Blessing for the Earth and for Planet Maldek . by Alice B. Clagett

This video was made on 27 March 2015, but was not posted till 27 November 2016. Revised 22 May 2017; new text is in blue font.

  • Activation of Light for Planet Maldek
  • Planet Maldek, The V— D— Malware, and the AIDS Virus
  • On the Importance of Clearing Astral Stories Before They Distill as 3D

Dear Ones,

Here is an activation of light for Earth and Maldek, including a blessing to help heal the AIDS virus.


Spirit to Team!
Scan, transform, and reprogram
All malevolent malware
And semi-sentient or sentient life forms on planet Maldek,
Or deport them to the appropriate location.

Scan, transform, and reprogram
All malware on rocks and meteorites
Anywhere in our Solar System.

Scan, transform, and reprogram
All malware in the human body,
Especially malevolent life forms in the form of microbes,
And etheric and astral malware
In any of our human bodies.

For the All, Through Free Will!
Blessings to Maldek!

Spirit to Team!
I ask that the dimension
Of the planet Maldek be optimized.
For the All, Through Free Will!

I ask forgiveness, from our Sun
For what has transpired on planet Maldek.
I request that the karmic cards of planet Maldek
Be shuffled through and optimized.
For the All, Through Free Will!


According to my clair intel, and as very unusual as it seems to me, the malware in the noosphere right now, that increases the urge for sexual activity … sometimes termed the V— D— malware, the malware that we’ve been dealing with for the last few years, has to do with the spread of the AIDS virus, and the AIDS virus is a form of robotic knowledge from the planet Maldek.


Sometimes these very weird theories about how the universe is, and how we’re under threat … like the idea that microbes are some sort of alien being … of course, they are inimical to humans sometimes; some are ‘good’ and some are not … circulate in the noosphere. It could be these stories come from popular entertainment … movies and so forth.

Whether or not they have a basis in the physical world, as soon as they become established in our noosphere, our unconscious thought cloud, through popular media, they need to be neutralized. They need to be blessed, uplifted, and transformed.

No matter what far-out story you run into, feel free to bless, transform, and uplift it, through the new Incoming Light, and with the help of your celestial ascension team.

The reason for this is, that realities begin to be established in the astral plane through the thought and feeling world. And that is where it’s most easy to stop it. Stop it at that point, rather than allowing it to filter into and become the popular reality.

Instead, for the popular reality of 3D, let us all think of the most inspiring possible good for planet Earth and for the All.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

For another prayer for the Planet Maldek, see …

Link: “A Call for the Great Healing” by Aluna Joy Yaxk’in, … Search: Maldek

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