The Concept of Distance and Other Thoughts on Safety during Chaotic Nodes . by Alice B. Clagett *

Published on 8 March 2017

    • Increasing Electromagnetic Sensitivity of Humankind
    • The February 2017 Eclipse Gateway
    • EMF Interactions on Earth
    • On Sensing the Necessary Geographic Distance We Must Be from Localized EMF Turbulence
    • On Sensing the Necessary Temporal Distance We Must Be from Localized EMF Turbulence
    • Story about Evading Another Person’s Temper Flare-up During the Gateway
    • Accidents Observed to Have Happened during the February Gateway, and Suggestions on Staying Safe
    • Story about Internet and Electronic Interference during the February Gateway, and How to Hold That with Neutral Mind

Dear Ones,

This is about the concept of distance, both geographic and temporal, as it applies to chaotic nodes. There is an edited Summary after the video …



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I would like to talk for a minute or two about the concept of distance, both geographic and temporal, as it applies to chaotic nodes during Solar events such as the recent Gateway, coronal mass ejections, co-rotating interactive regions (CIRs), and Solar winds incoming to Earth.

Increasing Electromagnetic Sensitivity of Humankind

As we become more electromagnetically sensitive, as the Incoming Light offers us changeups in our electromagnetic (EMF) fields, and as those fields clear of dense, misqualified energies, then it becomes more and more obvious to us, how our own energy field interacts with those of others, especially during these Solar Events.

The February 2017 Eclipse Gateway

And most especially during the recent Eclipse Gateway, which included an initial and a closing eclipse. For a couple of days after the closing Eclipse, the energy of the Gateway continued to affect Earth’s electromagnetic field. And also, the energy of this February 2017 Gateway started a little earlier than we thought it would. So that is something to take into consideration for the future Gateways this year and next year.

EMF Interactions on Earth

As you may know, the electromagnetic field of every person on Earth interacts with those of other beings on Earth, including the trees, and even the grass and flowers, the shrubs, and most especially the people. And also, the electromagnetic fields that gather round edifices because of people’s thought forms while there. For instance, the electromagnetic field caused by the thought form of a church.

Figure 17, “Response to Devotion,” from “Thought-Forms,” by Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater. (2005). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg. Retrieved 8 March 2017, ..

Figure 17, “Response to Devotion,” from “Thought-Forms,” by Annie Besant and C. W. Leadbeater. (2005). Urbana, Illinois: Project Gutenberg. Retrieved 8 March 2017 … ..

From the above Fig. 17, “Response to Devotion,” by Annie Besant and C.W. Leadbeater can be imagined the sort of EMF field that might build up around a church full of devoted followers.

The mountains have wonderful electromagnetic fields to consider.

So we are bathed in a sea of electromagnetism, which includes the overall magnetosphere of Earth and the individual electromagnetic fields of all the beings that are in it. And during a Solar Event, the magnetosphere of Earth becomes more turbulent. This is good, because it allows more clearing, more upgrades, and more changes of the Light. So it allows for Earth to become an ever more resplendent and majestic place … for more joy to be incoming to all the beings here.

On Sensing the Necessary Geographic Distance We Must Be from Localized EMF Turbulence 

But as we become more and more electromagnetically sensitive, we begin to become aware of and to notice the distance that we need to be from localized turbulence in the magnetosphere, in order to effectively transform the energies to the Light.

This distance that we feel, from a geographic perspective, has, of course, to do with …

  • the amount of turbulence at a specific locus, and also with
  • the strength of the energy in our own central vertical power current.

So those two things are both very important.

On Sensing the Necessary Temporal Distance We Must Be from Localized EMF Turbulence

It has also to do with time. In a particular timeline, it has to do with the temporal distance we are from the electromagnetic disturbance or anomaly. So even a day or two later, after a disturbance has been felt, there will be a disturbance in that timeline, in that geographic locus. And with time, that will diminish.

And so, on day one of a small electromagnetic anomaly, such as might be experienced by a person having an upset or an angry incident, say in a supermarket or on a street, a car accident … something small like that … very important to the person, but, for the world, a relatively confined anomaly.

  • The very first day, there will be quite a few shock waves out of that chaotic node, I feel. This is my feeling about it; how I sense it.
  • Then the second day, there will be less. And the third day, even less.
  • And a week later, it will be much better.

So, in order to preserve the stability of our own electromagnetic field as transformers to the Light, we might need to be at a greater distance … Because we are empaths and telepaths, our clair skills require that we be at a greater geological distance from that anomaly the first day, or that our central vertical power current be stronger … as through meditation or sitting in a quiet spot that first day … than it needs to be on subsequent days.

