Ascension Cautions 4: Guidelines for Those in Authority … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 30 January 2017

Dear Ones,

This video is one in a series of cautions about grouping during the Ascension process. The current video is for people in authority, and who are respected and looked up to in our society, such as school teachers, law enforcement, judges, and well-known doctors in hospitals … folks who are used to taking authority to help other people, to help maintain society, to help people get well, to help children to be well educated, and so forth …

After the video is a Summary …



  • This very authority that you are used to is going to cause trouble during the Ascension process.
  • That is because there will be times when your conscious mind is not functioning at all … when the mental faculties simply cease to function right. When cognitive dissonance holds sway. When you can’t trust your mind at all.
  • And yet, other people are used to looking up to you, and hoping for rational decisions from you and your peers.
  • You have to know when your mind is not working right. You have to allow yourself the time to follow your heart and enjoy life during that time … and not exercise your role of authority over other people during that time.
  • You can find out more about this in this brief: “Community Health: Preparing for Solar and Gateway Event EMF Hypersensitivity,” by Alice B. Clagett, ..
  • Also in that short blog is information about people who own guns. It’s very important not to have guns right now.
    • If you’re a police officer in a situation of cognitive dysfunction, the very first thing to do is to give your gun to a fellow officer.
    • If you’re a homeowner, you need to give your gun to your wife, and she needs to give it to a neighbor.

A person who is suffering from cognitive dissonance cannot expect to trust himself, or herself, with a gun. It’s causing these problems that are coming up in the news.

  • So this is the thing: Immediately get up to speed on when you’re suffering from cognitive dissonance and when you’re not.
    • If you’re in a position of authority, remove yourself from that role.
    • Go on wellness leave, or sick leave, for that day.
    • For employers and supervisors: Find a spot in the bathroom at work, and put a cot in there, so that people who are suffering from cognitive dissonance won’t have to be in a position of driving through a long commute to get home. Because that simply can’t be done when that kind of state is experienced.
    • If nothing else, down in the parking garage at work, take a chance to just snooze in the car.
  • There’s going to be a way to get through this, but it takes awareness of your mental state.
  • For those that notice their colleagues in authority suddenly briefly flipping gears mentally (which is a warning sign), try and help them to come to that understanding, and to set themselves aside for a little while, and then maybe come back into the authority role again.
  • One other thing regarding authority and cognitive dissonance: Let’s say the unthinkable has happened, and you’ve slipped into a state of cognitive dissonance, and you’re in authority, and you made a decision that you later can’t make heads or tails of. And it’s affected other people, maybe in a very radical way, or whatever …
    • First we have to realize everyone’s going in and out of these cognitive dissonance issues.
    • And then we have to forgive ourselves, and forgive our peers regarding this.
    • And we have to come up with, and put in place a mechanism right away, to reverse decisions that have been made along these lines … without any penalties to anyone.
  • I feel that what needs to be recognized, is …
    • That there’s no loss of face at all, in a situation like this.
    • There’s nothing to be concerned about.
    • Just reverse any decisions that have been made in a frame of mind that’s less than rational. Let our peers help us with that.
    • And let us get on with this process.
  • So: Forgiveness to everyone, all around

For those in authority: I wish you very well!

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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