Work Camping and Annual Camping Opportunities in America . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 4 November 2016

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25 January 2015

Dear Ones,


I just read an article in AARP the Magazine, Dec/Jan 2015, called “Mixing Work and Pleasure on the Long, Winding Road.” This is about ‘work camping’, which I thought might be of interest to some of us as we go through the Ascension process. Reason being, a competitive career lifestyle is not always compatible for all of us as the process unfolds. Work camping offers a chance to ratchet down on housing cost … by living in a trailer … and at the same time work for minimum wage at a low key job, and garner enough money to pay for food and gas. With some employers, part time work is available.

I couldn’t find the AARP article online … looks like you have to become a member to get it. However, in the article they mention Amazon has a CamperForce program, providing free campsites and about $10 an hour, plus overtime, for seasonal work in its warehouses all across the US.

Some campers do seasonal work for KOA; you have to be willing to clean bathrooms and empty trash.

When I was camping at Mesa Verde last summer, I found out that Aramark offers seasonal jobs at National Parks and elsewhere. Sometimes includes a campsite, minimum wage, and part time or full time work in a laundry or gift shop or snack shop, etc. Go to and page down to ‘search job opportunities’


For those that don’t need to work, passes are available to National Parks and Federal Recreation Lands … see

However, and this is pretty important, passes don’t include camping costs, which can be pretty hefty at National Parks.

Camping costs for National Forests, which tend to offer less developed campsites, vary from free to $12 a night. See


State Parks sometimes offer great opportunities for campers. I noticed at beautiful Navajo Lake State Park in Colorado AND New Mexico, sites with amenities and an incredible view are offered.

–On the New Mexico side, annual camping permits are $180 a year for New Mexico residents, $100 a year for New Mexico resident seniors and disabled, $225 a year for out of state residents. More info here:

–On the Colorado side of the lake, camping is apparently just $70 a year for one vehicle … see for more on the amenities there.

Looks like that fee will get you the right to camp in other Colorado State Parks as well … see

I gather from this chart that Nevada State Parks offer seasonal low entrance fees with free camping:

And maybe other state parks have good camping opportunities too.

Free campgrounds across America … I’m not sure, this link may be buggy, so exercise discretion:

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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