Astral Story about a Man’s Soul Clearing . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 31 October 2016; transcribed on 8 July 2018

    • On Assisting in Soul Clearing of a Man on the Astral Plane
    • Memory of My First Soul Clearing, Which Felt Like an Upward-Reaching Tornado
    • Description of Storage and Release of Repressed Memories from AV Chips in the Body of Light
    • Last Night’s Soul Clearing: Clairsentient Remote Energy Healing
    • The Importance of Feeling Joy as Soul Wounding Releases
    • What Happened After the Release
    • The Movement of the Dark to Re-Balance with the New Light
    • Protecting Our Children as Shifts in the Dark Occur
    • Freeing of Women from Misogynistic Threads of Energy the Next Day

Dear Ones,

Here’s a recent astral story about a man’s clearing of Soul wounding. There’s an Introduction, then the Video, and then a Summary after the video; text in green font is not in the video.


  • The video contains information on the shifting and rebalancing of Dark and Light after a Soul clearing.
  • This shifting and rebalancing causes astral stories, which we must be careful to listen to with a neutral mind, and not to act on. Our children are hearing these astral stories too.
  • I feel it’s important to teach them not to take these stories too seriously, and especially, not to act on them. Let us prepare the children as best we may, and shelter them during these times of shifting and rebalancing.
  • As the energies rebalance, typically Earth emerges in a higher state of Light, and this manifests among humankind as a freeing up of cognitive ‘gloms’. For instance, while the clearing that was described centered on one person, the beneficial ‘un-glomming’ effect coursed out everywhere:
    • The following morning, a number of women had ceased to be glommed to energies of misogyny that have been circling and bubbling through the noosphere in recent years, preparatory to clearing.
    • The morning after that, a number of men ceased to be glommed to energies of feral drives to sexuality that have been circulating through the noosphere in recent years, preparatory to clearing.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

On Assisting in Soul Clearing of a Man on the Astral Plane

Last night I found myself unexpectedly holding the sacred space for a man to clear his Soul wounding … the tangles in his electromagnetic field … due to some past experiences he had had, with regard to dislike of women … even hatred of women; a very deep distortion of the Light regarding women … representative, I think, of the peak of the Atlantean energy threads; the patriarchy that has been in place for a long time.

So I was very surprised that that clearing took place. It took, it seemed to me, a very long time. I could sense the great beings … the celestial beings on my own team, in higher dimensions … holding the energy for me; holding the space, so that I could help in this transformation. And I will describe it for you a little bit …

Memory of My First Soul Clearing, Which Felt Like an Upward-Reaching Tornado

It’s different from, but very much similar to, in some ways, a clearing that I had some years ago … I think, 2012 … where I had been using language of light therapy for clearing the distortions of the electromagnetic field. And I sensed these tangles clearing.

They formed a tornado or vortex around my body. and cleared upwards. They just sped upwards, with incredible alacrity … up, high into the sky, and disappeared. And that was my first experience of actually knowing that Soul clearing had taken place.

Description of Storage and Release of Repressed Memories from AV Chips in the Body of Light

And then, more recently I sensed, in a friend of mine who is a man, a clearing taking place that had to do with the same kind of audiovisual chips that are stored, it seems, in the body itself … in some place in the body … but actually, they are in the electromagnetic field.

And when they peel off, it’s like a little video clip: You can see the scene. You can hear exactly, verbatim, what went on amongst various people. Whether, at the time, you were conscious or not, it somehow got stuck in you.

You can sense the high emotion of the moment. And then, you might even hear the aftermath … the denouement, and all the comments of other people later on. It’s a lot like watching a soap opera during a very dramatic event … but short, lots of times.

So the friend that I sensed, some time ago … I think, this year, sometime … had a past life experience that he was reliving and releasing. And that took a little while. But it was a similar process of the audiovisual clips being displayed, and releasing. And the exact memory of the event was recorded … somewhere stuck, usually in the body; sometimes outside the body, like ‘space junk’; and sometimes just in the general hologram. Could be far off in the hologram, sometimes, if it’s greatly repressed energy.

And so, in this case it was releasing from near the body, in the electromagnetic field, and then it was completely gone. Completely gone. This kind of clearing is almost instantaneous. It usually takes place … Well, in my case I had a lot to get rid of. There were several sessions. And each one took a half-hour to an hour and a half, max. In the case of my friend, it didn’t take that long; maybe half an hour, once.

