Settling and Clearing the Basal Chakra . Past Death Experiences . by Alice B. Clagett

Written on 17 August 2013; published on 21 December 2016; revised
Previously titled: Clearing the Basal Chakra . Past Death Experiences


Dear Ones,

This video is about settling and clearing the energy of the basal chakra, and about viewing past death experiences with peaceful equanimity …



Hello, Everyone, It’s Alice.

I did not have a chance to talk to you about the basal chakra, in the last movie, because I am working on balancing all my lower triangle chakras, and the basal chakra is just a little bit different. It does not have a funnel in front of the body, and a funnel behind the body, and a null point right in the middle.

It is kind of like the crown chakra, which has a single funnel that opens up, towards the sky. Similarly, the basal chakra has a single funnel that goes straight down, at the bottom of your torso.

There is also a kind of idiosyncrasy that I have found with the energy of the basal chakra. When I am feeling unsure, or unsafe, what I feel is kind of a ripple of energy that goes up my coccyx … my tailbone. It is kind of an unsettled energy there.

If you are concentrating … sitting down might be the best way … if you are concentrating on the basal chakra, I would try sitting, and singing a holy chant. And see if that energy does not fill in, at the coccyx (at the tailbone), and settle, and allow you to feel maybe even the new chakras that are below the torso … down towards the center of Mother Earth … or maybe the first of those ‘subpersonal’ chakras. But the first thing is to settle the coccyx … settle the basal chakra. That is what I have on that one.

The basal chakra has to do with survival, fear of death; and security, safety, When we are in the process of clearing it … as we do when we sit and chant, and concentrate on that area … we may have a video snapshot of prior death experiences.

It is kind of like a video, I figure: We have all been born, and died so many times … a couple hundred, maybe … that, after the first one, it is a nice video show. So do not be too concerned about that.

That is not us, you know. We are like “The Brook” of Alfred Lord Tennyson, that goes on forever. That is who we really are: The Awareness … the pure Awareness … the pure love, the pure Light, the pure joy of the Infinite.

No matter what your basal chakra might be telling you when you are clearing it, that is not anything important. Carry on!

Love you very much. Talk to you later.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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