, and like that.

To my mind, a natural consequence of this value of liberty and the pursuit of happiness is the disorderliness that we see in this society.

In addition, we offer a chance for other people, from other parts of the world, to become citizens. That results in cultural diversity. And in some geographic areas it results in discrimination, because people who are all of a particular race or culture, or like that, are confronted … suddenly sometimes … with people whose culture is very different … or perhaps their physical characteristics are very different. And then there’s a commotion as the cultures become accustomed to each other.

In the cosmopolitan areas it’s different. There’s much more exposure to diversity. And so people don’t react so much to diversity when they see it. Unless you’re in an area like South Central Los Angeles, where everybody is de colores, and so then a white person, a Caucasian, comes in, and they look very different. Or if you’re in West Los Angeles, it’s the exact opposite, you know?

We have here a randomness, a drive to individuality, the Horatio Alger story, and these create less harmony, in a way, but more tolerance for diversity, in another way.

So then I thought: I’ll just see what the United States has to say about human rights, and so forth. So I checked out the “CIA Factbook.” And there, there’s a section on Countries … each Country. I especially looked up the United States first, and then China … among others.

For each Country, there are various sections. After Government and so forth, there’s a section that has to do with global problems with some portion of which the particular country is faced.

If we live in the United States, we all know about the United States Government system. So I looked up the last section, labeled “Transnational Issues,” as I couldn’t quite fathom what it would be about. (2)

What it said is the we, in the United States, are facing problems with the drug trade. Also it said we have problems with money laundering, which is a concept I’m not too clear on.

It didn’t mention crime and violence, but everybody knows that there are problems with crime and violence here, and in other parts of the world. 

Then I looked under China. There the “CIA Factbook” indicated intertwined global problems, especially human trafficking. (3)

So then I looked up a very recent congressional report on human trafficking (4) and a  horrifying State Department report on human trafficking all around the world (5) … and I got a notion about what that entailed. It had to do, not just with children being sold for the sex work trade, but also children being sold into hazardous occupations that involved the use of chemicals that might be damaging to the body, and so forth. And sometimes, children die because of their exposure to difficult work conditions, and so forth. I’m not sure of the mortality rate; I didn’t go into it that far.

I was thinking this over quite a bit, because here we have a conundrum. China is stating that the United States falls down on human rights. And yet China is very big on human trafficking.

And so I looked a little more into human trafficking in China, and found out there were a lot of Korean refugees that pleaded to be admitted to China. Then, in the “CIA Factbook” for China, I found out that China only allows people of Chinese descent, or Chinese parentage, to become Chinese citizens. It’s a closed society.

So, China was faced with Koreans and other nationalities who, to them, are a different culture and a different race from them … who are what you might call illegal aliens … many illegal aliens … entering their country; and what to do with them, because their government could not accommodate them. And so their decision, based, I feel, on their very high ideals of harmony … harmonic relations in the world … was to create a kind of indentured servant system … what we call ‘human trafficking’ … to provide these people with a basis of work in the world … a productive social role … in exchange for the most fundamental human needs, such as shelter, clothing, and food.

On the trip up to Ojai today, I kept thinking about this. I kept thinking: What is the connection here? What is the story? You know? How could it be that two big countries … gigantic as far as geography is concerned … should both hold forth that their government offered the very best in human rights … And yet, each could accuse the other of being the very worst in human rights. It just didn’t make any sense to me.

And finally, I thought of the illegal alien situation here in California, and in other parts of the United States. And I realized that the situation that China faced with regard to the Korean immigrants, was very similar to the situation that the United States faces with regard to the influx of illegal aliens from South of the Border.

So then I looked at how the United States treats its illegal aliens, compared to how China treats hers. And I realized that, in general, we hunt them down and deport them back to their countries if we can. (I’ve read that China does this with Korean refugees as well.)

Now, as to which system …

  • deportation, or what’s sometimes termed repatriation,
  • or human trafficking,
  • or some version of that …  maybe a more lenient version of that, such as indentured servitude, that was practiced for a limited term in order for a person to learn a skill or trade, during the times of Benjamin Franklin in America

… is the more understanding, or connecting with, human rights, I don’t know!

