Ascension Cautions 3: Discriminating Between Vivid Waking Dreams and Acting Out . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 28 January 2017

Dear Ones,

This blog describes, with examples, the difficulty in discriminating between very realistic seaming, vivid waking dreams and ‘acting out’ in the physical world during this stage of the Ascension process.

There is an outline before the video, and a slightly spiffed up Summary after it.

  • Video by Alice
  • Summary of the Video
    •  On Figuring Out the Difference Between Vivid Waking Dreams and Acting Out in the Physical World
      • Our Forgotten Timeline Skills
      • How Timeline Optimization Eliminates Acting Out Timelines
      • On Checking Our Astral Plane Experiences Out Against the Physical World
      • How Timeline Merges Can Cause Subtle Changes in the Physical World
      • On Surfing the Timeline Waves in This Time of Renewal
    • Case 1: Parents of Teenage Children
    • Case 2: Grown Children and Their Parents
    • Case 3: Acting Out Because Astral Stories have Convinced Us that Someone Else Is Freaking Out
    • Conclusion: Take a Step in the Physical Realm to Ascertain the True Physical Reality



This summary is lightly edited to make a slightly improved version…


At this point in the Ascension process, one of the difficulties that’s going on, is figuring out the difference between very realistic seeming, vivid waking dreams, and the actual process of acting out in the physical world.

Our Forgotten Timeline Skills

This is because people have forgotten, or are just learning the skills of timeline merges, timeline surfing, and timeline walk-throughs … as well as the same sorts of skills for our newly rediscovered multidimensionality. And so, they’re never really sure if what they’re seeing has ever really happened. It might be happening in a parallel timeline or dimension, for instance.

How Timeline Optimization Eliminates Acting Out Timelines

And so, one of the things that we all need to pick up on is: If it seems that some action has occurred, and which we hope hasn’t occurred … even if we think we did it, it’s very possible that nothing happened, and that we didn’t do it. Or that it happened in an alternate timeline … and then we optimize the timeline. Or in an alternate dimension, and then we optimize the dimension. And therefore, that more untrue, less loving reality no longer exists at all.

On Checking Our Astral Plane Experiences Out Against the Physical World

I know this is hard to conceive of. But the thing to do, especially in times of high light, if we have a very vivid waking dream, is to check the physical world and see what’s so.

How Timeline Merges Can Cause Subtle Changes in the Physical World

The situation is all the more confusing because, as the timelines have been merging lately, one of the phenomena that have been occurring is that things have been appearing and disappearing in the current Awareness timeline. With no particular explanation from the perspective of linear timeline theory, subtle changes occur.

On Surfing the Timeline Waves in This Time of Renewal

From this, I gather we have to learn to just take it as it is, and just surf the waves of timelines and dimensions that are laid out before us.

Right now, things are changing, and everything is new every moment. There will be a few discrepancies as everything dovetails together. But nothing to be too concerned about.


So now, at the beginning of this video, I was talking about the current difficulty in discriminating between vivid waking dreams, otherwise known as astral stories, that are circulating on the clair plane, and instances of physically acting out these stories and these dreams in the real world … what we call the third dimension.

Here’s one instance. The parents of teenage children are stressed out by the incoming light, and they have a sip of wine with dinner. The children keep hearing on the unconscious plane, from their parents: I feel so stressed out! I have to have some alcohol!

So the children, who have never had alcohol before, go find a way to get completely drunk. So there’s a ratcheting up effect happening because of a glom within a nuclear family … The parents just want a little glass of wine at dinner, and the children get completely drunk.

It may happen a time or two before it comes to the parents’ attention. Then the parents may wonder why the children are doing this. But in fact, it’s their own subconscious intention that’s driving the subconscious response of the children.


There’s another instance that has to do with nuclear families: The children are grown and have moved out, but the parents and their offspring are still maintaining contact with each other on the subconscious, astral plane.

The children really look up to the parents, and they’re listening, on the subconscious plane, to what the parents are saying… So the parents become really angry at another person. In their subconscious minds, they’re always thinking: That person did this and such. That person did this and such! They’re always grumbling like that, in their subconscious mind.

And then, the subconscious mind does these cursing things: Curse this person with this! Curse this person with that! And the children pick up on it, on a subconscious, or slowly rising to consciousness, plane.

