Devils, Hybrids, and the Astral Negative-Martian Alliance . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 5 December 2016; revised on 9 July 2017

    • Martian Bacteria: Pros and Cons of Microminiaturization
    • How Demons and Devils Are Getting Physically Smaller Because of the Awakening
    • The Deal That Astral Negative Beings Made with the Martian Bacteria
    • Hypotheses as to How the Astral Negative Beings ight Have Gotten into the Human Bloodstream
      • Human Hybrid Hypothesis
      • How the Martian Bacteria Were Deceived into an Alliance with the Demon World Against Humankind
      • Hypothesis that The Martian Bacteria Have Bioengineered a Servomechanism That Brings Astral Negative into Human Bloodstream
    • Astral Stories about Human Hybrids
      • Brother and Sister … Husband and Wife
      • Story of the Moon Rocket That Was Burned Up by the Sun
      • The Unholy Trinity and the Rebirth of the Holy Trinity on New Earth
    • On Working with the Martian Bacterial Colonists to Eliminate Hybrids in Our Blood

Dear Ones,




Microminiaturization affords the Martian bacteria various advantages, but it also has its disadvantages:

  • Microminiaturization allows them to pack a lot of population into Earth
  • Those who have become colonists of other life forms  live in a more protected environment (minus ants, for instance) because they are double-layered into various larger life forms on Earth
  • But they lost touch with the bigger picture:
    • They developed various misconceptions, such as that they were living in space stations (really, human bodies), and that these were not sentient. They didn’t know they were on planet Earth.
    • And they lost the longed-for contact with Mars, the home world


Because of the expansion of Earth during the Awakening, the demon world (astral negative) has grown very small … physically very small, from 3-4 feet high pre-Shift, to microminiature size now (smaller than bacteria, as of now).

Lying is the stock in trade of the demon world. They are really good at deceiving people, and, about the time of the 2012 Shift, they deceived the Martians as well.

This strategy was brought into base because, due to astrogeophysical changes, the demon world had lost communication with its moon base (which I posit was controlled by the Orion group).

Till that time, the demon world could influence humans from the outside … it could get as far as the skin; it could settle into orifices … tear ducts, ears, mouths (to the tonsils,  lungs, and stomach), genital openings (to the uterus in women and possibly the bladder in both men and women), and rectum (to the lower alimentary canal. But, for reasons I don’t understand, it couldn’t get into the human blood stream, nor into the lymph system. And these it coveted.


Knowing the longing of the Martians to communicate with their home world, they made a deal as follows:

They lied to the effect that the Martians would all be wiped out if the human ‘space stations’ were to ascend (when, in fact, it is the demon world that is leaving Earth).

They said that the demon world would establish communication between the Martian bacterial colonists of the human ‘space stations’ and the Mars homeworld.

In return, the Martians would do what they could to confound the human beings, so that they could not awaken, using neg speak transmitted telepathically through the human gut brain. Part of this neg speak were the oft repeated V— D— mental filter, and the F— Y– in the A– H— mental filter, the hidden agenda of the demon realm being to spread the AIDS virus and wipe out humankind.

Further, the bacterial colonists would assist in allowing the demon world to enter the much coveted human blood stream.


I have several hypotheses as to how this was accomplished. The first involves human hybrids, whose etheric nets have been damaged, during many incarnations, in such a way that alliance with the demon realm is appealing to them.

Human Hybrid Hypothesis

There are human beings on Earth who are more negatively aspected, more inclined towards service to self, than most human beings. These are the ‘hybrids’.

Hybrids have great psychic powers, which are leant to them by the demon realm. One of these is the yogic superpower described in the “Aphorisms of Patanjali” as the power to become very small, even as small as an atom.

Thus a hybrid can project his or her consciousness into the bloodstream of another person.

Or, the hybrid can subject another person to his will, a feat described in the Theosophical texts as ‘obsession’. They can keep other people in a state of semi-somnambulance, and mind control them into thinking that they are those beings circulating in the blood of a lightworker that they want to turn to the astral negative.

In the hybrid hypothesis, information (as to neg speak effective in Soul degradation) was going, via the placement of the hybrid’s or the obsessed person’s awareness on the victim’s bloodstream, from the blood to the crown chakra once a month, on the full moon, for communication with ‘Moon Base’ controlled Earth’s noosphere at the time. Per the Ascension Glossary, , this Moon Base may have been a reptilian base or a base for the Orion Group pre-Shift. This ‘total control of Earth’ paradigm may have been happening, through subconscious buy-in of humans and/or Martian colonists, for a long time prior to the Shift. Or so the astral story goes.

The demon realm no longer exists, as explained below…. The hybrids, now few in numbers on Earth, and deprived of their astral negative Overlord supervision, in these times when the total control of Earth paradigm has crumbled, are fearful of exposure to the public eye. They are hoarding artwork and gold, and so forth, with a view to hiding out, to avoid fessing up to their heinous crimes against humanity.

That the hybrids need blood sacrifice to stay alive, and that they must sacrifice any woman with whom they mate so as to avoid attenuating the ‘blood line’ are fictions told them by the demon realm. For the need to drink blood I suggest trying chlorophyll, which is a molecule quite similar in structure to hemoglobin.

Hybrids think that they have no Soul. As I understand it, though, they do have Souls, but their etheric nets have sustained such distortions of the Light that their bodies are unsuitable for ensoulment.

This is not cause for despair, as it is not the great exception in humankind. For instance, I’ve read that the Soul of all human children waits patient on the sidelines, hovering over a child’s body protectively, for the first few years of life. Then when the child’s body is ready, it is ensouled.

Thus there exists the possibility … even probability … that the hybrid’s body may be ensouled as gene repairs and DNA upgrades filter into our bodies through the Incoming LIght of the photon belt.