One is based on a very orderly notion of civilization and human affairs … that’s the Chinese.

And the other, the United States way, is based on a kind of a free-for-all, you know? Every man for himself, in a way. Of course, we’re very socialized now, and we offer many socialized services to our citizens. But the big concern, in recent years, has been:

How can we afford to offer these socialized benefits to people who aren’t contributing to our tax base. And I think that’s a reasonable consideration:

How can we stay afloat economically, and still assimilate what was called, in ages past, the poor and huddled masses of the world? In those days, when we opened our doors to everyone, we had plenty of free land that needed settling. But now, our urban centers are very overpopulated, and our social services are very overstretched.

So the question is: What can we do? What can we do, to do the best by these people that come knocking our door; the most humane thing that we can do? But at the same time, something that keeps our country afloat. You know what I mean?

So there you have it. I think that the basis of the concern that both countries have, has to do with how to treat our illegal aliens.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Could the ‘Iwo Jima Event’ Have to Do with Artificial EMFs? . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 27 October 2017


Dear Ones,

Here’s a video with a new twist and a new thought about the Iwo Jima event discussed in previous blogs. (1) There’s a Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I was out for a walk, today, in the mountains. And I was just having a thought while I was sitting under a beautiful oak tree … I was thinking about how there are no artificial EMF fields … such as are made by electronics, and electricity in the walls, and electric wires overhead, and so forth.

There are no artificial electromagnetic fields in the mountains. And immediately on stepping into the mountains … maybe 500 feet from the road, into the mountains … the telepathic chatter starts to die down. And the reason it starts to die down, I feel, is that the human electromagnetic field begins to become stronger and stronger.

So that it is wards off extraneous signals from the environment … from other people, and so forth. And a person becomes more meditative and quiet, contemplative … like that … almost immediately.

Further, the energy changes from negative to positive. There’s no more sounds of people grumbling and commoting and carrying on. It’s very quiet, happy energy in the mountains.

I was mulling that over. And I was thinking about something that happened at church today. It happened to someone else, but a month or two prior, it had happened to me.

And it had to do with a being leaping away from a person who had a laptop computer there in the back of the church, and had that computer open. This being leapt away and leapt on that person. She was lifting her arms up in praise, while the congregation was singing a hymn.

Suddenly, she sat down: Whuump! … right in front of me. She was sitting in the same aisle and about 6 foot away from the man who had the laptop computer on.

I had already talked about this in the Iwo Jima blog. (1) But today, in the mountains, I got to thinking: Suppose these beings that I think of as the dark side of the personality, and so forth, or as demons or devils in some contexts … suppose instead they are like spirits, the nature world spirits, that tend to electronic things.

Everything on Earth has to be tended by something … some kind of nature spirit … Maybe there’s a particular kind of nature spirit that’s negative in flavor, and has kind of a predatory, pouncing feeling to it, and that takes care of those electronics.

And maybe the reason is, that the artificial electromagnetic fields of electronic devices are at such great variance with the Schumann resonances of Earth … the resonances that travel around the whole circumference of Earth … that are what you might call the Om or heartbeat of Earth.

The waves of artificial electromagnetic fields are much more distorted, much more crimped. The harmonic is a flat, let us say, rather than a sharp. (F sharp is the resonance of the ‘high heart’ or thymus, seat of physical regeneration; it is also the resonance of the spin of Earth. (2) )

It could be that the kinds of beings that could tend this kind of sound-creating physical object have to be the kind of being that is more similar to astral beings negative.

So that’s my thought for today. It’s just a theory.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Link: “The Iwo Jima Event: Standing Up, with Courage, to ‘Psychic Attack’,” by Alice B. Clagett, 08/16/2017, .. and …

Link: “The Iwo Jima Leap of a Soul Wounding Experience,” by Alice B. Clagett, 14 June 2017, ..

