Amateur Sleuth: Cowrie Shell Mystery . by Alice B. Clagett

Dear Ones,

I got an astral image once that was concerning to me … It was of a man whose penis had been severed, and who wore a cloth covering on the stump, secured by a rubber band. Sewn on the cloth were cowrie shells. In the vision, it looked a little like this:

Image of cowrie shell circlet by Alice B. Clagett, 2017. Cowrie shell image is adapted from “cowry shells used as dice for games of chance in Tamil culture (சோழி/சோவி). This indicates a roll of 3” by Sodabottle, CC BY-SA 3.0.

In the image, the tan border represents the rubber band. In the vision, there may have been more cowrie shells sewn on; I’m not sure. But they were arranged in rows as above; a gift to the man from his wife. The color of the cloth was more greyish than in the image; more like the dun color shown here: ..

In subsequent clair chatter, this man was found to be kidnapping and killing women from time to time. He had, purportedly, 5 or 6 accomplices. The motives for these kidnappings and killings were, variously, ‘that they deserved it’, that is was ‘for their own good’, and that there was money in it for a favorite non-profit organization.

There was also a theme that the man’s father had cut off his penis when he was very young, that the young man had told his family priest, and that the priest had tried talking with the father about it. According to the astral story, this turned out to be a big mistake, as the father then killed the priest, and told his children no one would ever know, as the family were perceived by the local community to be good Catholics.

This proved to be true; the father never was caught out. The son, perceiving the father as more powerful than the church, hired out as an assassin in his adult years, and gathered a group of felons around him who had physical and psychical assassin skills.

There may have been the murder of a priest in recent years, possibly here in Los Angeles, as an acting out by a member of this assassin group of the group leader’s early childhood wounding.

According to the astral stories, two spiritual, high-profile women were recently murdered by this group, their murders not yet being found out as their families think them simply ‘missing’.

There is also a sub theme of drug addiction, and of killing both women and men through intentional drug overdose.

There is another sub theme of serial black widower involving two men from the group … One dates the woman, the other murders her, and the first man produces a fake marriage license and/or a fake will deeding the woman’s property to a non-profit in which both men are engaged, and from which they may receive a wage or other compensation.

I have no idea whether this astral thread is true (hope not!) or simply dreamworld stuff, a group vivid waking dream (one of the Ascension symptoms), but I thought it best to let folks know, in case there have been actual acts of violence, or in case acting out is a future possibility.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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