What Some People Don’t Know about Devils and Satan … by Alice B. Clagett

Filmed on 31 May 2017

Image: Evil looking yellow eyes: http://media.beliefnet.com/~/media/photos-with-attribution/faiths/001/devil/devil-6_credit-shutterstock.jpg?as=1&w=400 ..

Dear Ones,

Here is a video explaining a little about what devils and Satan really are: How they are not gnarly, evil looking tough guys, but rather, a type of cruel, cunning astral animal bent on the destruction of human beings. A Summary follows the video. New text not in the video is in blue font



Hello, Dear Ones. It’s Alice. I am of the stars.

I just thought I’d explain a little bit about the demon world … actually, ‘devil’ is what they call it in the Bible … that some people don’t know.

You see, devils are not like human beings. They don’t have Souls. They’re a form of animal that’s very predacious, very cunning, and very adept at mind control. In my experience, they don’t understand language at all. For instance, they don’t understand English.

But they’re beings of the colors of red and black. They eat the energy that’s colored red and black; they can survive on that. They see the colors of our thoughts and emotions, and they have a way of attempting to redirect our thoughts and emotions so that our energy field becomes more red and more black.

The ways that they do that, have to do with stroking or enhancement of certain thought forms that are painful to us, or cause pain in other people because we’re thinking them. It’s a kind of a stroking or glomming or crossing of the electromagnetic lines of force that they manage to do, and which we interpret as mind control, because what happens is that we start to think very dark, very cruel, or very painful-to-ourselves thoughts.

In life, we start to act out what is known in the Christian church as the seven cardinal or deadly sins, which are: Pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed and sloth. This adds envy, gluttony, and sloth (or indolence) to the Hindu list of ’causes of suffering’; Hindus also recognize attachment to the senses as a cause of suffering, suffering being synonymous with Soul ignorance.

Those colors of the aura … red and black … and those desire-filled thought forms called the cardinal sins, create a denseness in the aura because of the glomming of the electromagnetic lines, that pulls us down into a world known in the major religions as the hellworld. Actually, it has many levels.

And so I ask those of you that practice Satanism … I ask you to consider what you are doing in giving your thoughts and emotions, and the actions in your lives, over to a being that desires to live on and feast on your electromagnetic field energy, your life force, by turning you to the life of a career criminal.

So, just an explanation. I don’t know that all people understand about Satan. They think he’s a great, powerful dude that can make them great and powerful, when in fact, Satan is more like a leopard or a lion or a tiger … very, very cunning, very predacious, very eager to feed on us. But lacking a Soul, lacking a Higher Mind … seeming to have those because of its great gifts of mind control. And seeming to be like a great warlord on Earth because of its great, rapacious desire to wreak violence on others.

This can easily be seen to be true by looking at the life force of humans who have practiced Satanism for some time;

  • The life force will be seen to be very weak, very tenuous. 
  • Consequently,the nervous system will be very weak,
  • there will be a tendency to cancer,
  • and the immune system will be less than optimally effective.
  • Such a person will look wizened, like a person of advanced age, even though he or she may be, in Earth year, still young or of middle age.
  • The astral form will be lifted away from Earth, so that the central energy channel of the torus cannot ground to Earth;
  • Thus the astral form of the human being who worships Satan becomes available to Satanic obsession; it is this obsession that results in criminal acts of notable violence: such as murder, especially sacrifice of innocents, rape, cannibalism and mutilation.

This is not my cup of tea! I tend towards chamomile!

You all take care! Love you lots! Wonderful Summer Solstice energies coming up!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars



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