Black Magic: Fugued or Tranced Person / Obsessed ‘Acting Out’ Folie à Deux . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 25 October 2016
Previously titled: Black Magic: Fugued or Tranced Person / Obsessed ‘Acting Out’ Person Duet

  • Fugue State, and Who Might Be More Susceptible to It
    • Variations on This Theme
      • Obsession of the ‘Fugued’ Person by a Third Person
      • First Person in Yogic Trance Rather Than Fugue State
  • Predisposing Conditions of the Fugued or Tranced Person / Obsessed ‘Acting Out’ Person Duet
  • General Thoughts on the Second, Obsessible Person
  • Second, Obsessible Person, Type 1
    • How Type 1 Obsession Might Manifest
  • Second, Obsessible Person, Type 2
    • How Type 2 Obsession Might Manifest
  • Acting Out During the Awakening
  • Ethics of Obsession
  • My Prayer

The Summary is better organized and more complete than the video.

  • Fugue State, and Who Might Be More Susceptible to It:
    • This may occur, lasting from only a few minutes, to hours, or to days. After awakening from the fugue state, the person will not remember what happened during the fugue.
    • I feel that persons who experience the fugue state may have greater than usual Soul wounding in the first and/or second chakra.
      • Soul wounding in the first or basal chakra may express itself as fear to take a stand in the world, fear for one’s life
      • Soul wounding in the second (sacral or sexual) chakra may express itself as fear of undertaking the act of sex
    • During fugue state, the wounded second or third chakra energies of the fuguing person may flow forth into another person as an unconscious obsessing energy which then overtakes the conscious energy of the second person, and causes this person, in a sleepwalking state, to commit crimes of the sort that are feared by the first person … for instance, murder, rape, or torture;
    • Or if the first person is a shut-in, morbidly shy, or imprisoned, the obsession may simply take place so that the first person may take over the second person’s personality for a time; in this case, I’m thinking it must be by conscious agreement.
    • Variations on This Theme:
      • Obsession of the ‘Fugued’ Person by a Third Person. The ‘fugued’ person may be controlled by the consciousness of another person or entity, perhaps a thuggee on the physical or astral plane, or a kama rupa on the astral plane.
      • First Person in Yogic Trance Rather Than Fugue State. The ‘fugued’ person may act consciously; he may be a spiritual adept who goes into a yogic deep meditation state, possibly astral travelling to be near the person he intends to obsess. To the onlookier, this trance state may resemble the fugue state.
  • Predisposing Conditions of the Fugued or Tranced Person / Obsessed ‘Acting Out’ Person Duet:
    • This duet is more likely to take place if the first person is not sexually satisfied (either through inclination or belief), and the second person has no inhibitions about having sex; or
    • If the first person is under the influence of drugs, or is drowsy, asleep and dreaming, or sick, or till recently, in a long meditation (which pre-Shift might allow astral beings negative to hypnotize a meditator to their own ends)
  • General Thoughts on the Second, Obsessible Person:
    • Will be in the ancillary circle of the first person … someone that the first person knows, may or may not be a friend of, and may or may not have had intimate contact with.
      • If intimate contact has occurred, obsessibility of the second person will be amped up by lower-chakra psychic bonding.
    • May practice black magic, or use drugs (especially hard drugs), or have rectal intercourse practiced upon them (as these weaken the electromagnetic field and make it easier for a person to be obsessed)
    • Will have imbalanced chakric energies;
    • Most likely, will have killed; perhaps, may be a felon;
    • Will have many samskaras of violence from prior lifetimes;
  • Second, Obsessible Person, Type 1: There may be a nervous imbalance that manifests as
    • a deficiency of electric energy in the body;
    • a weakness in the kundalini energy;
    • a fear of something (instilled in this or in previous lifetimes) that results in low self-esteem;
    • perhaps suicidal ideation or
    • a habit of ‘cutting’.
    • This could be viewed as a lack of egoic shell strength, which makes it easier for this person to be obsessed, especially by a person that they look up to and admire.
    • How Type 1 Obsession Might Manifest:
      • In such cases, obsession might manifest, for instance, as the second person speaking in the voice of and expressing the personality of the first person.
      • As the obsessing energy swoops down on him, he might walk bent sideways, as if a weight were bearing down on his head; he might swat at the air above his head and behave angrily.
  • Second, Obsessible Person, Type 2: In other instances, the energy of the first three chakras of the second person (the desire elemental) may be very strong; for instance, he will most likely have a strong sex drive, which is easily subconsciously prompted to action.
    • How Type 2 Obsession Might Manifest:
      • First Way. In a case of the first person in the duet being conscious and the second person being subconsciously obsessed, the first person might obsess the second person to sleep with a single woman who has something that he wants: money, or land, and so on. There are several variations on this theme:
        • Fake marriage papers might be arranged, and the second person might then be obsessed to murder the woman. As the obsession involves amnesia, the second person would have unwittingly performed the crime.
        • The first person might do the courting, arrange the fake marriage papers, and then obsess the second person to do the killing; or vice versa.
        • Or it might be a ‘duet for three’ … a tercet … where there are two conscious people and one person who can be obsessed. One conscious person courts the lady, and the other conscious person obsesses the third person to commit murder while the ‘husband’ is in a crowded room, among witnesses
        • The proceeds might go through agency iterations, as in a shell game, or they might be donated to a worthy cause from which the participants in some way profit.
      • Second Way: Say there is a couple whose goods or property are desired. A way if found to cause the death of the man, either through black magic or through some physical means, so that the woman will be in a position to fall prey to the first scheme above.
      • Third Way. There is a couple whose goods or property are desired. The obsessible person seduces the wife away; there is a divorce. The ex-husband is wooed by the fuguer, who wills his property to the fuguer’s cause. The obsessible person is obsessed to murder the man.
  • Acting Out During the Awakening. The ‘acting out’ that we’re seeing during this phase of the Awakening occasionally may have to do with the fugued or tranced person / obsessed ‘acting out’ person duet. Generally, however, Soul wounding is more minor, and ‘acting out’ has to do with unraveling of karmic knots in just the one person through the Incoming Light.)
  • Ethics of Obsession:
    • I believe it’s wrong, once this dynamic is found out, to consciously obsess people and to get them to commit acts of violence for any reason. I don’t believe in consequentialism, or that there is an end that justifies violent means (except in the case of defensive wars, naturally).
    • I do believe in assisting other people in their Soul evolution. When I look at cases where people have ‘acted out’ in ways that are considered violent or criminal by society, and find, in the fourth dimension (the astral realm) that this violent behavior coarsens the person’s astral matter, and either causes suffering now, as we expand into the astral matter, or after we pass on and experience life in our astral bodies. It’s the coarsening of the astral matter that creates the hellworld sensation after death, the burning sensation as our coarser astral matter burns off in the afterlife. So how can it be good to perform an act of violence that coarsens our astral matter and slows our Soul evolution?
  • My Prayer. Let us do our best to be aware, and to identify folks involved in these duets, so that they may obtain counselling, and so that we may all be safe, so that our physical form may remain on Earth in grounded state during the Awakening.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


“A Short-Sighted Demon Elimination Technique,” by Alice,


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