And in the plane of consciousness, Veil of Forgetfulness area between the third and fourth dimensions, the child takes all of this stuff really seriously. The child goes into a fugue state and says: Oh, yes. I’m going to do this. I want to please my parents. My parents want me to do it; they told me so. And they act those subconscious, cursing wishes of their parents out.

The parent actually never had such an intention. Eventually, it come’s to the parent’s attention that this has happened, and they ask the child: Why did you do this? And the child says: But you told me to! I did it to please you. I wanted you to love me. 

And then the parent is scratching their head: I wonder what this is about? It’s the same story as the one described in the blog “Ascension Cautions 2,” only the acting out is less severe. The parent is the leader, The parent has walled off feelings and emotions; mostly feeling-filled, repressed thoughts that are repeating over and over again … samskaras, or Soul wounding.

And the children are hearing this over and over again. Only they’re rising to consciousness faster than the parents. And what the children think is that the parent really wants them to do this thing. They love the parent, so they do that thing.

So, children! If you’ve noticed that happening in your parents, the thing to do is to bring it to conscious Awareness. Talk to your parent, either on the phone, or face to face, eye to eye. Say: I‘ve been hearing this from you on the unconscious plane. I’d like to know what your feelings really are about it. Whether your love of me really depends on my breaking the law in this way.… And so on.

And sure and begorrah, the parent will be there to tell you: I never knew I was saying this thing. No! I don’t want you to do it!

You have to discriminate between the third dimension and the fourth dimension. You have to arrive at an understanding of your own multidimensionality And not get stuck in the plane of forces between the two dimensions, in a place where it’s not clear where you are.

And you do that by taking conscious action in the physical world.


Here’s another instance. A person might hear, on the astral plane, a person that they know … an acquaintance or friend or family member … who seems to be just freaking out, emotionally. And what they might be hearing is actually the repressed Soul wounding of that person, rather than the Awareness self of the person that presents itself as personality to the real world.

And, hearing this over and over again, on the psychic or astral plane, they may come to the conclusion that that person is mentally ill. When in fact, nothing is going that doesn’t ordinarily go on, except that they themselves are becoming more aware of the repressed emotions of other people on the astral plane.

Still failing to distinguish between these two planes: The fourth dimensions, with the emotions, and the third dimension with the physical beingness of a person, they leap to the conclusion that they should take action in the real world.

That might include actions that are considered an invasion of privacy. They might call the police, and ask the police to check up on the person. They might request a drug raid, in an extreme instance. They might snoop on the person’s email or record their phone conversations. They might get hold of the person’s identity data. They might call the person’s doctor, and present false medical or psychological evidence. Or call the person’s friends, and concoct false personal or occupational information.

They might feel quite justified  in doing this … in fact, urgently justified … because, here is a person that appears to be perfectly normal when they talk to them, but they’re hearing all these distorted, repressed, emotional issues coming up from this person, that must indicate that there is something terribly wrong with them.

Or they may merely think of doing these things, over and over again, and others in their far-flung clair circle of acquaintances, whose Soul wounding is triggered by these astral stories, may act the stories out.

So this is another way that acting out can occur: By becoming convinced that someone else’s repeating astral story, or a vivid waking dream, is a pressingly urgent physical reality that needs to be dealt with.

The funny thing is, that this other person might be thinking the same thing. As regards you … the person who’s considering acting out, calling the ‘riot squad’ and so forth … this other person might be hearing the same thing from you on the psychic plane. Yet every time they talk to you, you seem like a regular person! They don’t know what to think!


And so the answer lies in this: The emotional plane (the astral plane, where clair communication takes place) is the land of dreams. The physical plane is physical reality. They are two separate planes.

So as to avoid acting out, we can check up on people on the physical plane; and, if they seem normal on the physical plane, let it go at that. Or we can talk to them, via phone or in person, about what we’ve been hearing on the astral plane, and in that way ascertain what’s really going on.

In other words, we take a step in the physical realm to determine whether or not a further step needs to be taken in the physical realm. We don’t rely on our astral input. Which is very difficult, because repressed emotions repeat over and over again, like a perpetual motion machine. The story repeats even while we’re asleep, if people are tuned in to us.

And it’s hard not to act on that. But that’s the skill that we’re learning.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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