‘Opposite’ Twin Flame Troubles? . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 11 December 2013; revised and republished on 31 August 2017


Dear Ones,

Bill Ballard …

Link: “pearls2u,” by Bill Ballard, on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/pearls2u ..

… describes the twin flame relationship as an electromagnetic circuit that allows us to experience more polarity … in whatever dimension we find ourselves … than we would otherwise experience.

He has talked about regular twin flame relationships … What you might think of as two hearts beating as one, à la popular literature. He also talks about ‘opposite’ twin flames, where one absolutely hates what the other loves. In the context of Ascension, that might mean one twin flame is gung-ho into multidiming, and the other would very much prefer the status quo. Which leads to some interesting love-hate electromagnetics.

His point is it does not matter which type of twin flame relationship we may be enjoying … or enduring. When it comes right down to it, it is all a question of electromagnetics. There is an electromagnetic circuit between us and our twin flame.


Just to get a general idea of ‘opposite’ twin flame EMF wiring, imagine a magnetic field …

Image:  “Electric dipole field of two point-charges with finite distance,” CC BY-SA 3.0 unported

Image:  “Electric dipole field of two point-charges with finite distance,” CC BY-SA 3.0 unported

Now, imagine that you are the blue sphere, and your twin flame is the red sphere. You, the blue sphere, are being constantly bombarded with signals … sometimes conscious telepathic signals, but largely unconscious signals that affect your gut brain … and these signals are emanating from your ‘opposite’ twin flame.

This can be the most galling experience, the feeling of being at the effect of someone else’s thoughts and emotions. It is good to keep in mind, though, that polarities can reverse any time, which then puts our ‘opposite’ twin flame at the effect of our own subconscious thoughts and emotions. This we may fail to notice, since the ‘takeover’ is taking place on a subconscious … or possibly unconscious … level.

On waking up from deep sleep, for instance, those who are clairaudient can sense what subconscious input they’ve received from an ‘opposite’ twin flame during the night, but not what subconscious ‘output’ they’ve sent to their opposite twin flame, who may be feeling equally put-upon.


With proper rewiring, we can achieve a ‘truer’ version of our personal electromagnetic field. It looks like this …

Image: “The electromagnetic field of the heart: A torus emanating from the heart chakra,” public domain

Image: “The electromagnetic field of the heart: A torus emanating from the heart chakra,” public domain

So how do we get from the energy configuration of the first picture, where we’re basically at the effect of someone else’s subconscious mind, to the truer, more self-contained configuration of the second picture?


The first thing to do is to walk outdoors as much as possible every day. This will help dispel the distortions in our electromagnetic field … what you might call ‘short circuits’ … and prepare our EMF to be in stand-alone status. Expect painful thoughts, feelings and memories to surface as you walk. Do not pay any attention to them, though. This just how your senses register the process as your EMF short-circuits flare up and your EMF adjusts to that of New Earth. The simple act of walking in nature achieves this rewiring process.

Just before a rewire, the twin flame chatter can get very intense. Fears can arise that you are losing your mind. In a sense, this is true … You are losing an old EMF configuration … But you are gaining a new one, in which your mind will function better. Naturally, fears will come up.  It is good to feel trust and faith during this process. These emotions will get us through with the least difficulty.  Whatever you are hearing in your mind, know in your heart that all is well …


As this rewiring process has been taking place with me, I have tried a shortcut that helps a little. Maybe it will help you too. Here is the technique …

Lie down on your back on the floor or on your bed. Do not put a pillow under your head. Make sure that your body is completely horizontal, and completely relaxed.

In an opposite twin flame relationship, one side of the body becomes more entangled, electromagnetically, because of the constant interaction with the other twin flame. And one side of the body becomes less entangled. If you have not already noticed this, you now need to determine which side is which.

Outstretch one arm on the floor at right angles to the body, and place your Awareness very single-mindedly on your outstretched palm. If the twin flame chatter increases, then you have extended the ‘more-entangled-side’ arm by mistake. Bring that arm back by your side, extend the other arm along the floor at right angles to your body, and concentrate your Awareness single-mindedly on the newly extended palm.

Image: Titmouse perched on a person’s hand … https://birdfeederhub.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/titmouse-in-hand.jpg ..

With luck, you will find, as did I, that concentrating on this ‘less-entangled-side’ palm decreases the volume of, or else creates a sense of distance from, the twin flame chatter. So if the chatter begins to decrease in volume, or if you begin to feel a mental distance from it, Just lie comfortably on the ground, and concentrate on the extended weak-side palm.

What happened for me when I tried this defies description. The rewiring process continued for several hours. So if the process begins to work for you, be patient. Trust in the outcome. Know that all is well.


Interaction between people after rewiring is completely different from the twin-flame dynamic. It is more like this …

Image: Two people, each with an EMF field emanating from their heart, standing close together, so that the EMF fields overlap … http://www.meditationplex.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/heart-electromagnetic-field.png ..

When two people have ‘stand alone’ electromagnetic fields, their EMFs remain relatively intact, even when they are physically near each other. However, the ‘flavor’ of one person’s EMF influences the overall EMF of a nearby person, or a person visualized. It’s more like an overall, homogeneous ‘love in’… Well, not in the personal sense; electromagnetically speaking.

This may sound outré, even off-putting, but it’s actually lots of fun; a very high experience. Uplifting and loving on a deeply personal level. Something to look forward to, as fog loves sun, as the shore loves the ocean, as time and space love the timeless, spaceless Source of All. We do not know it, we cannot imagine it, we sense it but dimly. We are all just on the verge of experiences wonderful beyond measure.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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