Timelines and Dimensions 1 . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 11 February 2017

Dear Ones,

This is the first of three videos on timelines and dimensions. There’s a Summary after the video. After that are the photos that are at the end of the video …



  • Comments on the movie “Dimensions,” 2011, starring Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Camilla Rutherford, Patrick Godfrey, http://dimensionsthemovie.com/ ..
  • How time travel movies, while having many good points, and being on the right track, are missing some important details, according to the Hathors of Venus.
    • The Hathors are a very advanced civilization … star brothers and sisters of ours, from our own planetary system, who awoke long, long before us.
    • We can learn quite a lot from the Hathors; for instance, timeline skills and multidimensional skills. They’re here to teach us, I’m here to say.
  • There’s a point in the plot of the movie “Dimensions’ where Soul wounding occurs for three children: two boys and a girl. The girl dies in a well. Then both boys, as they grew up, went into timeline research in an attempt to travel back in time and change this past moment, so that the Soul wounding would not occur.
  • This notion of travelling back in time so as to alter a Soul wounding event is common in movies about travel. For instance, the movie “The Time Machine,” put out in 2002 … https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Time_Machine_(2002_film) … has this similarity in its otherwise very different plot.
  • But changing things in timelines is not really a question of changing one timeline.
    • One timeline is but one possibility.
    • If you experience Soul wounding in one timeline, then the way to transform it is to move to another timeline where that didn’t happen, and in that way, through the power of your awareness and love, you merge the Soul wounding timeline with the timeline that has no such Soul wounding in it.
  • So, it’s not a question of going back to a time before the Soul wounding occurred. Which is to say, it’s not so much a back-to-the-past time loop issue.
    • As the movies all say, that’s a less likely possibility … because so many alternate timelines branch off from every nanosecond in the timeline already past, it’s difficult to go back to the moment just before the Soul wounding occurred and then alter one detail that will then achieve the desired outcome.
    • It’s in fact easier and more successful to use time loops to bring future events back to alter and transform the present to the Light.
    • For instance, we might imagine the increased Light on Earth next year, then visualize a time loop to bring that back and bless the present moment on Earth.
  • But your ascension team will know that.
    • If you use their timeline skills, their knowledge of the user manual for this human form, with all of its subtle bodies and all of its possibilities, then they can pick for you the timeline in which that event, or any ramification or variation of that event, will not have occurred. They’ll pick that for you.
  • Timeline jump and merge: The most efficient way to change the past is to move to a timeline in a parallel movement rather than a looping movement.
    • To move to an alternate timeline with your awareness, just as a photon disappears from one reality and reappears a moment later.
    • Where did it go? It went to a different timeline or dimension.
    • A photon is pure awareness. You are pure awareness. You can do that too. But you need to call upon the greatness that you are, and the greatness that assists you.
  • There’s another part of the movie, that I’m watching right now, where the young man who wants to change the past, and works with timeline theory, decides to physically go down into well, where the young girl who was the love of his childhood had passed on.
  • So he goes down there, and then he comes out, and goes into what might be described as a catatonic state.
  • My understanding of the catatonic state has to do with dark-night-of-the-Soul theory …. transformational theory … experiential transformation and awareness transformation.
  • I think of catatonia as an attempt to withdraw from physical stimulation, and from all of the senses, by curling up in a ball, and not responding to the ‘nudge from the mom’, or like that. Going deeply within, for a chance to change completely. To change the Weltanschauung, the world outlook. To revise the user manual of the Soul’s energy field.
  • But in the instance in the movie, the young man is just lying on a bed, in a very withdrawn state. He’s questioning everything … A ‘less dark’ night of the Soul is going on. And he’s talking about the timeline teacher that he had when he was young.
  • He says: Imagine a time when something really horrible happened to you, and that influenced all the rest of your life … after that, your life was torqued around by that one Soul wounding even. And now, imagine that what you’re experiencing now is that.
  • And, in fact, it’s true that this dimensional awareness that we’re having right now … with all of its distortion of the Light, density of understanding, and the falling away of the truth of reality that has to be experienced in order to be in this third dimension, this physical reality, is the forgetfulness of the great trauma of being aware in this dimension. So, he’s talking about dimensional awareness as well as timeline theory here.
  • In order to heal this Soul wounding, we need to move into the timeline and the dimension that doesn’t have it.
  • The solution is pretty much the same as for the timeline jump and merge: We add the dimensional jump, and we become this greatly larger being … big as a church, big as a National Park, that big! We become big as Earth, big as the Solar System. Large as the Universe, large as the Multiverse. And beyond that, the ‘matter’ from which came the matter; the ground of being.
  • And from that, we look down; deep, deep down; telescoping down into the child with the Soul wounding who has the timeline.
  • And in that way we hold what we’re seeing here on Earth.
  • In that way, we can change it, in any instant, to any other dimension, or any other timeline … From that place; that ground of being, that darkness from which matter arises.
  • That’s it for this movie. It’s an extremely interesting movie; I’ve gained a lot by viewing it:  “Dimensions,” 2011, starring Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Camilla Rutherford, Patrick Godfrey, http://dimensionsthemovie.com/ … available through amazon.com and perhaps elsewhere.


dsc03305Photo: “Gaia 1”  by Alice B. Clagett, 2017


dsc03307Photo: “Keys to the Codes 1” by Alice B. Clagett, 2017


dsc03310Photo: “Blossoming of Humankind 1,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2017

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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