Ascension Cautions 5: For Leaders of Groups in This Time of Change … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 30 January 2017


Dear Ones,

This is the fifth in the Ascension Cautions blog series. This video is about the wave of change currently faced by leaders of groups, and how they may deal with it. There’s a lightly edited Summary after the video …


This is the text of the video, lightly edited.

  • We’ve talked about how grouping is not such a good idea for optimum maintenance of your own electromagnetic field. This is even more true for the leaders of groups.
  • There will come a point when the leader of each group suddenly realizes the trouble that’s been going on, and understands the dynamic of the Duality Play with regard to leaders. s
  • It has involved not-nice leaders on the astral plane … what they call the Big Bads … for a long time. They’ve been directing everything at the level of the 8th chakra … up above the head … where humans haven’t had any awareness at all until now, after the December 2012 Shift.
  • But these Big Bads are now gone from the astral plane. So now we’re coming down to the human leaders of human groups, who are rising to the awareness that their subconscious minds … their subconscious Soul wounding … has been influencing their groups as regards the previously inexplicable ‘acting out’ activities of the group that have been happening since 2012.
  • Suddenly, the leaders notice. Or, the members of the group may explain to them what they’ve been clair hearing or clair seeing.
  • In some cases, the leaders still may not be taking responsibility for it … which, in a way, is fine, because, as I’ve mentioned, in the fifth dimension they’re blameless, pure, beautiful beings of light and love and joy.
  • In truth, no one is at fault here. But on the other hand, this is the dynamic that has been taking place.
  • So, when the leaders of groups realize that dynamic, they may feel that a change of leadership style may be good. For instance, a more cooperative effort, where everybody has feedback, may be the best thing.
  • A leader might begin to be like the President of the United States, who has the whole Congress to deal with, in order to get a law passed. And he must deal with the Judiciary System as well. So, a toning down of the powers of leadership, and an assumption of more power by the followers in a group.
  • Still, I think you’ll find, even if you do that, that the results are pretty much intolerable. You’ll rise to that awareness.
  • The effect, in these times, of leading a human group is very difficult for the leader. The leader takes on all of the Soul wounding of all of the members of the group, which then magnifies itself in his Soul field. This causes stress on his subtle bodies and on his physical body.
  • Any way you can mitigate that stress, as a leader, is a good thing. For instance:
    • Through delegation,
    • Through talking to people, or
    • Through trying to get input from others.
  • The situation at hand is pretty much unprecedented for the last 120,000 years. It may have happened that long ago (or longer ago), but that would have been with a totally different group of life forms (which may or may not have been part of our own Soul group).
  • So we may remember that, 120,000 years ago, all went well eventually. That God really cares about us. That we can trust in God. That we can have faith in the situation.
  • That’s a leg up. That’s a good thing. And a true thing. We can have faith in the situation, no matter how unprecedented it may seem.
  • We need to be looking for novel solutions. And we need to be asking novel questions, in order to get the right answers.
  • So, that’s for leaders, in this time of great change for humankind.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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