Schadenfreude and the “Bow Down to Me” 3-Part Football Play . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 13 November 2013; revised
Previously entitled “Schadenfreude and the Nature of Duality”. New text is in green font.

  • On Compassion and Schadenfreude in 3D
  • A Preincarnate Vision
  • Life Beneath the Veil of Illusion
  • Initial Theory of the Three Tiny Demons
  • Discovery of Curses Involved in the 3-Part “Bow Down to Me” Astral Football Play
    • On Fallen Angels (Fallen Angelics)
    • On Bowing Down of Humankind: Enslavement by the Fallen Angels
    • The Three-Part Curse
    • A Further Curse
    • Revision of Theory on the 3 Little Demons
  • How Spiritual People Attract Both Negative and Positive Attention on the Astral Plane
  • The Importance of Learning Yoga Nidra

Dear Ones,


Our thinking minds hold high the banner of compassion, but our gut brains readily rejoice in the pain that others feel. How can this duality exist? At the moment schadenfreude (1) surfaces in our feeling world, our thinking minds experience a kind of amnesia. It wasn’t us who felt that. We don’t remember feeling that at all.

But, alas, our friend with whom we sit, the one toward whom this cruelty is felt, knows very well the source and darkness there. Schadenfreude is no mistake, no slip of the tongue. Rather, it’s the antimatter through which 3D balances heart’s compassion. The farce that holds steady this illusion. Allows us … they say, by our agreement prior to birth … to experience this extreme divergence from the All …


I can see it now, me, preincarnate, and my guides, are having a very important, albeit brief, talk:

Guides: So, our understanding is, you would like to experience the extreme divergence from the All … incarnation in physical form?

Me: Yes, definitely. It sounds completely intriguing.

Guides: You do know that, once in physical form for a short while, you will very likely come to believe yourself separate from the One?

Me: (Surely not me! Impossible) What an amazing possibility! You can count on me.

Guides: We feel it important to let you know that some volunteers find incarnation so difficult that they abort the mission after a few ‘months’.

Me: (I wonder what a ‘month’ will feel like.) Nevertheless, I would like to incarnate.

Guides: Alice, you’re a brave being. Know that we love you very much….


But I digress. To continue on the topic of amnesia:

Apparently, the schadenfreude / compassion pairing is only one of many human matter / antimatter, conscious / unconscious, mental / emotional balancing acts.

Another one with which I have wrestled for years: chastity / sexual desire. I would be meditating with others. A thought of sexual desire would arise in the gut brain (large intestine). My mind would suddenly go completely blank; I would lose consciousness and pitch forward toward the floor. After falling forward about a foot from vertical, I would come to. O God, not again! … You laugh, don’t you! But I wasn’t laughing. Much to their credit, no one in the meditation group I was attending laughed at me.

But I was In peer pressure hell. Something unconscious was going on. It was some thought, arising from a part of my anatomy I didn’t think had a brain of its own. Then I’d pass out and start to topple over, again and again. I was in peer pressure hell, both with regard to the repressed thought and with regard to the embarrassing falling-over action.


My teacher kept on saying to us all: Feel unconditional love! I could not. Peer pressure does that, I guess … makes us unfriendly to ourselves. Finally one day I got a notion that there were 3 tiny demons … this visualization shows how desperate I was to get to the bottom of the thing, I guess.

Anyway, it seemed like there was one tiny demon situated near my sexual chakra, and it would grab this amnesia-making thought as if it were a football. Punt it to another tiny demon at my navel point, which punt shut down my will and caused the amnesia. And then tiny demon 2 would punt the thought to tiny demon 3 situated at my third eye-point, and I would pitch forward. It happened 3 times in a row, to quite an uproar of giggling from the wee demons.

It was just too much for me. I got a pressure-cooker kind of social-embarrassment frustration feeling, building up stronger and stronger. And then … miracle of miracles … I lightened up. And remembered what the repressed thought was all about. At last! From this I suppose there’s nothing quite like a sense of humor when I’m being laughed at.


