The “Inferno” and Cosmic Awareness . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 15 November 2016

Dear Ones,

I went to see the movie “Inferno” starring Tom Hanks the other day … I sat it out for most of the movie.

There was a very short scene that made an impression on me … According to the plot, there is an organization called the Consortium which creates fake realities … For instance, they drug the hero, Langdon (Tom Hanks) with a drug to make him unconscious. This causes him to be confused. They place him in a hospital room, and make a surface cut on his scalp …

When he wakes up, the ‘nurse’ tells him he had been in a big automobile accident (not true). Then a police person comes to ‘shoot’ him (also not true), causing him to escape with the ‘nurse’, the object being to get him to decipher a code for her, so she can cause a plague to be let loose on humankind.

So the interesting thing about this is the notion that there is a group that can create fake realities that seem really believable, and that they do this by confusing people, so as to plague them.

This agrees with the notion in “The Law of One: The Ra Material” (1) that there is a group … the Orion Group … that has been doing this to people on Earth, by sending distorted Light through the crown chakra, activating the heart chakra, and restricting energy to the throat chakra.  ccc

This would mean that people with this distortion of Light would be able to feel their hearts, but unable to speak their truth. Generally this is because societal expectations make it hard to speak our truth; we are required to say things feel things that are socially acceptable … or else!

And so, since we must repress the truth, our hearts are hurt, and the Light in our energy fields is distorted.

So now, starting from the top, what would happen if we realized we are perfect human beings … that there is no karma, and that all the plays we are so seriously performing in 3D, which hurt our hearts so much, and cause such tragedy in our lives, are no more true than the hospital room that Langdon woke up in?

The ‘true’ Langdon … the one that wakes up from temporary amnesia … is like each of us, recovering with complete physical, mental, and emotional health from the crisis lives we have been living because of the way the Orion Group has been distorting our energy fields.

Yet again, when the ‘true’ Langdon steps off the set, he becomes the real-life movie star Tom Hanks. You and I also have a greater role to play, the role of great Beings of Light in distant galaxies, who are beaming down, for the briefest time, into the role of a being incarnate in human form.

All these choices in this dense, third dimension … which can never bring us more than suffering upon suffering … are but a put-on by the Orion Consortium. As Shakespeare has Macbeth say, when the queen dies …

“Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
“That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
“And then is heard no more. It is a tale
“Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
“Signifying nothing.” (2)

Some say the significance of life on Earth is to see life and death as the same thing. In a way, this is true. But in a way it is not true. Why is life on Earth so often “full of sound and fury” ? Does it, in fact, signify nothing?

Or is it mean to reveal to us once more, and with a deeper font of Soul wisdom, our true nature, as reflections of that Infinite Sea of Bliss, Peace, and Love?

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: Dictionary definition of Lila, the Divine Play … … One of the definitions is ‘child’s play’


(1) See Link: “The Law of One: Ra Material,”  question-answer 72.17  … or you can find question-response 72.17 at this link: … paragraph 3 (beginning “The entity of …”)

(2) from Link: “Macbeth,” by William Shakespeare, Act 5, Scene 5, page 2 … ..


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