Last Night’s Soul Clearing: Clairsentient Remote Energy Healing

And then last night there was a situation that was very interesting. It was like a complete reliving of an entire, traumatic event that had occurred, as well as the aftermath. And release of all that energy. And I felt it as a clairsentience that allows remote energy healing (when you feel and sense exactly what is going on in someone else’s body, for the sake of healing; like that … like remote healing.

So it was as if what was happening in his body, was happening in mine. And I felt the healing moving all around the body … little by little, all around the body, as the sounds and the visuals were released from the electromagnetic field of the other person.

And sometimes I would feel, especially in this area here and around through here … [points to right and left sides of neck]  … it felt like little pin pricks of Light releasing, and DNA popping open. It was this tiny little, fine, filigree effect, like lacy springing forth of the energies from the repressed memories and the repressed feelings that had taken their toll on the physical and just ‘tee-tuuu’ [shows hand springing away from right side of throat] you know, and just gone and released into the beautiful body of Light.

It was terrific. It was really terrific. However, for me it was like the physical vehicle of the celestial healing agents … one of them, because his team was working on that. And many other people were also assisting, as grounded expressions of their own celestial teams.

For me, it was uncomfortable. I felt all kinds of unusual physical sensations. And I had to concentrate on the purely physical; because in instances like that, if you get carried away with the story that’s going on … or even listen to the story … then the cells don’t do their healing thing; their joyful, cellular rejuvenation, transformation thing. And heart’s love needs to be concentrated on …

The Importance of Feeling Joy as Soul Wounding Releases

The thing of it is, if we listen to people’s traumatic stories, that are releasing, then our own hearts might shut down … because what is releasing is not joyful. And what we need to feel, as healers, I feel, is joy at this time; joy at the transformation that is taking place.

What Happened After the Release

So, ‘though I retain no memory of the events that were released, nevertheless, I had a physical experience of changes, and pressure, and release of pressure. It’s like shifting … shifting of masses of energy throughout the top part of my body. It went on for a long time.

And then after that, I didn’t feel like sleeping at all. And a lot of things happened that were entailed by that huge release of distortion of Light. It was just through one person, but a lot of other people were affected.

The Movement of the Dark to Re-Balance with the New Light

And I could feel the Dark that’s here on Earth, readjusting and moving … It feels ominous, really, in the third and fourth dimensions: The movement of the Dark, trying to balance back with the Light. You’ll know, if you have read my blogs regarding Ma’at and balance …

Link: “Ma’at, the Principle of Balance, re Dark Attacks, Angelic Protection, and the Incoming Light,” by Alice B. Clagett, 25 July 2014, ..

LInk: “Ma’at, Dynamic Equilibrium, and Light Downloads,” by Alice B. Clagett, 2 August 2014, ..

So, after a huge release … and this was very huge … far more the individual … then the Dark, the Shadow of the Personality in many, many people, begins to adjust. And it was shifting almost all night long … shifting everywhere.

Protecting Our Children as Shifts in the Dark Occur

And I find, at times like that … because Halloween is tonight … I find, at times like that, that it’s important for us to be very careful with our children … because children are more greatly affected by shifts of Light and Dark than we are; and more likely to misunderstand the process. And so, we need to teach them that this process is to be witnessed with a neutral mind, and never to be acted on, you know?

I feel for the children. It’s such a time of atmospheric change; of noospheric change. We have to shelter the children, and keep them safe. That’s my feeling.

That was the first insight that I had with regard to this massive healing, for which God be blessed.

Freeing of Women from Misogynistic Threads of Energy the Next Day

And the second thing has to do with something that happened just now … the next day. I was speaking, on the astral plane, to others. And I found out that some women of my acquaintance had been set free from the threads of energy of hatred by men for women, that have been coursing about, and stewing about, and bubbling around in the noosphere, preparatory to being released, lately.

And so, these people that I care about, that I know about … and I as well … over the course of the last 12 hours, have been set free of those energies of intense hatred that were, you could say, the nadir .. the most poignant shadow of the Atlantean Age.

So I’m very thankful, and I think it’s good for me to learn this lesson, that a little discomfort … even all-night-long discomfort … is worth it, because of the good things that happen for everyone else that I know, and for me, afterwards.

So I’m signing off. I’m wishing you all a safe Halloween, and a joyful All Saints Day … which is the next day. So, the release of the Dark, followed by the great upsurge of the Light.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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