Healing the Lost Children of the Lightworker Soul … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 7 October 2014; revised

Image: Red sky above, blue water below, crescent moon and dark treed shoreline: https://iamofthestars.files.wordpress.com/2017/06/2c9c2-day-and-night-2.jpg ..

Dear Ones,

A while ago I put out a video on “Old Lightworker Syndrome” (1). In it I was talking about how those of us who are highly polarized to light … lightworkers, wayshowers, gatekeepers, and so on … are also, because of the nature of duality (50-50 light and dark), highly polarized to dark on the astral or subconscious plane.

Speaking for myself alone, I found this realization shocking. But so it is! …

We, the Army of the Light, are also, on the subconscious plane, in the dreamtime realm, the Army of the Night. Yikes! …

Before we go further, I’d like to explain a little … We lightworkers have been for aeons anchoring the extremes of this 3D dimension … the ‘poles’, you might say, of the polarity. We couldn’t have done it without a Soul agreement not to know what we’ve been doing. So that’s one thing … the agreement ‘not to know’ … that has allowed us to anchor this dense, ‘unreal’ reality. And it’s the discovery of the agreement that caused me some dismay, as I had theretofore completely identified with my lightworker role alone.

One other thing I’d like to add to that … After I discovered all this, I went through a time when I felt:

Oh my gosh, there’s so much personal cleanup to do, I’ll never get out of 3D / 4D. I’m doomed, probably, to the lower dimensions.

Or else, maybe I’ll just have to die and go directly back to Source, since I’ve been so bad on the astral plane while being so good in 3D.

So, in my mullings, I mulled over all that for a while. Various stages of feeling unworthy, feelings of low self-esteem, guilt, anxiety, despair, the possibility of languishing in the lowest levels of the astral plane indefinitely, and so on…

Then I snapped out of it. Began to understand that I’m … first and foremost … an Infinite, Eternal Being of Light and Joy. That I right now exist on many levels of reality, including 5D, angelic realms, and so on. And in addition I have a presence in these 3D / 4D realms where I’m involved in a lot of personal cleanup.

It’s kind of fun! I’m one of the Soul volunteers who have anchored all this, and now I’m doing the tough cleanup, preparatory to anchoring the new light on New Earth.

So all is well. Like all humankind, I must heal my incarnational traumas, my Soul fragments, my inner children. And because of the extent of my polarization to light in a world of duality, my lost children of the Soul are bigger than most … You might say they’re 10-pounders!

For example, my Soul had a hairline fracture, slightly on the diagonal, that split my Soul field in two, from bottom to top. Recently, the one part slid up and joined the other, thank goodness.

This is one of several inner child reunions I’ve experienced. Daniella Breen (2) and her Team facilitated this for me. In case you should come to a slowdown in your exploration and reintegration of your inner children (she terms them ‘Soul fragments’), I highly recommend Daniella’s expertise and assistance.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

See also: “Technique for Healing the Inner Child” by Alice, http://wp.me/p2Rkym-7o0 ..

Image: Mom and infant: http://st.pentruea.md/article/800/ce-sa-faci-ca-sa-fii-o-mama-mai-bun-0703193043.jpg ..


(1) Since then, it looks like I’ve lost that video. –Alice

(2) Daniella Breen, www.daniellabreen.com


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