How the Martian Bacteria Were Deceived into an Alliance with the Demon World Against Humankind

The Martians have also been mislead by the demon realm. For instance:

  • They thought that our bodies are space stations, and they are not. They are living on Earth.
  • They thought that humans were animals, and we are not: We are sentient.
  • They thought that the demon realm owned our bodies, and that they, the Martians, had legally leased our bodies from astral negative beings. This ownership is a fiction, and their lease is not legal.
  • They thought that the Moon Base was Mars, and it is not.
  • They thought they were communicating with their home world, and they were apparently intercepting astral negative communications between a reptilian or Orion group Moon Base and the astral negative beings in the hellworlds of Earth.

There will no doubt be a period of adjustment during which the truth sinks in, as to how both the hybrids and the Martians have been deceived. In future, we can look forward to clearings, healings, alliances, and harmony for all beings on Earth.

Hypothesis that The Martian Bacteria Have Bioengineered a Servomechanism That Brings Astral Negative into Human Bloodstream

This is the hypothesis that the Martian bacteria have bioengineered a bacterial-looking servomechanism that brings the astral negative into the human bloodstream and causes sickness and death. Less than optimum physical health turns the EMF slightly ‘sour’, making it ‘edible’ by the demon world. So the purpose of this hypothetical servomechanism would have been to turn the human EMF toward the negative emotions, such as hate and fear, with the intention of enslavement to the astral negative.

This intention of the demon realm would no doubt not have been revealed to the Martian bacterial colonists of the human colon.

Were this hypothesis to prove true. it might be good for humans to undertake negotiations with our Martian colonists so that these servomechanisms might be bioengineered out of the human bloodstream. This would usher in the longer human life expectancy predicted by “The Law of One.”


The story goes that human hybrids, though they lacked Souls, could ‘walk into’ the body of one person after another, and so remain on Earth, as one egoic personality, eternally.

Another story is that they really exist out of form, on the astral plane, from which they can obsess a human being and walk into his or her body. That they can also project a ‘half-way there’ holographic image of themselves onto the physical plane, which most people will take to be a person.

Brother and Sister … Husband and Wife

This is the astral story of two hybrids, a man and a woman, possessed of immense psychic powers. They were brother and sister, but married (perhaps in a mythological sense?) who had been on Earth for a long time, moving from human body to human body, and ransacking Earth like lion cubs gone mad. The man had to kill any human woman that he slept with, so that she would bear no children who might distort the gene line. He grew tired of killing woman after woman, and finally settled on his sister as a mate down through the ages. They did blood sacrifice together … once monthly was considered a moderate amount … in order to drink the blood they needed to survive.

Story of the Moon Rocket That Was Burned Up by the Sun

The astral story, back in the early 2000s, was that certain of the full-blood human hybrids … or possibly Anunaki (Anaks) or reptilians? … were selected to go to the Moon, so as to avoid the Awakening on Earth, which was felt to be lethal to the hybrids. This story purportedly was told me, on the astral plane, by a man and a woman, half-hybrids, who though brother and sister, were wed. These two were not allowed on the space ship because, as half-hybrids, their genes were adulterated. They were half-hybrids because their father, a full-blood, had impregnated their mother with them, and had not killed her before they were born, as, so they said, is the custom.

Being half-bloods, the two children weren’t considered for the Moon trip. However, their father was among those full bloods selected. He and the others took off, along with humans (fully grown? fetuses?) they intended to use for food supplies (as they had a practice of drinking human blood once a month so as to stay alive). (Could this possibly be a story about microminiaturized full-blood hybrids in the blood stream of astronauts?)

After some time, the news filtered in through the astral plane that the sun had burnt up the rocket, and the mission had failed. (Could this possibly have been an urban legend to do with the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in February 2003?) Therefore, so the story went, all the hybrids on Earth were doomed by the impending Shift.

A rearguard action then took place to retard the Awakening as long as possible by tearing down the astral matter of the lightworkers, who, in the egocentric view of the hybrids, were held to be responsible for the Awakening process. This, of course, is incorrect; it is the Earth that is arising, through the Incoming Light of the photon belt.

The Unholy Trinity and the Rebirth of the Holy Trinity on New Earth

I have a theory that the astral story of these three human hybrids: the father, and the brother and sister who are man and wife, may represent the myth of an unholy trinity. The father may be the shadow side of God the Creator; the Creator God, fallen or shrunken down into the realm of duality; the Original Thought that moves out into the light and dark of creation. The son may be the fallen Archangel Michael fractal. And the woman may represent the shadow side of Christ Consciousness; the fallen Christ.

These, then would be the Divine, the Angelic, and the Beings of Light shadow side that overtakes Earth during the long Ages of Darkness.

There is a Myth of Darkness in our noosphere right now … a myth about a trinity of darkness, that follows us as relentlessly as the myth of the dark planet Nibiru. Like the notion that there is a shadow planet stalking Earth, in the same way there is the notion of this shadow trinity … the shadow of the Christian trinity and the Hindu trinity … that is sometimes made flesh in the form of human hybrids, and sometimes standing off by itself, in the fourth dimension.

As Earth moves into this new Great Age, I expect these archetypes to turn once more to the true glory of the Creator God, the magnificence of the arisen Archangel Michael, and the dawn of Christ Consciousness on Earth.


This is a final thought on the theory of invasion of our blood stream by astral negative beings. I feel that, were this to be true, we could work with the Martians to fortify their re-engineering efforts through proper diet, proper hydration, adequate exercise and sleep, and daily meditation. These would allow us to optimize our physical health.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


For the complete Martian Archives, see:
Link: “Compendium of the Martian Archives: Bacterial Colonists of Earth,” by Alice B. Clagett, 9 July 2017, updated ..


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