Unusual Human-Seeming Beings That I Have Encountered on Earth . stories by Alice B. Clagett *

Written and published on 14 August 2016; revised on 4 October 2018 and 9 April 2020
Previously titled: Unusual Beings on Earth  … and …  Unusual Human-Seeming Beings That Live on Earth

    • Beings with Human Form and Very Dark Energy Fields
    • The Gender Shifting Astral Being with an Antisocial Personality
    • Triads: Very Tall Beings in the Form of Human Males, with Two Human Cohorts Adding to Their Mental Power
    • On Evading People with Vast Psychic Abilities
    • Tall, Godlike Beings in Human Male or Female Form: Nephilim?
    • Spiritual Adepts Being Trained by Astral Thuggees
    • Elementaries: Depraved Men in Whom the Personality Is Controlled by Desire, and Who May Obsess Others
    • On Being at Peace in the Natural World

Dear Ones,

Here is a video about encounters I have had with unusual beings on Earth. Not included are Ra-En and the Hathors (described elsewhere). Also not included are cases of humans shifting into the consciousness of animals (also described elsewhere).

There is an edited Summary after the video.



Hello, Dear Ones, It’s Alice. I Am of the Stars.

I thought I would mention a class of beings, here on Earth, that I have run into a time or two … Maybe one of you knows more about it than I do; I only have my own observations to go on.

Beings with Human Form and Very Dark Energy Fields

It seems there are some beings with human form, whose energy bodies … their subtle bodies … are very, very dark … outstandingly dark, uniformly dark.

The ones that I ran into had the shape of women. There were two of them. I saw one at a Buddhist meditation in the San Fernando Valley, and the other at a Rumi and Meditation meetup in the San Fernando Valley, of which I was for a while one of the three organizers.

Both women were both very sexually attractive, younger women, it seemed .., the form of a woman. But their energy bodies were outstandingly dark.

I later noticed a man, very darkly aspected in regard to Body of Light, who was a speaker at a small gathering of people. Some months afterward, I noticed that two of his male acquaintances  … unaccountably and disconcertingly … had become much darker in aspect.

I am not too sure what to think about it, except to say that beings like that really stand out. If you can see the aura and the energy field of human forms, those sorts of forms are very, very different from almost every other human being on Earth.

I do not really know what it is about, exactly … whether it is a different type of being, or if it is a human being whose Soul field has been very greatly damaged by the Demon Realm? I am not sure.

So there is that big question mark: What are those types of beings?

The Gender Shifting Astral Being with an Antisocial Personality

I also ran into a male being. It had human form. I never saw it physically, on the physical plane, but on the astral plane I ran into it very, very much.

It seemed that that being was sometimes male, and sometimes female, in physical form. I do not know why that would be … whether it is because they are hermaphrodites, or what.

Their thought processes were very, very, very, very dark. It was not the desire body, so much as the thoughts, that were different from most people’s: Everything that they thought, was criminal in tendency … like what you would call antisocial-personality-type thoughts.

Not the same ball game as people walking down the street … those people that you meet. Not the same ball game at all.

So that is a different kind of changed being, with a mental field that has been very demonized, or darkened by past lifetimes … Hard to say. But very much a standout.

Triads: Very Tall Beings in the Form of Human Males, with Two Human Cohorts Adding to Their Mental Power

Then, two times, I think it was, I ran into a kind of being that is very tall. In both cases, it was a man. One was a man from India, and the other was a man from China, perhaps? And both were, maybe, seven feet tall, anyway. Very tall. And in each case they were phalanxed, or flanked, by two human beings.

The one man who was a very, very tall Indian person … super tall … had two, beautiful Indian ladies … the same height (shorter than he by a head or more) … one on each side of him. Young women; very young. As I recall, I encountered this trio standing in a reception area in the UCLA School of Dentistry, while I was working at UCLA School of Medicine as an Administrative Assistant, or maybe while I was working as Scientific Editor and Librarian at Jules Stein Eye Institute there.

And the one that I encountered long ago … the Chinese gentleman … or, it could have been some other Oriental nationality … had two Caucasian men, meditators … shorter by half a head than he, but taller than those two ladies for the other person … one on each side of him. Also, those two men were matched in height and in brain capacity. This trio I encountered several times at a Zen Center west of downtown Los Angeles; several of my karate friends also had a chance to observe them, as we were all there for a few of their meditations.

And in each case, the two people on each side had greatly inferior psychic ability to that of the tall person that stood in the center. It seemed to me, in a clair way, almost as if the two shorter people in each trio were ‘the same person’ … as if they were slightly phenotypically different, but inside they were the same. Almost as if they were conceived and raised in the same test tube experimental environment or ‘pod’; as if they were twinned, in an eugenic experiment.

They would wheel, and walk with him … one on each side of him … as if the three were one person, the man in the middle being the ‘commanding brain’ of the trio. It looked to me like the two shorter people’s brain fields were completely controlled by that very tall being in the center … as if they were providing extra RAM on a computer. It seemed, intuitively, as if they were the plug-in memory devices, and the man in the middle was the computer.

Those two trios, to me, felt extremely threatening, because of the vast psychic ability of the person in the middle,

Those two tall beings: I have a question whether they were genetically engineered to be very high psychic ability, and very tall, and very physically healthy … Whether there is an institute someplace that does that, and creates those triads with one dominant person, and two people that are really more or less mental slaves?