(2) See Link: “Color Energies and Healing the Color Rays of Creation,” ..


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Cactus: Shadow and Sunlight . with the music of Chris Zabriskie . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 25 October 2017

Dear Ones,

A video showing changing sunlight and shadows playing over a cactus. The restful instrumental music is “Prelude No. 13” from the album “Preludes” by Chris Zabriskie, CC BY 4.0 …  ..


In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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Con Operations with a Facelift . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 22 October 2017; later that day I added the text in green font.

  • THE ‘CULL’
    • Computer Cloning, Email Hacking, Identity Theft
    • Interception of the Public Mails
    • Law Enforcement
    • Lawyers and Judges
    • Other Ways of ‘Muzzling’ Law Enforcement, Lawyers and Judges
    • Social Services
    • Thuggees: Whether Roaming or at Home?
    • A Caveat for the Law-Abiding

Dear Ones,


Here’s a ‘just suppose’ about con artists in America today. Let’s say, the imprisonment of crime boss Lucky Luciano (1) in the 1900s led criminals in America to undertake a ‘facelift’ … so that they would fit in better with mainstream America.

And, just supposing, this facelift was highly successful, to the point where, today, you can’t tell a mafia person from your next door neighbor.


OK, now … apparently, a couple of things that crime families (2) in America do … judging from the CIA Factbook (3) is distribution of illegal drugs and money laundering.


The lead-in to a con is called the ‘bait and switch’ … some of the techniques are ‘the cull’, ‘nuzzle and muzzle’, or ‘woo and sue’, or ‘off the mark’. Here are a few scenarios:

There iss a con group that engages in group sex with the boss. Everyone in the operation, whether man or woman, woos the boss.


When a mark or ‘pigeon’ is pegged, the boss, not knowing their sexual orientation, assigns one man and one woman, separately, to try and bait the mark into a sexual liaison. If the liaison is successful, then the ‘bait’ has been taken.

The ‘switch’ is to implicate the mark or ‘pigeon’ in an illicit activity.


If this cannot be accomplished, then lies and innuendo are used to ‘cull’ the mark from friends and relatives. These lies might work both ways: The con group might lie to friends and relatives about the mark. Or it might lie to the mark about friends and relatives.

Computer Cloning, Email Hacking, Identity Theft

Other ways of pursuing the ‘cull’ are cloning the computers, hacking the emails, and stealing the identities of marks or patsies.

Interception of the Public Mails

In recent times, the con operation with a facelift might place a ringer or faker as a mailperson in a post office, or private postal center … such as those in Office Depot, the UPS and Fedex shipment centers, private mailbox locations … and so on. 

In the modern con operation, there might be a ringer in every major mail or shipment center in a town. The ringer would be a member of the con operation who poses as an honest employees for the purpose of intercepting, removing, copying, altering, or delaying the mail of a mark, a law enforcement officer, a lawyer or judge, a town official, and so on, so as to further the scam then in progress.

I feel these postal ringers might also be placed by con operations so as to ship illicit items … such as drugs, poisons, weapons, body parts, even dead bodies … through the U.S. mails.

A weird notion, but one that I feel would be worthwhile looking into, so as to determine whether or not it might have some truth to it.


The con op brings law enforcement, lawyers and judges into its group sex activities. This is the ‘nuzzle’.

Law Enforcement

They may pose as a bordello or house of ill repute for law enforcement, but in fact be simply using this ‘cover’ as a con. Their real work might be drug distribution, money laundering, and so on. Their intent, her is to ‘nuzzle’ law enforcement so as to ‘muzzle them’ … to prevent them from interfering with the real work of the con group.

Lawyers and Judges

For lawyers and judges, they may pose as a wild and happy free sex club. In rural areas of the United States, where Christianity is a stronghold, knowledge of this sexual license might ostracize lawyers and judges from polite society; it might imperil their jobs and their status in the community. Thus, the nuzzling of lawyers and judges is for the purpose of blackmail during possible future legal proceedings.