So what I am suggesting is to place Awareness on the importance of distance, or on strengthening the stability of our own EMF when we sense that there are even the very smallest chaotic nodes around.

Story about Evading Another Person’s Temper Flare-up During the Gateway

I had an incident that occurred during the recent very wonderful Gateway. It had to do with someone that I knew very casually as an acquaintance, who kind of ‘lost it’. I see this quite frequently: People will be going along on a ‘steady keel’ … and then they will have some tiny inflection point or trigger that can be activated towards unusual upset during a chaotic node; during a Solar Event.

And so this person that I knew had a very tiny trigger that was activated by the very turbulent energies in the atmosphere on a particular day last week. And that caused them to behave territorially aggressively towards me … to the point where, even though I have martial arts training, I had to undertake evasive maneuvers three times in order to get out of the way of the upset and anger and territorial aggressiveness that person was feeling … very atypically … at that time.

So then, when I left the place where that person was, I assessed the ongoing turbulence regarding that, because it was I who had been the trigger (not by action, but through my EMF nearness in a geographic sense). Through clair talking with other people at that location … because that person returned to that location, apparently, daily … I assessed that it would not be good to return to there for awhile, until things reverted to normal.

So I came up with a plan, for my daily schedule, that involved going to some other place instead; the same activity at another place. And this turned out to be really great, because over there, there was very positive energy, there was not that chaotic node, there was none of that upset or anger or territorial aggressiveness. Nothing was going on!

So the geographic locus of a node is an important thing to consider.

Accidents Observed to Have Happened during the February Gateway, and Suggestions on Staying Safe

There was another incident recently. After the Gateway closed, there were a couple of unanticipated days when there were astral stories that would start up … glommings of thought energy and emotional energy with different groups of people spontaneously coalescing thought forms and creating astral stories. And as that happened, I noticed it was very important to be in a quiet place … a very quiet place, both noospherically and environmentally, where I could counter those stories that had to do with Soul wounding with energy of transformation.

The astral stories, in this case, are the fourth dimensional counterpart of some of these physical incidents that were taking place, round about, during the Gateway. Besides temper flare-ups, and so forth, these physical incidents included some unusual traffic accidents that I have discussed in another video, to do with other people having grazed or run into parked cars … which just does not happen in my area … but I saw two such instances during the Gateway.

So I would say that, during Gateways, it is very important …

  • to seek those quiet places, and
  • even if we are excellent drivers, to avoid driving, and
  • to stay away from motor noises, all kinds of motor noises.

Story about Internet and Electronic Interference during the February Gateway, and How to Hold That with Neutral Mind

I do not know about you all, but for me, as is frequently the case during Gateways and Solar Events, my internet went completely down: it is still down (almost a week now). My phone went down. It is still down. And then I had a cell phone, and it was doing extraordinarily unusual things during all that time and thereafter. For instance …

  • I would input a number, and not get a dial tone, or
  • If I got through to people, they would not be able to hear me, whether I talked in a normal voice or shouted into the phone, and
  • When I finally got through to people, they would try to get into their company computer records, and their computers would go down.

Just to let you know, in case that is happening to you: It is not good to take things like that in causal ways, as ‘plots of the Dark’, or like that … what we used to call the ‘Dark Network’. There is another way of looking at it; a synchronous way of looking at it … [Interrupted by squawk of a blue jay; zooms to the bird, which flies away.]

You can look at it causally, and think people are ‘doing things to you’, but this is very unproductive. It produces fear and anger and emotions like that during a Solar Event. Instead, it is important to know that, as we are doing upgrades and downloads of Light during a Solar Event, the electromagnetic field of the heart is changing quite a lot. It is constantly changing.

And so, it is good to stay away from electronic equipment during that time … and to even stay away from electricity, I feel. It is more productive of the updates and changes in our electromagnetic field and our entire Soul field.

So these things happen. And then when the whole thing is over; when the Gateway or Solar Event finishes,

  • our internet will come back on, either through a repair person coming in, or else spontaneously so,
  • and our electronic equipment will work once more,
  • and we will be able to communicate properly with other people.

It happens time and time again. It is not a great concern. It is just a way God has of saying to us that, during these events, we need to be with Him. We need to align with God. And not so much so with what they used to call the ‘pomp and circumstance’ of life in general, as may manifest when we are with other people. That’s how I take that.

Until next time!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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