The Karmic Consequences of Consequentialism … by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 30 September 2016

  • Business Kickbacks
  • Drug Industry Bribes
  • Murder for the Good of Someone or Something We Cherish
  • Using Black Magic to Save a Corporation or Nation
    • The People Against Whom the Black Magic Is Used
    • The People Who Use the Black Magic
    • The People on Whose Behalf the Black Magic Is Used
  • The Difficulty with the Philosophy of Consequentialism
  • The Philosophy of Ethical Egoism

Dear Ones,

The philosophy of Consequentialism … the notion that the end justifies the means, is very prevalent in the duality play, and nearly unavoidable here on Earth. But what are the karmic consequences of bad actions that are undertaken towards an end that is good? Here are some examples ….


A person might sincerely desire to live a good life, accumulating only positive karma. He might, for instance, take a job in education, working for the public good. Yet the opportunity might arise to make a little money by way of kickback, by awarding a contract to a certain business or individual. The children need to go to college eventually, and there is no way the money can be saved up, given the salary the educator is receiving.

And so, full of misgivings, he might nevertheless decide to accept the bribe. But what will happen then? He has the money, but in a way, it is ‘marked’ money, or ‘grey’ money, not bright green, pure money. Because it has behind it the energy of the end justifies the means, the likelihood is that bad karma will be passed on to his children. They might decide to forgo the education and fritter away the money in pleasurable pursuits. Or they may, in fact, get an education, but be unable to find jobs afterwards; and so on.


Now take, for example, the politician who accepts a sizeable bribe by the drug industry. He wants to live a life of luxury after leaving the lean-paying political position. As a public servant, he deserves it, he feels. The drug industry is everywhere on Earth; clearly nothing can be done about it, he feels. Everyone is benefiting from it; and why not he? So, he accepts the financial favor from the drug industry.

What will happen, karmically? Things may appear to be going as planned; he works hard for the public good, and then retires, looking forward to the modest goal of a small yacht and toodling round the Caribbean. However, he or his children develop a liking for drugs, and money must be paid for drug rehab and court costs; thus the karmically negative cash reward is lost through action of the law of karma.


Here’s another instance of the unintended results of Consequentialism: A person murders for cash; he wants the cash for his family or for his spiritual institution … in other words, for some worthy cause larger than himself. What happens? His own samskara of murder has greatly intensified through the act of murder, and he is likely to murder again, unless he is careful to restrain this propensity. His children or the members of his spiritual institution are also likely to turn to murder in future, because of the karmic weight upon the money from which they benefited.


Here’s another instance: A person with large corporate or political responsibilities has a panic attack … and these days, many folks are having them, as a result of the accelerating Photonic Light (1) … This panic attack makes him believe that his corporation or nation is under attack by a hostile corporation or country.

He’s a good religious man, but the odds seem overwhelming that disaster will overcome his business, his country, his community, his family, his friends … in brief, all that he loves and cherishes seems to be on the brink of destruction.

He’s the man in charge of it all, the buck rests with him, and he doubts that his faith in his religion will suffice in this situation. Someone he trusts suggest black magic may fill the bill, so he hires a black magician. This helps ease his feeling of panic … he has done something to turn the tide. He has acted authoritatively, and he can expect substantive results. But what will the result really be?

The People Against Whom the Black Magic Is Used. The people against whom the black magic is used are, in fact innocent … it was the panic attack experienced by the person with large responsibilities that made him believe these other people were attacking him. When these innocent people are hit with the black magic, this is a test for them of their moral fiber … will they also turn to black magic, or will they turn to faith in God, and to positive moral values? So for them, the karmic results depend on the choices they make when confronted with this test of their moral fiber.

The People Who Use the Black Magic. The use of black magic turns the astral body from positive to negative energy, all at once. So for the person with large political or corporate responsibilities, who made the decision to involve his corporation or his nation in the practice of black magic, his emotions will be plunged in darkness, and he will have to fight hard to avoid pursuing Satanic rituals … such as sacrifice of innocent children, rape of women, medical experiments that involve involuntary torture of people, sodomy, desire to commit suicide, mutilation of his genitals and those of other people, and so on. There will be the prospect of disclosure, the prospect of jail time, money spent on legal defense, the prospect of lowering of social stature, as well as increasing personal unhappiness.

This ratcheting up of Satanic inclinations can be overcome, but only through strong commitment to faith in God. The same will be true for the persons he hires to perform the black magic.

The People on Whose Behalf the Black Magic Is Used. The same karmic energies will wash over the people of the corporation or nation that the person with large responsibilities is trying to protect. As these people fall into the thrall of the Satan world, their power as a group will be diminished, as will their standing in the corporate or world community. So very clearly, this decision to use black magic has a result that conflicts with his hopes and his intention to protect them.


So this is the difficulty with Consequentialism: In this world of duality, we are constantly tempted with the prospect that the ends may … just this once! … justify the means. Push comes to shove, and we give it a spin round the block. At the end of which we find the karmic roadblock.


Ethical Egoism is a philosophy similar to Consequentialism, only it argues that one’s personal good is the prime good … that the good of other people is irrelevant. Ethical Egoism is thus the philosophy of anti-social personalities, con artists, and many other criminals. (2)

‘Anything goes’ for the ethical egoist, and thus, the karmic consequences of his actions depends entirely on what actions are undertaken. If his actions harm others, then his astral body will be harmed by the karma he accrues. If they benefit others, his astral body will become more refined in nature.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: A roadblock in Klemmets veg, by Marius Aune, CC by SA … ..


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