Ascension Cautions 6: For Followers of Ascended Masters . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 30 January 2017

Dear Ones,

This is one in the Ascension Cautions blog series. I’ve been talking a little about the Incoming Light, and the stress on groups, and how the glom effect is happening, and what followers in groups can do to avoid being at the effect of the glom situation, and to avoid following subconscious commands arising from the Soul wounding of the leaders of the groups. And also, what leaders can do to mitigate the stress effect on them.

And now I’d like to talk a little about the situation with ascended masters during this phase of the Ascension process. After the Video is a lightly edited Summary …


This Summary is a lightly edited version of the video.

  • Ascended masters are a very touchy topic, because followers are very loyal to ascended masters.
  • A group that’s devoted to an ascended master, I’d like to say, is putting the same kind of stress on that ascended master who is in the astral plane right now … maybe the heavenworlds … as are the members of groups with a physical person in charge on Earth.
  • Generally speaking, an ascended master is a man; a man whose Soul is now experiencing life on the astral plane.
  • The astral plane is part of the world of duality. If his awareness is in the astral plane, his experience of the astral plane will be dual.
    • If he’s experiencing the heavenworlds on the astral plane, he will also be experiencing the hellworlds.
    • If he were experiencing the purgatory worlds (as many people, not ascended masters, are) it would be a little bit less dual of a situation. He would probably be experiencing upper purgatory and lower purgatory … which would be less of a gradient or delta.
    • But the ascended master, like the ‘old lightworker’, experiences a much greater range of duality in the third and fourth dimensions. For more on this, search old lightworker on my blog.
  • Keeping in mind that this is only in the third and fourth dimensions, whereas in the fifth and higher dimensions, the ascended master is quite radiant and beautiful.
  • What we have to do, if we want to contact an ascended master, is to contact him not on the thinking or the emotional planes … instead, we have to contact him higher than that. And we have to contact the beings that he refers to, higher up.
  • We need to contact the higher dimensions. But many people don’t do this. They think of an ascended master as a personality that exists on the astral plane.
  • This really puts the heat on him. Just as the followers looking up to the leader of a physical group on Earth put immense stress on the leader of a physical group.
  • On the astral plane, where there’s nothing to stand between the thought forms of the followers and the receptive mechanism of the ascended master on the astral plane. He’s constantly barraged by these thought forms.
  • And the ascended master himself has two aspects: He has his own Soul wounding to deal with. And that Soul wounding has attracted followers to him all over the world who have similar resonance of Soul wounding.
  • So whatever tiny, small Soul wounding aspects he has will be reverberating through the group, and causing those issues in the group.
  • That’s why I say: It’s better to let the ascended masters be right now, and move on. Let our own Souls speak to our own Celestial Ascension Teams.
  • And take the heat off the ascended masters. Let them perfect their astral form and merge it with the higher dimensions now. This is their job now.
  • We can keep the ascended masters’ Soul wounding very active in the hellworlds right now if we keep asking them for help when we should be asking higher up.
  • If you will look carefully into the teachings of any ascended master, you will most likely find that they, themselves, most likely related directly to Source and to God. Or to the angelic realm.
  • They looked up. And you can follow their teachings by looking up too: Spirit to Team!
  • And then later, when it’s all worked out and all resolved, in this ongoing process of gearing up to the vibration of Earth and the Incoming Light, then that old loyalty and that old friendship with the ascended master of your choice can be resumed.
  • I hope this makes some sense of what is going on. I wish you the very best in your ascension efforts. God bless you all in peace and love and light.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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