The Beings of Earth and the Light of Summer Solstice 2017 … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 1 June 2017

Dear Ones,

This is an update on the Light and on the Ascension process for the leadup to Summer Solstice 2017. There is a moderately edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, This is Alice. I am of the stars.

This is a Light Update for the time leading up to Summer Solstice 2017. Right now, and for some time prior, what’s been happening is, there are those beings on Earth who are torqued to the Dark, who are of the Negative Path (1), Service to Self; and other beings who are of the Positive Path (2), Service to Others.

These beings, though embodied, are enacting different roles on the astral plane.  Service to Self beings are enacting roles on various levels of the hellworlds, in the astral plane. Service to Others beings are inhabiting various levels of the heavenworlds on the astral plane.

The great majority of people on Earth right now are in the Purgatory worlds on the astral plane. Forays are being made by both Negative Path people and Positive Path people (by both Service to Self people and Service to Others people) into these Purgatory worlds, to try and turn the people there to the one path, or the other path, so that the Ascension can proceed apace.

Because most people group together, and grouping is a characteristic of human incarnation … of the path of the Soul through the human incarnation … it has proven very easy for the servants of the Dark to turn whole groups of people to the Dark. This is as it always is, in the  evolution of our Solar System, and of the Souls that find their home therein.

The only time people turn to the Light completely, is if they are able to disengage from groups, and make their primary relationship between their own Soul and the living presence of God. That is the only way. (3)

So I advise Lightworkers, in the current scenario and situation, to concentrate on people who are not strongly affiliated with groups. I believe that will be the most fruitful path for those that are in service to the Light; to increasing the numbers of Purgatory World peoples on Earth who choose Service to Others as a future path.

For those of you who feel despondent, know that you are asked not to give up hope. God is ever present with each of you; at any moment you may choose to manifest that which you will. If your path is that of Service to Others, let the fruits of your actions be given to God and God alone. Let your mind be at rest in the one Great Mind of God. (4) If your path is that of Service to Self, let your wisdom crystallize as a flowing into deepest understanding of intelligent infinity.

That is the current update. Have a wonderful Solstice leadup. I hope you are all greatly enjoying … as I am … the Light of Solstice coming in to Earth.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) See “Negative Path,” in “Law of One: The Ra Material,” ..

(2) See “Positive Path,” in “Law of One: The Ra Material,” ..

(3) See Question-Answer 15.14 regarding “the heart of self” in “Law of One: The Ra Material,” ..

(4) See Question-Answer 10.12 in “Law of One: The Ra Material,” ..


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