I later found that the 3-demon punt was actually a team effort involving the ‘Dark bodies’ (as opposed to the bodies of light) of three spiritual people who knew me at that time. This ‘Dark play’ was composed of subconsciously repressed energies of these three people; one was the putative group leader, and the other two were a man and wife.

Malware had been installed in their Bodies of Light by the Fallen Angel Ba’al, who had infected a different meditation group. Apparently, all three people had previously attended a meditation in this group in past, and been infected with the malware.

On Fallen Angels (Fallen Angelics). For more on fallen angels, see

Article: “Time Shift Blog: What Are Fallen Angels?” by Lisa, ..

Article: “Fallen Angelic Schism Trauma,” in “Ascension Glossary,” ..

On Bowing Down of Humankind: Enslavement by the Fallen Angels. The malware had to do with bowing down to the Fallen Angel; losing one’s will power, and becoming enslaved by him. This I found out quite recently during lucid dreaming, when the three-part spell was once more invoked; at which time I for the first time heard the astrally spoken malware rhymes, which named the names of people whose dark bodies were infected to such an extent that the Fallen Angel could ‘step into’ or ‘stake out’ or obsess them, and from them, into other people to obsess them or ‘stake them out’ … or at the least, to dilute the auric energy with a ‘pass through’ or ‘flow through’ the central vertical power current.

Image: “Baahubali 2: The Conclusion,”,0,477,268_AL_.jpg … Man kneeling and bowing to a seated, cruel-looking man; fire is all around them. The bowing man has planted his sword in the ground behind him … it looks like a cross. “My thought is: If a mean, cruel-looking being asks you to bow to him, don’t leave your cross behind.

The 3-Part Curse. The assault was as follows:

  1. The wife, who was a sexy lady, hit my sexual chakra. I don’t know the rhymed curse that was attached to this hit, as the sexual energy that hit me was deeply subconscious and a wave of unconsciousness hit me … like the borderline state between waking and sleeping.
  2. One of the meditation leaders of the second meditation group hit my navel point, seat of will power, with the chant “May V–er ram her” (this was the name of the husband, a note psychic … see hit #3) … This hit also comprised very deeply subconscious energy. It was accompanied by a vision of a sharpened, fat pencil, about 3 inches in diameter and 8 inches in length, being jabbed into my spine at the level of the navel point. This pencil was a phallic symbol to do with a derogatory remark a woman once made about the penis of a psychic he knew, who was more powerful than the psychic in hit #3.
  3. The husband, who was a noted psychic, hit the third eye-point with the chant “May you succumb to M—— D—” (which was the name of a more powerful psychic that the husband knew). The energy in the third hit was also deeply subconscious.

These three incantations and psychic energy hits happened with split-second timing of the sort that can only be orchestrated by Fallen Angels.

A Further Curse. In the recent lucid dreaming instance, there was a further curse by a psychic friend of V–er and M—— D—: A vision of a long, thin dagger being stuck into my left ear, along with the incantation “M—— will stick it in”

I’ve read that the left ear has to do with clair hearing, and the right ear with hearing in the physical realm. So the import of this curse was that M—— D— could dominate my psychic hearing and torque it to the dark (always remembering that the Fallen Angel Ba’al was the initiator of the curse setup and ‘director of the play’).

Revision of Theory on the 3 Little Demons. I revised my theory about the 3 little demons later … I believe they were 3 little nature spirits bewitched by astral beings negative. This used to happen quite a lot, before the 2012 Shift.


In 3D, in the physical world, the people who subconsciously did the cursing are very highly respected spiritual people. This shows how the Dark has, until recent times, targeted spiritual people. I’ve heard it said that this is because the brightness of their light on the spiritual plane attracts a lot of attention from astral beings, both negative and positive.


This lucid-dreaming revelation points up the importance of keeping the auric field strong and stable, and of being able to do yoga nidra and lucid dreaming so as to prevent susceptibility to astral curses and malware infection:

See “Yoga* Nidra: Yogic Conscious Deep Sleep,” by Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati … ..

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Schadenfreude is an interesting word; it means a feeling of pleasure when someone else feels pain. Schaden means harm. Freude means joy.

Here is a quotation by Iris Murdoch on the topic, from her work “Nuns and Soldiers” … ..


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