On Blessing and Healing Gaia . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 13 January 2014; revised
Location: Sage Ranch, Simi Hills, California

    • The Story of Nuclear and Other Contamination Near Sage Ranch
    • Conversation With a Nature Spirit Guarding a Sage Ranch Oak Tree
    • A Request That Everyone Send Healing Energy to Gaia’s Nuclear Reactor Leak Sites

Dear Ones,

This video is about nature spirits, the Santa Susana Field Lab nuclear leak in 1959, and how we can bless and heal the Earth and her waters. A Summary follows the video …



The Story of Nuclear and Other Contamination Near Sage Ranch

I am here at Sage Ranch in Los Angeles, which is very high on a mountaintop, and has a beautiful view of the Simi Valley and the San Fernando Valley. There was a story I meant to tell you about this place. It goes like this …

In 1959, just to the west of here, as I have mentioned in the past, there was a nuclear reactor leak …

Link: “Accidents and Site Contamination” in “Santa Susana Field Laboratory,” in Wikipedia … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Santa_Susana_Field_Laboratory#Accidents_and_site_contamination … Search for the subheading: Accidents and Site Contamination

And for several days they did not know about it, or did not know how to fix it … one or the other. And so, the leak spread through these hills here.

The wind was blowing this way, and the leak spread through Sage Ranch, and on down through San Fernando Valley. And it has done some damage that is still here … that and the rocket fuel cleaning fluid that seeped down into the substratum down here. They have both done some damage to the land here.

Conversation With a Nature Spirit Guarding a Sage Ranch Oak Tree

And I knew this; and when I go through, I say a little prayer, a blessing for the clearing of the Earth. So the other day, I was walking down, and I saw this lone, beautiful little oak tree, in the middle of a field, that was looking a little desolate. So I went down to explore, and see this little oak tree, and what lay beyond it.

And just when I got to the oak tree, I heard a buzzing in my left ear … a high-pitched buzzing. And then I heard this winsome little voice … I think it was a nature spirit …

It was saying: We don’t want humans here!

And I said: Why?

And they said: We’re trying to fix this place up!

And I said: Oh, I’m sorry!

And the buzzing was still happening in my ear. So then I went back out towards the path, and turned around, and I saw that the land was laboring under this burden of toxins. You know? More so than I had noticed previously.

So I said some Aum‘s, and I visualized the Earth clearing, and healing, and the waters beneath the ground healing as well. And I [thought of] all of the nature spirits, who seemed to have been pretty upset by this, and are doing their very best. And today I came back and did the same thing; and did my best to channel down energy, into the deep, deep soil of Earth here.

And I noticed, while I was here: There are so many sandstone rock formations … And they are not like granite, which has inclusions of big crystals in it, that are very good for transmitting energy … But I am thinking that sandstone does have silica in it; these are tiny little crystals that may help to hold the energy, since they are underneath the ground here, and subterranean water lies on top of them. So I am hoping, in future times, to anchor the energy into the tiny crystals in the sandstone.

A Request That Everyone Send Healing Energy to Gaia’s Nuclear Reactor Leak Sites

If you have a chance to walk near Sage Ranch … If you live in the Los Angeles area and have a chance to do that, it would be wonderful if you could send some good energy. From wherever you are, you can do that: To every nuclear reactor leak site in the whole world … You could send healing energy to the Earth!

And I would be so grateful for that. And the Earth would be so grateful! And millions of nature spirits would be happy! … And for the waters of Earth; for the oceans, and the aquifers, and all of those areas where that radiation has gotten down into it. You know?

Just visualize all that clean and pure … just like comet ice on water … pure of any kind of energy of Duality. I think it would be a wonderful service to Earth.

That is all for now. Talk to you later. Love you!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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