Integrating the Lower Mental Body into the Higher Mental Body . by Alice B. Clagett

Published on 7 September 2016

Image: “Man reading to baby” … ..

Dear Ones,

This is about integrating the Lower Mental Body into the Higher Mental Body so as to achieve Unified Mind.

  • The Lower Mental Body is like a child before it reaches the age of reason.
  • Characteristics and Limitations of the mind of the small child.
  • Qualities of the left brain, which takes over when the age of reason is attained.
  • The faultiness of the typical social construct of that a person has only one timeline (this is the notion upon which the left brain bases its decisions on actions in the world).
  • The further left brain notion that the child must take the consequences of his actions for the rest of his life; that he can come to decisions that are incontrovertibly detrimental to them; that he can make ‘fatal mistakes’ , and that he’d better watch out or else! 
  • After the age of reason is attained, these two faulty notions: that of the timeline ‘graven in stone’ and that of the karmic trap we create through our actions, take much of the joy out of our existence, and prevent us from following the heart.
  • After decades, when one remembers one’s childhood, one may begin to heal childhood upsets, befriend the inner child, and accept the spontaneity, joy, and laughter of the Lower Mental Body.
  • Thus the left and right brain, the voluntary and involuntary nervous system … all the neurons of the body, can become one unified mind.
  • In people who have not yet unified their minds, there is a boundary area between the Higher Mental Body, where conscious thought occurs, and the Lower Mental Body, which contains the repressed thoughts of the unconscious mind, as well as early childhood memories.
  • As this boundary area begins to break down, we begin to hear the sulky young child, the child throwing a tantrum, or the child hiding away, certain that it will never be heard.
  • We may hear this in our own energy field, or in that of a friend or family member, and mistakenly think it is the voice of a stranger.
  • It’s important to understand that this is not a stranger to be put off, ridiculed, or ignored. The way to get rid of the voice is to offer the inner child unconditional love, and offer it a chance to speak its truth; to speak all the words that were not heard by its busy mom during childhood, and to reassure it that you are listening (not commenting, purely listening with wide open heart).
  • After the inner child’s voice is heard, and after it becomes certain that it is loved, that small voice within becomes quiet. Then when one calls the inner child, the energy of the Lower Mental Body may be felt as pinpoints of light or tiny electric charges, that surge up from the intestines and organs, and join the energy of the electromagnetic field of the heart chakra. Or you may sense this unification in another clair manner.
  • In talking to the inner child, the sound of the voice and the emotion conveyed are the most important thing. It is this, the sound of the voice, and the emotion conveyed, that heal the inner child.
  • Then follow, on the video, examples of ways to befriend the Lower Mental Body: enthusiastic, motherly ‘baby talk’; singing it little made-up songs; reciting nursery rhymes and children’s stories; or playing lullabies and songs from childhood.
  • As you employ these techniques, imagine and visualize that you actually have a little child sitting on your lap. Imagine it is smiling and laughing happily as you talk to it or sing to it. This act of visualization is very important to the technique, as it brings forth the wholeness of feeling from your energy field that will be needed for the transformation and unification process to take place. 

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars

Image: Woman holding smiling baby daughter on lap, Credit: Sasha Gulish ..


Mom talking to baby, by Danielle Lowe: … Notice the eye contact, the emotional content, and the way the voices sound. Notice the mom’s repetitive phrases, and the baby’s very simple replies.


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