Other Ways of ‘Muzzling’ Law Enforcement, Lawyers and Judges

There are other ways of muzzling law enforcement, lawyers and judges:

  • The wife of a law enforcement officer, lawyer or judge may be introduced to drugs or romanced by a member of the con operation, thus compromising her husband.
  • A child may be stolen, and its mother killed, and the child purported by a female member of the group to be the offspring of a law enforcement officer, lawyer or judge.


One member of the con group may woo the fall guy or mark, and then sue for alimony, or for hush money.

Or the group may lie in concert to the effect that one of their members has had a sexual relationship with the fall guy or mark, with the intention of gaining an alimony or hush money suit.


Or the fall guy or mark may be murdered, and the group may devise fraudulent marriage papers, intended to entitle a member of the group to the dead mark’s monies or property.

Social Services

To take advantage of Social Services, the con group can lie as one, indicating that the mark or patsy… who is often a single, wealthy woman … is a mentally ill, penniless sex worker, and needs to be locked up.

The con group will have members who are masseuses and nurses, whether male or female. These can gain access to hospitals and mental institutions, for the purpose of drugging or murdering a patsy.


For each person targeted by the new Con Op with a Facelift, the group will appear to be something other than what it truly is. This is based on each person’s window on reality … and especially, their interactions with the con group. For instance:

  • The mark may feel this is a chance to get ‘in with the in crowd’ … to be popular, or admired, or accepted by a group of people who appear to be enthusiastically accepting of him or her. Too late finding out their true purpose …
  • A law enforcement officer might think they are a rough sex bordello … No harm done. Simply consensual sex among adults. Sex of the sort that can’t be obtained at home.
  • A lawyer or judge might think they have joined a wild an crazy sex club: Sin with no price tag. Just for fun.
  • A Social Services person may feel it’s doing what is right for the mark that he or she incarcerates. Just the right thing for the poor, hapless individual … who is ‘not our sort of people’. Not one of us. A criminal sort who lives a life unto herself or himself. Not realizing that the criminals are, in fact, those who petition for the mark’s incarceration.


When people say that they are ‘above right and wrong’ or that ‘right and wrong have no meaning for them’ … What does that mean?

Thuggees: Whether Roaming or at Home?

Does it mean that they are enlightened? Or does it mean that they are the modern version of thuggees (4)?

  • Instead of travelling around, looking for travellers to murder and rob, like the thuggee cults of India,
  • might they be a new version of thuggees who lure marks and patsies to their locale, murder and fleece them, and lie in unison about their goings on?

A Caveat for the Law-Abiding

I feel that we all … we normal, law-abiding folks in America … need to be up to snuff and savvy about these sorts of goings on, so that we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from these very sophisticated shenanigans.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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Link: “Five Families” in Wikipedia … .. This is about the 5 New York City crime families in the 1900s.

(3) See Link: “The World Factbook,” … See: the section “Transnational Issues: United States”

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‘Controllers’ . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 7 January 2015; revised

  • Third Chakra: Will Power
  • Heart Chakra: Joy in the Now
  • HeartMath Quick Coherence Technique

Dear Ones,

People talk about the ‘Controllers’ …

Third Chakra: Will Power

When my third chakra (will power) is a little ‘dense’ … when the abdominal muscles are not quite relaxed … when my awareness is a little bit on my navel point, and not completely on my heart …. That’s when these sorts of thought forms can enter my electromagnetic field.

Heart Chakra: Joy in the Now

The EMF of the heart chakra is much more powerful … some say 10,000 times more powerful …  than that of any of the brain. So by placing my awareness completely on my heart chakra, no such thoughts can seem to ‘control’ me. When I do this my brain naturally aligns with my heart, my moment-to-moment becomes one of joy, and my brain functions synergistically with the EMF and noosphere of Earth.

This is a free will planet, and free will is the true law all over Earth, as is the Law of Light and Love.

HeartMath Quick Coherence Technique 

Here’s a three-minute Quick Coherence Technique from HeartMath that synchronizes heart and brain at a physiological level:

Video: The Quick Coherence Technique, by Heartmath, ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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