Soul Wounding: On Seeing Suffering as Good . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 28 September 2016


Dear Ones,

This video and the Summary that follows it are about some astral stories I’ve heard on the clair plane, to do with Soul wounding experiences that teach a child that suffering is good, or that the end justifies the means …



There is information in this summary that’s not in the video, and vice versa.
All these accounts are from clair hearing, not from the physical realm …

  • First child: Genital mutilation of a young boy by a parent when the parent discovers sibling sexual play in early childhood. Description of the resultant distortions of light.
  • The notion that cruelty to people is for their own good … this came about because the child was treated cruelly by the father, and the child depended on the father for survival. If the father were to be viewed as ‘bad’ then the child might not survive; thus the assumption was made that the father was good, that the physical cruelty enacted by the father must also be good, and that it would be appropriate to act out this physical cruelty with other people. Were this acting out to take place, as, for instance, in daydreams in adult life about mutilating other people ‘for their own good’. More on this below …
  • The notion that the end justifies the means; that any means suit an end that is for the good of humanity … the notion, for instance of Hitler, that a master plan ought to be implemented that involved medical experiments on concentration camp detainees, and elimination of certain subsets of humankind in the interests of eugenics. In the case of this first child, the lesson learned was that sex with a girl was so very wrong that it must be prevented through removal of the physical means of performing the sex act; this then forced the maturing boy into a sexual role that was feminine in nature, although his natal inclination was otherwise. From this one might imagine the notion that it might be all right to perform eugenics experiments involving the removal of genitals, as long as the end was for the good of humanity.
  • In more recent times, there are astral stories about genetic experiments and paranormal warfare or corporate competition experiments based on the philosophy of any means to an end.
  • Additional instances of deep early childhood Soul wounding (from the media): A child in a family where one parent kills the other; a child kept in a closet or chained to a bed in early childhood.
  • Astral story dreamed by the first child above: An eugenics experiment with felons, projecting onto them the genital mutilation experienced by the child, and retrofitting them, as it were, with transgender operations, so that their drive to aggression and acting out of criminal behavior might be transformed to the feminine qualities of compassion and motherly love. In fact, this astral story turned out the opposite of what was intended: the transgender felons, having no longer a means of ‘letting off steam’ through orgasm, instead turned to serial killing. The nightmare quality of this astral story reflects the depth of the dreamer’s original Soul wounding, and the attempt to project this Soul wounding onto other people. Projection, as I understand it, is a way of looking at deep trauma ‘at arm’s length’ … The act of projection, I feel, makes the exploration of the trauma less threatening. Also, this astral story embodied the philosophy of ‘any means to an end’ … in this way, it was reminiscent of the Nazi medical experiments.
  • When a person finds themselves going over this sort of astral story, involving so much suffering, then the thing to do is to look back at childhood, and try and uncover the early childhood events that took place. This can be done by developing an acquaintance with the Inner Child (search this term on my blog).
  • Second child: Mother went away when the child, a boy, was very young. The father had a series of call girls in, and killed them after having sex with them. This put before the young boy the notion that having sex with women would mean killing them, and the terror that he might behave in the same way as his father had. The result was the man had daydreams with a nightmare-like quality … the daydreaming mind constructed and elaborated on astral stories about such scenarios. As in the above instance, I feel that the thing to do would be to become aware of the nightmare quality of these astral stories, and to ask oneself: Clearly there was false learning in my early childhood. What was the falseness, and what would be the greater truth?
  • Third child: Early childhood sexual play where boy uses chloroform or the like to date rape the girl, then becomes concerned that he may have killed her (although she was only unconscious). This is similar to the experience of the second child described above, although not so terrifying. Nevertheless, it has caused the man always to feel, when he has sex with a woman, that he might be in danger of killing her. When he gets angry with a woman, he has always to fight that tendency to act out the early childhood drama.
  • These cases of deep early childhood Soul wounding are coming up to the Light right now, so that the wounding may be cleared, and these Souls may be healed. People who have experienced such early childhood traumas in this lifetime are those who have agreed to do the clearing work not just for themselves in this lifetime, but also for all humankind, through all their incarnations in the recently concluded 10,000-year Age of Darkness. Let us keep these great Souls in our prayers and in our hearts, that their good work for humankind may be accomplished with all possible speed and efficiency.

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

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