That Big Sunspot Will Be Earth-Facing in a Few Days . by Alice B. Clagett

Written and published on 22 September 2017

Dear Ones,

The big sunspot that caused the X-flares a few weeks back is returning to Earth-facing. There was a preview today, just as it started to be visible on the NOAA videos. It looked to me like a pretty large eruption was taking place; I’ve outlined how big it looks to me to have been, although the NOAA screen cuts it off …

Image Markup: SDO/AIA sun image for 22 September 2017 … public domain because SDO/AIA is .gov … COMMENT: Yellow loop looks to me like the trajectory of a farside incoming big sunspot. –Alice B. Clagett

Image Markup: SDO/AIA sun image for 22 September 2017 … public domain because SDO/AIA is .gov … COMMENT: Yellow loop looks to me like the trajectory of a farside incoming big sunspot. –Alice B. Clagett

I got the image from the SuspiciousObservers (SO) video for today; You can take a look for yourself,  at 0.58 – 1.04 on the video:

Video: “Big Sunspots Incoming, Win Tickets to the Conference | S0 News Sep.22.2017,” by Suspicious Observers, 22 September 2017 … ..

SO is keeping a good thought, that flaring will be less this time around.

Of course, it’s always best to keep emergency supplies on hand so as to be prepared for natural disasters. For instance, there’s the Puerto Rico disaster just now, which I heard yesterday may result in a power grid outage all over Puerto Rico for about 2 months.

I note that the 13 March 1989 Quebec Province power grid failure, to do with a solar flare, lasted only 12 hours, though. So that’s a good thing. NASA mentions the following effects, which are worth considering:

“During the 12-hour blackout that followed, millions of people suddenly found themselves in dark office buildings and underground pedestrian tunnels, and in stalled elevators. Most people woke up to cold homes for breakfast. The blackout also closed schools and businesses, kept the Montreal Metro shut during the morning rush hour, and closed Dorval Airport….” — from Link: “The Day the Sun Brought Darkness,” by NASA, 13 March 2009, … public domain because .gov

From this I gather it would be good to stay away from tunnels and elevators, and not to rely on public transportation, at times when X-class CMEs are due to arrive at Earth.

I note that the 1989 Canadian power grid failure had to do with 2 large Earth-directed X flares, one on the heels of the other … This was not a Carrington event, however …

“The geomagnetic storm causing this event was itself the result of a coronal mass ejection on March 9, 1989 … A few days before, on March 6, a very large X15-class solar flare also occurred … Three and a half days later, at 2:44 am EST on March 13, a severe geomagnetic storm struck Earth …” –from Link: “March 1989 Geomagnetic Storm,” in Wikipedia … .. WP:CC BY-SA ..

At any rate, it is good to be prepared. I have put together an inexpensive list of basic survival supplies to keep on hand:

Link: “Pioneer Skills: Planning for Tough Times Ahead, ” by Alice B. Clagett, published on 19 September 2017 at 7:30 pm PDT; revised … ..

Meantime, over the next week, you can keep abreast of solar events through these resources:

Link: “Space Weather” … ..

Link: “Space Weather News” … ..

Link: “Space Weather Live” … ..

Link: “Space Weather Woman: Tamitha Skov” … ..

Link: “Space Weather Prediction Center” … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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