Subconscious Symbolism: Women Are Heart-Breakers . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 14 October 2016

  • How a Presentiment Can Help Avoid Trouble
    • Precurser Black Magic Attack
    • Another Sign: A Dust Devil
    • The Main Event: A Black Magic Spell of Death
    • The Reason for the Black Magic Spell
    • Why the Presentiment Was Helpful
  • The Back Funnel of the Heart
  • The Front Funnel of the Heart

Dear Ones,

This video is about the subconscious symbolism that inscribed ‘malspeak’ on our hearts when we have a heart-break experience.


There’s also a talk about a presentiment I had a while back, and how a psychic attempt was made to create a heart attack in a person whose heart had been broken through young love.

I was involved in this black magic attempt, and the cause was my own feeling that I had no one to ‘watch my back’ after my mom passed on. And so, the back funnel of my heart chakra is a little less strong than the front funnel.

Here is more about the presentiment: I had had a feeling of forboding for quite some months. This feeling rose to a crescendo in the days preceding the actual psychic attack that took place on the person with the heart-break Soul wounding in the front of his heart chakra.

Precurser Black Magic Attack. The night before, there was a black magic attack, to do with drug use and spiritual people, amongst a large crowd. This weakened my own energy field, as I was physically in that place where the black magic attack occurred; it was after dark, and this is said to be to the advantage of the Dark. Whether or not this is so, the fact that many believe it to be so is of advantage to the Dark. I was angry at this involvement of spiritual intent with the dark, and thus involved myself karmically.

Another Sign: A Dust Devil. The following morning, there was so much anger in the air that a ‘dust devil’ came down and danced directly on me for a few minutes, thus clearing my Soul field of involvement in the anger dynamic.

The Main Event: A Black Magic Spell of Death. That same day, the ‘main event’, a black magic spell of death … the one I had for so long had a foreboding about … was attempted. This is described in the video …

Energies of the Dark, of black magic … a stream of energy with malevolent intent from a geographically distant location … entered the weakened back funnel of my heart, with intent to use my heart as a transformer to send the energy to a third person and harm him. Simultaneously, behind me, there was someone apparently went into a fugue state (1) and then performed a physical action intended to place a ‘seal’ on the spell.

The Reason for the Black Magic Spell. The intent of the spell was to cause someone a physical heart attack, by magnifying the distant malevolent energies through the imbalance in my heart chakra (the ‘lens’ of my heart).

The reason for the spell was two-fold: Those who had initiated and ‘sealed’ the spell would benefit financially from the death of the intended victim. And they hoped to increase my own bad karma, so as to prevent me from interfering with their black magic spells.

Why the Presentiment Was Helpful. Fortunately, because of the presentiment, I was on high alert. Sensing the moment of the psychic attack, and knowing this energy to be too much for me, I called, with all my heart, on God and the angel realm for help.

It was they that transformed the stream of malevolent energy to love, and so the karma of all concerned was mitigated. Through God’s love, and His alone, all is made whole on this beautiful planet Earth!


The back funnel of the heart chakra is that through which we express love for ourselves; the front funnel is that through which we express love for others. Those with a little stuck energy in the back heart chakra may have recourse to ‘following the heart’ … to doing fun things for themselves, so as to balance out service to others out of love for the world, and for all beings everywhere.

So basically, these two energies must balance in order for the heart to be whole: the front funnel and the back funnel (or vortex) of the heart must be equal. Our expression on Earth of love for our own selves must equal our expression of love for others.


As to the front funnel or vortex of the heart chakra: The experience of heart-break must be cleared from the Soul field so as to keep our heart chakras energetically free. It is the heart chakra that nourishes and unites the function of all the other chakras, and so, the importance of clearing Soul wounding of the heart will be very clear.

Judy Satori … … has some great healing meditations for the heart …

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


(1) Fugue state is something that happens to people who practice the black arts. See “What Really Happens When We Practice Black Magic,” by Alice B. Clagett, 


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