Because I saw two. So I wonder about that: If that is some genetic experiment somewhere.

I saw a website online some years ago, about a meditation group that was looking to assign new meditators to triad meditation groups. I wondered at the time whether there might be any relation between that or some similar trio or ‘trinity’ meditation group in the world, and the people that I saw. It seems unlikely, though … too ‘out front’ to be true.

On Evading People with Vast Psychic Abilities

I would say, so far, of those that I have talked about: It is very good to begin to recognize psychic abilities and subtle bodies … the auric energy field … Try and distinguish that in strangers that you are passing in the street, and finding in the stores, and so forth … because people of this sort, that I have mentioned, are not the types of people that you want to be around.

You want to make a very quick exit  Do not test your mettle, or test your courage, or your physical strength against people like that, or beings like that. As the Ascension and the Awakening continue to happen, just stay comfortably safe, and joyful, happy, secure. I think that is the thing to do. And that includes not being around beings like that.

Tall, Godlike Beings in Human Male or Female Form: Nephilim?

Then another time, about the year 2000, I saw two people … a man and a woman … walking up the stairs to a church or temple in West Los Angeles. 

They were both very tall. Not quite as tall as the triads’ center figures, but very impressive, very tall people. And their minds did not work like the minds of normal people do.

I would say, they might have been genetically engineered spiritual adepts. It is hard to explain …

  • it is as if they thought that they were a master race … or members of a master race, here on Earth … that was engineering the progress of the human species.
  • And as if they had the ability to ensnare people in karmic nets, for instance, so as to achieve their ends.

So that is another kind of being … or class of being … that exists here on Earth. Again, looking very human. But not human insofar as their subtle bodies are concerned.

Spiritual Adepts Being Trained by Astral Thuggees

There are people on Earth who are gifted with strong psychic abilities ‘tinged’ to the negative … Here and there on Earth, there are these sorts of people who are gifted with these abilities by the disembodied astral forms of members of the thuggee cults.

And I do not mean by that, just the thuggee cults of India, which practiced … and may still practice … psychic abilities for the sake of robbing travelers and taking their lives, and so forth … but rather, a class of people, here and there around the world, who had these psychic abilities, and used them for their own gain.

And then, on passing, they moved into the astral realm. And now there are many, many of them in the astral realm, that cannot get out, and back into form, because of the Great Awakening …

Link: “Astral Thuggees,” a drawing by Alice B. Clagett, drawn and published on 9 January 2021 … https://wp.me/p2Rkym-lbt ..

These beings are gifting whoever they can persuade, that specifically wants money or power, or a lot of sexual activity … one of those lower triangle lures that they can provide through gifting these people with psychic abilities.

And from that, they siphon off the brightness of their Soul field, and those of the people that are victimized by those they gift with psychic abilities.

So, those are astral beings that are really preying upon some people on Earth who want worldly power, or other worldly lures. And so, you will find that they usually have the ability to hypnotize people, for instance.

Or, if they want to put it kind of fancy like, they say ‘mind control’ people. And the power to do that comes from these other beings, that exist on the astral plane … the thuggee astral forms of people who have passed on.

Elementaries: Depraved Men in Whom the Personality Is Controlled by Desire, and Who May Obsess Others

So then, I have heard, from the Theosophy texts that I have read, that there is also a class of being that roams the Earth, and that was once human, and did too much shape shifting … too much shifting into animal form, and descended back towards that. And lost the higher qualities of the energy field.

And then somehow lost them, in this lifetime, and now roam the Earth as just a bestial kind of predator with the really keen and cunning mind of a human, but not the higher faculties.

Or else, somehow passed on, got onto the astral plane, and then the astral form of that being … which is very degraded and bestial … animalized … is able to inhabit people in certain cases, for instance …

  • who have blown away their higher faculties with drugs,
  • Or who have organic diseases of the brain, for instance, such as senile dementia, 
  • Or who have had severe physical trauma to the brain, either through shaking, or through bruising, or through infection, or through accidental injury,
  • Or who have so much Soul wounding that they just cannot think straight, at all.

This is a very limited class of people in the world today, who are subject to being taken over by those bestial beings of the astral plane.

On Being at Peace in the Natural World

So what I have been finding, in recent years, is that it is good to just sit, in nature … maybe at a quiet park, out in the country. Like today, I am sitting in the most beautiful place, under the shade of some pepper trees, which grow well, here in California, even without much water. And there is green grass in front of me. And a beautiful mountain, towering off in the distance. Native sycamore trees, I believe, all around me. Children playing here and there.

It is pretty cool. Very cool. And I cherish this space … this quiet space all around me.

Behind me … behind the fence … [points behind her] … there are horses. I can hear them snorting, every once in a while. It reminds me of my childhood.

It is very cool. And it is much more peaceful than being around tons of people. It is far more invigorating for the energy field, than sitting and watching a computer or television, or a movie in a movie theater.

It is very refreshing, just to be sitting in a very quiet place, in the dappled sunlight, enjoying the beauty of the natural world.

[Scenes of trees and horses grazing.]

In love, light and joy,
I Am of the Stars


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